3 EASY VEGAN PASTA SAUCES | hot for food

3 EASY VEGAN PASTA SAUCES | hot for food

[lauren] hey everyone it’s lauren from hot for food, back with a new video this week, of course! [lauren] and i’m just boiling some pasta cos today we are going to make pasta, [lauren] and more importantly, the sauces! [lauren] i’m gonna show you how to make 3 VEGAN PASTA SAUCES. [lauren] they’re very quick and easy. you just toss your noodles in. [lauren] and i thought i’m still on this comfort food pasta carb-loading thing cos it’s still cold here in Canada where i am, [lauren] so screw the bikini bod thing, that’s all bs anyways. [lauren] and just eat pasta cos that’s what you wanna eat for reals! [lauren] so i’m gonna show you how to make an avocado pesto sauce, a roasted red pepper sauce and a pumpkin sage cream sauce! [lauren] it’s real fun, real quick, let’s do this! [lauren] we’re making the avocado pesto in a food processor. [lauren] so we’re gonna add 2 avocados, a few cloves of garlic, [lauren] you’re gonna pack fresh basil leaves into a cup like this and do 1 and a half to 2 cups. [lauren] i’m adding chives for some extra flavour, [lauren] we’re gonna do fresh lemon juice, [lauren] we’re gonna add nutritional yeast, of course, for some extra cheesiness. [lauren] add salt and pepper. [lauren] now you don’t have to, but i’m gonna add a little bit of olive oil. [lauren] yes, the avocado is fatty but this adds a little more richness so there we go. [lauren] now you’re just gonna process that until it’s very smooth. [lauren] so now let’s make the roasted red pepper sauce! [lauren] we’re gonna start by sautéing onions and garlic in some olive oil. [lauren] now these don’t have to be uniformly cut cos we are going into a food processor or blender to finish the sauce. [lauren] so now you’re gonna add garlic and seasonings [lauren] and we’re making this spicy and smoky with red chili flakes, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. [lauren] and just cook this until the onions and garlic are softer. [lauren] you can add a little vegetable stock just to deglaze the pan and get all the spices lifted up. [lauren] and we’re gonna throw this in a blender with everything else. [lauren] i’m using a jar of flame-roasted red peppers. you can roast your own, but this is easier. [lauren] so drain the water from the jar, and it’s about 1 and a quarter cups that i have. [lauren] we’re also gonna add nutritional yeast, [lauren] and more vegetable stock. [lauren] and then give it a blend! [lauren] alright, we’re on to the last pasta sauce. we’re doing a pumpkin sage cream sauce [lauren] so it is pumpkin puree and coconut milk, sage and some garlic, onions, nutritional yeast, all the usual suspects. [lauren] so we’re gonna start by putting olive oil in a pan. [lauren] then you’re gonna sauté your onions for a couple of minutes. [lauren] then add some minced garlic, sage, a little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon. [lauren] give that a stir and don’t forget salt and pepper. [lauren] we are gonna use coconut milk [lauren] that’s gonna deglaze all the spices off the pan. [lauren] you’re gonna bring the coconut milk up to a low simmer [lauren] then add pumpkin puree, nutritional yeast, lemon juice [lauren] and bring it back to a low simmer and toss your pasta in and it’s done! [lauren] look at those! so pretty and different, the 3 VEGAN PASTA SAUCES. [lauren] ready to be devoured! which one do i do first? [lauren] i think you knew i was gonna go for the pumpkin. [lauren] mm! [lauren] i’m addicted! [lauren] now go ahead and customise these. you can add other veggies in the mix if you want. [lauren] but i just wanna keep them clean and talk about the sauce. [lauren] mm! [lauren] the roasted red pepper is a little spicy, you can make it spicier too by adding more chili flakes. [lauren] and it is nice to serve these immediately. kind of make the sauce, toss the pasta and then eat. [lauren] but you could make these sauces ahead of time and just heat them up to go with your pasta. [lauren] the avocado pesto will last a day or two without turning colour. [lauren] so just give it a try. i know some people are skeptical of, basically guacamole pasta. [lauren] but it tastes like pesto and it makes it creamy [lauren] um, and there’s no cheese, obviously. [lauren] let me have one more bite. [lauren] the avocado pesto’s actually good served as a cold pasta salad as well. [lauren] warm or cold, it’s fine. [lauren] you just don’t want to heat the avocado up in a pan. [lauren] you really just wanna take your hot pasta and toss it in the avocado pesto. [lauren] cos then the avocado will start changing taste when you heat it too much. [lauren] and i also sprinkled some hemp hearts on top but you could also use vegan parmesan cheese. [lauren] whatever you like, extra nutritional yeast. [lauren] okay, so- or you could also use my pistachio crust duster, which is basically vegan parm. [lauren] alright so that’s it! these are very exciting dishes, i hope you like how easy they were, how simple, how delicious. [lauren] you got everything you need to make them at home, i think! there’s no strange ingredients here. [lauren] and we’ll be back next wednesday with a brand new video as well, here on hot for food. [lauren] we post every wednesday so subscribe, hit the notification bell button thing. [lauren] so that you know when we’re live, but usually every wednesday morning. [lauren] i’m gonna go eat all of this! [lauren] i’ll see you guys next time. follow, like, subscribe. [lauren] follow @hotforfood on instagram, twitter, all the things. [lauren] okay, bye!

