5 ‘Catfish’ Who Conned Multiple Victims | Ranked: Catfish

5 ‘Catfish’ Who Conned Multiple Victims | Ranked: Catfish

He admitted to me
he’s catfished over 400 girls. (Nev)
What?! 400? Are you kidding? (Max)
Gross. So, we saw your video
about Joshua. That’s a long relationship
with someone. Eleven years
is a long time. Tell us more about this guy. (Breana)
He’s the sweetest
guy in the world.
Even though it might
sound crazy, like,
who waits 11 years,
and who stays along?
But he’s so caring.He makes me feel
like a million bucks.
And he has a nice body.
He’s the love
of my life.
You were 15 when
you met this guy?Yes. Where does Joshua live?When we first met,
he lived in California.
And then he moved to Texas,
and then he moved to Vegas,
and then, I guess he’s back
in California.
And have you guys been
dating this whole time?Yes.When we were younger,
we had an agreement
that it’s like a don’t ask,
don’t tell,
since we live so far.But now, we are like
exclusively together.
And he’s like, “I wanna build
a family with you.
I love you.
I wanna marry you.”
Now, is that something
you’re into the idea of?Yes.I’m willing to do
whatever it takes.
You mentioned that you had
tried to fly him out to Minnesota once.I was saving up,
and I was like, hey,
I actually could fly out.And of course, his excuse is,
“Oh, I can’t, I have to work.”
What does Joshua do?It seems like
he can never keep a job.
Every time I talk to him,
it’s like,
“I’m looking for a job.
Oh, I have a job.
I don’t have a job.”
Stuff like that.
This is really weird.
I don’t know if he’s fishing
for money from me.Have you ever
sent him money?No.And you said when
you videochat, he doesn’t really
show his face. What’s– yeah,
what’s that about? Is there a chance that he’s not the guy
in the photos?It’s just weird,
because I’ll try
to videochat with him,
and it’s like, pitch black.
And I’m like, oh,
turn on the light.
“Oh, I’m tired, I don’t
wanna turn on the light.
Oh, you know,
the signal sucks.”
Classic excuses.Exactly.But, I don’t know, I just–I keep pushing all that
to the side
because I just love
this guy to death.
Go, Kanene.
Hey, how you doing?Hi!Can we make this
a FaceTime?Sure. All right, here we go. We’re upgrading,
we’re upgrading. This way.
What’s up?Nothing much.
At work.
Nice.Nice to meet you guys.We’re trying to find out
a little bit more about your friend Josh (bleep).Uh-huh. How do you know Josh?I met him on Facebook.Okay, and are you guys,
like, talking? Or are you just friends?We talking.
He tell me I’m his wifey,
this and that, so…Whoa.
He was talking to you like he was really–
he likes you a lot.Yeah.
He’s about, I’m his baby,
he care about me,
this and that.
How long have you guys
been talking online?I would say three years.Whoa.
Well, so, Kanene, I have to tell you something. We met a girl who has been
talking to Joshua for 11 years
on the Internet.Huh. And she kinda thinks they’re dating.That’s crazy. And he calls her his wifey, and…
all that.And I’m supposed to be
his girlfriend, so…
How you doing? Josh.
Good to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Nev. Max. How you doing? Obviously,
you know Breana. No? How you doing? It’s been a long time. Yeah. Crazy. 11 years. Were you avoiding
meeting her? I mean, like… Yeah, what, the FaceTiming
with the hat? Yeah. There’s been times
we’ve tried to, like,
videochat and stuff like that, but my granny’s
computer was garbage. So, we never really got
around to doing that, but I wasn’t
avoiding meeting her. I have so many questions. I just have to know… have you ever saw our
relationship, like, seriously? Yeah. Really? Yeah. Like, relationship. Not like friendship,
but like relationship. Yeah, I did. Then, are you talking
to any other girls? Uh… There was one, yeah. That was a few weeks,
but I stopped talking to her, like, two weeks ago. (Nev)
Look, it’s our job to… Dig. Dig. We talked–
at random, we contacted a few other girls that write
on your Facebook page. Yeah. And they told us
they’re dating you. I mean, all of ’em.
