4 Catfish in 2 Hours on Handmade Lures/ Риболов на Сом/ Welsangeln Live Biss/ Pesca de Siluro

4 Catfish in 2 Hours on Handmade Lures/ Риболов на Сом/ Welsangeln Live Biss/ Pesca de Siluro

Guys, today’s video is about summer fishing for catfish. It is a great action but before we begin I would like to share with you a fishing adventure of our fishing friend and client Iliyan Tenchev. He caught a monster walleye on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head crankbait. What he shared with us about his fishing experience was the following: “I caught a walleye of 6 kg (13.2 lbs) on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head crankbait. It bit a few minutes before it gets dark. It pulled really strong. I also had a second bite but it came off. I suppose that it was another walleye. I’m really happy; big joy. I improved my PB for this species.” Here is a short video about his catch! Iliyan is happy, guys, and we are also happy for him, and wish him Tight Lines for the future too! And here comes the catfish fising video from June, guys! It scared me out of my wits! Did you see it! At my feet! Wow! An asp. Was that an asp? Looked like a good one! This thing scared me out of my wits! Tsetse! Fish on! Lift the rod! I’m coming this way. Reel! Should I stop it again? Yes; hold the reel! Pull! Reel in! It loosened. Hold the rod straight! What? This one is not that big. It got entangled. Leave it to me! Take it! Wait; relax! Done; reel! It is not as big. I’m still not sure. Might be a good one. It doesn’t move. There it is! Reel! It’s not big. Good. Come on! It was pulling so strong! Can you believe that! Well done, Kate! This time you got it out! Pull it out! Still OK. It is not like the other one. It is very strong in this current! Can’t believe that! Tsetso: You see how strong it is!
Katya: Sure! Congrats! Thanks. Get it undone! Let’s take a picture first! OK. And let’s get it back! Look where it went! It will be fine, right? Yes. Is shall grow bigger! Let’s go on! And it shall not break us off! Yes, sure! Be ready! I’m always ready. No problem; it can come! You see how good it is when you wait and then it bites. Big fun! We have to find such spots because they are perfect. Because what? They are perfect. Tsetse, fish on! It got caught. I’m coming. Is it a big one again? Doesn’t look like that. Pull it! Pull it here! Not that it gets on the edge there. Stop! Come here! Subscribe for more fishing videos and new lures! Looks like the same size. Isn’t it the same one? No. It’s not the same, Kate! Is it bigger? Yes, it looks bigger. Yes, it is. Should I take it out there? Yes. On the grass. This is heavier. Yes, it is bigger. OK. It’s a bit bigger. Yes. Good. Another one! Swim away! Good! Oops! Something went wrong with the picture. It bit on a Striped lure. Let’s release it! Come on! A baby. Record it close! Do you see it? Yes. Today we are getting small ones. Pull it so that you bring it here! Is it heavier? Looks like a good one. A bit heavier. We’ll see it now. Might be of the same size. It is not like the one from yesterday, for sure. This one is bigger. Reel now! Lift it a bit! It’s even pulling the drag! Just a little bit. Come here again, if you want. Sure. It’s a good one! Come to me! Finally a good one! Here! Stand here! Pull it now from here! Bring it to me! I only need to take the line and I’ll lift it! Good job, Kate! This time it is a good one! Nice one this time! Perfect! Finally a good size catfish! Good! Look how pretty it is! Such a nice catfish you caught! A nice one! Good! Great! Let’s leave now! Come on! Come on! Good job! The catfish was 4 kg/ 8.8 lbs. Caught on a Realwobbler Jointed Crankbait with real Chub Skin. Very cool, guys! It was a really special trip to me, as I caught the biggest amount of catfish until now in one trip. And it was in less than 2 hours. It was really amazing. Guys, let us know, what is your special fishing trip and why you remember it? Surely you have one too. Down in the description, guys, you will find playlists with other catfish fishing videos. Check them out! If you like the video, please give us a Thumbs up! We really appreciate it. Tight lines and see you next time! Bye!

25 thoughts on “4 Catfish in 2 Hours on Handmade Lures/ Риболов на Сом/ Welsangeln Live Biss/ Pesca de Siluro

  1. It was a great action on the river, guys! 4 Catfish in less than 2 hours fishing from the bank. A very special fishing trip! Comment below, guys, what is the most special fishing trip you have ever had? Tight Lines!!!

  2. Бялата риба е огромна!!! Браво и на примамката, която е надхитрила рибата!

  3. Мого яко видео!!!Браво!!!Много ми харесва!!!Продължавайте все така!!!

  4. Nice job! That was a great night for you. I really like the night vision mode on your camera. That's really cool.The last one was almost as long as you Kate! 😂😱 So far, my favorite trip was the one when I caught that 18lb blue catfish from my kayak. That was fun!

  5. Petri
    Schöne Fische, da hast einen guten Platz gehabt.
    Haben ja gut gebissen bei dir🎣👍
    Schöne Grüße auch beiden🌝

  6. Great action as usual. I used to work in Alaska and have fished up there many times. The action is unparalleled for salmon.

  7. loved very good video Congrats!
    Have a great week of great success and good fishing always!
    HUG!!!!! 👍

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