4 Catfish Who Got Catfished Themselves | MTV Ranked

4 Catfish Who Got Catfished Themselves | MTV Ranked

So this is nice. So it was a former catfish
who’s now not catfishing, but thinks she might
be getting catfished. So that’s interesting. I don’t know if it’s a guy
or a girl. It’s true. Everything was perfect
until I started noticing he was doing some of the things
that I used to do as a catfish. Karma is a bitch. Okay, email time. Hey Nev and Max, my name is
Jasmine and I need your help. It’s not for me though.
It’s for my best friend. Life has been tough for him and he’s been in some
toxic relationships. Why doesn’t her friend
have a name yet? She’s keeping it a secret. He recently started to turn
his life around and seemed really happy,
but then he met Jay. They were talking online
and getting really serious. I was suspicious
from the beginning. Jay would never video chat and his profile photos
didn’t seem right. About two weeks ago,
Jay disappeared. My friend is devastated, but he still thinks they have
a chance to be together. The reason I need your help is because I know my friend
will listen to you guys. You’ve helped him before. We’ve helped him before? Wait, maybe she didn’t say
his name for a reason. Maybe if he finds out what
happened to this mystery guy, he can move on.
Please call me. Jasmine. Oh man, wait. We’ve helped him before. Do you think that’s just
because we’ve helped him from watching the show or- It’s got to be someone
from a previous- Well why isn’t she saying
his name? In almost a hundred episodes
of making this show, there are a lot of people
we’ve helped. It could be anyone. Very mysterious. All right, let’s find out. Let’s see what Jasmine’s
got to say. Oh, hey. How are you guys? What’s up guys?
I assume this is Jasmine. Yes. Hi. I’m Ellae. LA like the city?
-Yeah. Wait, are you the friend
that she’s trying to help? No.
-No. Well, we’re very curious
about this. First of all,
where are you? In Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford. Jose. It could only be Jose.
We’ve never been to Hartford- But only that once. All right, Jasmine, out with it. It’s Jose. It’s Jose. It is Jose. Oh my God.
You guys remember Jose? This is Jose.
Jose has been Rosa. Yup. Yeah, he catfished a guy
named Danny in Orlando as a woman named Rosa. Can we hear the Rosa voice? I don’t know what’s going on. You know, a lot of things
been changing in my life. Wow. How did I forget? All right. Tell us the story.
So it’s Jose. Jose, after he left that show,
he was doing good. You know, he has his plays,
he was working, he was hanging out, he was doing
what he liked to do. But then he met somebody
on Facebook two months ago and he got really serious. They was talking,
he was falling for him and just wouldn’t
video chat him. I personally felt like
it was a fake profile. The pictures just,
no, not having it. I try to tell Jose
that I felt like he was not
who he was saying he was. I mean, if anybody should know
they’re being catfished, it’s Jose.
The guy was a catfish. He was. He doesn’t believe that he might
be getting catfished. Were they in love? Yeah. They talk about marriage, talk about moving in
with each other, everything. And the guy just disappeared. So does Jose know that you guys
have reached out to us? Yeah. He’s just scared that
you might say no to him. He’s afraid that we’re going
to say “No way, Jose.” That’s it. That’s all
we got to tell him. Someone’s coming,
someone’s coming, right now. Coming this way. One person, right?
-Yeah. Oh no. Wait a second.
You know this guy? You know who that is? No, but obviously
he’s walking this way. Oh (bleep).
-Hello. Hello. What’s up man?
-What’s up? Nev.
-Jose. Jose?
-Yeah. Same first name. Yeah.
-All right. Max. You’re Jay, right? Yeah. All right.
Did you just fly here? Yeah, I just got here
not so long ago. Did you really fly here? Yeah.
-From? Buffalo.
-How old are you? I’m 20. Okay. So why did you disappear
for three weeks? What would you say?
It got too serious. It got too real.
I didn’t want to do all this. You didn’t want to do all this? No. Okay. So you just
disappear for three weeks. I would like as in- You couldn’t just told me
that you were okay. You couldn’t just tell me
that you, you know, I was worried thinking that
something happened to you. Okay. So you couldn’t just