Batting– batting a thousand. As far as, you know,
the other girls would go, I can’t recall, like,
multiple at one time. You made it seem
like it was just me. Like, I’m not talking
to nobody. That’s what hurts. (sniffling)
Yeah, I’m sor… You gave her the impression
that you thought of yourselves
as in a relationship. Like a real– yeah. And is– is that
how you felt? Yes. (sighs) I don’t know. Sort of explaining
a little bit more about how you met Dean,
and what went down.Dean and I originally met
on a website called Teen Chat.
I had just been on there
surfing message boards.
Dean saw a lot of what
I was writing on there,
and it interested him,
so he decided to message me.
We exchanged numbers,
and we really connected.
We started talking about
how we were kind of soulmates.
What went wrong?So, about two years
into the relationship,
he disappeared.He just fell off
the face of the planet.
Didn’t return my calls,
didn’t text me, anything.
It was dead silent
for about nine months.
And then I get a phone call.He says, “Dropped out
of high school,
“I’m having issues at home,and I didn’t want you
knowing about these things.”
And did you guys continue
talking after that?We did.
I was his emotional crutch,
just there supporting him.And then again, he just,
poof, disappeared.
Wow.After about a year,he just calls me and said
his mom passed away,
and how he needed
someone to talk to.
So, then again, I was there
supporting him.
Do you see a future
with this guy?I do want to be
with him someday,
I hope for that.Throughout the years,
I’ve become attached to him.
Like, I can’t let him go.(phone ringing) Oh! Oh, Texas calling. Catfish Headquarters.Yes, my name is Zoe.Zoe. Zoe, oh, hey, Zoe. We’re just trying to find out
a little bit more about your friend Dean.I mean, we met, like,
six years ago,
like, on Teen Chat.Was it like
a relationship, or…Yeah, um, he made me
feel special.
You know, we talked about,
like, just about everything.
And then, he just, like,
disappears on me,
like a total (bleep).Have you guys ever
video chatted?No, he says
he doesn’t video chat.
Right.And it’s like,I really thought
that was weird.
And what– what kind of,
like, drama has he been going through? Like, what things have happened
in the last few years?Oh, like, his mom died.Has he ever mentioned
a girl named April?I don’t believe so.All right, well, Zoe,
listen, thank– thank you. Just so you know,
you’ve been having the exact same relationship
with Dean as another girl
named April. Word for word. Word for word. My advice to you
is to forget this guy. I don’t think
he’s worth it.Oh…All right, thanks, Zoe. Good luck
with everything. (sucking air)
She is so… April is not even
the only girl that Dean’s been giving
this whole story to, promising to be with. I mean, if she just
happened to be some random girl
we reached out to, who knows how many other girls
he’s been doing this. How you doing? All right,
how are you? What’s up?
Dean, right? Yes, sir. Is it him? Yeah, that’s the voice. Good to meet you. Nice to meet you too. How’s it going? It’s going all right. All right, well,
come on out, I guess. Go ahead. Hello. (April)
Hello. I’m not sure what to say. This is April,
as you know, I presume. Hi. Hi. Oh, God. You’re you,
which is a surprise for us. (Nev)
Yeah. Just curious what– why didn’t
you meet up with us yesterday? What– yeah? I mean, honestly,
it was just nerves, man. Um, I just overthought
myself into a position where I wasn’t comfortable,
and, uh… I didn’t know if she would
like me or not, you know? I mean, I was kinda scared
on that aspect, to be honest. (Nev)
Okay. And how old are you? I’m 23. So, that’s all true.
And do you really not have a phone right now? No, I don’t. Okay, and you’re just
crashing intermittently? Yeah. With Dakota? You don’t have
a place to stay? Um, I’m getting
things together, getting, you know, that aspect
of my life under control. But for– for the time being,
this is where I’m at. So, everything you’ve told
April is true. Yes, sir. Including the unfortunate
passing of your mom? Yes. Sorry to hear that. Is there anything
that hasn’t been true? Any lies that
you’ve told her? What about some of the other
girls you’ve been talking to? Um, I mean, those are all
just friends. I’m not looking for
anything right now. But we’ve talked to Zoe, and it seems like you,
you know, you’ve made a couple
friends online, some of whom you’ve met
in Teen Chat, like April, but then don’t meet up
with them or make plans. There’s just a pattern
of other people who’ve had a story
like April’s. The whole thing with Zoe is,
I never really moved past a point of platonic interest
with her in the first place. You know, she has kids,
stuff like that, and I’m not looking
to involve that in the situation
that I’m currently in. I understand you’re trying
to get your life together, but April’s under
the impression that you have
feelings for her. She needs to know
very clearly where you stand. Yeah. Do you have
feelings for her? I do. Honestly, I’ve never
connected with somebody like I have with April. There’s just been nobody else
that makes me feel the way I do whenever
I do talk to her. And I can honestly say,
right now, standing next to her, I– I feel
pretty damn great. (chuckles)
Um… I mean, I wanna, you know,
keep talking to you. I’m not gonna
go anywhere anymore. But it has to be equal. I don’t wanna be the only one
that gives 100%. It has to be equal. It has to be both ways. Tell us kind of the story of you
and Josiah from the beginning. Like, how did you meet?I met him on
a black gay chat.
