5 TMNT Gadgets in REAL LIFE πŸ’πŸ‰πŸ—‘οΈ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

5 TMNT Gadgets in REAL LIFE πŸ’πŸ‰πŸ—‘οΈ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

what up what up I’m Chad Wild Clay and welcome to five ninja weapons vs. fruit and we are going to be using the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weapons I’ve always been a huge fan I’m going to go buy their weapons and see how each of them perform against some various fruit this should be fun let’s do it! okay guys first up let’s start with Michelangelo the party dude he wields a pair of nunchucks so the nunchucks are a weapon that consists of two sticks connected at their ends by a short chain or maybe a piece of rope now nunchuks are traditionally a defensive weapon they’re used to like catch and lock and disarm other weapons from people who are attacking you but in all the teenage Ninja Turtle shows Michelangelo uses them more as an attack weapon so that’s how we’re going to be using them what’s really funny is in the 1990s when I used to watch the ninja turtles in the United Kingdom nunchucks were actually banned from being shown being used on TV so the cartoon actually had to have Michelangelo not use them he had to fight with his fists and eventually they gave him like a rope with a grappling hook on it so if you ever watched a ninja turtles in the 90s and you said why is it Michelangelo using his nunchucks that’s why okay so let’s jump online and see if we can buy some of these okay here it’s on natural wooden nunchaku with ball bearing chain $8.99 that is a really good deal guys they can really take the abuse that’s good I hope they can take the abuse of fruit that’s what we’re going to be doing perfect for your school I don’t think you should be bringing these to school guys that you’re probably going to get in big trouble if you do that overall length 12 inches made of sturdy natural round hardwood with grooves on the handles these will last for years to come even with abuse all right well let’s add these to cart and test these babies out on some fruit okay guys I got the package here let’s open it on up I ordered the hardwood ones so I think those are most similar to Michelangelo take this paper off here okay we got some grooves in the handles here so they don’t split of your hands we have metal ball bearings that spin here three inch chain it looks like trying not to hit myself in my face here that would really hurt okay I shouldn’t be spinning it around inside let’s go outside and test these babies out all right it comes becomes Michelangelo I know this is the wrong color but all I have so just preach on not Michelangelo and I’ve got my nunchucks here in my belt loop go like this! I’ll try not to hit the camera yeah These are more of a defensive weapon but we’ll see how they do against a watermelon Look at it dripping all over. watermelons juice anybody? before we get into the next ninja weapon make sure you guys have that Bell symbol notification turned on right next to the subscribe button underneath this video that will alert you when I go live which is before almost every video and it alerts you of every video so you can come hang out with me on the livestream and you can hang out with me in the comments down below because I respond to your comments for the first 30 minutes of every video next up we’ve got Donatello typically considered the smartest of the ninja turtles at least when it comes to like inventions and machine his weapon of choice is the bo staff usually made of tapered hardwood it’s a versatile weapon able to defend as well as attack its length allows the user to keep enemies at a distance and twirling the staff can quickly block enemy attacks so let’s see what we can find online here this looks perfect natural hardwood bo six foot fighting staff that’s a long bow staff holy cow the natural hardwood bo is an attractive fighting staff perfect for martial arts competitors is made of strong hardwood with a glossy natural finish add to cart oh alright let’s open this bad boy up and see what we have here what they gave me three little bo staffs! What?! Just kidding. You got to put it together so let’s go to the centerpiece where your hands hold on to the grip and then the two end pieces are just solid wood there’s the three pieces we can see it’s got a screw there to screw into the others where’s the hole on the top right there rue this day began now if you ever get in a fight hopefully your bow is already preassembled because I don’t think your enemies going to wait for you to hang on sir I know we’re about to get into a fight but i need to put together my bo staff if you don’t mind just waiting a minute here there we go whew that is long i’m at the backup really far so you guys can see it I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall and this is almost as tall as me definitely not going to spin this around inside because I’ll be hitting the lights on the ceiling and not get all kinds of stuff over so let’s go outside and see how the bo staff handles some fruit Donatello with the bow of staff again wrong color I know you’ll have to deal with it guys. Let’s go! and the bo staff just broke with one swing look at this crack! one swing on a papaya fruit and the bo staff broke so okay guys this bo staff is not good for actual fights you make it one good smack on your enemy but then your weapon is destroyed it’s broke totally broken all lobster now the papaya won. yep papaya beats bo staff. oh look at that the fruit totally beat the bo staff. there there’s a slight dent here but that’s about it and before we go into the next ninja weapon please give this video a thumbs up to let me know that you liked it if this video gets a lot of thumbs up I plan on doing another ninja weapon video I love ninja weapons I would love to do some more if you guys like it next up we have Leonardo. Leonardo is typically the leader of