Спининг Риболов: Атаки и Сом/ Spinning Fishing: Attacks & Catfish/ Spinnfischen: Attacken und Wels

Спининг Риболов: Атаки и Сом/ Spinning Fishing: Attacks & Catfish/ Spinnfischen: Attacken und Wels

20th of January. Fish, fish! Nothing, it came off. I got a bite! It came off again! Now Tsetso is going to tell me what what I’m doing wrong. Right, Tsetse?! Yes. Let’s see! You are casting down there. You have to cast up there; there is the edge. Tsetse, they were attacking right here. Don’t pay attention to that, but to what I’m saying. OK. They bite here, but you have to catch them in their best position. All right. Cast there! There is the edge. You see? The whole thing there is an edge. And then when the lure comes here in the middle you make a twitch. Sure. Like that. The lure is now right here in front of me. I make a small pause. I am almost not reeling at all. When they are striking in front of you, cast like this! Do you see where? Yes. It’s exactly where I started to cast. But you are casting further. Yeah, that’s true. When they are biting on one spot, that means that they are about 2 to 3 m / 4.5 – 6.5′ around that spot. OK, give me the rod! Wait for me to cast one more time! Sure, so that you catch it! Come on, give it to me! That’s enough! Cast there! And reel very slowly with twitches! I am doing that. Come on! The second time I was reeling very fast. Maybe that’s the reason that it didn’t get hooked well. I saw on the video that I was reeling very fast. Come on! Got almost hooked. A small one. Just a small guy attacking. What was that? A walleye/ zander. Something small got caught. Not sure what it is; we will see it now. Looks like a small catfish. A small catfish. I’ll release some more line! A catfish with whiskers. On the Fire Cat lure. Tsetse, you tell how deep it dives! The small Fire Cat, right? Yes. It dives a lot, maybe 1.5 m/ 3′. OK. Let’s bring it back! There is the small buddy. And it gets back. Wait! Do you see it? It swam away. Let’s see, Tsetse, what you have! I will step down there. It’s a nice one. 2 kg/ 4.4 lbs. Nice! On a fish skin lure. It is shallow-diving. At how much is it diving? 1 m/ 3′? No, it is about 0.3 m/ 1′. Well done!

16 thoughts on “Спининг Риболов: Атаки и Сом/ Spinning Fishing: Attacks & Catfish/ Spinnfischen: Attacken und Wels

  1. Атаки и сомчета от лятото. Вижте също атака на истинско речно чудовище: https://bit.ly/2MDQdPR ❗️Aко видеото ви е харесало, моля дайте му лайк, споделете го с ваши приятели риболовци и се абонирайте за още такива видеа, ако сте нови! Наслука! 🎣🙂

    Attacks and catfish from the summer. See also an attack of a real river monster: https://bit.ly/2MDQdPR❗️If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up, share it with your fishing friends and subscribe for more fishing videos! Tight lines! 🎣 🙂

  2. Супер клипче 🙂 Кате, може би трябва по-рязко да засичаш рибите, за да се забива хубаво куката и да няма откачания.

  3. Buen vídeo, un sitio muy bonito, si señor, hay que estar más rápido, jajajajajaaaa y clavar duro. Un saludo y que siga la pesca amigos.

  4. Браво!Може да са малки но все пак са сомове.Вечерта до колко часа мятате воблери ,защото аз повече от 20.00часа не стоя.Невиждам смисъл или може би греша.Този месец октомври ми е много труден и слаб ,само пипат и не се хващат.

  5. Good to see you two back at it again! Mosquitoes. They're the worst!🦟 I heard the splash! No hook-up though. Give me the rod back!😂 There you go! Got you a catfish at night. You both got one! Nice!💪👍💯

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