5 ‘Catfish’ Couples w/ Surprise Happy Endings 💘 Ranked: Catfish

5 ‘Catfish’ Couples w/ Surprise Happy Endings 💘 Ranked: Catfish

Oh… Wait.
Is that him? (girl)
That’s some bull-(bleep). We just read your email,
we’ve got a lot of questions. First of all,
how did you meet Elijah? Well, we talked a lot
on MySpace and messaged back and forth. He was always
giving me good advice and really, like,
there for me when I didn’t know
anybody else. Our relationship just
kind of grew really fast. And, like, I confided in him
and told him all my secrets. And then one day,
just, he went offline? One day, I signed onto MySpace
to, like, message him, and his profile was
just completely gone. Wow. It just says
“user does not exist.” At first, I was really sad,
and, like, I kind of thought, like, maybe
I did something wrong. But two years after Elijah
disappears on MySpace, all of a sudden
he pops up on Facebook. Yeah, exactly,
he messaged me saying, like, used to talk to a girl
named Solana, and, like, I’m hoping
it’s you, and if it’s you, like, reply to me…
I didn’t wanna let someone back into my life
that was just gonna walk out. Then I told him to text me,
but he didn’t have a phone. What do you mean,
didn’t have a phone? He still doesn’t.
Do you really
believe that? Uh, not really,
I mean, I don’t know. I mean,
everybody has a phone. He has a texting app
on an iPod. You are still
holding onto this. Yeah, there’s a big question
lingering from my past. But you’ve also started
dating this Danny guy. I really like Danny,
and he’s good to me, which is really awesome.
He’s a great guy. Does he know that
you reached out to us? Yeah, I told him, and honestly,
he really wants me to be happy. So, he’s been supportive,
which is really awesome, because most guys
would be like, “Screw you,
I’m out of here.” Inviting us to come
into your life and connect you
with Elijah is only gonna
cause waves. Are you ready for that? I just need
to solve this thing. Because it’s been lingering,
and it’s been basically holding me back
from committing fully to Danny, and that’s not fair to him. I don’t want to wonder
“what if?” about this person for the rest of my life. Should I–
Do it again,
do it again. No, no, just knock.
Just ring the doorbell. Like a man.
I didn’t hear
anything– Ring the knocker. Hi.
Hi. What’s up?
What’s going on? Hey, man.
Are you Elijah? Ahh… No… I’m Joshua. Joshua.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you,
uh, so, you live here.
Yes. This is my–
my mother’s house. Okay, cool, got it. You guys wanna come in
and meet him? Is he in here? Yeah. Well, why didn’t he– Why doesn’t he come out? I don’t know… I guess we… Yeah, I guess we– we– yeah,
we wanna meet Elijah. Well, come on in.
So, okay. Okay. And I’ll go get him
for you guys. All right. (Solana)
What’s happening? (Nev)
I don’t know
what’s going on. (Nev)
Wow. Oh, my God. Dang, you look gorgeous. (Nev)
Hi. How are you? I’m awesome. Before you came up,
I was, like, scared. Psych.
This is crazy. Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe
I’m meeting you right now. That’s insane– how’s it feel
to be here, actually? You weren’t expecting
the beard, were you? We weren’t
expecting you. How are you?
I’m awesome. I’m nervous now.
You’re real. Yeah.
I’m real.
They’re real. Is the hair real? Yeah, my hair’s real. (sighs) (Nev)
Sss– wow. I think we’re all
in a little bit of shock. That was Joshua? Yeah,
my older brother. You know, I was tending
to my hair, I gotta make
the mop look good. I’m Nev.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
I’m Max. How’s it going?
Nice to meet you. Your name is Elijah? Yep. The whole time,
it’s been you talking. I’m the one, you know? And this is
your family’s house. Yep.
And how old are you? I’m 20. Why couldn’t you
audio chat or video chat? I have Skyped with people
for a while. But then that computer broke,
so I don’t really have a webcam for that anymore. We just saw
the YouTube videos. I didn’t use, like,
a webcam or anything for that, I bought, like,
a really nice camera
after I got a job, you know? (Nev)
But you still have
your video camera, right? I mean–
No, I sold that to help pay for rent.
Sucks, but… And what about
not having a phone? Have a phone? Yeah.
