10 Walmart Foods You Should Absolutely NEVER BUY (Part 2)

10 Walmart Foods You Should Absolutely NEVER BUY (Part 2)

a lot can be said about Walmart it’s a huge chain it has everything under one roof and prices are not that high compared to other stores but a lot can be said against it as well rather than joining the chorus of voices exposing everything that’s wrong with Walmart we’ll focus instead on food why food because unlike any other cheap or defective product you might buy their food has the added disadvantage of causing possible health problems so here are 10 foods you should never buy at Walmart if they think I’m paying $4 an apple for a honey crisps they’re out of their minds coffee all this stuff coffee maybe it isn’t coffee at all almost on a daily basis prices of goods tend to change you’ll definitely notice this if you follow their ads in the printed media and online but while the grocery stores like Walmart will advertise the slashed prices and discounts the other items that get a temporary spike remain hidden like a nasty surprise in fact most likely you won’t even know you paid extra for the eggs because all you’re thinking about is how you got the milk cheap and that’s how the chain can afford to cut prices while still making a profit the few cents that come off one item gets added to another item what has this got to do with coffee you ask well coffee in Walmart is one of those consumer products that the retailer seems to treat as a luxury item big brands of coffee like Folgers almost always sell for higher prices than in other chains what if we told you that we secretly replaced your coffee with Folgers crystals so it seems it’s the store policy to always pile up the cents and sometimes bucks on branded coffee while they cut prices on overripe bananas and fresh produce which is way beyond its fresh days the bottom line is that it pays to know your prices what’s the point in saving money on one item only to pay more for another so if they can get you in the store thinking you’re getting a deal on a few items chances are you’re buying the rest of the items on your shopping list at the same time baking ingredients holy welcome to fjords backery Walmart like many other stores likes to sell various items under its own brand they’re usually cheaper than big brands and with that price comes a downgrade in quality because something has to give now the problem here is that the store puts itself in competition with all the other more famous brands it puts on its own shelves and how to convince the customer to buy the Walmart branded flour or sugar and not that other more popular one you pile up the cents and bucks on the price tag of that branded product this is why you should avoid the baking aisle at Walmart all the branded baking ingredients like sugar flour salt and even baking powder are more expensive than in other grocery stores but what if you’re already in Walmart and you need ingredients to bake that pie or make that cake well your best option is to buy the store branded products and to buy them in bulk that way you can really save some serious money maybe that’s their plan to get consumers to buy the Walmart brand instead of the name brands can I try these on before I buy them peanut butter peanut butter fingers for the ones who find it delicious and can’t possibly think of their life without it peanut butter is a staple of every pantry so why shouldn’t you buy it from Walmart it has less to do with the quality as the price tag branded peanut butter is good everywhere but some retailers sell it at higher prices than others this applies to Walmart’s way the store that managed to stay in business when Walmart opened down on the highway for some reason Walmart considers peanut butter one of those luxury consumer products that should be sold at a higher markup maybe it’s because of its popularity when consumers like a product and clamor over it this is a good sign for the retailer to add a few cents to the price tag still customers buy it then the price goes up a little more it’s not a big price hike that you as a customer would notice but it still adds up when looking at your grocery bill even chains known for their higher prices like Target sell peanut butter for less so to save yourself a bit of cash every week take peanut butter off your grocery list when you head to Walmart again knowing your prices makes all the difference when deciding what’s a good deal and what’s not it’s a pretty damn good deal broth makes soup stew is a favorite dish for many it doesn’t typically trigger allergic reactions like peanut butter and is a tasty staple dish no matter the season or weather conditions soup is another all whether or all-season food if it’s snowing outside a hot bowl of broth will warm your core and get you all cozy when it’s too hot and you don’t feel like eating but still have to a small bowl of stew will set you right many soup and stew recipes have one thing in common and that’s broth so what’s wrong with Walmart broth lack of options is one good reason to look elsewhere you don’t get organic varieties vegan options or different flavors this limited list doesn’t inspire much of an appetite to use broth as much as you should you can’t have tomato soup all the time poor guy it looks like a bowl of tomato soup or feast on mushroom chicken broth every time you crave a bowl of the stuff other grocery chains offer a wide variety of options when it comes to broth stocks this is especially true of the branded broth slight Kroger in addition walmart sells it at higher prices it’s not clear why maybe it’s the price you have to pay to shop at a popular retail chain maybe it’s one of those items that offset some of the other low prices but is it really worth it do you take Visa Visa hasn’t existed for 500 years maple syrup you one sample small-batch Amazonian maple syrup don’t immediately jump in and say that maple syrup is inherently expensive and that you don’t care about the price you just love the stuff so much you would pay any asking price for it and it’s true real maple syrup seems as expensive as gold sometimes the good stuff can turn a bland and tasteless pancake into a real meal that melts in your mouth and ignites fireworks in your brain so why wouldn’t you give out your firstborn for a bottle of original