This isn’t as bad as it seems this past Tuesday We went live and silts the two thousand gallon for the first time or at least we started to fill it after I got about Ten inches of water in the aquarium though. I discovered a week where does at least from though well There’s only four places that this can possibly leak from the first place you would assume this big tank would leap from is the viewing panel itself But it didn’t leak there the second place is the perimeter of the aquarium as you guys remember? The aquarium here was built in two parts first I constructed the walls of the tank then we poured the cement for the base and Because we’ve poured these at two different times it means technically that the base and the walls of the aquarium are not one piece so if you remember we had to Line the entire perimeter of the tank with Fiberglass to make sure that it was sealed as we were Talking it with the pond shield but it didn’t leak there either the third place is the plumbing now when setting up a new aquarium With so much plumbing installed a lot of the times you can Expect a small leak or you know maybe a few drops of water And you have to make some small repairs usually not a big deal, but it also didn’t leak here. So what does that leave us? The Chamber’s I created For the ecotech Mp. 60 wave makers. It’s not that big of a deal and technically it stopped leaking Let me explain what happened the last few months has been extremely busy for me however last week was a short week for me not Only did I have to get a lot done out here in the gallery, but I also had a trip I had to travel and prepare for so I installed the corner Chambers for the wave makers rather quickly Translations. I did a really sloppy job. Not totally though. This one was done perfectly this one I knew I did a bad job on it, but I used too much silicone And I thought you know it’s going to be fine however down at the bottom Bottom right Corner when I was filling the aquarium After it got to about the 10 inch mark which isn’t this tall like crate down there? But once it got to that 10 ms inch mark I noticed a small drop of water had formed on the other side. I thought maybe it’s the silicone and glistening I sat here watching it for several minutes and nothing else formed however about 15 20 minutes later I noticed there was a small pool of water where a few drops of water had accumulated I thought maybe somehow I got some water back there, but I was looking at it at the right moment and I seen a tiny little drop form in the bottom corner and a Puddle into that little puddle of water, and I thought to myself well since it’s leaking so slowly maybe if I fill the tank up more the pressure of the water pushing against the chamber is going to Seal that silicone even more and I was right it technically stopped leaking and I could have built the entire aquarium But it kept playing on my mind. What if this actually gets worse over time or what if it? You know slowly leaks, and I don’t catch it Maybe I’m gone away for a few days or something along those lines, so I thought well I could just install you know a float switch with a pump down there that if this ever gets water in it it’s a pump the water out or something along those lines, but that’s technically the lazy way to do it what I technically should do is drain the aquarium and repair it properly and fill it back up, so That’s what I did so I discovered the leak on Tuesday drained the tank and dried it out by Tuesday night and started to repair it today is Thursday morning So it’s actually had a full almost two days to cure actually this evening will be 48 hours I’m going to fill it later today and by this coming Sunday, you guys will see it filled and Running with equipment that’s of course if it doesn’t leak again in the meantime I’ve moved on to a few other things. I have to constantly say busy out here, or I’ll get nothing done So I got the plumbing finished All you have a closer look I hope to be able to get this up and running this weekend and show you how everything Works, but to give you an idea. We got the in-floor heat Er installed which is going to heat the aquarium I’m already testing it. We’ll talk about that in a minute We got all the pumps hooked up all of my hose came So I was able to run it through and this looks kind of messy, but what this means is instead of using tired pipe Everything remains flexible so I can make changes or move them again once this is up and running I’ll explain how all of it works and why I decided to go with this rope, but the UV sterilizers installed the ecotech Battery backups are installed of course you guys have already seen the pump there and the canister filter is ready to go as well I do have about 2,000 watts of heaters in here to act as supplement heating if this isn’t enough But I’m pretty sure based on some testing I’m doing that this is going to be just fine and clearly these are just thrown in there I haven’t installed them properly so with the plumbing portion done I’ll be able to fill up the aquarium and have everything running right away one of the things. I’m most excited about though Is getting the brief link installed and being able to control everything from either my computer or phone? Including the ecotech empting 60s as well as the vectra M1 Now I still have to make everything pretty and clean up all the wires And you know make it a little bit more organized however that’s something I have all week to do the MP 60 controllers are installed here You guys have seen that already Again all of the plumbing is ready to go and I also installed a battery backup back here This is going to run one of the wave makers on this side and one of the wave makers on this side and that will ensure that Not only are my filter pumps always on battery backup, but the wave makers are included as well so technically if the power goes out, I have anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of Battery backup time and have a give me plenty of time to switch the entire building over to my generator I should mention though in the last 6 years I’ve only lost power here about three or four times and never anything longer than 12 Hours so like I said though I’ve been running the in for heating and this tiny little pump is running it right now I’m actually building a flow meter so I can monitor. How much flow this is putting through I think it’s important for me to know that it’s actually running the bottom of the tank is heating up and it’s getting pretty toasty in there, but I’ve only been testing it to see how hot I can get it and how long it takes to get it there But so far things are looking really good now some people have asked won’t your raise get burned or something like that and the answer Is no I can control the maximum temperature of the in-floor heat, Er Plus it Technically takes a very long time For the water to heat up or the floor to heat up to any? Temperatures that are going to be dangerous and in that time a couple of my safety features will Check in and shut it all off So one of the things I was actually thinking about that might have caused a problem with the leaking is that Cold water or very ice-cold water or cold weather can cause Silicone to Shrink and since I’m filling this with ice-cold water perhaps It caused the silicone to leave to shrink slightly in the spot that wasn’t Silicone that good so today. I’m going to focus on filling the aquarium back up And we’ll see if it leaks this coming Sunday if there’s no leaks I’m
Going to not only show you it filled but I’m also going to turn on all the equipment and we’ll finally get a first look At how how all of this works I’ll also work on bringing the aquarium up to temperature And then I’ll transfer all of my cycled Media Into the filters here, and I’ll be able to stock it almost immediately however first thing I’ll need to do after it is filled in I’ve confirmed there’s not going to be any leaks is we’re going to have to aquascape The tank again in the meantime I have to start working on the 375 gallon planted aquarium Or at least preparing for it so perhaps next Thursday I’ll show you what I’ve got done on that anyways guys that has been the update on the 2,000 gallon aquarium Typically I wait till Sunday’s to do this, but based on the sheer amount of interest this past Tuesday I had to bring you guys a quick update on what’s been going on anyways, hopefully you guys enjoy today’s video I also like to thank you guys for watching and if you join me this coming Sunday, I will have this tank filled Hopefully, and we’ll show all of the equipment running in the meantime if you’re not following me on Facebook or Instagram I will post some updates there, so I’ll leave links in the description below if you’d like to follow me along

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  2. hey joe,
    glad it wasnt bad!
    me and my little boy love watching you!
    we finally got our first tank set up cant wait to stock it!

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  10. Hi Joey I'm really sorry that you last Buddy.
    I saw the video today this morning I'm really gutted for you, I know as a fishkepper that we all have a favourite fish, when something like that happens you go into shock yourself and it takes time to get over it.
    Frank is a cool Flowerhorn, I like his character.
    I send you an email a day or 2 ago asking for your advice on the Cichlids that I'm hoping to set up.
    I know you must get thousands of emails a week and that you are a very busy person.
    In my first email I sent you their were a few spelling mistakes, I don't sleep to well and I take meds to help me sleep.
    You are a true master at what you do.
    I hope if possible you can get back and give me the advice that I know you know.
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