I just use my iPod right now. Otherwise
I don’t have– Really?
Let me see that. No, yeah, it’s like,
generation 2. This is
what you have? Yeah, a text-me app, yep. Text plus.
Wow, and there is
no camera. No.
So far,
everything we thought you were, you are. I don’t know– I’m just, like,
kind of overwhelmed right now. (laughing) (ringing) Yo!
Yo! Look at you
on video chat! Yeah, how did this
even happen? I went in,
and I just grabbed a new phone. I was sick and tired
of the iPod. So you’re video chatting
with us now on a new iPhone? Yeah.
Look at you, man.
You’re all updated. It sounds like he supports
the decisions that she makes, which is what you need,
you know, in a relationship. You want to be supported.
Like, I hope that it works out, like,
really well for them, you know, and I hope
it’s a positive thing. Nice, I hope it all does
work out for the best, good to talk to you,
have a great summer. All right.
All right, man,
later, peace. (laughing) (ringing) Hey!
Hey! Wow, look
at the new hairdo. It’s purple,
it’s pretty fun. Wait, can you hold up
your hand again? (Nev)
Yeah. What is that? It’s a wedding ring. What? I’m trying
to get it close. What?!
You got married? Yes, me and Danny went to
the courthouse and got married. (Nev)
Oh, my God. He put a ring on it? Is he there?
What’s up, guys? (both)
Hey. Danny, what did you
think of her tattoo when she came home? It’s good artwork,
I liked it. Nothing like
a little tight bond. Does that bother you?
No. Well, you guys seem
pretty happy. It’s been good,
we’ve got a lot done. Congrats, and just
enjoy the honeymoon.
Yeah. We’re enjoying it,
definitely. See you later,
Bye. ♪♪ (Nev)
Hi! Wow, that is
some jacket. It’s a vest.
A vest. Yeah, don’t mess
with her.
Yikes. We just saw your email,
Instagram crush. What is it about him
that draws you to him? It’s like, obviously we live
really far from each other, but we’ve built a connection
to where we trust each other. Like, even– even though
we haven’t met in person or seen each other–
we definitely care about each other,
like, with all of our hearts. He’s told me things
that he’s never told anyone. Has he ever been able
to definitely… prove to you
that he is him? Um, no, I’ve never seen him on, you know, like,
a camera or in person. So, no. Don’t you think
it’s a little weird that you’ve never
video chatted with him? Yeah, it is. That’s– That’s why,
I mean, like, I have little doubts,
and that’s– that’s obviously
one of them. It’s been too long. I feel like it’s time
to, like, meet him. We’re just standing here. You can look
through the shrubs. (Antoinette)
What is he doing? So, now he’s talking
to the brother. What is– What does it look
like they’re saying right now? I don’t know. What’s happening?
Okay, so… he had no idea
that we were here. Um, none of them did. What’s the story?! –well, I’m guessing
it’s because of Antoinette. I was like,
so that’s you, right? You’ve been– like,
that’s the one, you’ve been talking to her,
and he’s like, “Yeah.” (chuckling) Let’s just walk you
over there, come on. Why is it, like,
oh, my gosh… Oh, my gosh… So… I don’t think
I need to introduce her. Of course.
This is Antoinette. (chuckling) Hey, guys.
Yeah. Hey, I’m Max,
by the way. How’ve you guys been?
Chilling? Yeah, you all
did so good. You saw it?
Yeah. What?
I was
in the very back. That’s awesome.
I wish I saw you. Did you guys know
anything about this? Oh, yeah, he’s told me
tons about her. It’s almost like
just having a friendship, but they’re attracted
to each other,
so it’s all good. So, wait a second,
so I wanna talk to you, because, um,
you know that, like, this whole time… we had this, like,
shred of doubt or kind of concern that
maybe she was talking to you. She’s a beautiful girl.
No, no,
but we’re always trying to consider
every option. So, when you saw us
on stage, were you, like,
that’s legit? Yeah, it’s so legit. I was, like– I was,
like, he looks the same. Like, he sounds the same,
like, it’s everything. Yeah… you look
the exact same. Really? I look
the exact same?
