⟹ PLANTED TANK | 75 gallon planted tank | Walstad, dirted fish tank

⟹ PLANTED TANK | 75 gallon planted tank | Walstad, dirted fish tank

24 thoughts on “⟹ PLANTED TANK | 75 gallon planted tank | Walstad, dirted fish tank

  1. Wow! Those plants are stunning. You made me think of having a planted fish tank in the future once we can afford to buy the stuff. 🙂 Awesome sight indoors. We have a tiny fish tank with 5 gold fish in it. I tried to grow basil a year ago. I used styrofoam so plant would float, but the basil plants didn't survive because the gold fish ate all the roots and everything. Lol! Just thought of sharing my funny/silly experience. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and very informative video.

  2. I've never seen a tank like that. Stunning. It's almost an entirely self contained system. The most I've ever had was a goldfish in a bowl with a pirates chest at the bottom lol 😂😂😂 Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing my friend

  3. Cryptocorines 🙂 I ran several planted tanks a few years ago when I used to breed fish and they do take some looking after to keep them looking tidy!! I don't agree with maintenance free aquariums, may be good for the plants but not for the fish! Root tabs are a godsend when growing aquatic plants
    I ran a 6 foot discus planted aquarium and set it out with amazonian plants, most;y java fern and Vallisneria , added some amazon frogbit to float on the surface and the roots looked awesome when they grew down into the water column.

  4. Very nice tank, but not a true Walstad aquarium. A Walstad aquarium would have no filtration, would not be supplemented with fertilizers or CO2, and would be placed next to a window to utilize sunlight, with no supplemental lighting.

  5. Correction: Walstad, not Walstead. Watch out when pronouncing Cryptocoryne Wendtii 🙂

    Very beautiful tank. Though I'm quite happy with my tanks, I'd like to have one like this, too 😀 It reminds me of some places I've been at (substrate pattern versus Crypts).
    I also use the Walstad method on my bigger tank. I'm having trouble with S Repens. Maybe too big water changes.

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