told me that you were okay. You didn’t have to disappear
for three (bleep) weeks. This is not what I wanted to do,
you know. It kind of went too far.
You know, I’m not homosexual, I’m a straight guy.
I have a girlfriend. So your feelings
were never there. They wasn’t real. Perfect. So wait. So why did you
talk to Jose at all? Well, okay,
so the thing was that, I made a profile way back. I was in a dark place.
I was depressed. I was drinking
every single night. I was going through
a lot of bull (bleep). I was like, “Yo, let me be
someone else for a day or two.” I got addicted to it,
so I stayed on that profile. I was getting
a lot of attention. People were writing me,
they “Hey, good morning.” I was bored.
I wanted to be somebody else. My real profile wasn’t
getting all that stuff. There was one girl we talked
to that said that Jay invited her
to move to California. It was, it was just fun
and games because I wanted to feel like,
I wanted to feel important. Then I ended up
seeing his episode, you know. He’d been through some things
when he was younger, so have I. I contacted him.
I was like, “Hey, how are you?” We were talking
and stuff like that. You know, the thing
that he’s been through is what I’ve been through. I’ve been abused
or whatever you want to call it. We have a connection.
I’ve been through it as well. So I kind of related to him. Me and him, we could
probably be friends. Right.
And you guys made a connection. Yeah. Then he made a profile
called, you know, Rosa Catfish. That pissed me off,
you know. Hold on. You saw that he made
another profile called- Rosa Seafish. When people saw the episode,
you know, they liked the voice. I mean I don’t know
what’s going on. You know, so they started
asking me, you know, make funny videos,
make skits. Yes, yes. I’m excited
that you guys are here. He was wearing wigs and stuff. It’s like, damn,
that really bothered me. It hurt me because I’m like,
yo, there’s people who really been
abused when they were younger. You want to go on TV
and make a joke about it? You know.
That pissed me off. You didn’t like that-
-I don’t like that. He was having fun
and goofing around. It’s all about having fun, but I was like,
you’re taking it as a joke man. Well he makes a big scene
about I was abused when I was a child
or whatever he’d been through, which I understand because
I know, we have a connection. I’ve been through it as well.
What happened that was real, he wants to come
and just make it as a joke. That’s wrong to me. It’s a character. Yeah. But why is he doing that? So you decided the friendship
that you were building- That’s it, it’s done. It’s done.
It’s over. It was done.
So you continued to talk to him because you wanted,
what was the intention? It was just to troll him,
to bother him. For the stupid (bleep) he did.
That’s all fake man. It’s all fake.
It’s all bull crap. To talk to someone
for two months, were your feelings
ever more than that? No, just no, nothing, never, no. Hey, Max and Nev,
this is really strange, but there’s no one else
I can think to ask for help. Normally this is the part
where I would tell you who I am, but I’m afraid if I do,
you’ll close the email. The thing is, you’ve caught me
catfishing in the past. A catfish repeat offender. Who is it? Who could this be? Three years ago
I met Adam on Facebook. He’s fricking hot,
he’s really kind and is incredibly sweet to me. Who says fricking? That girl, Heather. Heather. From Pensacola. With the tall guy. Big Mike. You’re cool as crap.
-Right. I thought you were cool as crap. It could be her. Over the years, Adam and I
have been on and off, but now he’s my boyfriend. Adam lights up my day
and has made me feel things I’ve never felt before. I used to get the same
kind of attention from boys, but only when I pretended
to be someone else. But Adam knows all about me
and still loves me. So this is nice, so it was
a former catfish who’s now not catfishing, but thinks she might
be getting catfished. So that’s interesting. I don’t know if this is a guy
or a girl. That’s true. Everything was perfect
until I started noticing he was doing some of the things
that I used to do as a catfish. Karma is a bitch. He refuses to meet and while
it’s been three years, we’ve never video chatted. It’s heartbreaking
and embarrassing to think I’m being catfished