We instantly connected.Later on that night,
we actually talked,
and we talked for hours
about everything.
From there,
our relationship transpired
to, like, this kind of
crazy love fest.
What do you love about him?My personality,
being confident in myself,
really came from him.Teaching me how to really
accept me for who I am.
And we just built this bond,you know what I’m saying,
he was my first love.
What does he wanna do?Recently, I know
that he’s working
at home health aide,
basically doing something
he really wanted to do,
is helping people.
Describe him physically
for a second.The second pictures
that was quote-unquote
supposed to be him,
brown-skinned kid,
birthmark over the eye.
Still cute though!Maybe now is the chance to see if it could be
something more.Like I said,
Josiah was my first love.
When you have that type
of bond for so long,
for someone, of course,
every other guy
that comes after that,
you’re gonna kinda hold up
to a certain standard.
So, it’s like, you know,
it’s always that question
of what if?
Okay, I feel like
before we get any further, when we got your email
about your situation… Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. …one of the guys who helps
go through all the emails sent us another email. It’s very interesting
and curious, and I think you might
be interested in this. Oh, really? Here’s an email from
another guy named Malik. Why don’t you read this,
and we can talk about it. “My name is Malik
and I am 20 years old. “For five years on and off,
I’ve been in love “with a guy
named Josiah. “But we never videochatted
or met in person. “When I started to question him
about standing me up, he blocked me on Facebook.” Mm, okay. Wow.
Now, that’s funny. I mean, even from what
he says about Josiah, the things he do
when he gets upset, it sounds exactly
like Josiah. When we saw these emails–
yours and this one– and put them next
to each other, it was like, this is a little bit more
than just a coincidence. Exactly. Well, so here’s what
I think we can do. We can call Malik. Let’s just see if
they’re the same person. Right. We don’t even know. Then we have a problem.
Now, we need to talk, ’cause we have an interest
in the same guy, so… Yeah. Well then, let’s give
him a call, okay? Mm-hmm. (phone ringing) (man)
Hey, what’s up?
Nev and Max here. We saw your email
about Josiah.Right?And we definitely
want to help. But we’re in a little bit
of a unique situation here. We got another email from
another young man named Dejay. And…Uh-huh?Both of you told very,
very similar stories.So, this Dejay guy
is talking to Josiah?
We actually don’t know yet
for sure that you’re talking
to the same Josiah. So, I’m gonna introduce you now
to Dejay. He’s gonna come on the phone.Wow.Hey, Malik,
how you doing?What’s up, Dejay?Does these numbers sound
familiar to you? 267… (bleep).Yes, it does.Does he have a Facebook page
or Instagram?Facebook.So, what’s his current
profile picture?He’s just wearing, like,
some big geek glasses
with a collared shirt,and cell phone in his hand
in the picture.
We’re definitely talking
to the same person. Would you say, like,
you’re in love with him?Yes, I’m definitely
in love with Josiah.
Like, even though we talk
to other people,
he always make it seem like
I’m the superior to them,
and we gonna be
with each other.
Here’s what I’m gonna suggest. If you guys are cool
with sort of teaming up to work on figuring this
out together… Mm. We can come meet you
in Charlotte, and then maybe all go find
and talk to Josiah together. Josiah, mm-hmm.I definitely have no problem,
like, teaming up with you,
because it’s not our fault,
it’s his fault.
Exactly.And I’m just…like, I’m kinda trying to hold
myself together right now,
’cause I’m highly
pissed right now.
All right, so we’ll
see you soon, Malik.Thank you.
Thank you guys so much.
