$2000 Pleco Fish Unboxing! I’m in LOVE.

$2000 Pleco Fish Unboxing! I’m in LOVE.

Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-Op,
today we’re unboxing plecos. $2000 worth of plecos, very small box but
super cool so stay tuned. They’re really hot, this is over nighted too,
these must be 40 hour heat packs or something. What they do is they put this like this to
help prevent any actual bags from touching the heat packs. Four heat packs, that’s good, and then lots
of peanuts so they don’t move. And then … Oh Geez, oh my God they’re all
in the same bag? This vendor always … Oh, there’s more heat
packs. I got a lot of heat packs I guess, I don’t
know how many they used but apparently … Normally, when I order from this vendor they would all
come individually bagged so this is changing my plans. The plan was 10 in store, 10 at home. I can get to these things, they’re quadruple
bagged but I guess there’s a lot of money in here so why not. I know, we’ll get to it, it’ll happen, I swear. They made a giant mess with peanuts all over
the floor. There they are, whoa look how big that one
is. These are all leopard frog plecos, this is
like the score of the century. Of course the bag shows them off terrible
but I can’t believe how big they are. Oh, oh, that’s not good. There’s already one down, better get these
out asap, what happened to that thing? How many didn’t make it? Now I got pinched in a full visor, is he alive? I think he’s alive. All right, I’m going to get these into a bucket
and we can take a better look at them and hopefully … Yeah, I think that one’s just
pinched in the corner so grabbing a bucket and we’re going to see what we got. Oh, they’re so stuck. There’s another one too. They’re getting caught in all the folds, not
good. Come on, come on. Yeah, you can kind of see him right here. One more I think, come on little guy. All right, now we can count. We can count and take a look at them, why
not. So it looks like they’re all alive I think
and they are beautiful in my opinion. This is … I like this fish way more than
zebra plecos so I’m super happy to get them, honestly. Hey, get some of this. This is all poly fiber, this can absorb ammonia
and phosphate nitrate, nitrate, and if you’re better than I am you know that whatever color
this is right now is what it absorbed during transit, there’s a little chart. Sometimes it’ll turn a color you don’t know
what it is and it’s absorbed something you don’t know. Let’s get more of this out. Water’s cold but not too cold. It’s probably 70 degrees, which these guys
like to be warmer. Get all these pieces out. Some of those are monsters though, you almost
never get them this size. That one’s amazing. Usually you see them this little size right
here, but the coloration is really nice on them and these are all locally bred in my
State, which is awesome. They should do absolutely really well for
our water. I’m going to start separating them out, 10
stay at the store to sell, 10 are going home with me because I don’t want to breed them. You guys have heard me on the channel for
a long time talk about that. It’s … Last time I think you guys watched
me unbox leopard frog plecos, I ordered 25, only got four and that’s not to have anything
to do with the colony so now I’ve got 10 I want to take home, sell 10. Honestly, these look so nice I’m going to
email the gentleman today and go, “Hey, do you have more?” In the past usually he always like, “Nope,
that’s it. Everyone bought them.” Because he sells really nice stuff but hopefully
he’s got more. Even though it’s … On one hand you’re going,
“All right, you’re already thousands of dollars in on these plecos, if they don’t sell you’re
going to have a cash flow issue. If they do sell, great.” But the problem is these are so expensive,
you can’t mark them up that much and so it makes a lot of people happy. We have a bunch of people on the call list
for leopard frog plecos and hopefully they’ll sell quick. Setting the camera down, going to separate
out the two buckets, find a tank, and then we’ll go back to my house and I’ll show you
… I’ve got to set up a tank for them there still too so we’ll see. Here’s a nice mix that will stay in the store
here. Lots of different sizes and … I didn’t spend
anytime trying to sex them or anything like that but they look good. I think they’re going to sell quick. This is the group that I’m going to take home,
the other 10, at random as well. So we’ll see how they go, small, large, and
I’m already stoked. Got to get moving because I want to get them
home, stress them out the least amount as possible. All right, I’m in the warehouse real quick,
right before I head home, had to offload a pallet from a semi because we don’t own a
pallet jack because we’re not big enough to own pallet jacks but had to bring in tons
of boxes. So we’re just … I don’t know, we got to
figure out what we’re going to do, we need a bigger warehouse or something because this
is the look and this was clean two days ago. This is how much stuff has been coming in,
this is all packing paper and then you can see here, this is a pallet full of boxes that
we use to ship out and then we’ve already got all those boxes that we use to ship. We’re kind of running into problems, problems,
problems, running out of space. We technically have some space to walk around