by the guy I love. I know I probably
don’t deserve your help. But I’m asking for it anyways. #Desperate You should just
write back “Who dis?” Let’s just say, “Hey anonymous. We want to help.
Let’s video chat.” Who can this be? Hey, Mary. It’s me. Holy (bleep). What’s up? Hi. This is Mary/Ali. This is
Dylan. We just saw you, this year. The second time
it was about Darion. This is deja vu. What is it going to take
for you to stop catfishing? I don’t know. We all tried to beg you
to stop catfishing. Are you still?
-No. I don’t believe it. I am not. I am not.
And I’m so proud of myself. It’s been a few months.
Being on the show, I got dragged in mud pretty hard
on all my social media. I’m very sorry
that that happened. I knew going on the show
what was going to happen. Didn’t expect the extent,
but I understood. That was karma, and it hurts.
But I deserve it. I started going to therapy.
It’s a real eye opener. Congratulations on going
to therapy and working all that stuff out. I want to believe you. I’m excited for you
that you’re growing up and finding your self confidence
and that’s awesome. So we’re going to help you. Thank you, Nev. So tell us how you met Adam,
under what circumstances. We met three years ago. Wait a second. So while
you were being a catfish, you were having
a wonderful relationship as yourself
with this other guy? No, no, no. So our relationship
was on and off. When Adam would get
in a relationship back home, he would dump me
and just go back catfishing. Did you ever say,
“Hey, what the (beep)? I saw you on catfish?” Yeah, but he was like,
“I don’t want to talk about that because that’s a burden for you and you don’t want
to talk about it, so let’s not talk about it.” Convenient. Yeah. Okay. So give us
the whole thing. We met online. On my people you may know,
as Mary, as Adam. Well, as Cameron, actually. Adam is his old account,
so he doesn’t use it. But I met him as his picture.
He had the real picture. Why the fake name? His mom and him are not
in each other’s lives, so he doesn’t want his mom to
try to connect him on Facebook. He said he didn’t want his mom
to find him, so he uses an account
with the name Cameron. Why is he so anti-mom? Because his mom has issues. He has joint custody
of his little sister with his grandparents. So you’re crushing on him,
he flirts back with you. We start talking all the time, but video chatting
is not a thing. When I would ask him,
he was like, “I’m having an ugly day.” I’m like, okay,
everybody has an ugly day. I toTalli understand that. Every day. Where dose Adam live? Alabama. And you’re in? Oklahoma.
-Oklahoma. I have asked him, “Hey,
let me come see you.” And he’s like, “I’m embarrassed
for you to meet my family,” or “I don’t want you to come
into my little sister’s life.” But do you believe that? I feel like I don’t have
any reason not to believe him. If it turns out that Adam is not
the guy in the pictures, will that matter? No. I am still going to
love him no matter what. No matter what he looks like? If he is old, I don’t know
if I can pursue that. What’s old? I’m going to say 40, over 40. Fair. I want to believe
he’s not a catfish, but at the same time,
I don’t know. Oh, someone’s coming. Hey. Hey. Come on down. Is that him? That’s definitely the boy
in the pictures. Holy moly. I can’t believe it. What’s your name? Adam.
-You’re Adam? Yeah.
-Wow. Thanks for showing up. I’m just happy to be here.
Glad to finally meet you. We’re here because
something isn’t lining up. We don’t know what that is,
but you know what that is. Mary has a lot
of deep feelings for you and she needs
to get an explanation. Well, you love me, right? Yeah. Well, I just wanted to ask
before I opened up more
about something. I am a female
and a male transgender. Okay. I was scared to tell you because
you post everything on Facebook. I don’t really want
to broadcast it, like you do everything else. You’re worried about
Mary’s discretion? Yeah. Well, then, you could be like, “Hey, I haven’t fully
came out to everyone, so I don’t want you
to do it for me.” I mean, I don’t care that
you’re going into transition. It’s not an issue for me. Are you out to your family?
-I am. But I don’t exactly
get respect for it. I understand what it feels like
to be on the other side and be embarrassed
of who you are. It’s not necessarily