All right, man. Hello. How you doing? (Josiah)
Good. I’m Nev. Josiah. Good to meet you, man. (Dejay)
Well, hello, Jojo. I guess you know
these guys. Hey, what’s up? Hi. Hey. Nice to finally meet you. Nice to finally
meet you too. Uh-huh. Hello. What’s up? Not gonna shake my hand? This is gonna be fun. I just can’t
believe you’re you. Yeah, that’s
the big surprise. That’s the big surprise. That– that never happens. Wow. Wow. Seven years, huh? It took seven years
for you to get here. Five years. Yeah, I’m not gonna be able
to deal with both of them at one time. Are you scared? No, I’m not scared, it’s just…
it’s both of y’all. Yeah, I mean, we’ve never had
a situation like this, so… Right, so it’s like,
it’s a lot. We’re all trying
to figure it out. What was the problem?
I don’t understand, like… I mean, these–
two different people, it’s two completely
different stories. (Max)
Why not, like, videochat
with them or meet up with them? I mean, because at that time,
like, I had a lot going on. We all got things
going on, Jojo. If you’re gonna let me talk,
then you know, I’ll talk. If it makes sense. But don’t– don’t jump
down my throat. Let’s just figure out
how we can make this situation
go as best as possible. So right now, you have
the floor. What’s your deal? I’m from Philadelphia.
I’m a home health care aide. I’m 22 years old. (Nev)
Have you always lived in Philly, or have you lived
in other places? I’ve lived in several
different places. Are there other guys
aside from Dejay and Malik that you’ve been talking to
for a long time on the Internet? No. They’re the only two? The only two. Do you have a kid? Yes, I do have a son. You do. Two years old. (Dejay chuckling) Are you in a relationship
with the mother? No, I’m not in a relationship
with the mother. Great. What other sort of bigger
details about your life that we don’t know,
or maybe we think we know? Well, right now, I’m currently
in a relationship. We’ve been together
for two years. Wow. Two years! In real life. Yes. (laughing) That’s why I haven’t
been able to use Skype or you know, meet. When I’m on the phone
with Malik, my boyfriend is not around. If I’m texting Malik
or Dejay, you know, even if I’m laying
in bed with him, I’ll turn to the side,
you know, so he don’t see. (Dejay)
Oh, wow. You smart.
You smart, okay. I mean, y’all have every right
to be upset, I mean… Upset is– is an understatement. It’s nothing–
I mean, only thing I really can say is sorry, and try to give
you guys answers, but it’s not– there’s nothing
else I can really do. So, why do it
for so long? I have a special type
of connection with y’all. Like, it’s– it’s kinda
hard to let… y’all go. It’s– it’s difficult. What are your feelings
towards these guys? I love both of ’em. I mean, I might love one
more than the other, but I love both of ’em. Who? Well, I mean, I like– I love Dejay
more than… Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. But that’s only because,
you know, I knew him so long. Really…
Thank you. I mean, I’m not trying
to hurt your feelings. I– you didn’t hurt
my feelings. Only thing
I can say is sorry. (Nev)
So, tell us
this whole story going all the way back
to when you first met Shana.Ooh, it started off
on Facebook.
I saw her in my
People You May Know,
and instantly, I just started
hitting her up,
and she replied back.She told me she was 21,
and I was 17,
so I felt like
the big guy around campus
and stuff, you know.Yeah, nice older thing,
I like that.Uh-huh.
So, we got into a relationship.
And I was supposed to meet her
in New Jersey,
but she disappeared on me.Shoo. Did she ever explain
what happened, or…The whole time
that we’ve been talking,
it’s been excuses
about everything.
Like, “I got called into work”
or “I got bad service,
that’s why we can’t
You kept talking,
obviously, after…Mm-hmm.
Like, she always knew
what to say to get me back.Yeah.So, me and her
was just talking.
Then a year after,
she disappeared.
And then I got a weird message
in my email,
and it was her friend,
Destiny Lopez.
She said,
“Hey, Shana was my friend,
and she passed away.”Had you ever heard
of Destiny before? Or she just was
a random friend of Shana’s?Just a random person. Wow.So, I was feeling heartbroken.
I was hurting.
I cared about her,
and I loved her,
so I’m like,
I just lost a girl
that I never even met yet
anyways too.
It was like,
hard for me to move on.
I was talking to other girls
and stuff like that.
And then I started
dating other girls.
But it was just hard.When Shana died, did her Facebook page go away,
or did it just…Disappeared completely. It disappeared.And then, two years later,
I’m scrolling on Facebook,
and it says
People You May Know.
