3 Liter Mason Jar Aquarium Garden DIY

3 Liter Mason Jar Aquarium Garden DIY

In this example, I use a 3 liter Mason jar with a cover to make an aquarium garden. This jar is about 14 cm wide. Add gravel, rocks and such. I add a tilted background. Fill the jar with dechlorinated water. Let it sit overnight or longer. Add aquatic plants. Here I add Subwassertang seaweed and Najas Guppy grass – gifts from my friend RP101. I use a seashell to anchor the plant. Add whatever plants you have. The more varieties the better. Here I add growing underwater Peace lily. Let the aquarium sit for two weeks or longer before adding any fish. It’s also a good time to add snails and other tiny critters. Use the cover of the jar to make the planter. In another example, I use plexiglass to make a planter. This type of planter allows only the roots of land plants to grow in water while reducing water evaporation. Check my previously published videos for more details on how to make this and other types of planters. Links in the description to the video. My aquarium gardens get only natural light coming from the window. Keep aquariums with fish away from direct sunlight. Aquarium gardens are low maintenance. The most important part of their care is to keep the tubes above water to allow air circulation. Add dechlorinated water to the level as needed once every couple months or so. Aquarium gardens are beautiful and simple to keep. There are many houseplants, herbs, and even exotic plants that can grow with their roots in water. Check links in the description for the list of plants that I have been growing in my aquarium gardens. I add new plants every year 😉 I make aquarium gardens of different sizes and shapes. Some are very small, cup size, with snails and critters. They look beautiful together and each on its own.

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  1. Мой первый аквариум, в 1963 году, тоже был 3 литровый, но поскромнее. Приятно посмотреть и вспомнить детство.

  2. I don't know why but this particular project is now my favorite among your other projects. Btw can I do it with Angelfish or Blue Gouramis? Gouramis are surface breathers, is this ecosystem self sustaining for those fish?

  3. Do your snails shells turn white or a she looking? Mine did . In case your water is soft, Coral or crushed shells can add much calcium to the water for both Guppies and snails Health. (Shrimp?) Especially since you do not change water. The calcium build up would work much better than one who had to change water. I don't know what New York's water tests out like but I do remember drinking it. Good. Probably the best. The water in the middle of North Carolina where I'm at is on the soft side so I have to have calcium or my snails and Guppies fade as they live. I got some Caribbean crushed shell sand, was not rock particles but crushed shells naturally, harvested somewhere in the Caribbean. mainly because I could not find crushed Coral. I do wish I could remember the name of it. Both the snails and Guppies have shown Improvement. The snails are no longer turning white. Calcium loss. the water is leaching it from the shell.
    After being in the hobby for two and a half years now, I just realized that having live plants immediately eliminates the ammonia, no need for it to be changed to nitrite or nitrate And water changed constantly. The plants just eat it. It's gone. That is exactly why your tiny aquariums work. The plants endlessly cleaning the water for the different creatures. I Didn't know it for two or more years. Wow, the things we learn and when. That's the first breath of fresh air I have breathed Concerning these aquariums since I've had them.
    Happy aquariums up there.

  4. Yes….. never put a jar of guppies on a window sill, especially not behind curtains where you will not see them and forget they are there until you find them a month later, floating on the surface. Still brings back bad memories 😕😁

  5. Hey been ive watching how you started 2 liter bottle fish tanks, I've have 9 of my own I started 2018, 2017, and they been going strong… all have fish and snails in them.. I was certainly inspired by your videos… I was wondering if u ship any of the dwarf lilies… they look amazing and would receive one of your personal ones you have grown to incorporate in my tanks…. I've purchase so water lotus seed to see how they will grow… would you be will sell one of yours Mr. Michele????
    My email address. [email protected]

  6. Nice work, but:

    I consider it as animal cruelty to put fishes in such a small tank.

    In Germany we have a law, that when you want to keep fishes in a tank permanently it has to be at least a 54 liter tank.

    I recommend you to put some neocardinia shrimp is such small tank.

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