3 Affordable Vegan Lunch Recipes – Collab with Fablunch! Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016

3 Affordable Vegan Lunch Recipes – Collab with Fablunch! Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016

Hi Munchies and welcome if you are new. I
have been getting a lot of requests for lunch ideas, affordable recipes, and vegan
recipes so today I am bringing you three affordable vegan lunch recipes. I am
especially excited about this episode because I am teaming up with my youtube
friend, Olga, from fab lunch. Olga has an amazing channel where she shares
healthy recipes from her plant-based diet that I know you’re gonna love. Let’s
take a peek. OLGA: Hey Alyssia and Mind Over Munch friends. Nice to see you again. I hope you are
excited for this collaboration as much as I am because today we’re sharing with you our
favorite budget friendly vegan lunches. On my channel I made a refreshing Greek Salad, an easy chana masala and a warm and comforting white bean and kale soup. So if want to know how to make this
recipes come on over, say hello, and subscribe. She is a little bit too cute. We are each sharing 3 budget lunches so
after you’re done watching this video be sure to head over to see her recipes too. Thumbs up for getting 6 budget lunches today. First up on my list in my vegetable fried rice. For this recipe you
will need to cooked brown rice rice is cheap, frozen mixed vegetables frozen
veggies are cheap, olive oil, onion, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and salt and pep.
For this recipe you want to start with a wok or a very large frying pan. Pour in your olive oil
and spread it around and then add in your onion chopped. I like to add in the onions since the rest of the
veggies are frozen so that we have a fresh element in the dish. Plus I am a huge
sauteed onion fan. Allow to saute for just a minute or two until softened and
then add in your chopped garlic. Continue to saute for another 30 seconds
before adding in those frozen veggies. This really makes this recipe a cinch.
You don’t need to defrost those vegetables and I am using a very very
large bag of veggies more than most recipes call for. Why not? This is a
technique I like to use frequently with pasta that I call volumizing. I don’t
think it’s a real technique but pretty much I add a lot of veggies at least equal
parts veggies to rice or pasta maybe even more so that I end up with more servings and
I get to enjoy the pasta without feeling like I’m eating a huge filling
bowl of it. More nutrition less calories. WIN! Thumbs up for my made up techniques. Allow to saute until they have softened and warmed up a bit. Around 6 to 8 minutes. Then add your salt and
pepper and mix to combine. Finally it is time to pour in your rice along with the
soy sauce or bragg’s aminos if you prefer. Make sure that you get a vegan
soy sauce if necessary as some do contain anchovies and sesame oil. Sesame
oil is the most expensive item here and you can leave it out but we are using
very little of it and once you buy it it’s it’s your pantry and will last you
for ever and it really adds so much flavor to your dish. Continue to saute
for about 3 to 4 minutes until well combined and heated through before
immediately serving and enjoying. So yummy and way lighter than traditional fried rice.
Star Wars chopsticks are optional but recommended. This lunch clocks in at our cheapest of the
day only $0.52 a serving. Next up my Southwest bean salad. For this recipe you
will need canned black beans, kidney beans, or whatever beans you prefer, and corn
and those canned items are precisely how we keep this so affordable.
We’ve also got fresh tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, lime juice,
chili powder, salt, and optional avocado as garnish. Add all of your ingredients except
for the avocado into a mixing bowl and if you’re a fan of cilantro it is optional to
add a bit of that and mix well to combine. I love this salad because it is totally
versatile. You can eat it plain, you can eat it on a bed of greens like a real
salad, you can even make lettuce wraps or regular tacos if you prefer. This will
store in the fridge for up to a week and today I figured it was appropriate to
store in my amazing fab lunch container. Olga has these awesome innovative lunch containers
that give back. For each container purchased 10 school lunches go to
children in need. She’s just perfect isn’t she? The containers are great for
the salad because they are leak proof, they’re safe, and they’re made out of
food grade silicone so that they’re fully collapsible making for easy
storage. Olga can give you all of the information you need on her channel or at
fablunch.com. These affordable Southwest tacos only $0.65 per serving with the shell
so it’s even less if you enjoy it as a salad or plain. Last lunch of the day we
are making a light and creamy tomato soup. For this recipe you will need canned
crushed tomatoes so you can use fresh of course but canned are super cheap and make
life easy. We also have onion, almond milk or milk of choice, water, salt, and dried oregano or any
other spices that you prefer. In a large pot combine tomatoes, water, onions,
and salt. Mix to combine over medium-high heat and then bring to a simmer. Turn
down the heat and allow to simmer uncovered for about 40 minutes stirring occasionally. They we’re gonna go ahead and add in
our oregano and milk for creaminess. Mix well to combine and then grab your
handy dandy immersion blender to blend it on up. You can make this as chunky or
as smooth as you’d like and if you don’t have an immersion blender you can just
transfer this to a regular blender but I would recommend doing it in batches. Then
simply serve and devour. This easy soup will set you back a whopping $0.63 per serving. Righteous! So those are my three budget vegan lunch
recipes for you today. Remember canned and frozen foods are a great way to
add affordable nutrition to your meals. If you enjoyed this collab and these affordable
lunches don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and comment below to let me
know which one you’re most excited to try. If you try out this or any of my recipes
don’t forget to tag me on social media and use the tag #redefinehelp to tell me
what being healthy means to you. It’s time for you to go check out Olga’s video
and I believe she has also participated in this campaign to share with you all
what being healthy means to her. So please show her support and love and
subscribe to both of our channels if you haven’t already. Have a fantastic day
I’ll see you tomorrow and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

100 thoughts on “3 Affordable Vegan Lunch Recipes – Collab with Fablunch! Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016

  1. Love the recipes and meal preps. You really need to have your own television show! Thank you for all you do. Keep up the great work.