Shana Vasquez.Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Sorry, you find out from Shana’s friend
that she died, and you don’t talk
to her for two years.Two years. And then all of a sudden, she pops up in…I’m scrolling on Facebook.And she accepted.And I start instantly
hitting her with messages.
I’m like, are you kidding me?It’s been two years, I thought
you went down like that.
Like, where the (bleep)
you been?
Like, what’s going on,
you know what I mean, like…
Wow, back from the dead. Wow.Uh-huh.
And then she told me,
“I apologize, I’ve been going
through stuff.
“I just got out of
a bad relationship.
“It was a violent relationship,and I didn’t know how
to handle it and stuff.”
Like, she always knew
how to get me back.
And when she popped back up,
I was in a relationship.
And what happened
to that relationship?Oh, we broke up.You think it had something
to do with Shana being back?Uh-huh, she caught me texting
her and stuff like that,
you know, so it was like… Oh, man! Aw, man. Texting a dead girl?Yeah.You broke up with
a real, living person for a Facebook zombie?(chuckles)
You must really
love Shana.I do.
I love her.
Eight years is a long time
to be waiting, man. We gonna figure
this out though.I’m ready. We got you. Here we go.
Utica, New York. Hello? Oh, hey, what’s up, man? We saw you were friends
with a girl named Shana.Oh, I used to date her.Oh, like, date in real life,
in person? Wow, when–
and when was that? And what hap– why didn’t
you guys ever meet up? Did you ever have
any, like, proof that Shana lived
in Syracuse? And she messaged you, like,
“Hey, I saw you at your work”? That’s creepy. Totally. Whoa.
That’s some, like, shady stalker (bleep). And did she ever mention
her friend Destiny? What’s Destiny’s Facebook? Can you respond in a link
to her page or something? Oh, great. Do you know anyone that’s ever
met up with her or seen her? So, you’re telling me
there’s another guy in Syracuse who’s been
talking to her for that long? She’s crazy. I’d love to talk to Pape if you can send me his info. All right, thanks so much.
Bye. Whoa! Wow, this just took
another turn. Next level (bleep), man,
this girl is talking to lots of guys. Two 8-year relationships? And she’s, like,
seeing these guys and texting them like,
“Oh, I just called your name out
at your work.” (phone ringing) Oh, boy. Hello? Hey, what’s up, Pape? We’re trying to figure out
what’s going on with this girl, Shana. It’s– it’s official. How do you know? Wow. Oh, no. Right. (laughing) I think they might actually
be the same person. We’re gonna try
and figure this out, man. All right, later. God bless, thank you. (Nev)
How you doing? I’m Nev. Hi. Hi? (Nev)
Of course, you know CJ. But we don’t know
who you are. Rebecca. Rebecca. Okay, nice to finally
meet you. Do you wanna explain
what’s going on here? I don’t– I don’t even
know where to start. What… what’s your deal? I mean, what of Shana
is true? What’s not true?
Who– who are you? I think Shana,
as a general person, that’s really who I am. Yeah, maybe the personality. But– yeah. (CJ)
I got a question. So, this whole time,
you was in Syracuse? Yeah. Why did you tell me that
you live in New Jersey? I made up, like, New Jersey,
and other places I lived to try to, like… get away from the situation,
because I felt bad. How did you keep it for,
like, eight years, like…? Just didn’t tell anybody. So, if you– if you never had
any intentions on meeting him, what was the point
of all of this? I… honestly, I don’t know. I had a lot– when I made
the Facebook, I was in a situation. I was trying to catch
the person I was with cheating. So, I made the Facebook
to do that, that’s how I ended up
talking to CJ. (CJ)
How did you get
all those pictures though? Some girl that was friends
with my son on Facebook. (Nev)
Oh. How many
kids do you have? Five. Wow. Do you really have a daughter? I do.
