10 Biggest Fish Catches Ever Caught!

10 Biggest  Fish Catches Ever Caught!

From sharks, to prized bass, and a few surprises
in between, join me as we discover some of the biggest catches of all time! 10. Blue Marlin (Unofficial)
When it comes to “big catches”, just about every fisherman worth his salt has a “it was
this big!” story, and that’s perfectly fine. Allow them to have those stories! But, when an actual true story comes along,
and then gets ignored because of minor issue? That is sad, and it’s not to be ignored. For this is a case of technicalities getting
in the way of the facts and clear evidence in regards to catching a massive Blue Marlin. To understand the story we must go back in
time to 1984, where a man named Gary Merriman was in Hawaii. He was there as a guest of former Atlanta
Hawks owner (the NFL team) Rankin Smith. Wanting to enjoy his time, Merriman went out
and did some fishing, and caught a massive 1649 pound Blue Marlin. This is impressive, and was a catch truly
highlighted his skill with a rod and reel. He even had a fishing shop in Atlanta at the
time. In terms of pure size and weight, this Blue
Marlin wass the world record holder, beating out the previous owner by a couple hundred
pounds. Which you would think would be celebrated. But…apparently Merriman didn’t use an “approved”
line and leader (via the IGFA who carefully monitors and checks all world record claims
when it comes to fish), and because he didn’t follow those exactly rules, he was not allowed
the title of biggest Blue Marlin ever caught. Which again, is honestly really sad. Despite this, Merriman kept the fish, and
put it up at his shop, as he should when you think about it. And though he may not have had the record,
he knew that he caught a Blue Marlin that no one had caught before. 9. Swordfish
There are sometimes creature that we don’t know what to make of, and Swordfish are definitely
one of those creatures of nature where don’t know why it was created to look like that. Regardless of the how and whys, it exists
in the oceans. And fisherman have tried to catch the biggest
and best ones, and to many fishermen, Swordfish are some of the best fish “trophies” you can
catch. But the honor of biggest catch goes to a legendary
man named Louis Marron. In 1959, Marron battled a mighty Swordfish
for two hours to reel in a Swordfish that was a 1182 pound beauty that was not only
a record at the time, by a good margin, but it’s a record that lives to this day. And recall, that’s basically 60 years of fishing,
and no one has broken it. So this should prove to you that regardless
of what kind of fish is out there in the oceans, if it’s desirable in any way, then there will
be fishermen willing to go all out to get it. Even if it means fighting that fish for hours
on end. 8. Tiger Sharks
People often forget that sharks are a fish, they’re just a fish that is massive, and aggressive
at times, and aren’t afraid to eat just about anything in sight should the opportunity arise. So though they are feared, they’re also seen
as a prize, especially to fisherman who are brave enough to go after them. Because catching a shark means you have some
serious strength and guile. A great example of this came in 1964, when
a man named Walter Maxwell caught a massive Tiger Shark. Tiger Sharks are known to be very aggressive,
and dangerous, and are considered one of the most dangerous sharks in the world. Making this catch very impressive in numerous
ways. This record stood for 40 years, then, a fisherman
named Kevin Clapson came around, and he caught a 1785 pound Tiger Shark. So a new king was born so to speak. But regardless, both of these catches are
to be appreciated, as it couldn’t have been easy to reel in. What’s more, Clapson may have the world record
on lock for the rest of time. And it has nothing to do with size or weight
of the shark. You see, sharks are starting to be protected,
and Tiger Sharks are included in that list. In 2004, it was legal to fish for sharks. But now, you can’t, with very few exceptions. So unless that law changes in the near future,
Kevin Clapson will have the infinite record of biggest Tiger Shark caught. 7. Bluefish Tuna
Caught In Nova Scotia on October 26th, 1979, Ken Fraser caught a Bluefish Tuna that weighed
in at an incredible 1496 pounds. That’s right, this singular tuna almost weighed
a ton and a half! But what a catch it was, and it’s a world
record in terms of the biggest Bluefish Tuna ever caught. But just as important, this fish was caught
LEGALLY. You see, Canada has very strict fishing policies,
especially when it comes to Nova Scotia. You actually have to have a permit when it
comes to fishing for them, and you can only do it in certain waters. To that end, the fish and game committee in
Canada work hard to make sure that not too many Bluefish Tuna are caught so that the
ecosystem isn’t disrupted. With all that in mind, it makes it all the
more impressive that Ken Fraser was able to catch this massive Tuna. 6. Alligator Gar
No, not an alligator, an Alligator Gar. Yes, this is a real kind of fish, and it’s
one that can get quite big as one Bill Valverde found out back in 1951. He was actually fishing out on the Rio Grande
river in Texas when he got a bite from a 279 pound beat of an Alligator Gar. But the funny part about this story is that
this catch honestly almost didn’t happen because of human error. You see, Valverde and his buddies actually
hiked over to the Rio Grande in order to fish. But when they reached the place, they had
a problem…they didn’t have any bait! Yep, they forgot it back at home. Not wanting to go all the way back, they dug
in the Earth and found some earthworms, and thus went fishing. Not for the Gar, they actually went fishing
for Mullets, and THAT fish was the bait that they used to catch the Alligator Gar. Not that they had much issue bringing in the
fish apparently… “The gar wasn’t hooked at all,” Valverde told
Boys’ Life in 1972. “I was able to bring him in because he was
holding on to the bait with those big teeth.” If only all catches could be that easy, am
I right? 5. Black Marlin
One of the most popular fisheries out there by far is Marlin fishing. These massive creatures aren’t just big, they’re
heavy, and fisherman actually created special chairs for their boats so that they could
sit in them as they fought the Marlins for sometimes hours on end just in the hopes of
