5. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegan + Gluten-Free

Hi, everyone welcome back to my channel Happy to have you here today Because we are diving into episode number [five] in the what I eat in a day series This has been a really fun series to put together and you guys have been loving it So we’re going to continue rolling with it. I have two quick announcements before we dive in today’s video The first is that we have reached over 10,000 subscribers on the channel [I] am so pumped and can’t thank you guys enough for all that you have done to support the growth [of] this channel It’s been so fun putting these videos together And I love being able to share my content with you, so to celebrate the Milestone of 10k I’m going to be hosting a giveaway with Bob’s Red Mill, which will be in the video going live tomorrow and We are going to be giving away all of my favorite products so stay tuned for that make sure that you Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed [already] and you can enter to win the second thing [that] I wanted [to] mention is [that] I’ve actually put together a Clean eating meal plan for you guys that is based off of these what I eat videos So because they’ve been so popular I wanted to give you [a] resource that you could use when your meal planning for yourself or when you go to the grocery store that uses the philosophies that I use in my everyday life and It’s seven days of clean healthy delicious Vegan and gluten free recipes So if you’re interested in checking that out you [can] click the link in the description below And I think you guys are really gonna like it, [so] without further ado Let’s dive into the fifth episode of the what I eat in a day series [I] Know you know every day. I start my day with a big glass of water today I squeezed in the juice of half of the lemon and I wanted to show you the water filter that I use This is the soma water filter. It’s sustainable and plant-based which I absolutely love in the water tastes really good I just keep it in my fridge, so I poured a probably 16 ounce I think this is a pint glass of water drank it up and then went out for my walk with [Trevi], so I walked in Riverside park this morning, which is on the upper [west] side and it was so lush and green out So pretty such a good morning And then after the walk [Matt] and I walked to the gym and yoga Went to a hot yoga class and matt went off to the gym. This is the yoga studio I go to it’s called pure yoga on the upper west side. It’s then super spiritual. I love it Then I came home And this is when I get greeted by the little love of my life this little furball so cute She always greets me at the door like this and then rolls over onto her back for a belly rub She loves her belly rubs, and I decided to have a bowl of yogurt with fruit on top This is the yogurt that I ate it’s a vanilla almond milk version and what I really like [about] it Is it’s vegan Dairy-free and soy free, but what I love is that it’s actually sweetened with fruit juice instead of cane sugar So this is the texture I’m just stirring and I just opened it and you can see it’s pretty creamy, and it has a great flavor So on top of that I decided to do some sliced strawberries and also a banana And I just sliced them both up, and then this is the granola that I use This is a toasted coconut and quinoa granola that I made at home. I’m still working on the recipe It’s not finalized yet, so I’ll share that when it is I also added in some hemp seeds and some chia seeds for a little bit of protein and just sprinkled everything on top and there Is my beautiful granola Bowl? You guys know how much I love having my greens in the morning So I had a side of green juice with my granola And this is the green aid that I buy from Whole foods It’s a really beautiful color lots of veggies sweetened with apple, and it’s definitely one of my favorites [I’m] of course eating at my desk because I always do and going in for the first bite get some banana Make sure I get some granola on there so good and then the next bite with strawberries mmM. This was honestly like the perfect Bowl My mid-morning Snack was my energizing Matcha latte, and that’s just organic Matcha Powder monk fruit extract Mct oil which is made from coconuts and some homemade hemp milk and You just start with about a teaspoon of Matcha Powder I add in about a teaspoon of the MCT oil I sprinkle in some of the monk fruit extract and then just a splash of the hemp milk add in some boiling water and It depends [on] how much we want I think [I] made about like a 12 ounce version and then you just blend it up on the blender for like [five] seconds and that’s it super creamy and so good great little boost of Energy and Antioxidants everything like that. I love Matcha well I was enjoying my Matcha latte miss Trevi was definitely not energized Snoozin like a clown Lunch today was a piece of cinnamon raisin toast and this is the sprouted version from food for life I really loved it and also some avocado Pesto zucchini noodles so I’m going to start with the avocado