Yeah. I still can’t get over,
like, turning to my right and being, like, damn! You should’ve been, like, T! I would’ve been like,
oh, (bleep)! I would’ve probably
stopped the performance and been, like, okay,
so she’s real, by the way. (ringing) (Antoinette)
Hi. (both)
Hey! How are ya?
I’m good. When we were all together,
when we gave you and Albert some time to hang out–
What happened? We just hung out, we watched,
like, a couple of movies. Did anything
happen? We cuddled, and… we– we didn’t kiss. Would you guys say
that you’re dating? We probably wouldn’t say that
until we see each other more. So careful
with those labels. Yeah, and he’s been, like, even busier
with the music stuff. Yo! What’s up, man?
There he is. Johnny Depp of Boca. He does look
like Johnny Depp. Yeah, he does.
how’s it going, man? Good, good,
just been– been busy, working on the album
and stuff. How’re things going
with Antoinette? When we did hang out,
it was just, like, it felt,
it felt super-normal. Like, I would say
we’re just really, really
close good friends. And this is someone
who I definitely want
in my life, in one way or another. All right, man.
Good luck. All right,
thanks for everything, bye. So, tell us about Shai. It started
last year, summer. What made me drawn to Shai was the fact that
she was bold with the inbox. Because she didn’t know if,
you know, I liked girls. Wait, time out. So, Shai hit you up
because she was into you? When she first inboxed me,
it wasn’t like that. But as time,
you know, progressed, it– it turned into
more romance. And are you into
the ladies? That’s why I’m talking
to you guys. Oh, so this is–
Okay, now I… This is bigger.
So, this is
not just about, who is this girl, my friend
that’s catfishing me. Yes.
Got it. Do you love Shai? Yes, I do. What do you love
about Shai? She was there, open ears,
and she didn’t judge me, no matter what I told her. I just wanna know
for sure that it’s her and that we haven’t been
keeping anything from
each other. So, what do you
know about her? She live with her mom, and she live in
Kansas City, Missouri. But after that,
nothing else. She never wanted
to talk about herself. Is Shai the same age as you? She told me she was 17. So, have you tried to do
any of the investigating that we do? Well… …she was like, “Oh,
let’s just take her picture and put it on Google.” And did you
find anything?
No. This is a really big deal that you’re coming out
and saying…
Yes. …that you are in fact
attracted to this woman and interested in pursuing
a relationship. That’s very brave
of you to do, so thank you for trusting us
to help you through this big step in your life. Thank you. (Max)
Hi. I’m Max. Nice to meet you. I just can’t believe
she’s standing in front of me right now, it’s just like… What’s that like?
Mind-blowing. Like, I didn’t think she was
actually gonna meet me. Six hours ago,
we thought we were flying to Kansas City, Missouri. And we just found out
your name is Makeda. So, why don’t you just tell us
a little bit about who you are, since we don’t know you. Um, I just turned 20,
like, two weeks ago.
Okay. Um… I live with my mother,
and my sister, and my brother. Do you strip?
No! It’s not a crazy question,
that’s… Right.
It says it on the page. That– that’s the only thing
she knows about you. Put that up there, like,
to like, fill in the blanks for the– it was like
an empty page. And the purpose of the page
wasn’t to catfish people. It was for my ex-boyfriend. Okay.
To like, catch him cheating. And then, like, I added
a lot of people on the page to make it seem real. And then, we just
started talking, and then it got out of control,
I don’t… I’m not a liar,
like, I’m really not. I just did it because…
it felt right at that moment. But do you have
feelings for Telizzia? No. I don’t know really…
what to say. It’s always a big deal to meet
someone on the internet that you think
you’re in love with. This is extra big deal
for Telizzia. She has not told
many people in her life that she’s been talking
to a female in a romantic way. I’m sorry. It’s… well, I wouldn’t say
it’s okay, ’cause it’s not, because I had got
my feelings involved. And I wasn’t into girls, but… (clicks tongue)
I am now. You know, um…
it’s just confusing. It’s– it’s like
a whole lot. That’s all right.
Sure. So, maybe you’re not ready
to answer that question. (line ringing) There we go. (overlapping greetings) (Telizzia)
Look at you two! Where are you guys? I’m in Chicago. I’m spending
the weekend with her. Hi!
Hey! No way! Wait, so are
you guys just– Tell us, what’s–
What’s the deal? What’s going on?
