Сова на акуле бороздит бескрайние просторы кроватки

Say: “Move it, Roach! ©” Right? Oh! Poor shark from IKEA! I need to walk like this, here: up and down! Yoll, are you sailing? Take her with you to the windowsill. Because I need to go sleep. There is a child of this shark also. Hold it! No? Go to the windowsill, the food is there! Come on! Here, good girl! Yes? Have you found food, here it is. Look She had already eaten the chickens, and the quail remained. The hamsters turned out to be greasy – we will eat them less often. Well, how “we will”? Yoll will eat, and I will looking on it. Yes, bitey? She didn’t try to hatch the phone anymore. Seems, it’s temporary for her, it was such a … dissociative state. Huh! We also decided: planted her an egg She did not pay attention to the egg, but … Valentin Kozlitin, is a veterinarian who treats birds. Explained that … Tthis is exacerbated, here …when treating birds, mating behavior. Apparently, there is some kind of hormonal surge or something else. That is why it is, in principle, well, quite normal … for the sick and … so, for the bird being treated. Okay. She was a bit nuts. …behavior. We will observe. Interesting. Beautiful owl! Silly, but beautiful.

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