🇯🇵Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan” [海遊館] Travel Guide by Local Osakan Japanese! #218

🇯🇵Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan” [海遊館] Travel Guide by Local Osakan Japanese! #218

Hey guys welcome to Rion’s TV
I’m Rion “seeeno” Gaooo! let me introduce myself my name is Rion Ishida
I was born and raised in Osaka I’m an Osaka local trouble YouTuber making a lot of Osaka travel videos
and at Tokyo and also Japanese food as well so in this video I wanna introduce
how the “Kaiyukan” looks like and the travel tips and how to get here from the
station okay so the firstly let me introduce how to get here from the train
station let’s go back to the station “Kaiyukan” is the most popular aquarium in
Osaka although this place is located in a bit inconvenient place to visit but
still many people come visit this place this is Osaka Metro Chuo line Osakako
station when you get here you need to take exit number one and keep
straight to the north, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to Kaiyukan area on the way
to go to Kaiyukan you can enjoy small stores left side so it’s not that bad
speaking of the public transportation to this place there are many buses too so
you can also come visit this place by bus in the area firstly you will find
huge ferris wheel and a big giraffe made by Lego bricks yes this place not only
aquarium but also there are so many entertaining places that you can enjoy the ticket counter it’s right front of
the “Kaiyukan” so that’s the ticket counter I haven’t get the ticket yet so let’s
get a ticket first speaking of the ticket price 2,300 Japanese yen for adults and 1200
Japanese yen for children it is a bit expensive but if you have an Osaka amazing
pass you can have 100 Japanese yen discount also if you are going to ride
on the ferris wheel or cruise ship in this area you can buy a set ticket it’s
cheaper so I got a ticket, the price was 2,300 Japanese yen which I think
a bit expensive but it’s ok so let’s get into the “Kaiyukan” actually the entrance is
not there it’s right next to the ticket counter so don’t get confused let’s get
the inside so at the entrance of the “Kaiyukan”
whale-shark will welcome you the whale shark is the mascot of this “Kaiyukan”
okay so let’s keep exploring speaking of “Kaiyukan” there are coin
lockers at the entrance so even you have a heavy luggage you don’t have to
carrying around and also if you have a strollers you can leave it to the
service counter for free okay so let’s explore the osaka aquarium
together look at this place it’s beautiful feels like I am in ocean now sweet! So let’s keep walking! “Kaiyukan” is a big aquarium compared to other
places there are eight floors in the building
firstly we go up to the highest level by this escalator and you will arrive to
Japan forest you can see a river otter here and also if you come this place in
the specific time you can see their meal time there are many small sections in
“Kaiyukan” and each section has different kind of countries animal so you can feel
like you’re traveling the world they are feeding time schedule next to
the animal if you go on this time you can see them eating food and also there is a stamp rally
which you can collect the stamps in “Kaiyukan” and you can save
the stamps for memories what is that !? there are so many people watching
something so let’s check it out oh that’s a dolphin show seems like she is
still learning but she’s doing pretty well okay so let’s keep walking so this is the main tank of “Kaiyukan”
you can see many kinds of fish in the tank the most popular one is whale shark
it is really big at the end of the aquarium you can find
penguin and stingray which you can touch by hand there are several rules for touching
stingray so please read it before you touch them, it’s coming, it’s coming,, very interesting I just washed my hand, and still smells like fish,,, so let’s keep walking. at the end, you will come
back to the original place and you can find you a coin lockers, also you can find
a small souvenir store at exist in the night time, “Kaiyukan” get
Christmas light it’s beautiful actually this illumination continues until the
1st of March so if you come over to “Kaiyukan” don’t miss this light up just
wait a bit in the nighttime after 5 p.m. becomes beautiful like this ok so let me
explain about the Temposan mall this is a Temposan marketplace where you can
find many interesting stores, so let’s explore inside there are many souvenir
stores inside the marketplace so if you are looking for Osaka souvenir you can
find it here too also there is Lego Land inside the market place the ticket
price is 2400 Japanese yen for one person but if you buy it on the
internet you can have some 700 Japanese yen discount so make sure buy the ticket
online before you visit this place you can buy Lego bricks even you don’t
enter so you can enjoy it for free now let me introduce some restaurants inside
the marketplace and this is one my favorite restaurant called “Fugetsu”
if you haven’t tried “Okonomiyaki” in Osaka yet You’d better try
this restaurant it’s so good it if you want to see how this “Fugetsu”
restaurant looks like please check my other video this is the restaurant
called “KushiMaru” you can have all you can eat Kushikatsu less than 2000
Japanese yen this all-you-can-eat style restaurant actually not only eating but
you can cook so if you have a kid with you for sure they will love it ok so
let’s stick more restaurants actually you can eat convey sushi inside the mall
as well, and there are more if you don’t like Japanese food don’t
worry about it there is KFC and Wendy’s too there is
a place called “Kuishibo Ykocho” means food street there are so
many restaurants too – so let’s go to check that! it’s a retro atmosphere food Street there are so many kinds of restaurants
so you can find your favorite food for sure and at the exit, you can find the Ferris wheel
entrance well Ferris wheel is 800 Japanese yen for
one ride but again if you buy the ticket with the entrance and ferris wheel
altogether three thousand Japanese yen you can have a 100 Japanese yen discount
ferris wheel it is really beautiful but I have a phobia on the high-place so today I
skip that maybe next time I will try that all right so how was the “Kaiyukan” and “Temposan” marketplace hope this video can help your Osaka travel actually
there are so many videos about Osaka local spots and the Japanese food on my
channels so if you are thinking to travel to Osaka or Japan please check my
other videos as well so this video pretty much that’s it thanks for
watching my video please subscribe to my channel your subscription really
encouraged me to keep shooting videos and if you like the video please share
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videos arigato so byebye