We’re just friends. (Max)
Friends with benefits? Friends with friends. Friends with friends.
Boring. We got a lot going on. We still talk every day, even though she gets on
my nerves, like, every day. We got the same hairstyle. You was thinking like me. No, you was thinking
like me. So, Telizzia,
tell us what’s new. (Telizzia)
Okay, well, I started school. It’s a lot of work. But it’s going very well,
and I’m still working currently. Nice. And Makeda, what’s going on
with you? I’m leaving for school
in the fall. That’s amazing!
That is amazing. And we still live
in the same place, but we’re moving in,
like, two weeks. Oh, you are?
Yeah. Wow, that’s great.
So, you and your mom and your sister are still
living in the shelter? Yeah. But you’re moving
to a house? They moving to Chicago.
Um, yes. (clicks tongue)
We’re not moving to Chicago. Um, we’re moving
in a house, yeah. And Makeda, is this your
first time in Chicago? My first time, and I always
wanted to come here, so I’m kinda excited. Okay, so– so tell us
about how you met Brandon. Okay, so that has
a crazy twist to it, because I can’t figure out
how this all started. But we’ve been
friends on Facebook over three years now. And I dug back,
I can’t figure out how he got on my Facebook,
so… So, at some point,
he just was in your group of friends on Facebook.
Yes. We started off
as just friends, and then I went through
a really hard time in my life. When I called off my wedding
about a year ago… Whoa, wait a second.
Time out. Yeah, there’s a story there.
Here it goes. So, you were with someone,
and you were engaged? I had a venue
and I bought a dress. So, you were talking to Brandon
while you were engaged. We were only friends
at that point. And he knew when I was engaged.
I told him and he was like, “Oh my God, congratulations.
I’m so happy for you.” Like, he was supportive
of that relationship. Oh, okay, got it. What went wrong, why’d you
call off the wedding? Things were not
picture perfect as I had kept painting them
to be in my head for so long, and it came to the point
where it was just like, this isn’t right, and somebody
has to do something. And the right thing to do
was not get married. It was definitely
soul-crushing. It was humiliating. That was one
of the hardest things I have ever done
in my entire life. And Brandon was there. As much as I never responded,
he didn’t give up, and he was there for me. Brandon kept, you know,
checking in, like, seeing if I was okay. We started progressing
our friendship, and we’d talk
even more and more, and now we talk every day. Day doesn’t go by
that I don’t get a “good morning, beautiful,”
and a “goodnight, gorgeous.” And I’ll have days
where I’ll just vent, ’cause it’s not easy by any
means being a single mom. And he’ll mention, like,
“Oh, if I– I wish I was there. “You know, I would take
Layne outside, we’ll play ball and,
like, give Mom a break.” I don’t know,
it’s something about him that just draws me in. You say you talk.
Are you talking on the phone? Oh yeah, and we’re texting
and Snapchatting. Is he sending
video clips? No. He’s not much
of a photographic type. Hm.
Do you have suspicions? Is there any indication that
he’s not who he says
he is or…? Well, we have made attempts
to see each other, where I have driven
10 hours to meet up with him at this Mud Fest event
in Louisiana. I get there, and I’m there
for a couple days, and I’m camping out, and like,
hanging out with people, waiting and waiting. And his truck broke down, which seems to be
the constant problem. And then I have to leave,
I have to get back here to work and just,
back to reality. And in a matter
of hours later, he sends me a Snapchat
in the exact same spot I was just at.
Whoa. Like, how the hell
do I drive 10 hours to a whole ‘nother state
to meet you, and you miss me
by a few hours, when this has been
a planned thing? Why? Why?
What are you hiding? He could have,
like, a working truck and a pissed off wife. I don’t know, like,
what’s going on. But at the same time,
it’s like, what if
this is real? What if this is the end
of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one? Maybe my wedding
didn’t work out for a reason. Wow, this is– this is not
just some internet crush. Yeah.
This is a turning
point in your life. It is.
I’m tired of talking about my happily ever after or a life that I could build
with somebody, and memories that I could
make with somebody, and then them never happening. It’s… You look like you have
something to say… Well, no, I–
it’s just like, I want this relationship
to work out. But if it was going
to work out, it probably would
have happened already. Right, which is why I’m here. (Max)
It’s him!
