4-year-old catches his first channel catfish – Potomac River Dam 5

4-year-old catches his first channel catfish – Potomac River Dam 5

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful
place to go fishing, Dam 5 on the upper Potomac River probably isn’t the best choice. There
is a constant roar in the background from the water coming over the dam. But depending
on the time of the year and the water levels, it can be a good spot to fish for channel
catfish. For that reason, I brought Camden and Landry down here in hopes that I could
give Camden his first opportunity to pull in a channel catfish. The water level is currently just under 4 feet on the Hancock gauge, and that means the water is low enough that you have the choice of either fishing from the shore or you can wade out and walk out on
the rocks in front of the dam. But the former choice is a little more kid-friendly, so we’re
gonna try our luck from the shore today. This place isn’t known for large catfish. There are a few big ones in there, but you’re fishing for size, there are a lot better spots
on the Upper Potomac. But today with the boys along, I’m looking for numbers, and this
place has the potential to give you a lot of action. Well, on this particular morning,
we fished for about two hours and pulled in three decent-sized catfish, as well as numerous
smaller ones. We all had an enjoyable time, and most importantly, Camden now knows what
it feels like to catch a catfish.

6 thoughts on “4-year-old catches his first channel catfish – Potomac River Dam 5

  1. i wished i knew what if feels like i haven't been fishing in 3 years. teach them young brother. GOD BLESS

  2. Nice voice-over work, my fellow cat man!  As I mentioned earlier, I love the music!  Old hymns never really grow old, do they?  My hat goes off to ya for getting your young men out there with ya, as you enjoy God's Creation!

    Matt in west central Missouri

  3. Saw your channel on catfishbill66 shoutout! Can’t believe I have never came across your channel! Awesome video! Awesome seeing kids get in on the action! Great video! Tight lines!👍

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