5 ‘Catfish’ Who Conned Their IRL Crush | Ranked: Catfish

5 ‘Catfish’ Who Conned Their IRL Crush | Ranked: Catfish

– Sorry, you find out from
Shana’s friend that she died, and you don’t talk to her for two years. – Two years. – And then all of a
sudden she pops up in … – I’m scrolling on Facebook … (dramatic music) Are you kidding me? – How could you, over the
course of those six months not meet up with her? – Honey, your guess is as good as mine. I never understood it was like
every time something came up. – You’ve watched the show. – Yes, and I really
started to feel like I was being catfished, and I brought
it up in a conversation. I was like, “Am I being catfished?” And she was like, “No, I had a feeling “you were thinking
that, but that’s not it, “it’s just things keep coming up.” It was just really
suspect the entire time. – [Nev] Jeez. – But I guess I was blinded. And then she told me that her mom passed. (dramatic music) That’s when I could kind of
sense that things were changing. She kind of withdrew from me. And so I was like, “You seem distant.” She sent me this long
message and was like, “I am interested in somebody
else,” and it was a him! – [Nev] It was a guy. – She told me everything that
I told you I felt was a lie. Everything. I’m like, really? – You guys were like falling
asleep on the phone together, like that’s not, you don’t fake that, unless you’re really crazy. – This was only about a month
ago that you guys broke up, do you think that you still love her? – I’m conflicted. I loved her, I did, it was real for me. – Hi.
– [Ashanti] Hi. – I just wanted to have a
quick chat, if that’s okay. – Yeah. – Is there a story or
explanation you want to offer, or do you have anything you want to say since you’re here now? And you could understand
she’s upset, basically, right? – I know she’s upset. – And so she’s just
dealing with it in the way that she deals with it. – I am, let me not say I’m not mad. – Yeah, because this is a
really crazy moment right now. – Let me not say I’m not mad, because that’s an understatement. This is a dangerous game she’s playing, a real dangerous game. – You really did care for her. – When you met her, it was
as the Priscilla profile. – Yes, the Priscilla profile. – Which you created and had
been using for some time? – Yeah, I’ve been using
fake profiles for a while. It all started when I was
at least very young, 13. – Okay, so the story that you told her, you met somebody else? – Yeah, I met somebody
else early September. – [ Nev] A guy. – Yeah. – [Nev] Okay, is that accurate? – Yeah, it’s accurate. – I’m sorry to ask this
but some of the stories that you told her regarding
some family tragedies, that stuff’s not true? – That’s some stuff I
really not want to put … – But your mom is … – She’s alive. – Healthy, and alive? – Yeah, she’s alive. – Well I’m glad to hear that
because as I understood, you told her that your mother passed away. – At this point I don’t even
want answers to anything. I’m (beep) done. – You don’t even … – I don’t even really wanna
know, ’cause obviously it’s some (beep) going on within her. Boo-boo, go get help. – Okay so basically in
2013, Alyssa messaged me and we started talking,
and we hit it off nicely. I felt like we were both ready to meet up and take it to the next level. So it was like I’m free this
weekend, let’s try to meet up. She’s like, “Yeah, sure,”
and then all the sudden she just said, “I can’t
hang out with you.” – Did you call her out
and say like what the F? – No, you know, I was like okay,
you know, I’ll forgive her. We’ll keep going forward. And then after that, her
mother actually was diagnosed with breast cancer and
ultimately passed away. – Were you kind of holding Alyssa’s hand through all of this? – Yeah, I was basically
like her support system throughout all of this. At one point Alyssa’s actually
diagnosed with breast cancer and she went to the
hospital to get treatment. – Wow, so her mom got
diagnosed with breast cancer, and then she got diagnosed
with breast cancer, and then her mom died of breast cancer? – Yeah, it was a rough time. She was there for two or three months. – She was calling you from the hospital? – Yeah, basically,
Alyssa’s cousin, Miranda, was with Alyssa and she
was there to update me. – And was she texting you? – Yeah she was actually
texting me from Alyssa’s phone when she was going through chemotherapy to give me updates on her condition. – Hi, Miranda. – Hi. (dramatic music) – Why did you lead me on? – It’s hard to talk to somebody as myself so behind a screen, it’s
easier to talk to people. I didn’t do any of this
to hurt you at all, and I’m pretty sure you
are hurt, and I’m sorry. – You caused Liz and I to break up because she felt like she
couldn’t trust me anymore. So not only did you hurt me,
but you hurt her as well. – I do feel bad, that’s why
I agreed to meet you guys. – Is anything you told me true? – Yeah, everything I’ve told you is true except for, of course, the pictures. – Does that mean that your
mother recently passed away from breast cancer? – That part, no, that part was not true. I said that … – Well, that’s a huge … – So then everything’s not true. – Well that part. – Did you have cancer? – No. – You came out here and said
everything I said was true except for the pictures,
and now it turns out most of what you said wasn’t true. – I thought you meant
like the whole entire … (somber music) – We talked about
meeting up, on the phone, we talked about that
Friday that we would meet. That Thursday was when