I call her (bleep). Was she really
sick and stuff? No. So, you set up
a GoFundMe page for a daughter with
fake cancer. I did. (Justin)
That’s sick. (Nev)
That’s seriously sick. Were you… I think I was just– I was trying to cover
the lie that I had told him. I wasn’t– I didn’t have–
like, it wasn’t, oh, well, I’m just gonna
rob people of their money. It was another lie
to cover another lie to cover another lie. Who’s Destiny? Me. Mm. Are you serious? Why did you tell me
that you died? I just– like, I really
just wanted to be done
with the situation. I didn’t wanna
keep lying. But then I felt bad because
you were really hurt over… But then, you started talking
to other people as Destiny. And obviously continued
talking as Shana too, because we reached out
to a handful of people on Shana’s Facebook page, and most of them have
very similar stories to CJ. Mm-hmm. If– if you had
done it to one person, you– you maybe could say
you felt bad. But to see that
you’ve been doing it to, I don’t even
know how many… I mean, do you even know
how many people you’ve talked to as her? No, most of them,
minus CJ, was more or less to just
keep– keep that image going so that people wouldn’t think
that it was a fake Facebook. I never took those
conversations seriously. It wasn’t… Well, they did
take it seriously. I understand the–
the original reason for making the Shana profile
was something else. But when you met CJ, was it just for fun
to talk to him, or…? I real– I really cared about–
like, I really… started having
feelings for him. Right, but– but he was 17, and you’re not
in your 20s. No offense. How old are you? 38. Wow, so okay.
You were 30 when you met him. Yeah.
I didn’t really think about it. But you knew he was 17
when you met him. Yeah. That’s kinda messed up. Like, it’s one thing to mess
with people your own age. But like,
to mess with a kid? For eight years of his, like,
young adult life? I don’t know,
I’m just hurt about it. Like, ’cause… I wasn’t trying
to hurt you. That’s not true. He had girlfriends
that you (bleep) with. Yeah, when I was in
a relationship and stuff, and you sabotaged some
of my relationships. And you was in a relationship
with other people too. No, I didn’t. Some of ’em you did. You never texted or messaged any of the girls
he was dating? I don’t remember that. Are you serious? That’s… that’s crazy.
I gotta go. We just read your email. You spent,
was it about six months talking to this guy, and established a really
serious connection with him.Yeah, you know,
we met on Tinder.
I was like, oh my gosh,
you know, you’re so pretty.
Here I am, a single mother
of two,
there’s no way you’re gonna
want to talk to me.
But I said, ah,
just give it a try.
So, I swiped right,
pops up we’re a match.
And then eventually,
we had, like, our first
phone conversation,
and we just really
emotionally connected.
Like, every day,
anywhere between an hour,
two hours a day,
we’re on the phone,
you know, send pictures
to one another,
and he was just really
supportive of everything.
He was okay with the fact
that I have kids.
But when he wanted
to make things exclusive,
it just kinda scared me,
just ’cause we hadn’t
even met yet.
You kind of did
your homework, and you found out
that this guy might be using
someone else’s photos.I actually didn’t do
my homework
as well as my girlfriends
did my homework.
They did the image search,
and it came up
linked to someone else.And I don’t think I’m the only
person he’s doing this to,
because somebody
reached out to me
who had been talking
to Lucas also.
She lives in New York.She got ahold of me
just based off of the ladies
that he was following,to let girls know
that he’s not him.
Whoa.Also, he talked meinto sending him
private photos,
and I believe that’s what
he does to everybody.
Wow, this guy. Oh my god.Yeah. So, are you afraid that if you expose him,
that he might release some pictures?It’s crossed my mind,but I haven’t
confronted him about it,
’cause I think
he has a suspicion
that I know that he’s not
who he said he was.
A girl contacted me,
her name is Urszula. And she says,
“Beware of the scammer Lucas!” He’s pretending to be
somebody he’s not, and he’s developing
relationships with other women, all of which I didn’t
necessarily ask her about. It’s just a hard thing
to know that you are
sending private photos. You know, I may have
done “Playboy” and I may be a dancer, but when I send you
a personal picture, it’s because I trust you. And it’s disturbing to think
that he’s taking advantage of other women
that way too. (Max)
Pretty sinister thought. Yeah!
No, it’s disgusting. We gotta figure out
who this guy is. Mm-hmm. At the moment, it looks like
Urszula probably knows the most. Right. So maybe we should
videochat with her, just to make sure
she’s legit. Absolutely. Okay. (phone ringing)Oh, hi, guys. Whoa! Hi! Hello.Hey, guys.How are you?Good, how are you?Really good.
Thanks for answering my call. Obviously– I don’t know
if you recognize Jayme.I do, hey. Hi.Nice to meet you. But, um, we’ve been talking
a lot about you, and we have so many questions, and we’re trying
to figure all of this out. Can you explain to us what
happened with you and Lucas, and everything that you’ve
figured out?Yeah.