100 thoughts on “3 EASY VEGAN PASTA SAUCES | hot for food

  1. The roasted red pepper sauce looks insaaaane, I need to try it! The avocado pesto also makes a really good salad dressing for anyone who's into that kinda thing 😀

  2. OMG now you've left me with the problem of which one to use for dinner tonight! They all sound so good!!!!

  3. would it be weird to ask you guys to do a video about your monthly grocery budget? i've always figured im too broke to be vegan, especially with the cost of produce in canada during winter 😭

  4. I made these tonight for my roommates and a couple of friends and they loved it. It's so easy to make and doesn't take a lot of time. Thanks again Lauren

  5. OMG the pumpkin sage cream sauce was amazing! My husband kept saying, "I feel like I'm at a fancy restaurant. This is so good." 😀 Thank you for the recipes! You guys killed it as usual.

  6. Did anyone else's video start with the BBQ ad that showed someone pulling apart the biggest hunk of meat you've ever seen? The internet is supposed to know everything about you but sometimes I wonder.

  7. "A little bit of olive oil" Pours a whole sea into the food processor 😂 You're like Jamie Olivef; I love it! 😂

  8. I've been struggling to get a vegan-ish (to start!) message to my parents for a few years, but "how not to die" audiobook with a bunch of cookbooks did a home run on my mom! (sometimes its about "how and what" :))
    3 months later she whips up 4 course vegan dinners for me and long beat be at my own game. I'm terrified of the time she runs out of recipes! Can't wait to add your book to her collection, more great dinners for me! (We have a big Saturday dinner together every week)

  9. I just made this! The flavor is Sooo good! Mine came out a bit lumpy tho, any suggestions? Was I supposed to just use the water from the coconut milk or the whole can?

  10. OMG my friend invented the avocado and bell pepper sauce and now I see it here and it's amaziiinggggg!!!!

  11. I will try them all. They look good. BUT I would NOT saute in oil. Use water or veggie broth and save the unnecessary calories. Also olive oil is not a health food contrary to public opinion. Still looks good.

  12. I made the pumpkin sage one. OMG it was one of the absolute best tasting vegan recipes I have tried to make! I used acorn squash because I already had some in the freezer that I had roasted before. I think butternut squash would work well too. Yum!