How’s it going? (giggling)
He’s real. (Max)
It’s him! He’s real, and he’s alive,
and he looks like him too. How are you doing?
Good, how are you? I’m Max.
Good to meet you. Hi, Nev.
Brandon. Yes, sir. Good to meet you.
Just checking. So, seeing as it is you, that obviously raises
some questions for us. Where’s your truck?
What’s up with that phone call? My truck’s broken, again. Like always, so… So, you just had that, okay. That’s what I use on
the hunting property all the time when I’m working
food plots and all that stuff. That’s the beast
that I use. Oh yeah?
Yeah. (Max)
What happened in Louisiana? Oh yeah.
How did that all go down? That, we were supposed
to meet. She had to leave on Friday, which Mud Fest
went till Sunday. It started on Wednesday.
Uh-huh. Who shows up
on a Wednesday though? People who work. Y’all work
during the week. (laughing)
That’s a good point. So, you just genuinely
did plan on getting there and seeing her.
I really did, oh yeah. But things got–
you hung up and… Oh yeah.
And you missed her by
a few hours or something. We actually took
pictures of, you know, I took a picture of myself
in our campsite, and she was in my campsite
and took a picture of herself. Right.
We missed each other
by like two hours. What– what about
visiting her in Texas? Uh, I’ve always… you know,
I’m not very wealthy person. Pretty strapped
for cash, usually, and always dealing
with my truck, and that’s a, you know,
long ways to go on a broken truck. (line ringing) Hey!
Hey, guys. Hey.
Is that Layne? Say hi.
Hey, buddy. Get in where
they can see you. So, everything is–
everything is good down in Texas? It is,
it’s been great. And what’s going on
with Brandon? Well, I actually spent
Easter with him and his family in Missouri. Whoa.
Wow! That was a lot of fun. Why don’t we bring
Brandon in on this? Sure, we should do that. Let’s do it,
I’ll see if I can– let me see
if I can add him. (line ringing) (Brandon)
Yo! Yo, redneck Romeo. So, what’s up, Brandon?
How– how you doing? Oh, pretty good.
Just got home from work. How’s the truck? My exhaust
is rattling around ’cause it’s broken
at the moment, so it’s extra loud,
but it is together. Always something. How was– how was Easter? Good, very good. Kelsie got to meet the fam,
it was awesome. So, any plans to kinda
get together again soon? Actually, I got a few days
off here after the 10th, and for about a week,
and I’m gonna come down there. And no excuses anymore. (laughing)
I know. We just read your email. Can you kind of give us
a little bit more about yourself kind of pre-Lennie?
Yeah. I’ve lost, um, a really
significant amount of weight. I’ve lost over 200 pounds. Oh, my God.
How do you feel after like losing
all that? So happy.
Yeah? It’s just like I’m finally
just being myself. Yeah. And so at what point did you
become aware of Lennie and how did that all start? So I started watching
this show called “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,”
um, because I really relate to Whitney Way Thore,
and she’s like a really
positive role model. She’s plus-size. So I started watching the show,
and Lennie was actually her boyfriend on the show,
and he’s also an artist. So you were kind of like
a fan of Lennie…
Yeah. …and had a crush on him
this whole time? Yeah. So I think he’s very attractive
and he has a really cool beard. He was someone
that I would date. A couple of seasons later,
they split up. And right around there,
like I had wrote him on a Facebook page
that I found. And I wrote him,
I was like, “Hey, I’m an artist too.
I’m kind of cool. We should just be friends.” And then he gave me
his phone number and we’ve just been talking
almost every single day
since then. I told him, let’s paint
each other’s portraits. And he said
that he was going to. And it took me maybe 35 minutes
to paint something of him. And it’s been like a year and he’s still not sent
anything back. So how do you know
if the fan page
is really his? I don’t. Have you spoken to him
on the phone? Like have you heard
his voice? Yeah, I’ve heard his voice, but he just has
a normal guy voice. But he was on a show.
Is his voice the same? The same as the guy
on the show? Like, I think so. Yeah.
But he still has never, like, ever video chatted. I’ve tried to video chat
multiple times. Like every single time,
it gets denied or he just won’t pick up. That’s weird too
’cause this is a guy who’s clearly comfortable
being on camera.
