🔵 Grilled Fish (Snapper) Recipe On The Otto Wilde OFB Grill || Glen & Friends Cooking

so Julie’s gonna show me how to cook
fish not that I’m an expert well but I do like fish it’s my nemesis and I’m
terrified a quick confession but I thought we’ve got the auto will the
griller and you know that over fired broiler type thing it should be should
make it fairly easy so here’s my plan and tasty hopefully hopefully what’s the
point plan I’m gonna start by prepping my fennel and tomatoes in half oil on
them soken the fennel salt pepper on the
tomatoes then we’ll be ready to go okay then I’m gonna slice up some lemon chop up some dill stuff it in the fish and then hopefully pin it closed in a
beautiful graceful fashion good luck with that
yeah I’m not guaranteeing that and then the game put it in the girl
same kind of thing as before should take a couple minutes each side and there you
have it fish just like that grilled fish dinner that was pretty simple yes it is
what kind of fish is that snapper excellent shall we to the table see you
guys next time

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