everything kind of happened. His brother passed away,
I asked him what happened, he told me his brother
had died in a car crash. The next day, I find out that his brother had died from cancer. – [Nev] What, how do
you mix those things up? – Yeah. – Usually you don’t pull
the family member died in a car crash card until
at least a month or two in. (laughter) – So this guy doesn’t have good luck, and his brother either had cancer or died in a car accident, or both. – I mean, it’s ridiculous, come on, Ari. – I mean, I can see why,
but I’m just kind of being, I just want all this to be real. – So what happened, you
turned 40, and were just like, “I’m gonna start catfishing.” – It just started off
as a social experiment, and then it turned into an addiction. Something that got ahold of
me when I was vulnerable. I couldn’t understand
why people, women online, couldn’t date me. (dramatic music) – Did you have any brothers that died? – No. – So those stories were all … – Yeah, I just made that (beep) up. – For why, why did you make that up? – Well I didn’t know if
we were gonna meet or not, because I work nights, and
then I sleep during the day so it’s kinda hard to,
it kills your social life working at night. So I had to kind of
create something to where my time was limited. – You know what kills your social life? When you think you’re dating someone that you’re in love with, that
you’re gonna have kids with, and you’re not meeting anyone else because someone’s feeding you
(beep) over the phone. That’s what kills your social life. – So I’m like, “Okay, I’m
gonna give her a chance, “go from talking in DM’s to text messages, “to being on the phone.” Around this time I was
having issues with my mom, and you could kinda say I
was technically homeless. – I was homeless for 12
years, I feel that girl. – Yeah I was going through
a lot, like, you know, she was there, she was comforting me. She was making me feel
good about everything and then we were supposed
to see each other. She ends up telling me that
her daughter had passed. – Whoa. – Oh, that’s (beep). – Her baby’s funeral
was Thursday, and I was supposed to see her that Friday. So I’m like, “You don’t
have to come see me.” She was like, “No I’m still
down to come see you.” So she decides that she’s gonna
bring her best friend, Raven and I have met Raven, I
have seen Raven’s face. – Wait, in person? – No, not in person, on video. And they sounded totally different. – Okay so you’ve talked on
the phone to Nelly a lot, and you’re saying their
voices are very different? – Very different. So me and my best friend,
we get to the hookah bar. I’m calling, sending text messages, nobody’s texting me back. So she ended up responding
to me, she told me, “Oh, I just got into a car accident.” As soon as she said that I knew she was lying, automatically. – And so have you guys
made any plans to meet since that time, or no? [Nev] So what’s going on? – I found Oceanna’s Instagram,
you know, I liked her, I liked what I saw, but I just felt like I couldn’t approach
her because I didn’t think that she would talk to me. So I created a fake page, you know, Nelly, to talk to Oceanna, and then at some point I wanted to end what was
going on, but it was hard. I’m like, how do I tell
her that I’m not the person that she thinks she loves. So I just never ended it. – I don’t even, I don’t
even know what to say. Because we got on video chat. Like that’s crazy, and being on the phone, y’all didn’t sound alike. You know, anything that you’ve said to me, where you were Nelly or Raven,
I was there for you, period. Like for what? You told me that (beep) for what? – My life was (beep) up at the time. When I first met you, I
was going through a lot. Me and my wife had just separated
because she cheated on me in our house with one of my friends. Me and my wife, we live in the same house so we can co-parent, but we split up. – Well you told her your baby daddy … – Well I got a baby, like
for real, like I got a nine month old baby and you know … – So why, why would you like
about some (beep) like that? – Why tell her that your kid died? (dramatic music) – Just to string the lies along. – I felt bad, I felt bad for you. You just threw lies out there. You don’t understand how the (beep) I felt when I was sitting in
there and I was hurt. You should have just (beep) told me. All of those lies did not have to be done. (dramatic music) – We just started talking every day. He said he was a welder,
owned three houses, and he’s third Chief in
line for the Zuni tribe. – Oh, wow. – Yeah, we just started vibing. He’s like the only person I talk to. When I told James about
my son, all he said was “I don’t mind being there
for your son as my own.” – I can see how that would mean a lot. – Yeah. Then he started getting weird. He started saying he bought keys. – Keys of cocaine? – Keys, like, I don’t know. – Wait what is he talking about? – I don’t know what kind of
keys he was talking about. – That’s got to be a drug thing. – Cocaine. – He said he lost 13 to 15 keys. – Shirlene. – Come on. – The cartel has him hanging up right now over a highway in Mexico
if he lost 10 to 15 keys. He might actually be dead. – Wait a second, so he’s telling you all this ridiculous stuff
about having all these drugs, then losing the drugs. – But I didn’t know it was drugs. – [Nev] This is absurd. – I don’t know, I don’t
know what was happening. – How long after this
whole thing did he die? – Like a week. – You got a random text from his phone, but it was his sister. – [Shirlene] Yeah, she