Yeah. And he’s on reality TV.
Yeah. It’s not like
he’s a super-private, insecure person.
Yeah. Are you in love with him?
Do you love him,
do you think? Yeah, I really care
about him. Like, he said like,
“Let’s get married. Let’s have kids.
These are kid names
that I’ve picked out.” He said that he
was gonna move to Utah. All these, like, things
that people don’t just promise. Oh, they’re stopping. Oh, wait. Is that him? (Chelsea)
That’s some bull(bleep). Hey, Chelsea. I’m real. Hey. Nev. Lennie.
Tallulah. (Tallulah)
Hi! Uh, well, welcome. We’re all a little surprised.
Yeah. Why? I think there
were some things that might have seemed
like maybe it wasn’t gonna be you
coming out of the car. Like what? You never FaceTime. Yeah, I mean,
it’s just kind of hard
with my schedule. You know, I have,
like, you know,
two different jobs and… I know,
but a five-minute
FaceTime… Yeah. I think you’re communicating
something more…
Right. …by not doing it
than just by, “Okay, hey, what’s up?
I’m a real person.” I guess, yeah. I have a busy schedule too.
Like I do, like, two jobs plus my apprenticeship. Yeah.
Um… You made a sort of allusion
to there being something that you were concerned
or maybe like insecure
or uncertain about. Is there something
that Chelsea doesn’t know? No, it’s just–
I mean, she’d seen me on TV. You know, like, she has
that understanding of me. Yeah, but, like, I never,
like, had this idea of you or that you had to meet
this expectation or anything. I’m just kind of concerned
with, uh… you know, like,
how you picture me
in your head versus… versus reality. Yeah. Oh, hey. Hey!
What’s up?
Hi! Gonna need like
a full play-by-play. I’ve been talking to Lennie
pretty much every single day. Really? Yeah, it’s like crazy,
’cause like everything’s
so different. Wow.
Wow. Just kind of seemed like
that wasn’t where you felt, kind of that direction. Yeah, but he definitely,
like, reflected on everything, and then he started to do
actual like attempts, making things work. He really expressed himself
emotionally, and taking things
more seriously. (Nev)
Wow. I did not see
that coming. So is he your boyfriend? Um, yes. Ohh…
Oh, my God! It just makes me
really happy to know that everything
worked out for the best.
Yeah. Yeah. Bye.
Bye. Lennie!
Hey! We just spoke to Chelsea
and we’re shocked. Yeah, I’m actually planning
on going up to see her, probably within
the next month. Did something change for you after seeing her in person
and like meeting her? It was such a strange,
you know, situation to be in. I don’t know.
I feel like I didn’t express how much I cared about her,
you know, and I was kind of
a little shy, you know? And now I’m actually trying
to put forth the effort into actually creating
a relationship with her, so… You turned it around.
Miracles happen. I mean,
look at this happy ending. No, she’s incredible. Oh, I have her picture
I did of her… Look at you.
…for you guys. Oh, wow.
Oh, my God. Yeah, no, you can
totally see it.
That’s beautiful. We’re so happy that things
worked out with you guys. So best of luck. Thank you for letting me
be a part of this. Thank you.
All right, buddy. Go get ’em.
Yup. All right.

40 thoughts on “5 ‘Catfish’ Couples w/ Surprise Happy Endings 💘 Ranked: Catfish

  1. Danny put a ring on Solana's finger because he didn't want to risk anymore dudes coming in on his territory. Elijah was more about his hair than anything else.

  2. The first one was very wholesome besides the fact that the older brother invited them in such a creepy way but I get it, probs got nervous.

  3. okay but why did Chelsea look like she had gained weight in the 3 months after scene where she said they’re together now?? i personally think Lennie just might be a “chubby chaser” after being with Whitney like that isn’t too far fetched to believe 🤷🏻‍♀️ in the beginning interview she looked so happy and accomplished announcing she had lost so much weight

  4. #4 has always irritated me so bad cause it was so obvious it was the brother that was taking to her but he was married or whatever so Albert took the fall lol

  5. I clicked on this video to doublecheck if they are going to use the same clips from before and I wasn't shocked.. please bring max back and do a new season

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