Pesto and These are the ingredients that you’re going to need I’ll show you right [now] How you start to make it so we just 1/2 and core the avocados scoop out the flesh Put them into your food processor. I did two avocados because I’m making extra because I’m going to bring it to dinner tonight So we’ll see [that] in a minute so we do two avocados and then probably about two cups of basil, and I just Put it into the food [processor] And then I squeezed in the juice of one lemon, and this is the lemon squeezer that I have I think it’s [oxxo] I really like it, and then I did three or four cloves of garlic [I] would say that just go for taste and then for the nut or seed version I did a quarter cup of hemp seeds, and then a Sprinkle of salt And then all you do is blend it up in the food processor Just go until it’s completely smooth, and it takes probably five minutes or so, but look it’s avocado Pesto It’s so good for the zucchini To get started you [just] cut off the ends and then I like to cut them in half because I find it easier to spiralize so I’m doing 2 zucchinis because I’m taking the leftovers with me and Then you just secure the spiralizer to the counter and then just go ahead and spiral eyes, so I Used the thin kind of spaghetti blade And that’s the end love to eat that as a snack [and] then [I] just transfer it all to a bowl and I’m actually pulling it apart so that it makes it into smaller more manageable Spaghetti strands and then you transfer in your pesto And then just using salad tongs [just] [combine] everything all together and it takes a little bit but it’s easy to do and then here is the final lunch So I ended up putting some of my nyx nut butter on the cinnamon raisin toast and I had the avocado pesto noodles over some Greens with a little bit of extra hemp seeds for some protein Lunch was actually not that filling so I decided to make a green smoothie as my mid-afternoon snack I started with about [2] cups of spinach and then about a cup of Cucumber half a scoop of vegan protein powder some Spirulina Powder some rock [ikaw] powder And then my favorite spices which are tumeric and cinnamon and then for my frozen fruit I did frozen raspberries and frozen cherries Blended that up with a little bit of water, and it was like a creamy dreamy Chocolate milkshake it was so good very [sweet], but also kind of tart at the same time such a good snack My cousin invited us down for dinner, and I decided to walk down which was about 60 blocks It was a long walk But it was totally worth it because it was a beautiful evening and we ate outside in her [packed] patio She’s like a little back Garden Decorated with Christmas lights super cute [matt] ended up meeting us down there, and this is when he got to the house look at chubbies. She’s so cute She’s so excited to see him all the time I Love her so for dinner We did a bunch of vegetables, so I roasted some sweet potato with some mushrooms onions [I] also made a massage kale salad and we had rose a you can see Lisa pouring in the back So the kale salad was just torn up kale and then the dressing was lemon juice some olive oil [I] also have minced up some garlic and put it in there And then [just] salt pepper mix it all together pour it on the salad and then massage it until the kale gets soft So this ends up breaking down the cell walls, and it makes the kale a lot easier to eat And you can see it’s so pretty look at those pieces of garlic and then it was time to enjoy a glass of Rose a there’s Lisa and Matt and Here’s the whole group and then our spread for dinner. So here is our kale salad our roasted sweet potatoes and mushrooms Some warm chickpeas the pesto pasta and then of course the quinoa because we can’t have dinner without quinoa Here’s my plate with the zucchini noodles My [Rose’] my kale salad, and it ended up being such an awesome evening And I love spending time with them And I’m so happy and grateful that they’re here in the city to hang out with all right there We have it my friends that concludes episode number 5 in the what I eat in a day series Hope you enjoyed today’s video And I wanted to let you know that the avocado pesto noodles that recipe will be up on the blog shortly So I’ll make sure to come back to this video and update the description with a link to my blog when that goes live [I] Think it’s going to go live next week [and] other than that I would love to hear what you thought if you have comments or questions about any of the recipes I [shared] today or if you actually have Recipes that you think that I would enjoy [or] that you want to see featured in these what I eat in a day videos feel free to leave me a comment in the comment Box below and If you haven’t subscribed to the channel already I would love to have you join the community I’ll leave a button up in this little corner that you can click and that Will just give [you] notifications for whenever I post a new video so other than that I will see you guys in the next video, and I hope you have an awesome day [I] you

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