embarrassment. This is Alabama. Yeah.
-Right. People don’t say
that stuff lightly. Yeah. I know. I understand. And we get that. Coming on the show,
it’s a big deal. A lot of people are going to
know about your situation, which takes
a lot of courage. This is not easy.
We all appreciate that. Do you plan on staying here? No. I plan on getting out
eventually. Where to? Anywhere. Where people like me
are more socially acceptable. But I basically have
some custody of my little sister and it’s a huge
responsibility, considering that I am only 20
and I basically live alone. Okay. Do you have mouth cancer? I do. I dip chewing tobacco
and it caused me to have pre-cancerous cells
in my mouth. That’s awful. Have you stopped? I haven’t stopped yet, but I’ve
cut down a lot on it. We also spoke to Skyler. You seemed to also be
in a relationship with her. You’re supposed to meet her
on December 11th. That was hurtful for Mary
to find out. The thing is, Skyler and I
are really just close friends. So it’s not very serious
with her. She thinks it is. Yeah. Kind of makes me feel like I’m not as important
as you tried to make it seem. I know this is tough and you’re
kind of dancing around it, but we came all this way. Do you want to be
in a relationship with Mary? I do want to be in
a relationship with you, but I live here,
you live there. Is there really any future
if we’re not moving from it? I mean, you just said that you
want to move away from Alabama, and I would move for you
in a heartbeat. Just really the thing
about it is, it’s like we just have to
slow down on it. I have a lot of stuff
that I have to take care of before any of that can happen
and even then, I feel if I want
to date someone here, I should be able to do that. But I wouldn’t have a problem
with you doing that either. Can we go now? Do you want to go to the car
for a second? Mm-hmm
(affirmative). Yo.
-Hey, how you doing? Le’Vonte. What’s up?
You grew up in St. Louis? Yes. How old are you?
-17. And you live with
your mom? Yeah. And now your mom
is dating this guy? Yeah. Talli. Talli? She been talking to him
for a long time, but she’s never seen him
or met him though. She’s never seen him? She’s seen a picture of him, but they’ve never video
chatted or anything. I see. What do you know about
Talli? I guess he’s from this area, but
he supposedly moved to Texas. That’s all I know.
She don’t tell me a lot. She be telling me to get out
of her business and stuff. It sounds like your mom is keeping a lot of secrets
from you. Basically. So you did what any good son
would do when your mom tells her
to stay out of your business, you emailed the two guys
from Catfish. To put your mom’s business
on television. Because my mom’s been
in a lot of bad relationships, so I just want
to see her happy. That’s it. Le’Vonte, who are you
talking to? Who is that? It’s my mom. What the (beep)? These are the people
from Catfish? Oh, my (beep) God. I told her,
but she didn’t believe me. Is he always sticking his nose
in your business? He’s always. We’re in your business now. There it is. You can’t date someone
on the internet without us
knowing about it. Well, what’s the deal
with Talli? That’s my boyfriend. No, it’s not. He’s my guy.
We dating and we together. How long have you been
talking to him? I met him about a year ago. Where did you meet him? I met him online, actually. But we do more talking
on the phone. That’s how I know it’s real
because most guys text you, but he actually wants
to hear my voice. And do you love him? Yeah. You see me just… I blush when I talk about him.
I get bumps. Do you have any doubts that
Talli is who he says he is? I mean, why would I? I don’t think he would do that
to me because just from… I tell him everything about me and he going to tell me
everything about him. In a relationship,
you got to have trust. You’ve got to have trust. If you don’t have trust,
then you don’t got nothing. So why doubt a person
that you want to be with, that you love
that say they love you. Why doubt a person? Can I talk to you for a minute
in the kitchen? Okay. Sure. Yeah. Uh oh. So what do you think
they’re talking about? I figure you’ve
heard everything. No?
Do you worry about your mom? Yeah. Too trusting.
She makes bad decisions. I don’t know
what’s wrong with her. So you feel kind of responsible for keeping her