catching one. Then, when they do, they typically like to
mount them on their walls as trophies. Plus, they KNOW that if they catch one, they
made an effort. But as for the biggest catch in regards to
the Black Marlin species, that would go to Alfred Glassell, Jr., who is not only the
world record holder to this day, he held that record multiple times for different Marlins
that he caught. Proving just how legendary a fisherman he
was back in the day. The first time he got a world record was in
1952 when he caught the Black Marlin, a fish that hadn’t been caught before. Which makes it all the more impressive that
he got it before anyone else. Glassell would lose the record for a brief
time, then he would get it back, and then he would to himself when he caught a 1560
pound Black Marlin. Just looking at the size of this Marlin you
can’t help but wonder how he caught, but no matter the exact method, he did indeed get
it. And in fact, the footage that he took of the
catch was actually put into a film called The Old Man and the Sea. You could argue that because of the records
he set, that Glassell Jr is one of the greatest fishermen who ever lived. 4. Largemouth Bass
The Largemouth Bass is one of the “revered species” of fish in the world. It’s one that many fishing competitions are
held for. So if you’re watching a fishing competition
on TV, many times you’ll see it’s for Largemouth Bass. Now, in a competition setting, the biggest
Largemouth Bass ever caught was by a fisherman named Preston Clark back in 2006 during the
Bassmaster Classic. It was an 11-pound 10-ounce bass. However, it’s not the biggest in the world. For just 3 years after Clark’s epic tournament,
a man from Japan named Manabu Kurita shocked the world with the reveal of a 22 pound, 4
ounce Largemouth Bass. So if you’re doing the math, that means Kurita
caught a bass in the wild that was double that of Clark’s from the tournament. What’s more, it was caught in Japan, not in
the US where a bunch of diehard fisherman are trying to break the record. Either way you look at it though, these Largemouth
Bass catches were each legendary in their own right. 3. Striped Bass
When it comes to hunting “big game”, or even game of any kind that requires serious effort,
there are certain species that hold a certain place in the hearts of those who go after
them. When it comes to the world of fish, the Striped
Bass is just that. It’s basically the holy grail, or at least,
the record of being catch of a Striped Bass is. The fish has actually gotten a cult around
it more or less, as the group is the most passionate about not just catching the Striped
Bass, but breaking the world for it. Why is that? Well, let’s just say the person who owns the
worlds’ biggest Striped Bass record is rewarded heavily. Which makes the tale of Greg Myerson all the
more epic, for he did catch the worlds’ biggest Striped Bass, a massive catch of 81.88 pounds,
and he has proof that he caught it. Believe it or not, he caught the fish in the
waters of Long Island Sound, which was close to his house in Connecticut. So he didn’t have to go far to get the record
fish, he just had to wait for his time! But the best part about this catch was that
there wasn’t any controversy over the catch. A previous world record holder didn’t follow
proper procedure, and so many weren’t happy with the record going to him. But Greg Myerson did, and so he gets to hold
the true title of having caught the biggest Striped Bass. 2. Catfish
Catfish are a very interesting breed of fish, and they’re ones that fishermen really enjoy
catching for one reason or another. And yeah, they can get really, REALLY, big. For proof of this, you need only look at the
giant “Grizzly” of a Catfish that was caught in Thailand in 2005. This Catfish was so huge that it actually
took multiple fishermen to bring it in. Why is that? Well, it’s because this particular Catfish
was over 9 feet long, and weighed nearly 650 pounds! That’s a lot of girth for a Catfish. The locals of the Thailand area where this
fish was caught had known that Catfish loved this area, and that they were able to get
big, but NONE of them suspected that they could get THAT big. The only sad part about the catch was that
the fishermen were going to throw it back into the waters, but it was so big and heavy
that they actually couldn’t! So the fish actually died. If you’re still curious about why this Catfish
stands out from the rest. The average weight of a Catfish in a large
size is just under 100 pounds. So depending on how you look at it, this particular
Catfish is about 8-10 times larger than an average large Catfish that you can catch in
regular waters. So yeah, that’s a thing. And not surprisingly, after this Catfish was
caught and taken a picture of, a lot of fishermen went to Thailand to see if they could catch
their own monster Catfish. As of yet, it hasn’t happened, but it may
only be a matter of time. 1. Great White Sharks
As noted, many shark species nowadays are actually protected under fish and game laws. But, that doesn’t mean that before the laws
many fisherman didn’t try and catch them. And that includes the legendary Great White
Shark. Despite their aggressive nature and incredible
power, there have been many fisherman who have caught one over the years. However, many of them fall under the “it was
THIS BIG” category. That being said, on April 21st, 1959, a man
by the name of Alfred Dean broke the bank if you will and caught a massive Great White
Shark. How massive exactly? This massive shark weighed 2,664 pounds! Which beat the previous record for a Great
White Shark catch by an astound 1500+ pounds! To this day it’s the heaviest fish ever caught
and recorded by the IGFA, and given the rules against shark fishing now, it’s likely to
stay that way as the top catch. Oh, and in case you were curious what kind
of bait would be used to catch a mammoth shark like this…it was a porpoise. And despite its weight, it only took about
an hour to reel it in. Thanks for watching everyone! What did you think about these amazing stories
of fish being caught? Which story was your personal favorite? What kinds of fish have you caught before,
and how big were they? Do you dream about catching fish as big as
some of these? Let me know in the comments below, be sure
to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time on the channel!

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