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  2. I’ll visit aquarium in January thanks for ur upload😊😊 I didn’t skip the ad hope u get something to grow ur Chanel 😉😉😉

  3. Hi Rion! While you visit Whale Sharks in the aquarium, we swim with them in our country! Its safe and it is actually protecting the whale sharks. Check out the video below: https://youtu.be/ZsFw2xf7vhI

  4. Rion Your video awesome.. i love your kaiyukan video and i didn't know there is a mall near the aquarium.. so sad i already back from osaka.. i'm youtuber also from indonesia i hope we can collab in my next trip to osaka 🙏🙏 thank you.. pls check my video 🎎 thank you.. 👍🥂🍷

  5. Wahhhh u made the video !! This aquarium is sooo interesting!! I like this aquarium very much.. must go if travelling to osaka!!

  6. Thank you for this video. Was thinking whether is it worth the trip to go there. After watching your video, I would definitely go there. Seems interesting and beautiful. Keep on making great videos.

  7. Was here a couple of weeks ago. It is nice to explore this area ^-^ Love the Ferris Wheel because we can see the whole area

  8. Rion, I love all your vlogs except this one. I cannot support animals placed in captivity particularly dolphins and that giant whale! Documentaries like The Cove and Blackfish are eye-openers.

  9. A lot of places children must be accompanied by adults. For LegoLand however, adults must be accompanied by children. I tried going in alone. It's not allowed…

  10. Rion the lion,Osaka aquarium 'Kaiyukan' is another great place to visit in Osaka.I will choose bus for my transportation to Osaka aquarium Kaiyukan.I like the tunnel full with fish because its looks like we live under the water. .Even you can touch Stingray fish, the smell must be so stinky.'High Phobia ', now I know your weakness😆🎡.Anywhere, enjoy your beautiful weekend.

  11. Dear Rion San , I went to Osaka Aquarium on 12th this month , so I didn’t manage to watch your video in advance because u just post on 14th .
    I managed to eat the yakitori you recommended for 298 yen at opposite the street not far from aquarium. And I did order the types you recommended in one of your Osaka food video. It was yummy.
    Thanks 🙏🏻 .
    P/S: I am now in Tokyo . 😀

  12. hi Rion
    i'll be back in japan this february with my brother mitchell and sister in law carly
    awesome to be back watching your videos again!
    love them all
    rachel from sunshine coast queensland australia

  13. Hi Rion!
    Thanks for making another great video 🙂 Can you kindly recommend any good places to buy Osechi Ryori for around ~10000yen in the downtown Osaka area? Thanks again!

  14. I agree with the people complaining about animals in captivity, however, I cannot personally break them out so I might as well go and see them

  15. Can I ask you one question? What is the orchestra music that they were playing in the Pacific Ocean Habitat with the Whale Sharks and all? Like did Kaiyukan get an orchestra band to create the song for their exhibit? Because for months I've been trying to find the song that they were playing and I wanted to download it. Like I tried searching up for Osaka Aquarium Ost or something like that but couldn't get a result, I tried looking up videos on the Osaka Aquarium videos with the song that they were playing and tried to Shazam it but it didn't work because of some of the crowd noise and all.

  16. Hi Rion, i am heading to Osaka first week of March, and quiet concerned about the coronavirus outbreak. Is there a lot of tourist from China in Kaiyukan? What time is best to avoid crowds (morning or night)?

    Also, do you know how the crowd is for USJ? The crowd calendar shows that it will be least crowded during first week of March, but i am just concerned if there will be many tourist from China even during low season.
    Thank you in advance.

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