We met off Tinder.
He told me he was living
in Missouri.
And then he told me
he was moving to New York City
for an internship
at a technology company
in New York. Yeah.And then, I basically
found out
that he’s not
who he really is,
because I booked a flight
to Missouri.
So, he came clean.Wait, you booked a flight
to Missouri.
Did you go?No, I didn’t go.
No, I didn’t go.
You told him that
you bought your ticket, and then he realized
he better tell you the truth?Yeah. What did he tell you?“I’m not who I’ve been
saying I am.
I’m not the guy
in the pictures.”
Jayme sent him pictures,
some of them nudes. Did you ever send
him similar…Yes, yes, I did send him
intimate photos and videos.
This is what
I think he does–
gets into an intimate
relationship with these girls,
gets nudes from them,
and then after a while,
he’ll reveal himself, and then
just block these girls.
And he’s probably
still doing that.
I guess he blocked you too? Yeah. Okay, so how did you find out
about all these other girls?When he told me that he’s not
the guy in the pictures,
I screenshotted
some of the girls
that were following him,
and then I reached out to them.
That’s how I found Jayme.So, considering that you’ve both
been involved in this, we could try
and do this together. I think it’d be more powerful
for him to be confronted by both of you
than just one of you. Absolutely. Why don’t we bring you
up to speed. Yesterday,
we sort of figured, okay, let’s search for his number,
see if it comes up with any names. It came back registered
to someone named Zac. Looks like he lives
in St. Louis. So then, we just searched
Zac on Facebook, we found a page. Could this be him? Wait, I’ve– I feel like
I’ve seen that before. And he tells me, “I’m not
the guy in the pictures.” I’m like, show me proof,
like, prove it to me. So, he sent me a picture. (Max)
That is him. (Nev)
Oh, man, that’s
definitely the same guy. (Urszula)
Yeah. So, we got our guy. Now, we asked the women
on our crew to try and follow him,
and he accepted. So, page is obviously
very much up. And the last picture that
he posted was 17 hours ago. That’s messed up, because when
he was apologizing to me, he told me I’m the last one, which is obviously
bull(bleep). When I asked him
why he’s been doing this to us and other women,
he called us an experiment. Ugh! But he admitted to me, he’s catfished over
400 girls. (Nev gasps)
What?! 400? Are you kidding? Gross. (phone dings) What?
Just got a weird text message. This is from Mike
in casting. “Hey, guys, hope all
is well with you. “We were just contacted
by a woman named Sarah. “She was catfished
by a guy named Lucas, “and we think this could
be connected to the story
you’re currently filming.” Let’s call her. (phone ringing) Hi, Sarah.Hi!How are you?
It’s Nev and Max.Hi, there.So, someone from our casting just saw an email
that you sent about this guy that
you’re talking to, Lucas?Yeah, we matched
on Tinder, actually.
We were just talking
with the idea
of a future relationship,
’cause he had told me
that he’s moving to Dallas
from, I think Missouri.
I figured out that
he was lying to me.
And we’re sitting with
two girls, Urszula and Jayme. Hey.Hi.Hi. So, these girls also met Lucas
on Tinder. What’s become very apparent
is that this guy, Zac, has been doing this for years to maybe hundreds of women
across the country. And so, if we go to Missouri
to find him and confront him, would you be willing
to meet us there too? ‘Cause I think the more
people we bring, the more powerful
the message might be.Yeah, I’d be happy to come.Hello. Hey, what’s up? Are you Zac? Yes, this is me. Hi. Hi. How are ya? I’m great. You’re who I was
texting with earlier? Yes, yes, this is me. Then you know
these three young women. I do, I do. Why don’t you come on out
for a second? Yeah, sure. So, I don’t know if you have
something you wanna start with, ’cause we– we have a lot
we want to say, obviously. Yeah, so, um… I don’t know
where to begin. Okay, well– Why don’t you start with who you are? Okay. And how this all started. Okay.
