3 VEGAN SANDWICHES | Vegan Reuben | Vegan Caprese Sandwich | Smoked Tofu BLT | The Edgy Veg

3 VEGAN SANDWICHES | Vegan Reuben | Vegan Caprese Sandwich | Smoked Tofu BLT | The Edgy Veg

– You know what is the
best thing in the world? Bread. (laughing) (light music) If there’s one thing I love
more than anything else on this planet, it is
bread and sandwiches. So, I thought today,
I’d share with you guys my three super-easy,
go-to vegan sandwiches. (person munching) Hey, guys. I’m Candice, The Edgy Veg, and today, I’m going to show you how to make three easy vegan sandwiches that you can take for school lunches or work lunches, or just an easy dinner, if you’re feeling lazy, which I often am, or if you’re just feeling
like you want a sandwich. I’m going to show you how to
make an easy vegan Reuben, a Caprese style, and then a BLT, but instead of the bacon, we
are going to use smoked tofu, one of my favorite things other than bread that exists on this planet. (laughing) (beeping) All right, step one,
make toast. (laughing) Not like that. First thing I’m going to do is heat up the smoked tofu on a pan. You just need about two
minutes on each side, just to warm it through. While the tofu is cooking,
I’m just gonna prep the rest of the sandwich. We have our toast, I have
some vegan mayo here, whatever brand of vegan
mayo is your favorite, you can use that. I like to spread a generous amount onto the bottom piece of bread. Then you can use lettuce or spinach. I like to get more nutritional value out of my sandwiches, so we’re
going to use some spinach. Tastes nice, tastes a
bit earthier, heartier. Top that with some tomats, we are just going to spread
some mayo on the other side. The smoked tofu, and the key
here really is the smoked tofu. Smoked tofu is amazing. You can eat it, I eat it raw on its own. It just has such a nice flavor. I find, sometimes, it
kind of just tastes like, have you ever fried cheese? It kinda tastes like that. (bread crunching)
(knife thumping) (light music) All right, so you can
buy a balsamic reduction in a grocery store. I like to just make it at home. To make the balsamic vinegar,
it’s super, super easy. You can make it at home. All you have to do is
add some balsamic vinegar to a sauce pan, add some
coconut sugar or brown sugar to a sauce pan, bring it to a boil, and then bring it to a
simmer, and then let it cook for five minutes, and voila! A thick, syrupy balsamic vinegar. Let’s build this sandwich. There’s two ways you can do this. You can toast the bread. I like it on a nice soft focaccia, so I decided not to toast it today. You can do this on
really any type of bread that you want, but focaccia’s really nice and fluffy and dense, and who doesn’t love a good, dense bread? I have this wonderful pesto. It’s completely vegan friendly. It has no cheese, also,
this one has no nuts, ’cause it uses sunflower seeds. So I’m just spreading pesto on both sides of the focaccia, but if you’re looking for a vegan pesto recipe,
I have one on my website, and I also have one in my
cookbook, which you should buy, if you don’t have it already. There we go, look at that. I have some basil leaves. And you can use as much or as little basil as your little heart desires, and then, we have our tomato, then we’re gonna take that balsamic glaze, and just apparently get it everywhere, but also, on the sandwich. (light music) I also like to add a
little sprinkle of salt on the tomatoes, it just
brings out the flavor of the tomato, and then, I
almost forgot the cheese. So we’re just going to
stick the cheese on there. This is just a vegan mozzarella
from Follow Your Heart. You can use any vegan mozzarella
that you’d like, and voila. (light music) All right, sandwich number three
is a Reuben style sandwich. For this, we will need a Russian dressing, which, I guess, you can
buy from the grocery store, but I like to make dressings at home, because I don’t, I’ll buy
one thing of dressing, and it’ll sit in my fridge forever, so this way, you’re not
wasting a bunch of dressing, and I just have all the condiments to make these dressings at home anyway. So to start for the Russian dressing, we are going to use some ketchup. (glass clanging) And then we are going
to use some vegan mayo. I feel like most of the
dressings and sauces that we make are just the base
is always ketchup and mayo and then other things
(laughing) added to that. Now that we have our ketchup
and our mayo in here, we are going to add some red wine vinegar, and some minced onions or shallots. Pinch of salt, a little bit of pepper, and give it a good whisk.
(whisk rattling) And that, my friends, is
how you make the easiest Russian dressing ever. Step two (laughing) is not that. There we go, all right, cool, moving on. Let me just clean off this cheese here. We are buttering our bread. This is just a vegan-friendly margarine. We are going to butter both sides, and toast that in a skillet. Now, the thicker you
spread this butter on here, the crispier the toast will be. If you like it super, super crispy, add more vegan margarine. Let’s take that and
throw it onto a skillet. The key here is to keep
the temperature low and let it toast slow. Slow and low. We’ve talked about this before, guys. Just like onions and
mushrooms, slow and low. All right, there’s two ways that you can enjoy this sandwich. Just toasted with the
vegan cheese on it as is, or you can melt it. I’ve decided to show you guys
how it is when it’s melted. It just looks really great,
it tastes really great, so while our toast is toasting in the pan, I’m just gonna preheat the
oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so that it is ready to melt
that delicious vegan cheese. (light music) (upbeat light music) Why am I not talking? (laughing) – [Man] I don’t know, I was
getting a little confused. I was like, did you say it before, or are you gonna say it after? – [Man] Were you doing a voiceover, I was like, do you do one? – Nope.
– You can just talk right now, and continue. (beeping)
– Okay, we’re gonna take our toasted bread, spread that with the Russian
dressing on both sides, and then, add whatever
meat you feel like using. These are seitan sausages. You can also use thinly sliced seitan, whatever you have at home and
handy, ready for consumption. There we go. Then, we are going to take
some vegan mozzarella, and I’m going to put two on one side, and then, an extra one on the other, ’cause we are going to
stick that into the oven, and melt that cheese. Oh, no we’re not, because
we forgot the sauerkraut. (light music) Vegan meat, fake meat, seitan,
whatever you want to call it, then add the cheese, there we go, and toss that into the oven. Now that our cheese is melted,
I’m gonna take this guy off of the baking sheet. Careful, it’s heavy. The top part of the sandwich. (light music) Give that a slice through. And can serve it with some pickles, little baby Gherkins,
and you’ve got yourself a Reuben style sandwich. (light music) All right, guys. There you have three
easy vegan sandwiches, perfect for your work or school lunches, or an easy dinner, or
when you’re just feeling a little peckish. I’m going to give this one a try, but I want to know, in
the comment section, what is your favorite
go-to vegan sandwich? Leave me a comment in the
comment section below, and if you liked this video, make sure to give the video a big thumbs, and if you’re new here,
hit that subscribe button. (bread crunching) Mm, God, I love sauerkraut. The European in me
right now is very happy. Oh my God, it’s so good. All right, guys, I hope
you have an amazing week. Bye! (bread crunching)
(light music)

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  1. BREAD IS LIFE. Like this comment if you agree 🤤
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  2. As delicious as these sandwiches look, I’m loving for the whole Christina Applegate from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead look.

  3. I do love a sandwich, and smoked tofu has been a recent obsession of mine. My favourite vegan sandwich is usually a hummus bagel with a bunch of veggies.

  4. Hummus, roasted red peppers and spinach is my ultimate go to. The smoked tofu BLT is one of my favorites ! so good

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  6. My go to sandwich is toasted rye bread with mediterranean hummus, thinly sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, sauerkraut, and Arugula

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