  13. Looks delish! I would be tempted to add some soy cream or vegan cream cheese, (tiny bit) to the red pepper sauce and add a splash of vodka. Actually you deglaze the pan with the vodka but you know what i mean. Maybe a cooking with booze 2?1

  14. could you put the recipe in the description? I just don't understand or know some things you used an now I can't search for them…

  15. hey!! Love these recipes, I was wondering for the pumpkin sage pasta, if you could subsitute the pumpkin puree with real pumpkin roasted and blended up? Thank you

  16. I haven't tried these recipes before but most of the avocado sauces and vegan cheese sauces are great if eaten right after they've been prepared but they get really thick when they start cooling down pretty quickly and never get back to the same consistency when reheated. Do you have this problem with your recipes or is there something you can do to prevent it? More oils or more water?

  17. I like that you didn't use nuts in ur sauces so they don't get all coagulated. At least I think that's what causes sauce to congeal when they cool down…….

  18. Not gonna lie: I'm usually too lazy to comment girl but this is the 1st recipe of yours I tried (pumpkin sauce) & it was incredible!!! 😍😍 thank you 👍

  19. I just made the avo – basil sauce with my penne dish. It was my first vegan meal and it made my italian housemates close their eyes while they were tasting it.

  20. I loooove this avocado pesto so much that I always make sure to have avocados at home in case I want to make it. I also made it for a family party this august and people loved it!

  21. omg that pumpkin sage sauce…. just made it and it's SO GOOD! I made a few adjustments tho, I used kabocha squash instead because I think it tastes better 😛 soooooo good!!! Next time someone doubts my cooking skills imma whip up a batch of this.

  22. no strange ingredients? wtf is nutmeg? nutritional yeast? avocados and peppers are very expensive in my country, pumpkin puree as well. sage? da hell is that?

  23. I made the avocado pasta sauce and it turned out terrible. Followed your exact recipe and it just didn't taste good to me.

  24. Hacome in every vegan video I see they are always trying to replicate textures, tastes and other aspects of non vegan meals, I'm a chef so I'd be more interested in seeing them create new and unknown flavors instead of trying to make it cheesy or meaty with out actually having those, I also think the time vegan chefs waste on trying to mimic non vegan textures, tastes could of been out into finding something new. I generally think vegan food could be decent but we need to try NEW stuff instead of trying to make vegan meals that mimic traditional vegan meals and that's where it goes wrong for me cause you'll always compare it to the original. Btw I'm more interested in the taste and creative side of it I eat normal, vegetarian and vegan meals just to try things I just generally love tasting and experimenting with food so I'm not trying to hate I'm just saying ithinkvegan cuisine will be better off doing it's own thing not mimicking non vegan traditional meals.

  25. What else can you use in place of nutritional yeast? Am I the only one that doesn't like it???? …tastes soooooo overpowering.

  26. Thank you 😊 I did the red pepper one, just added a can of roasted tomatoes and oregano as extras and omg it’s delicious 😍 my baby and my 5 year old are enjoying it right now 💕 thanks 🙏🏼

  27. Tried the avocado basil sauce and it's absolutely freaking delicious!! Thank you for the recipe! ❤

  28. I made the pumpkin and sage one last night. It was my first time ever trying nutritional yeast and I found the yeast flavour over powering. I always hear people say its a cheesy flavour but i just couldn't get past the yeasty flavour. The rest of the flavours were nice. I think I might try again at some point but with half the amount of yeast.

  29. It says on the back of my Nutritional yeast Not to use it in hot dishes. Is that only mine or is that all Nutritional yeast? I saw you using is, that is why I ask.

  30. EW EW EW EWWWW! The first ten seconds make me want to puke and not continue the video so I won’t have to hear anything else like it.
    Ughh, that fucking sound! That sound of the pasta🤮 and then the horrible, horrible scraping sound. Eeeekkk

  31. the recipe on the blog has wrong quantities of ingredients( the amount of veggie stock in the red pepper one) so the sauce I just made turned out like a glorified soup:(

  32. Pasta isn’t unhealthy lol. I mean everything can make you gain weight if you eat big amounts, but pasta is not exclusively unhealthy…

  33. Ok so I tried the pumpkin pasta sauce for the first time tonight! Made it for guests and everyone loved it!! Sooooooooo good!

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