maple syrup from Walmart well for one thing the prices in cash dollars and customers babies are not a recognized currency at Walmart or anywhere else secondly not only does Walmart sell maple syrup at a high markup but some have complained that the stuff doesn’t taste as good as what the competitors are selling this claim would be fairly easy to verify yourself so the next time you need to buy a bottle of maple syrup head over to Costco the maple syrup not only sells at almost half the price it also tastes better now you can explore other chains and find out which one has the best maple syrup it’s a well worth it quest extra sweet and tasty but well worth it indeed it worth it great value pizza dear Pizza time Pizza is not the healthiest of foods we know it’s delicious and you can’t get enough of it but it is still an unhealthy food choice but if pizza is unhealthy wait till you hear about Walmart’s great value Pizza debt it’s a concoction made in the deepest dungeons of the grocery chain and being part of a healthy diet is the least of its concerns even a small slice of the thing has more calories than you’d want to consume sure moral imperative to eat and enjoy a few tests well one slice of pizza dia has one thousand seven hundred and seventy milligrams of sodium that’s more than 70% of the recommended daily intake of sodium and that’s just for one slice by the time you finish gobbling up the whole package your heart may be about to explode while your vital organs are on CodeRed and we still haven’t talked about the calorie count yet one slice will pump three hundred and eighty calories into your system and we know what you’re thinking the thing only costs seven dollars it’s cheap and combines two of your favorite foods Pizza and quesadillas it also comes in various flavors Mexican carne asada or chicken enchilada so why should you say no to this cheap deliciousness well just remember those crazy sodium and calories and ask yourself if it’s worth sacrificing your health for no that’s not what we ordered we ordered a fat-free crust with extra cheese low cost pork you want the perfect pork you got to get yourself a slow cooker now here’s something that sells for less at Walmart than in other stores we’re talking about low cost pork when you as a customer pay less for a product this means someone else needs to shoulder that loss it can be the store in the price juggling game we already talked about or it could be someone else but in the case of low cost pork it is always low cost I have to make sure the bacon is worth taken that means prices don’t change there it is always cheap no matter the day of the week or the time of the day and it can’t be that Walmart is selling at a loss here well it turns out that the farmers are the ones who have to carry the burden of this price cut since Walmart is the retail giant it is with control over a huge chunk of the market it can lay its own terms on the pork producers not only does Walmart set the prices it buys the pork at but it also sets the quantity now you might say why don’t those farmers sell to someone else the thing is there’s no one else willing to buy the same quantities Walmart buys so as a farmer you either sell to Walmart or you don’t sell it all and since Walmart wants to keep the customers happy with low cost pork the farmers end up footing that bill you’ll never look at pork the same way again seafood well everything you get that become a seafood [Music] seafood is less healthy than it used to be blame it on ocean pollution and the dumping of industrial wastes and the oceans of particular interest is the high level of mercury in fish and other types of seafood even fish oil isn’t safe anymore this applies to farmed fish as well only fell in the finest farm raised salmon in the county that’s all wild salmon is considered healthier than salmon grown in farms Walmart has always had a problem with its fresh produce and meat sections they’re understaffed and the quality of the products are not always up to snuff now to be fair Walmart has done a great deal to improve the quality of the products and the prices but the still more that needs to be done to bring the chain up to the same level as the competition it seems the fish that sells at Walmart has higher concentrations of mercury than at other chains it might have to do with the seafood suppliers and the chain contracts but whatever the reason you should shop for seafood somewhere else until Walmart addresses this crucial problem houston we have a problem ground beef what’s the beef here exactly when it comes to food cheap is something you should probably avoid at all costs the real problem here is that the Walmart ground beef isn’t really that cheap the beef you get at Walmart is not of the best quality if you care about your health and what you put in your body you’d want to steer clear from ground beef with added hormones antibiotics and other animal by-products you know a buy the finest cuts of beef needless to say the cattle that provide the meat weren’t raised in the healthiest of conditions and since ground beef is just small bits of beef there’s no guarantee that you won’t find high concentrations of fat and soft tissues in the ground beef so you might think you’re getting a good deal here but in actuality you’re not that’s a better deal than Sinatra cuts vitamins it’s the only way I can get him to take his vitamins vitamins are of dubious benefit ask any health expert and most would confirm this statement rather than having a vitamin pill you do yourself and your health a whole lot more by increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits fresh veggies and fruit are generally less expensive than a bottle of packaged vitamin capsules that doesn’t mean that bottled vitamins are totally useless sometimes you need certain vitamins that you can’t get naturally from food so what’s wrong with vitamins in Walmart my vitamins the point is avoid these vitamins and supplements and turn your shopping cart to the fresh produce section for a healthy dose of fruits and veggies you don’t think vegetables can be tasty huh stay right here for more of our great videos just tap that screen checking us out for the first time then go ahead and hit that subscribe button and ring that Bell to join our notification squad

