5-ingredient DESSERTS to impress » vegan + easy

5-ingredient DESSERTS to impress » vegan + easy

Today we’re going to be making three different desserts all of which require just five ingredients or less. These desserts are so good. They’re really easy to make. They’re likely going to be more wholesome than any store-bought versions that you might try. I really can’t wait for you guys to give these recipes a try. I know you’re going to love them. As usual, the breakdown to all of the recipes can be found on the blog. I’ll leave those links for you in the description box below. Now, let’s get started. First up, we’re gonna make these super gooey, salted caramel brownies. The five ingredients you’re gonna need for this are some soft dates, cocoa or cacao powder, roasted pecans, some dairy-free dark chocolate and some coconut oil and optional here is some flaked sea salt. We’re gonna begin by coarsely chopping half a cup of dairy free dark chocolate. Then we’re gonna remove the seeds from two cups of soft dates. If your dates aren’t soft, you want to soak it in warm water for ten minutes first, then drain it. We’re then gonna add this to a food processor, along with two tablespoons of coconut oil and a tablespoon of water. Give it a blitz, stopping on occasion to scrape down the sides and repeat this until the dates are a smooth, sticky consistency. Then we’re gonna add 1/2 a cup of roasted pecans and a pinch of salt. Blend this again, stopping to scrape down the sides a couple of times, but with this one we do want some of the chunks of pecans to remain. We’re then going to remove the blades from the food processor and use it as a mixing bowl. Adding in half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder and the chocolate chunks, give it a mix until everything is well combined. A little side note for anybody who doesn’t have a food processor, you don’t need one to make these brownies. All you need to do is make sure that your dates are soft enough that you can just mash it with a back of a fork, you can finely chop the pecans and then add all of the ingredients to a bowl and give it a mix. It’s a little bit more manual labor but the end result is much the same. Then we’re gonna line a baking dish with some parchment paper and add to it the brownie mix. Press it down and smooth it out evenly and a tip here is to use a spatula, if you have one because it’s not gonna stick to the batter as much as if you use the back of a spoon or your fingers. This mixture is super sticky. It is delicious if you enjoy it just as is but I think it’s even more divine when it’s been baked so here I’m gonna bake it for about 10 minutes at 180° C or 350° F. When you’ve removed it from the oven, you can sprinkle on top a bit of chopped, roasted pecans and that optional sprinkle of sea salt flakes. Then let it cool for 15 minutes before you cut it. These brownies are really dense. So, I like to cut them into little bite-sized pieces and grab one or two when my sweet tooth strikes. But you can also cut these into larger squares as well. Here, we drizzled on a little bit of melted dark chocolate to make it extra fancy because Can you really ever go wrong with more chocolate? These brownies are super gooey. They’re gooey, they’re fudgy and it’s best kept in the fridge if you manage to not eat them all in one go. This recipe is easily one of our newest obsessions. Next up we’re gonna make this baked fruit crumble. The five ingredients you’re gonna need for this are: rolled oats, some coconut oil, a bit of brown sugar, some cinnamon and your fruit of choice like peaches, pears any kind of berry or other stone fruits work great as well. To make the topping, we’re gonna add one cup of rolled oats to a bowl along with a tablespoon of brown sugar, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and two tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Then we’re gonna give it a stir and set it aside. After we’ve washed our fruits, we’re gonna chop them up into little bite-sized pieces. The smaller the pieces, the quicker they’re gonna cook and the softer they’re gonna be. To make about six servings of this crumble, you’re gonna need about six cups worth of fruit. And when it is cut, just place it onto your baking tray. If you’re using little ramekins like we are here, you want to fill it right to the top because it’s gonna deflate as the fruits cook and release their moisture. Then we’re gonna top each one evenly with some of the reserved oatmeal mixture, and you can sprinkle on some optional chopped raw pecans too if you’d like. Then we’re gonna bake it in the oven at 180°C or 350°F for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the juices are bubbling, the oatmeal is golden and that fruit is tender. We’re gonna let it cool for a few minutes before enjoying it as is or if you’d like to make it a little bit extra, you can top it with some plant-based ice cream or yogurt. We made a few varieties here just to show you how adaptable and modifiable this recipe can be depending on what fruit you want to add. This is one of those desserts too that’s perfect for any time of year. The final recipe that we’re gonna make are these tropical tie-dye style popsicles. This recipe calls for only four ingredients actually, one of which is a can of full fat coconut milk, some frozen raspberries, some pineapple juice and a fresh lime. We’re gonna begin by measuring out half a cup of pineapple juice from a jar or alternatively, you could use peach juice, litchi juice or any other juice that you’d like. To a bowl, we’re gonna add the coconut milk, half of a lime which has been juiced and the fruit juice and give it a whisk and add it to a popsicle mold. Here, I first had to transfer it to a jug that had a spout so that I could pour it easily without it spilling and you want to fill up the molds leaving about a centimeter of room at the top which is where we’re gonna add the raspberries later. But first we’re gonna place it in the freezer for about an hour to an hour and a half so that the liquid starts to solidify a bit. Meanwhile, we’re gonna stew a cup of frozen raspberries, which you can do either in the microwave or on the stove. Just heating it until it’s cooked and soft and then we’re gonna remove it from the heat and let it cool. After the hour or so is up, we can remove the popsicles from the freezer and spoon on some of that cooled raspberry mix Because the coconut liquid has started to crystallize the raspberry mixture isn’t going to sink straight to the bottom. So, we’re gonna use a popsicle stick to gently push it down and create that swirl pattern and then we’re gonna carefully position the popsicle stick in the center. Then we’re gonna return the mold to the freezer and let the popsicles freeze completely which could take anywhere between four to eight hours When you’re ready to enjoy it, you can remove it from the freezer. Run it under some warm water so that it pops right out and then enjoy it right away. This is a perfect dessert or snack as we enter the warmer months and it’s perfect for both kids and adults alike. I hope you’ve enjoyed these recipes that we’ve shared with you today and that you do give at least one, if not all three of them a try and if you do be sure to tag us on Instagram so that we can see. I think that’s it for today. Pick Up Limes signing off. If you enjoyed the video, it always means a lot to us when you give it a thumbs up. Pick Up Limes signing off, we’ll see you in the next video. Yeah, okay ready I think you need about- Oh we’re gonna try it anyway. Okay. Oh shoot. Oh, no.

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