  2. I'll Be Totally Honest, I Will Some Cooked Chicken To The Tacos And Maybe A Grilled Cheese With The Tomato Soup 😛😛😛😛

  3. Volumizing is a real technique (though I hadn't heard it in years so thanks for bringing it up again). I worked at an organization that had health coaches and they preached this to all the employees plus clients all the time. The one example I remember was if people were buying "healthy" or "light" frozen dinners, they'd tell us to steam a bag of broccoli or mixed vegetables too, and the combine both the veggies and the frozen dinner in a bowl to volumize it. Kinda pumped up those sad little lean cuisines and made them more filling.

  4. #volumizing is the best! I like to add a HUGE portion of frozen broccoli or cauliflower to boxed mac and cheese when I am craving it. I still get that tasty, cheesy, nostalgic flavor but way less of the scary nutritional stats because the servings are bulked up with so many veggies.

  5. These lunch ideas are great but also wanted to say that was an epic salt and pepper ying and yang!! P.S love Olga too 💕

  6. This sucks . I'm my country one avocado is one euro , a can of beans about another one..and the average wage is 2-300 euro…and one room's rent is minimum 200 euros..my country sucks a lot…4 banas are one euro too yet I see people getting 6 for 0.79 euros…It's dumb that this is the case…

  7. I just made the veggie rice! It's DELICIOUS! Idk why though, it's just some rice, a bunch of frozen veggies and some soy sauce but the flavour is awesome. Will be making this a lot for lunch or meal-prep 🙂 Thank you💜

  8. Hi Alyssia! Great videos as always, love the collab with Olga from Fablunch and also the #redefinehealth!! Loving all the vegan recipes! Can't wait to try the vegetable fried rice, actually all three lol ! 😊

  9. I made the southwest bean salad (minus the corn)! I rolled my mixture into burritos and added rice. SO GOOD. And so easy!

  10. Those tacos look AMAXEBALLS! I have been using a bento box from monbento for my lunches nd have found that an AMAZING way to cut costs and to eat more veggies (half veggies with hummus, and the other half my main meal!). I think those tacos would fit just perfect in my box if I put in 2 or 3 of them!

  11. I have tried to be a vegetarian, but i cant cuz i love meat😂…. Ok so i love tacos🌮! And i would eat it all the time, but i cant cuz there is red meat in it and that is not good to eat to often. So i started thinking, and i found a gr8 recipe for a vegetarian tacos with black kidney beans. So i made the tacos and i loved them so i would recomend the recipe to all of you taco lovers out there. Ps. Im gonna try to find a link to a good recipe!

  12. I love what you did with the salt and pepper in the first one! So creative and beautiful! Must have taken you a long time to do it. Looks so complicated!

  13. I can't wait to try them all. I have decided to go plant based once again and I figured Lent would be a great time to get back into the groove of eating plant based again. You rock!

  14. I just made the tomato soup and it was bomb!!! I will never buy store bought tomato soup again. Plus I got to add lots of extra veggies. Thanks for the video!

  15. Calories are nutrition. The most important part of it…

    I do not think there is much need to illustrate my point, seeing how for your first recipe, you pay nearly 2/3 of the price for cheap frozen vegetables. I know the health benefits of cheap frozen [basically fresh] vegetables. I do not know why you need to eat "a huge chunk" of them. Especially if the other ingredient is rice.

    Oh, and what the heck do you consider a portion of Tomato soup for Lunch? If I wanted to get 500kcal from my lunch, so I could get 3/5 of my daily caloric intake from breakfast and lunch, then I would need to eat at least 5 400g cans of tomatoes for that lunch. That is 4.4 pound. Show me how you do that for a regular lunch, please.

    The first two recipes work well, and I really like the second one, but still, I think your recipes could help people trying to keep track of their weight [who I would assume make good portion your subscribers], if you gave them foods that would not keep their bodies starving from lack of energy. Calories are no one's enemy.

  16. Tried the Southwest Bean Salad for meatless Monday recently with some corn tortillas… loved it!!! 🙂 And I have Star Wars chopsticks too!

  17. rewatching all of the budget vegan videos because i'm living on my own for the first time and starting grad school! 0.65 cents is about all i can spend on my food

  18. Fablunch + Mind over munch = vegan on a budget. I am just starting this lifestyle change whether we call it nutritarian or Vegan getting away from the animal for awhile will only be best for me and my diet stuck at 221. Thanks for your site.

  19. That one pixel thick line at the bottom of the video (editing mistake around 3:20) is probably annoying me more than it should 😀

  20. Made the easy fried rice last night for a few lunches this week. Tasted yummy! We're trying to eat less meat, so thank you for the great recipe ☺️

    Do you think it's okay to have 2 servings? Half a cup seemed pretty small. Maybe next time I'll add more veggies ☺️ This time I added some brussel sprouts on the side.

  21. Just a question, because well I don't know. I was told cans foods put off a chemical so is it really healthy if you think about it? Thanks.

  22. Seasame oil is moderate in India. Rs 90, while sunflower oil is Rs 190, Olive oil is much costlier. Can I use mustard oil

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