3 Kombucha Myths

3 Kombucha Myths

I’ve been reading about kombucha for a
long time and there are some things that I’ve read when I was first new to it
that I thought were you know kind of like gospel and along the way I realized
that those things are not true so in today’s video I’m gonna tell you
about three kombucha myths welcome to my kombucha channel my name
is Liz well this channel I like to provide tips and tutorials to help you
make awesome kombucha by also having a little bit of fun so in today’s video
I’m going over three major kombucha myths
now I’m staring off light and things will get a little bit more heated at the
end but I wanted to say that you know in the end it’s just kombucha which it’s just
a drink so let’s have a sip to lighten the mood before we begin this is
actually coffee kombucha so if you’re interested in that I’ll link a video up
here but I’ll also put a link in the description box mmm good stuff guys real
quick if you are interested in being entered into a giveaway for some Brewch
sample bottles then please stick around to the end of the video so the first
myth is that you have to do your second ferment using a glass bottle this is not
true while most people do use glass bottles including myself and it’s not a
requirement so I actually like to use bottles that are specifically made to
hold carbonation because bottles can explode it’s never happened to me with
kombucha tea but I did have it happen with coffee konmbucha however there’s a
lot of people that like to use old soda bottles and the fermentation excuse me the
effervescence is wonderful and they actually feel like it’s a little bit
easier because they know when they’re kombucha is ready what happens is the
the plastic bottle will kind of pop in some and that’s how they know that the
carbonation is ready to go so if you’re on a budget or maybe you just don’t want
to invest in that kind of thing right now
then plastic bottles could be an option or what you could do is if you still
want to use glass then you could use mason jars or even I know people that
use old spaghetti jars you know those spaghetti jars with the tin lids
great fizz great effervescence and all is still good
in the world number two are you ready using distilled white vinegar will kill
your Scooby I’ve seen a lot of debates about this one
and that’s not actually true so let’s just review it so there are again a lot
of people that like to use a little bit of distilled white vinegar when they
make kombucha and I’ve narrowed it down to about two different groups so one are
the people that have this is how they were taught that’s the type of kombucha
they drank and they love and that’s just what they do which is totally cool right
and then you have the second group of people where they don’t have enough
starter tea to make a full batch of kombucha so people have suggested using
distilled white vinegar now distilled white vinegar is very important I’ll
talk about that in a second if you want to use distilled white vinegar with your
starter you do have and your Scobie then you can go ahead and use it most people
don’t use more than a quarter cup in a gallon of kombucha once you’ve made your
first batch and you have plenty of starter tea you don’t have to continue
using the white vinegar but if you want to you can if however you’re one of
those people that don’t even want to touch the vinegar then I have some
options for you one is that you can just take whatever
amount of starter you have and just go down the back so if you want to make a
full gallon of kombucha but you only have a half a cup of starter they make a
half gallon and and so on from there I also wanted to say that the Scoobies
hold a lot of kombucha have you ever noticed when you take it out and put on
a plate like there’s all kinds of kombu Chur there if you ever squeeze one a ton
of cum which it comes out anyway second option is take the starter and Scobie
that you do have and you’re gonna make a small glass of sweet tea so eight ounces
of water two tea bags screen a black and a quarter cup of sugar once it’s cooled
down and you remove the teabags then place your SCOBY and starter in there
cover it with a cloth or a napkin and let it sit for about two weeks what
you’ll see is a new SCOBY will form but then the tea will become a really strong
starter to you now the warning make sure you’re using distilled white
vinegar because if you use apple cider vinegar telling you right now I gave you
a warning you could end up with something called vinegar eels and it’s
exactly what it sounds like it’s eels I don’t know how it made but the vinegar eels
and they’re serious and they’re pretty disgusting
you know don’t reminds me of do you remember the movie The Lost Boys with Keifer Southerland and they’re sitting in the cave and Keith or
Sutherland hands the guy Michael the box of white rice and he goes to eat it but
it’s maggots gross that’s what the vinegar eels look like I’ve seen
pictures of it lots of pictures so please don’t use apple cider vinegar if
you’re enjoying this video guys and please share it and please hit the
subscribe button and you know hit that thumbs up the third kombucha myth this
one might be a little bit more heated you need a SCOBY to make kombucha let
me explain so when I say SCOBY I’m talking about
the cellulose mat these things right here everybody’s seen them right if you
looked up kombucha then you’ve seen these so this is a cellulose mat the
cellulose is a byproduct of the fermentation process the gathers on top
acts as a protectant plug and this is what most people including myself refer
to as a SCOBY you could also call a biofilm or a pellicle however SCOBY
stands for a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast
you could also say a symbiotic culture or a symbiotic community but it all
pretty much it all means the same thing however but if you think about it
kombucha is actually the scoby because it has the bacteria it has the yeasts
they’re living together as one they need each other and so kombucha really is
what the scoby –is I think people just got used to having this and you don’t
need it myth dispel
people I’ve seen people are in four days seriously and get pretty nasty so we
don’t have to get nasty but we can argue so if you want to take a chance and try
something new and you’d like to make the you’re coming too without mister
pellicle here but I do four half gallon jar is I use a cup of starter tea
normally with pulpal Matt I would use a half a cup of starter and the pellicle
but when I’m not using it I will use so one cup of starter tea to a half gallon
of sweetened tea what I found is you’ll still get a new pulpal Matt on the top
because that’s like I said it’s a byproduct of the fermentation process
but what I found is that the kombucha is more smooth like it’s more mellow it’s
still effervescent effervescent and I’m going to show you a pitcher
um this is a the back the last batch that I made I strained off the
elderberries and these bottles have for about four days both Wow look at all
that fizz so I just want to say that you know what it really boils down to all of
these things is personal preference as an example Google how to make chocolate
cake how many recipes are you gonna get you’re gonna get thousand something
because there’s so many different ways traditional chocolate cake healthy
chocolate cake Helio chocolate cake keto vegan coconut flour almond flour like
blah blah whatever so many different options so it’s really up to you the
world is yours to experiment with as I said I’m doing a giveaway for these
brute second fermions I did a video wanted a couple months ago that I’ll
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names and get those out to you

7 thoughts on “3 Kombucha Myths

  1. I've always used plastic soda bottles for my 2nd ferments and I culture vinegar eels for my fish but I sure don't wont to eat them ,thanks for the tip.

  2. All is still good in the world Liz! Great myth-busting video, always enjoy your content. Vinegar eels sounds gross. Kombucha teaching us how we depend on each other and live as one – just fab! Good luck to all in the give-away competition. Have a beautiful week Liz.

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