said, “Hey, this is Mya, “James passed away.” – And then your mom was like,
“I don’t think he’s dead.” – [Shirlene] Yeah, my mom
said, “No, he’s still walking on Mother Earth.” – So you texted him back,
and he just wrote back. – I’m not. – Yeah, he’s like, “Hey,
Shirlene, I have to explain.” – But then didn’t? – No. – After he said he died,
did you go on his Facebook to see if people … – No, his Facebook
wasn’t there after that. – It got deactivated? – Yeah. – Huh. Well let’s take a look at this guy. – Okay. (dramatic music) – [Nev] He’s cute. – I like that he has long hair. – So he still has a Facebook. – No I took that before he … – Oh, this is just a screen shot, oh. 25, RIP my baby girls. – He had two little
girls, they passed away. – Do you believe that? – It says it on his Facebook. – Did he have photos of them? – No. – [Cami] Hi. – What’s up? – I’m Cami. – Mya. – [Cami] Mya? – Mya, yeah. – [Cami] Nice to meet you. – [Nev] And this, as
you know, is Shirlene. – [Mya] Yeah. (dramatic music) – So, James, is that a real … – Is he real? – No. – Okay. – Was it you? – Yeah. – [Nev] It’s been you the whole time. – [Mya] Yeah. – [Nev] Okay. – Why did you do this to me, I mean, you basically wasted my
time coming out here. I have a little boy. – Yeah. – Let’s go in here, just
so you don’t have to feel like everybody’s looking at you. Do you live here in Tuba City? – Yeah, I live here and in Zuni. – Okay, so you are Zuni? – Half Navajo, half Zuni. – Half Navajo, half Zuni, okay. And how old are you? – I’m 18. – You’re a youngin,
I’m way older than you. Oh my gosh, this is weird. Are those little girls real? – The daughters that James
said died, are those … – No. – That’s a (beep) up thing to lie about. – Yeah, I would never
lie about my son dying. Like that part you should have never said. – I know. – How did you come up with all these lies? You talked about keys,
you talked about dying, you talked about a lot of stuff. I cried, I literally cried. – When I did that, that was me trying to let that profile die down,
and I tried shutting it down but I couldn’t really
let it go and everything because I would have
no one else to talk to. (dramatic music) – So me and her’s just
talking, then a year after, she disappeared, and then
I got a weird message in my email, and he was
her friend, Destiny Lopez. She said, “Hey, Shana’s my
friend and she passed away.” (dramatic music) – Had you ever heard of Destiny before, or she just was a random
friend of Shana’s? – Just a random person. – Wow. – So I was feeling heartbroken. I was hurt and I cared
about her and I loved her, so I’m like, “I just lost a girl “that I’ve never even
met yet, anyways, too.” It was hard for me to move on. I was talking to other
girls and stuff like that, and then I started dating other
girls, but it was just hard. – When Shana died, did
her Facebook page go away, or did it just … – [CJ] Yes, disappeared. – [Nev] It disappeared. – [CJ] Completely. And then two years later,
I’m scrolling on Facebook, and it says People You
May Know, Shana Vasquez. – Wait, wait, wait, sorry, you
find out from Shana’s friend that she died, and you don’t
talk to her for two years. – Two years. – And then all the
sudden she pops up in … – I’m scrolling on Facebook. (dramatic music) – Did she accept it? – And I started instantly
hitting her with messages. I’m like, “Are you kidding me? “It’s been two years, I thought
(mumbles) down like that, “where the (beep) have you been? “What’s going on?” (laughter) – Wow, back from the dead. – Uh-huh, and then she
told me, “I apologize, “I’ve been going through
stuff, I just got out “of a bad relationship. “It was a violent relationship
and I didn’t know how “to handle it and stuff.” Like she always knew how to get me back. And when she popped back
up, I was in a relationship. – And what happened to that relationship? – Oh we broke up. – Think it had something to
do with Shana being back? – Uh-huh, she caught me
texting her and stuff like that you know, so it was like … – Oh man, texting a dead girl? (laughter) – [CJ] Yeah. – You broke up with a real living person for a Facebook zombie? – Uh-huh. – You must really love Shana. – I do, I love her. – How did you get all
those pictures, though? – Some girl that was friends
with my son on Facebook. – Oh, how many kids do you have? – Five. – Wow. – Do you really have a daughter? – I do, I call her (beep). – Was she really sick and stuff? – No. – So you set up a GoFundMe
page for a daughter with fake cancer? – I did. – That’s sick. – [Nev] That’s seriously sick. – Were you … – I think I was just
trying to cover the lie that I had told him. I wasn’t, I didn’t have like, it wasn’t, “Oh, well I’m just gonna
rob people of their money,” it was another lie to cover another lie, to cover another lie. – Who was Destiny? – Me. (dramatic music) – Are you serious? Why did you tell me that you died? – I just really wanted to
be done with the situation. I didn’t want to keep lying. But then I felt bad because
you were really hurt over her. – But then you started
talking to other people as Destiny, and obviously
continued talking as Shana, too, because we reached out
to a handful of people on Shana’s Facebook page, and most of them have a very similar story as to CJ. – Mm-hmm. – If you’d done it to one person, you maybe could say you felt bad. But to see that you’ve been doing it to I don’t even know how many. I mean, do you even know how many people you’ve talked to as her? (dramatic music)

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