#56 Fish tank full set Unboxing

#56 Fish tank full set Unboxing

Greeting Everyone myself Karthick Today we going to unboxing few products from Aquatic Remedies Lets see…. Guys last time we used a nano tank for Betta tank from Aquatic Remedies After they saw that setup video, this time they sponsored tank and other products for Shrimp tank so we see products one by one and also i mention all the product price list in video itself because many asking the price details in comment section we provide all details in video itself, so watch till end it will help you to get all details. These are the products sponsored by Aquatic Remedies for our channel asusual the tank is wrapped well and now we unbox it and see the product details First, there is a aquarium light and bacteria powder and then shrimp suppliment minerals and substrate which is suitable for plant and shrimps and finally cosmetic sand these are the 6 products given to setup a shrimp tank first we start from tank This tank is 30x30x30 cm cube nano tank this is made of low iron tank or opti white tank we already shared the details about this tank, if you missed please click the link at top of the screen Next we gonna unboxing the light inside box there is a light and adaptor we can able to fix this light in tank itself, its a screw type we can keep this light any corner of the tank and especially this style shows the tank classic look and we have a switch attached in adaptor and also a switch available in lighting unit its a plug type model to connect between light and adaptor this light is suitable for nano tanks details like kelvin, watts are not availble in box, but they mentioned there is 45 leds used in this light and no other details available now we switch on the light and see the power of light is good and its very flexible we can adjust the intensity of light due to flexibility Next we gonna see the substrate system and it is called as PLATINUM SOIL A beautiful shrimp in cover conveys that this product is suitable for shrimps They provided me a 3 litre bag and it have 9 litres bag also which is suitable for 60cm tanks Next we about to see RIVER NATURA it is a cosmetic sand which is machine cut due to this, the sand doesnt have sharp edges and its very suitable for shrimps Platinum soil and cosmetic sand both never change the TDS in water so its maintain the quality of water and very safe for shrimps Next we gonna see RE MINERELLE and Bacteria powder X-BAC we know bacteria powder helps to form the bacteria colony in filteration use this RE MINERELLE provides the required minerals to shrimp and it provides few bacterias which is good for shrimp and babies it provides the good colors in shrimps and it helpful for molting stages so these six products are suitable to setup a shrimp tank within 2 – 3 weeks, we setup this tank and do subscribe and press bell icon to not miss any of our videos in future the price list mentioned here is given by Aquatic Remedies if you are in Chennai, you have chance to get in less amount while visiting the shop Hope this video is very useful and if you like give Likes Share the video if any doubts, please write in comments section, i will reply for sure Do not forget to subscribe and press the BELL icon Byeeeeeee

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  1. Hi bro enkitta 3*2*1 feet size tank irukku a second handed enaku kjm ideas kudukreengla about type of fishes to add and scaping too… Pls….

  2. 😍😍😍😍😍😍Bro fish ah pathi mattum video podama intha budgies and zebra finches then pigeon pets birds ah pathi video podunga bro pls pls helpful ah erukum 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Bro please make your videoin hindi or English as there are many viewers who are not able to understand the language and this is also one way to grow on social media.

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