in check a little bit? Well, I do. Man of the house. Okay. I know this is crazy. But I wasn’t really honest with
Talli in the first place. I was kind of texting him
from a fake profile. Sheklia. Crazy. I know. I know. I know. This definitely changes things. So this whole time,
you haven’t really been trying that hard
to meet him because… Right. Oh, man. Yeah. I made the fake profile
to spy on my ex and Talli
just texted me and… Oh my goodness.
-Yeah. Le’Vonte really has no idea? He has no idea. Well, we got to tell him. Oh my God. Oh boy. All right. Got a little bit
of a curve ball here. I got something that I need
to tell you. Me and Talli haven’t met
and we haven’t Facetimed each other because I’ve been talking to him
from a fake profile. So you catfishing him? Kind of sort of. I mean, pretty much. Yeah. Pretty much. Oh my-
I mean pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. Oh my God. What? What are the pictures
that you’ve been using? I just Googled “Black girl”,
and this picture popped up. That’s all you’ve shown him
the whole time? Yes. He thinks I’m this girl
named Carrie Taylor. That’s messed up. Does Carrie speak
any differently? Yeah.
-What does she sound like? Hello. Hi, baby. Wow! Come on out here. What? This is Carrie. Oh my (beep) God! Are you serious? Wait, wait, wait. Really, Terrance? I didn’t know it was you. You know this guy?
-Yeah! Man, this is crazy. How do you know this guy? We dated like 10, 11 years ago. What? This is crazy! This ain’t right.
That’s what it is. It’s not right.
You catfished me? Well, you catfished him, too. Yeah, but still, though. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
You had a fake profile? Yes. And messaged her fake profile,
and it just so happened that you guys actually
used to date? Man, that was a long time ago. It was so long ago. Are you serious, man? Oh my God! So you… Wait, time out.
You used to live in St. Louis. I used to live with my mother
in St. Louis. Okay. I mean, this is a first. Oh my (beep)! This is crazy!
This was you the whole time? You guys, this is destiny. Uh-uh (negative). No. No. It was a bad, bad relationship. It was a bad relationship? Yes, it was really bad. While we were together,
he had three kids on me. You told me you don’t
even have any kids. You have a lot of kids. How many kids do you have? I got four. He had all those kids on me. Really? Yes! He was just a H-O-E.
That’s all he was. Talli-ho. Talli-ho. There you go. No! I (beep) knew it!
I (beep) knew it! I said that! What are you doing here? I need your help. So who are you? My name is Johnny.
I didn’t mean to catfish you. I’m not out to my family, and I’ve never dated a guy
up until this year. Okay, Jonathan. I can’t believe it’s you.
It’s crazy. I don’t think we’ve ever known
you as Jonathan. You were Johnny. Yeah. I wasn’t sure
if you would help me, being as though I was
a previous catfish, so I wrote in
as Jonathan instead. So I take it things
didn’t work out with Andrew. I think, based on
what we both need, we should be good friends
for one another. See, that’s more important
right now. We just weren’t
each other’s match. Wait a second.
How does a catfish- Get catfished. …fall for a catfish?
You know all the things. That’s right. I don’t know if it’s a catfish. It could actually the person
who they say they are. This is now a sequel. That’s true. We need a new pickup line that’s
funnier than “Meat my balls.” His opening line,
after they matched was, “Are you spaghetti cuz
I want you to meat my balls”. What I messaged Connor was,
“Are you a racehorse? Because when I ride,
you always finish first.” There it is. All right, Johnny,
we just read your email. For five months, you’ve been
talking to this new guy, Connor. Tell us kind of how it went. So we matched on Tinder. We talked for
a few months on there. We would just talk every day,
and then he just disappeared. For how long?
About a month. All right. Did he have
an excuse for what happened? Well, he said he lost his phone,
or he deleted… Yeah, he lost his phone. Come on! This guy is…
Come on. Johnny. How can you fall for this,
Johnny? Johnny, come on.
This guy is full of (beep). You’re a catfish. It’s a possibility
he’s full of (beep), but I don’t want to believe it. So wait a minute. How many pictures
have you seen of this guy? After he disappeared on Tinder, he actually reached out