84 thoughts on “10 Walmart Foods You Should Absolutely NEVER BUY (Part 2)

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  2. ALWAYS an I cannot state this enough ALWAYS check ya experation dates when purchasing anything from Flog-mart! An I never wore the smock, it always got in my way!
    As a Ex-Flog-Mart employee who worked Dairy & Frozen & Meat and some times Grocery there is alot of things I can tell you that won't set well.
    I found expired yogurt dating back 4 months and cheese 5 months after it expired and what is worse the Velveeta Cheese in the bricks come in cold in the dairy pallet and are put on the grocery shelf's.
    BabbleTop ya never heard I guess Pizza is better for you then breakfast cereal. Hell Meijers french Bread Pizza is $1 and it on the 10 for $10 get 11th free next week, best if cooked at 380F for 24M.

  3. Deli rotisserie chicken! Do NOT buy! I bought one last week, there was blood inside when i carved it. 🤢😜 they offered another chicken but i said NEVER AGAIN! They are going to refund the $ if i bring back receipt. The actual chicken still in container and pics of it with blood showing wasnt enough. 🙄

  4. The small town where I live has a limited choice of shopping options, like Walmart. First thing, I fell in love with Great Value chocolate ice cream, price? 1.98$ started buying this item and now it's 2.97$ Bulls**t!!!!! Thanks a lot greedy a**holes. Then, there is the "Skittles" situation. At 2.48 a bag, hey, fair enough. Then that changed. For 1oz more, the price is now 2.97. A red over priced bag that reads "share." And again, bulls**t!!!! I know from the second I pick up an item if the weight is off, decreased that is, I drop it back. I want to throw back, but I am civilized, so I won't. One more thing. The t.v. volume. Holy crap!!! So loud I couldn't hear the string of profanity screaming in my head. Draws attention from the entrance, the manager said to me, corporations of course. Hate, hate, hate that store!!! By the way, I worked there for nine months, quit and earned my degree, which is also useless.

  5. At least 3 of these were mentioned in part 1 of this video: maple syrup, pork, and ground beef.
    Seems intentional, is it because lazy or click bait for views/revenue.
    Makes this a crappy channel either way. Wonder how many other lists are like that…

  6. Farmers don't sell there pigs to Walmart .there is a market that farmers take there pigs to for sale but if you mean the pigs are raised by farmers for Walmart they have a franchise with the farmers and get paid very good.they get all feed and meds and pigs free .then get paid too house the pigs .getting enough money too pay there mortgage I have a friend who does that for a big company .he can use the rest of his farm for his cows.not a ad deal .

  7. The information contained in this video is completely false. Swanson chicken broth at Walmart costs $1.98. At Stop & Shop it costs $3.69. How exactly does that make it more expensive at Walmart?

  8. Gas is $3 a gallon, insurance is sky high and people drive like nuts, is it worth it to shop at more than one place ? No. Great vid BTW

  9. Absolutely stay away from their 'Fresh' burger in a tube, pork or beef or Turkey or any combos of. 😱Ewwwwwwe! So much cartilage you think you got a boon sometimes. Looks like as much in the tube as any other burger packaged but read. It is only like half therefore more than other packagings. Btw, I end up gagging now if hamburger/burger has a small piece a bit overcooked meat in the spaghetti or whatever is made with it. Their fresh fruit and vegetables are extremely high costing foods compared to anywhere pretty much.