the Ninja Turtles he’s the oldest of the four brothers and he is most known for his dueling swords a lot of people mistake them as katana blades actual name of the weapon he uses is ninjaken which are more of a straight blade and the katana is more of a curved blade so one of the differences is that the blades that Leonardo users are typically a little bit shorter than the katana blade and apparently this weapon is kind of a media creation so we’ll see if we can find some if you can’t we’ll just get the closest thing we can find all right well I looked for ninjaken, I couldn’t find anything that matched exactly so I checked out some katana blades here I found one that has my name in it autumn leaves clay tempered katana sword four hundred dollars oh then I need to get two of these to be the real Leonardo so let’s keep looking for something else here we go gladiator warrior twin sword set with double shoulder sheath twenty dollars has much better n they come with the the sheath so you can just pull them on your back like like just like Leonardo has. They’re straight swords they’re a little bit shorter so I think these are actually pretty similar to what Leonardo uses let’s add these to cart alright guys look what we’ve got gladiator twin sword set ooh la la look at these Wow tip guard here but it’s so sharp it actually went right through the tip guard whoo that is sharp okay it’s got to be careful with these wow I’m impressed and there’s two of them wow that is sharp then i am going to be very careful with these i do not want to poke my eye out or anything stupid like that and comes with the shoulder sheath let’s add the other sword here I think I just wear it like a backpack let’s try it alright guys well let’s head outside and cut some fruit now I’m really Leonardo and I just noticed that this little sheet here how they don’t buckle that’s nice I can’t reach it there we go there’s one good got it yeah I’m gonna be careful with you is because I do not going to hurt myself okay guys we can’t let the papaya beat us so i’m pretty sure Leonardo blade are going to beat the papaya oh look at that okay a nice slice. let’s see van Gogh matters one that almost end stand up, there we go. ahh! That was a good slice! wow I think when I’m slicing up some cantaloupe this summer for a tasty treat I think I’m going to use these blades because that was much faster than a normal knife. mmm that smells good! next up we’ve got my favorite ninja turtle Raphael where is it here he’s right there in the red headband and he is known for having a quick temper ah gets angry very easily a very sarcastic sense of humor he wields a pair of sais The sai is a defensive weapon it has those two little hooks perfect for trapping weapons especially blades I don’t think the fruit that will be fighting today are going to be attacking us much so I’m not sure we’re going to get some good use out of the defensive capabilities of the sais. so because Rafael was always my favorite ninja turtle when I was a little kid my dad actually made me a sai at his work where he had some metal welding equipment I love it was awesome i would go out in the cornfield behind my house and i would attack the corn like they were foot soldiers. the farmers who own the cornfield weren’t too happy about that but i actually never got caught i just heard that they were complaining about people destroying their corn instead of having my dad make me some more sais let’s just go buy some online here Wow deluxe octagon sai $17 only that is really cheap! mirror polished stainless steel construction wrapped handle for extreme grip set of two 19 and 1/4 inches it’s made of steel forgings with an eight faceted blade this type of balance blade is highly recommended by experts wait which experts people who are still fighting ninjas cannot be shipped to New York good thing I don’t live there look at it to cart and check this baby out! all right here are the sais let’s check these out came in a white cardboard box take this out look at that that is a beauty this part is not sharp at all I can just spin my hand right on it so it’s got eight sides so it’s an octagon and then it does have a point here this section here is great for blocking and trapping them so someone comes at you you just lock their weapon like that we give it a little twist and it flies out of their hands and then you go in for the stab. don’t want to break my lens alright guys so let’s take these outside and see how they do on some fruit and now my favorites Rapheal with the sai Whoo! That’s a heavy watermelon! here we go I got my own sai holder now ok so now i think i can get some watermelon juice Nope! Never mind. and we’ve got a final fifth bonus weapon it’s not a ninja turtles but its power rangers related which was the last video i did i did 10 awful power rangers toys and one of those toys was the power ranger movie role play foam morph blade I’ve got that right here you sought from the last video let’s see how a mighty morphin power rangers blade handles some fruit It’s morphin time! wait, let me put on my face mask cuz and i’ve got some important to say. It’s morphin time! yes okay guys it’s nothing’s not doing much good on this watermelon I’m going to do the grand finale on the watermelon else please all the weapons and see how messy we can get this watermelon okay guys we were just cleaning out and we noticed in this tree right here they go on in the tree some watermelon and flew up here I don’t know if you get to be that check that uh oh man that’s up there it goes alright guys if you have not seen this video I think you’ll find it super hilarious if you’re not already subscribed click right over here I’m sure you’re already subscribed though because you’re cool that’s a good one too check it out so all right I’ll see you guys real soon with a brand new video. Oh shoot! okay I’m putting these down

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