right now, we got a little bit we can cram in some places but there’s not much more vertical
we can go. We got a little bit of room back here. But now that we got to buy these a pallet
at a time, like these sponge filters right there. Anyway, hopping in the car, getting plecos
home, setting up a new home. Bringing packages over for the UPS to be picking
up, that’s another semi coming around the corner to make a delivery to us of dry goods
so I’ve got to set the camera down, got to help unload and then I can take these plecos
away. Yeah, let me open the door here and get ready. These are all the other packages that we’ve
shipped so far today. Got a few more hours to ship. All right, see you guys in a bit. All right, I’m finally home, got the plecos
and here’s what I decided. I don’t really have … I’ve got some open
tanks up top and I’m afraid to put them in a 40 breeder up top and I’ve got some open
20s but I feel like that’s too small for 10 of these guys. I want a 40 and I could move fish around but
I think I’m just going to put them in this tank and put some caves in. I’ve had these fish in my possession for almost
two years, I’m confident that these guys are healthy and not sick, and I’ve got a back
up colony so if the leopard frog plecos, which I don’t believe to be sick because it’s a
breeder I know, were to kill everything I’d still be okay. I’m going to put them in here and I hope these
are going to work as diddlers to bring them out because you almost never get to see the
leopard frog plecos and I do want to be able to see them. Yeah, I’m going to start working on that right
now and hopefully get them in. I put in some coconut huts and you can see
at least one … Two of the plecos, there’s one in the cave as well. We’re just going to let them mellow out. I put in a heater in this tank, this tank
was 78 degrees but I want it around more like 82, 84, somewhere in that range. The guppies will be able to handle it, they’re
going to grow faster and – Oh, there’s another one back there. You can see a couple more of them. I’m super excited to breed these guys. Longterm, I’m probably 18 months, two years,
from being able to breed them, sex them. It’s definitely, I’m not waiting for it until
tomorrow but it’s a longterm project. Got to keep them stable and steady, feed them
well, then hopefully make some babies because I would really love to raise some of those
up because I think, to me they’re the best looking pleco. I like zebra plecos, I just like these more
and that’s why I’ve never brought home zebra plecos, because I knew I was waiting for these
guys. I’m tempted to see if I can get some more
from this guy and maybe upgrade the colony size even. Why? Because I just like them and maybe upgrade
to a 75 gallon. I’ve got that 75 with the African cichlids,
down right over there and I could use that, that might be kind of cool. Who knows, I got a lot of turtles I got to
deal with, which I guess I can show you that guy real quick. Here’s the incubator I set up, we got the
heater, we got the air stone going, it’s nice and humid in there and then you can see all
of the eggs I’ve got. I’ve got 10. The ones on the far side are from the first
batch, these six are from the latest batch and then I left one with the parents to see
how that went. It’s kind of loud over here. I’ve got water changes going on with the turtles,
this happens every day. I’ve got the hypo-bungle bee rendered slider
and we’ve also got the diamondback terrapin up here, I know horrible glares from the lights. Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed that. I’m kind of pumped because I’ve been wanting
to get these fish for a long time. The long story is I sold my group that I had
when I first opened the store because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have time to take care
of them. I remember selling them for 40 bucks a piece,
they were already like that big, they were beautiful and great and now they’re 100 bucks
a piece and I bought them at half the size. It kind of teaches me one of those lessons,
when you really love something don’t get rid of it. You’ll make the time and I’ve been kicking
myself because now it’s been five years since I had them and I’m going, “Oh, I got to get
more.” And I could never really get a big group going,
it could only be two or three here and there, last time was four. This time it’s 20 so that’s why I kept 10,
really I want to keep all 20 but I can’t afford to do that. Hopefully you found this enjoyable. Ew, I can sneak another little peak from the
side, I put some caves in the side here as well here so that way when they think they’re
hiding we can kind of look at them. There’s another one. I’m stoked, this is the tank that I’ll get
to see the most often, I put them here for a reason. This is my front door right here, you can
see I have shipping boxes, so no matter what, even if I walk to the office, I’ll be seeing
what’s going on in this tank and I can always keep an eye on them, just see what they’re
doing and feed them well and treat them like the best looking pleco they are. At least I think so. Anyways, thanks for hanging out guys. Join me in the next video, live streams on
Sundays, doing other cool stuff. If it’s your first time, go ahead and subscribe. If it’s not your first time, eat some tacos,
taco union on and we’ll see you in the next one.

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