to me on Instagram. I looked up his pictures,
and I didn’t find anything. I don’t have a last name, so I
can’t look for his social media, like his Facebook
or his Twitter or anything. All I have is his Instagram. I gave him my number
on Instagram, and then he finally
reached out to me and texted me. Are you guys texting now? Yeah, now we’ve started texting.
Yeah. Did you try calling him? I tried calling him.
He doesn’t answer. I tell him to call me,
and he won’t call me. How serious is
this relationship? It’s pretty serious. We have plans
for the future already. Really? Yeah, no, I love him. You love him? You love him? Yeah.
-And does he love you? I hope so, yeah. Of course. He sends me the kissing emojis.
He has to. But he won’t say it to your ear? No. That’s why I really want
to hear him say it. Wait, here’s someone on foot.
-Is it foot or on a bike? Through the hedges. It’s a girl. Do you know this girl? Yes. Who is she? Oh my God! Hi.
-Hi. How you doing? Good. I’m Nev. Hey.
-What’s your name? Shana. Shana. Hello. This is Max. Hi.
-Hi. There’s Johnny. Are you Connor? Yes. Oh my God. Who is Shana? Just some girl. Just some girl? How do you know Johnny?
Why have you created Connor? Me and him had like a thing
going on. What kind of thing? Like we went on dates.
We kissed, and… You hooked up? Yeah. Like I fell for him. When? Between August and September. Just last year. So over the course
of a couple of weeks? Yes. I thought he was gay. I thought he was straight. This is so embarrassing. According to what
you’ve told us, it sounded like you were
only interested in men. You didn’t know that. No, because we had
a thing going on. So I feel like if you were gay,
why didn’t you just tell me? And did you develop feelings
for him? Yeah, a lot. Then what happened? Then on the show, he comes out
as, you know, liking men, and I’m like…
What the hell? I wasn’t talking to her at the
time when the episode aired. Were you dating or talking
before it did? Yeah. How did things end
with you guys? He just like, you know,
just stopped talking to me, just dropped me.
You at least could let me know. You don’t just
leave me hanging. You could have just
been up front, and like, “You know what,
this isn’t going anywhere?” But it never did.
-Right. It sounds very familiar, yeah. Then, how did the Connor
profile come to be? I saw the show, and I feel like, “What could I do to kind of like
get back at him a little bit?” You made Connor.
You matched on Tinder. How did you know all that stuff
about Cameron? Mutual friends. He used to talk
about his ex a lot. Johnny, I mean… Johnny, we’ll get to Johnny
in a second. Do you still have
feelings for Johnny? Yeah, I do. This is a very poetic situation,
isn’t it? Do I need to point
out the irony here? This is (beep) me up. This is so (beep) up.
I have a defense. So let’s hear it. Let’s hear it.
I can’t wait. What she said was true.
We did have a thing going on, but in my defense,
we would only talk through Snapchat or Facebook
or whatever. Then you met in person
multiple times? Yeah, but you don’t
tell somebody- Yeah, but you had a way
to communicate. Yeah, but I don’t want
to break somebody’s heart. No, but you could have- You could have told me.
It was going to be better if you had told me
right now and direct. Oh, oh, oh. Stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop. Let’s do this. Okay. Okay? Why did you stop
the hanging out with Shana? I don’t want this to come off as I was just using you
or exploring my sexuality because I did like what we had,
but I just wasn’t interested. But you should have said that.
Why didn’t you say it? You had plenty of time
to say it, right in my face,
just like now. You have plenty of time
to say it. It’s just amazing to me how you
spent all day yesterday whining. “Cameron didn’t give me
clear signals.” Meanwhile, you did
the exact same thing to Shana. Yes, while what Shana did,
pretending to be Connor and drawing you out
into this thing is (beep) up, it’s a wash.
This is karma. Thank you. You’re welcome. You got plenty of time
to tell me. Yeah, I know. I get that now. I really don’t think you get it,
whatsoever. I don’t know what to say. This whole thing
is embarrassing. How do you think I felt? Jesus, I can’t believe
this (beep) played out this way.