Um… As you guys knew me
as Lucas. Um… I’m Zac,
that’s my real name. This all started just over
a year ago. I was curious about someone
who was as attractive as Lucas, the kind of reception
they would get on Tinder, versus Zac, myself. I started to really enjoy
the attention I was getting from people I had never gotten
attention from before, and that to me was something
I had never experienced, and I was– I was
really happy about that. (sighs)
And that’s the… that’s where it started. (Urszula)
How many? How many girls? Too many. Um, that I talked
personally with, I got their numbers, like 400. That’s disgusting. Yeah. Oh my God. That’s disgusting. I mean, that’s one of
the blunders of online dating, is um… you start talking to
these people casually, and… It’s not casual talk when
you have to Photoshop photos and take an hour
to make a fake video. That’s not casual talk,
that’s deliberate lying. I mean, that stuff… I recognize, like, 100%
that that is not okay. So, why do it
if it’s not okay? I… at the time,
I didn’t think twice of it. Have you ever
hurt that bad? Like, has anybody
ever crushed you? Maybe once, twice. Well, it’s happened
to me a lot. I didn’t need somebody else
to come along and manipulate me and take time away
from my kids and my family. (Max)
Are you thinking
of the impact of your actions
when you do these things? Honestly, no, you know, like,
that’s the selfish part. Because I haven’t really
had the opportunity… Well, it’s not about
having the opportunity. Yeah, oh, no, I… It’s about just
(bleep) doing it. Yeah, yeah. There are a lot of
lines that you crossed. Soliciting naked photos
from them was a huge line
that you crossed. Okay, and I’d like
to address that. Yeah. Address that. Please, address that. Yes, yeah.
I can’t just stand here and say, like,
that wasn’t interesting, because that was. But that wasn’t the point. What do you do with them?
What do you do with the photos? Are they all, like,
on your computer, in file folders with Lisa, and Jan, Steph. Urszula. Do you save them?
‘Cause I’m betting
money that you do. I deleted them. I’m not proud
of that side of it. That’s the side that– Listen, you catfished
all these girls. This whole thing
is nothing to be proud of. I really have a hard time
believing you delete the photos. You guys can look if you want. Yeah, do you have
your phone on you? Yeah, yeah. Well, let’s look
at the phone. Let’s start
with the phone. Yes, hold on. Are you deleting stuff
right now? No, no, I’m not,
I’m just– I’m like– I’m scrolling
back and forth. Here, we know how
to scroll through a phone. Yeah, okay. Here, just… I’m gonna add, I would
normally say your privacy would be something
I care about. But in this case… That’s weird, are you–
you’re recording? (Jayme)
We didn’t have any. Yeah, our–
our conversation, yeah. You’re recording all this? Um… um… (Jayme)
Are you kidding me? That’s so (bleep) up. Yeah. Let Nev–
look, Nev– Just take a step back
so he can’t look over your shoulder.
Don’t worry about him. He’ll find or not find
whatever he’s looking for. Yeah, yeah. I’m finding some stuff
on your phone. Okay, I didn’t, like,
scrutinize, like… Yeah, I know, but I,
you know, I know enough about how to keep things private to know to look
in your Google Drive. Okay. Which you probably didn’t think
I was gonna go into. Oh, I’m… I found one list that you
keep in your Google Drive, “List of Girls.” Jayme, in parentheses
next to it says, “Portland,
Former ‘Playboy’ model.” And then you have a status
list underneath. Mm-hmm. And for Megan, it says,
“On the level of saying
‘I love you.’ “Lives in Vegas, doesn’t know
she’s being catfished. “Lauren, also on the level
of saying ‘I love you.’ “Lives in Palm Springs,
I think. “Doesn’t know
she’s being catfished. “Deborah, been talking
for a while. “She lives in Illinois.
Wants to meet Lucas badly. “Watch out for that subject. Doesn’t know she’s
being catfished.” Oh, my… “Jayme, talking since November. Urszula told her
she’s being catfished.” How do we know this is,
like, truly over? ‘Cause you don’t really
seem to give a (bleep). It’s not fun anymore
at this point to… have something going
just to know that it’s gonna
come to end for me as bad as, like,
something like this is. All right, so we’ll…
we’ll just be in touch and let you know about
maybe meeting back up. Thanks, guys. All right, see you later. Miss you all. Wait, what–
what’d you say at the end? “Miss you all?” Yeah. Like, what is that?
That just sounded like a joke. Like, did you really say,
“Miss you all,” like a playful… like,
was that a playful remark? No, like I– I do miss you. Did you just completely forget
everything we just said to you about you, like, appearing
like a total (bleep)head, and then as we’re leaving, you make, like,
a jestful remark? “Miss you all?” No, no. Dude, like… you really
seem like a huge (bleep)head. Yeah. So, think about that. Working on it.

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