2 Tips for Cleaning and Adding Sand to an Aquarium

2 Tips for Cleaning and Adding Sand to an Aquarium

Adding new sand to an aquarium can sometimes
be a messy business. The best way to add new sand to an
aquarium is always to rinse it thoroughly
first. I always use a bottle to rinse my aquarium
sand because it allows you to keep your sand in one place while being able to allow water
to pass over all the grains removing any dirt. The water can then be poured away easily and
the process repeated as many times as needed. Having the new aquarium sand in the bottle
is also handy as it allows you to be able to
pour the aquarium sand into your aquarium in exactly
the place
you want, rather than having it go everywhere. Once you have poured your new sand into your aquarium you can then smooth
it out without any fear of making your aquarium
water dirty or cloudy. Thanks for watching!

67 thoughts on “2 Tips for Cleaning and Adding Sand to an Aquarium

  1. Nice.
    Awesome technique.
    I hover my gravel frequesntly but it never seems to stay so clean.
    Where do I go wrong

  2. Good idea, First I've time I saw it done that way, I've seen it done with a long funnel that reached the bottom of the tank.

  3. Really good tip, I have sand as top substrate on all my planted tanks so is very nice to know how to add fresh clean sand without getting all my plants and driftwood messed up with sand everywhere. cool videos you have.

  4. Very smart trick on adding small amounts of sand to an established aquarium. I just subbed. I am looking forward to more videos from u, since all of your videos are very informative and of high quality. Awesome job!

  5. what color sand was this? Silver Sand? Please reply I'm considering using the Unipac but I'm not sure what type you have.

  6. Wish I had seen this yesterday , I washed play sand to put into my tropical tank , o my god my tank water is orange I've done a 25% change it have no idea how to clear this except water changes 🙁

  7. I'm so glad I watched this vid.  Just got my sand today and was going to use the rinse-with-bucket method but I'm going to use the bottle method instead. Thank you for the helpful tips!

  8. This was really helpful, thanks. Just one question. When I add the sand in the aquarium, is it easier to add the sand when the water is in, or out of the aquarium?

  9. This is exactly the tip I needed! I have to redo my aquascaping because I did not put enough soil and sand in the aquarium at first. Now, most of my plants won't stay in place… This is my first serious tank so I made this little mistake. Apparently, I can fix that without disturbing too much thanks to this tip 🙂
    I should add that I did not clean the sand before adding it so my water was not nice for a really long time. I did not mind that much because I was doing a fishless cycle (which is complete now!).

    Thanks for the tip!

  10. Fantastic tip. I want to change from gravel to sand for plants. Do you have any tips for adding substrate? If possible, I don't want to take the fish out and stress then excessively.

  11. Why i didnt find your video yesterday 😢 i poured all the sand directly in tank and now water is cloudy what to do ?? Filter is on its been 2 days and water is still cloudy. Any tips guys.

  12. I have a new tank and have decided to use sand instead of gravel. It is the first time using sand. I washed it a number of times. When I put it into the tank it just looks like sloppy cake mixture or mud. I haven't added water yet as I am waiting for decoration stones but it's still the same after a few days of leaving it. The brand is Roman Gravel Quartz sand which I bought on Amazon. Noobie question but how have so many given this 5 stars. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Super helpful and so simple. I'm switching to pool filter sand soon and needed good advice. Really spot on and again, helpful.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing an easy way to add new sand to an aquarium. You have taken all the hard work out of it.

  15. Can I use play sand. Or beach sand for my fresh water planted aquarium, using ADA Amazonia at a corner , hiding with sand , and rest of all tank goes with sand

  16. I put sand in my new 15 gallon. I have only used gravel while aqua scaping and I wanted to try something new by using sand.
    I rinsed it useing a bucket and then I poured the sand into my aqurium and it got super foggy. Im trying to sort it out and its an absolute nightmare. Any tips anyone?

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