  10. Walmarts prices are f ing pricey plus i can't eat great value food it makes me vomit thats why i moved to sweden the walmart free land

  11. I was buying the atailian green beans at Walmart in the can for about a month and then they jacked the price up only on those greedy bastardy so I bought the regular ones instead lol

  12. I stopped shopping at Walmart because of the way they treat their customers but, another good reason I found was that about 90% of all the things I had bought there in the past broke within 30 days. Sure, Walmart will let you get another one and will sometimes give you a refund but why purchase something at a cheaper price that constantly breaks when you can almost always get it some place else often for the same or a little higher price and NOT have to worry about whether it works or not. When you add in the extra gas and time used to take it back and the frustration, are you REALLY saving that much? I think not. The ONLY thing Walmart sells that I haven't found anywhere else is their Bacon Jerky. I admit I am highly Addicted to it but, it still is not worth all the other problems. Just like every thing else companies get you addicted to and then take away, I am sure I will find something else to replace it.

  13. I must be exceptionally lucky. It's my one stop shop and never had a problem. I don't recommend going there in the wee hours of the night however…

  14. OHH NOOOOO not the vegan options! Falls over and dies of laughter . Vegan – Hates the thought of killing animals; but also… Doesn't mind if you die of boredom while they tell you about it.

  15. being a member of the midwest i dont buy seafood that isnt canned or frozen, cause i am FAR from the ocean whether it be the Atlantic OR the Pacific.

    and when it comes to Walmart, their Meat on a whole is suspect, even their "low cost pork", my family has brought back meat that was no good from the store and we end up throwing it away.

    so you want fresh? then dont shop at Walmart, go for the stuff that takes much longer to go bad, like their potato chips, their chips are sooo cheap, you can get Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffle clones for 99c a bag, compared to like $3-4 a bag.

  16. Walmart where I am at started closing after midnight. It was the one advantage that I liked. I don't usually shop there other than Blu Ray movies.

  17. Well I'm sure glad I'm very cheap. I tend to not get things unless it's a good deal. But even then I try to only get what I will use or want. Then I change my mind multiple times during a shopping trip. It's why I wander the aisles multiple times. Just back & forth.

  18. Wal-marts 'Great Value' brand of 5 cheese lasagna is the best. It's a case by case thing. NEVER buy meat there.

  19. This was fascinating! 😮

    Where i live at, when i went to walmart ive sawn some patato chips bags that ive never heard of or sawn before❗ but i didnt get them, month's later it was gone❗ due this day is still gone, ive felt like if it was like Bealls outlit. "Here today, gone tomorrow" and as well for that good pizza company😶

    I dont know whats the orgin of the gas station that is now old and covered in Rust and no one is using, not even employees are working. Now in these days is pretty mysterious in where i live😅

  20. I rarely shop at Walmart. I only go for something quick like cough medicine or toothpaste. During the holidays I get the carnation evaporated milk because it’s on sale for $1 and sparkling apple cider which is around $2.23.

  21. Omg walmart has markups on their merchandise so they can make money! How dare they?
    Hell while you're at it, why dont you turn off your monetization? If Walmarts the bad guy for trying to make money than so are you.

  22. But I'm not going to drive all over town to save a dime on peanut butter. Chasing small discount prices on low ticket items and put that savings back in the gas tank is not wise 😵😁🇺🇸

  23. Not sure how much real research you put into this. But 80% of the pork products sold at Walmart are Smithfield pork products. Smithfield owns the fields where the grains are grown to feed the pigs and they own the farms where the pigs are. The other 20% comes from Farmland. Their beef is mainly Excel meats, which is owned by Cargil. 8 years ago, I made the switch from name brand products to mostly store branded products and I don't see a difference in quality in most items. I use either Walmart or Sam's brand flours and sugars and I never have an issue with my bread rising. I've seen very recently organic options and vegan option on broths and I live in a very rural area where most people are not vegans.

  24. Food doesn't cause health problems you eating that food causes health issues. You picked what you want to eat and you ate it. Unless it's actually gone bad and you didn't know it's really your fault.

  25. Most of their stuff comes from other countries like India, Mexico and China especially, etc. So stuff like fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals that we banned and stopped using back from the 1950s and older. Also the way they raise their cattle they get raised in s****y conditions and aren't taken care of as well as they are here and are fed stuff that we don't normally feed them. Also, just look up some of the ways they kill animals compared to us, awful and disgusting.

  26. 5:15 – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SHOPPING AT FUCKING WAL-MART THAN????? If you eat organic or vegan you probably protest wal-mart and you probably dont fucking shop there anyways, why should they cater these options. People who eat that fru-fru shit can also afford to buy it, which most who shop at fucking wal-mart cant.

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