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  1. I honestly think the first guy was gay. And came up with a while story, bc he ain't comfortable with who he is. His whole story is sus.

  2. I do not agree that ghosting someone, which happened to people long before the internet by the way, is a justification to catfish someone. Niev and Max should be more responsible and not say “it’s karma” and “it’s a wash”. They are basically awarding carte blanche to anyone who thinks catfishing is appropriate.

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  4. “I understand how it feels to be on the other side and feel embarrassed about yourself.” “I don’t feel embarrassed about myself i just don’t get accepted.” ☹️ “I mean yeah I get that” He/she was like I’m gay bitch not ugly 😂.

  5. I knew number was 3 was a transgender straight away and can hear the sadness in his voice :-(. It is a tough one but if he knows how Mary has catfished and lied previously, it was a big risk to take taking her about it. Totally understand why he didn't want to tell her. I don't understand why he wouldn't video chat with her though :-/

  6. Mary said I don't care what he looks like ill still love him
    Me: Damn!!!
    Catfish: Uhm im a girl transitioning into becoming a boy
    Me: Double Damn
    Mary: I still love you

  7. Look at the people who catfish. They are all inadequate . LIve-at-home/fat/ mingers ( Scottish for looks like they smell)/ shitty attitude/nasty- bullying personalities.They will never get a happy ending because they are shits – which is why they catfish. They are so nasty that the next Bond villain HAS to be a Catfisher!

  8. Man, I like Nev. I think hes a really decent guy and he's got charisma. But wearing a BLM shirt to a black family's house is the biggest beta cuck pandering move I've seen since Cory Booker spoke in Spanish on the Democratic debate. Mega cringe.

  9. Did anyone see The guy with the Gray hair's shirt and the guy with the black hair 👏👏👏👏
    Btw it says #BlackLivesMatter
    And #Femenist (Without the Hashtags)

  10. "Just write back, who dis?" Lmao, can we pls get Max back?! This show just isn't the same without our sassy silver fox! 😂😔

  11. I really don't care what people are going to say about my opinion. If you are dating someone or there is anything going on that will affect the family it is your child's business. If its something that will affect them in the future then they deserve to know

