🦈🐊Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus | 2010 Action Comedy🐊🦈

🦈🐊Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus | 2010 Action Comedy🐊🦈

100 thoughts on “🦈🐊Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus | 2010 Action Comedy🐊🦈

  1. I really don't think it is supposed to be a comedy at all, just the bad acting makes it so. That secret service woman is a shocker!!!

  2. 3:01 How The Hell Is The Crocosaurus Very Small In This Scene But When Fighting The Megalodon It's As Big As Mega Shark

  3. Pure genius movie making the story is up their with Citizen Kane!, Why no Oscar's?, The special affects alone should have won.

  4. No pueden ponerle subtítulos en castellano por favor 🙏🙏 es que no todos sabemos inglés, está buenaza la peli pero no entiendo ni jota!!!! 😕😕

  5. Tell me you bastids did NOT let the giant monster crocodile eat gorgeous Hannah Cowley at 20 minutes into this crappolo farce of a shit flick! You swine!

  6. who in this world is making such shitty films? and how do you get stars to play with in something like that? that's almost as bad as a german movie !!! the helicopter crashes the pilot seriously injured, 10 minutes later comes the seriously injured pilot with the crashed helicopter back ?? the crocodile and the shark fight for half an hour biting their whole body and nobody has even a scratch?? the special effects have the quality of a film from the year 1960 ! This is the worst movie I have ever seen!!!!!

  7. Why does that hyper cool guy stick glowstix in the pipes of his bagpipes?! To color the sound?! Enlightening!!! 😜👌🥦

  8. One of the head actors called Nigel in movie in the end of the movie he said to his friend I got call from Japan a giant lizard. Well only the giant lizard in Japan is Godzilla.

  9. I am well aware that this is just a script, but I hate it when they have women show up in the field wearing street attire. Dumb.

  10. Sorry about your pig…as he drops a dead capybara. A capybara is in the friggin rat family! They don't go around doing wild boar impressions! Geez!

  11. Mega charge é mais grande de todos mas o crocossauro é bem bem mais grande do que o dinossauro mega shark versus crocosaurus🐊🦈

  12. the woman appearing at about 13:40; who the F%#@k dresses like that in the jungle … with high heels no less?????? just how stupid r movie makers & directors???

  13. I was VERY confused why those guns & cannons were pointed UPWARDS when the mega shark was DOWN in the water. but the brilliant director showed a shot of the dorsal fin so it became clear — shoot the fin to kill the megalodon … ya makes a lot of sense 🤣🤣🤣!!!! come on, the US navy is really NOT that stupid.

  14. damn people. Just how stupid is the director of piece of crap so-called movie???? at 31:10 he shows a tiny FLAT island with NOTHING around it but water in every direction, but when filming on the island, all of a sudden there are mountains, buildings, plants, etc etc!!! WTF dude? was this made by a bunch *stoned* high school **kids**??? I doubt that too; high school kids would've had the sense not to make such a brain-dead shot.

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