  12. God right now I lift up everyone who is reading this and lord I pray in Jesus Name that if there is anyone who doesn’t know you or is troubled about their souls reading this then by all means please allow this comment to enlighten their path to draw them to yourself and gloriously be saved from that horrible eternal place called Hell lord that’s my prayer and that’s my hope! I pray that Satan will be completely banned from this comment right now in Jesus Name and Satan only by the authority of Jesus Christ and his word which I stand upon you are completely banned from this comment! I don’t care whether you like it or not I am praying for the lost to get saved and am seeking to completely set fire to your harvest Mr.! you are nothing but a Liar with a capital L the father of Lies!!!!! A cheater! A deceiver! A joker! A murderer! A thief! A stalker! A depressant! And most of all a father of lies low down yellow dog loooooooser! And there's absolutely nothing you're going to say or do that's going to change your future whatsoever! you are going to be cast into the lake of fire where you're going to burn forever and ever and whether you like it or not we are all gods children and praise be to God we won't be joining you……… So in Jesus name I demand and insist that you back away from us entirely leave us all alone get thee behind Jesus and don't come back you hear me? Don't come back ever and in Jesus name be gone forever your father of lies loser! Because you're going to hell! Repeat you're going to hell! And your time is short! Lord again please just reach out to the lost folks that read this comment! Lord if anyone is troubled about their souls then please I beg you may they waste no time commenting back to me so I can show them how to come to know the precious sweet savior Jesus who made it possible to escape the wrath to come! 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Please lord again use us and strengthen us to win the lost to you! As always God in the good times you are worthy to be praised and we're going to give you all the glory with thanksgiving in our hearts for you giving us all things to enjoy and in the bad times we're still going to do just the same lord because you are Jehovah Jireh our provider Jehovah Nissi our banner Jehovah Ropheka our healer and the perfect physician Dr. Jesus Christ Jehovah Shalom our wonderful and blessed prince of peace! And the God who comforts us in all of our afflictions! You are the alpha the omega the beginning and the end! The first and the last are you! The absolute timeless God the eternal God the infinite God the Holy God the righteous God the beautiful God the Rose of Sharon the buckler the captain of our soul the dayspring from on high the daystar the bright and morning star the lily of the valley the light of the world! Lord thank you so much for your death on the cross for our sins! 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  13. I am grateful to say that I am a born again Christian and have been since I was 19…….folks the real reason I believe there is catfishing is because of the ultimate catfisher himself!!!!! Satan!!!!!! if you really want to know what catfishing's all about well here's a wonderful catfish bible verse!!!! 2 Corinthians 11:14-And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light!!!!!! yes just like the ppl who go on the computer stealing photos and creating fake profiles also Satan does the same thing stealing the angel of light identity and creating the fake angel of light profile also his ministers creating the fake ministers of righteousness profiles!!!!! the Bible says in John 10:10 that the thief comes to kill steal and destroy!!!!! and in 1 Peter 5:8 says the adversary walketh about like a roaring lion seeking to whom he may devour!!!!!! folks the only real profile relationship that is guaranteed 100% is Jesus Christ and if you don’t know him as your savior then it burdens my soul to think that not only are you being catfished by Satan but he is also luring your soul to a terrible place called Hell where the Bible says the fire is never quenched and the worm dies not! 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  14. wait I'm confused. Why was Jose upset at Jose for literally just making vines has a funny character? How did he tie that to past child abuse or whatever he was hinting at in that regard.


  16. I'm literally numb to catfishes now, because I've been catfished multiple times… and I've gotten to the point where I can tell when it is too good to be true. The signs are always there, and I get out fast. I hate myself cause maybe they were real, but then they always ghost, so I guess I was right. I almost was a catfish when I was in 6th grade and had a crush on a guy… who was my friend, but then stopped being my friend. I'm so glad I didn't do it, it is just embarrassing.

  17. How do u have an internet relationship and think it's serious and talk about marriage when you have never met the person. Wtf is wrong with these ppl. Pretty much anyone can find love. Go to a dam bar and meet ppl

  18. These ppl are psychos. Literally out of their dam minds to talk to someone on the internet and think they are in a relationship and plan their future. And not realize it's nothing. Or realize it's a person using a fake profile. Pretty much morons. Get out of a fantasy world and go outside and talk to real ppl.

  19. What did the trans man from Alabama say when max asked if he had mouth cancer? I can’t understand what’s he’s saying and I need to find outtttt

  20. For the people talking about ‘Mary and Adam’… Mary wasn’t catfished, they clearly stated that he’s the guy in the photos. So, on a side note, I hope Adam and Mary got together in the end.

  21. On the last one Connor if any of u are subscribed to Sylvia (wolfies ex) in her tinder date rates my costumes or something like that THATS THE SAME GUY so he couldn’t find him on the internet bc he’s a real person from

  22. I fucking love max. He tells it exactly how it is. No sugar coating , and he isn’t afraid to ask uncomfortable questions

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