6 ‘Catfish’ No One Suspected | Ranked: Catfish

6 ‘Catfish’ No One Suspected | Ranked: Catfish

The reason why you (bleep)
stupid idiots can never find Tony
is because I’m Tony. What’s happening?
What’s going on? Why the (bleep)
would you do that? “Hi, Nev, I need help in
meeting my fiancé Steven!” Wait. “I need help
in meeting my fiancé”? Yeah. So she’s engaged to someone
and according to this, they’ve
never met. That’s crazy! “Here’s a little background
information about how my
relationship started. “In 2010,
my father passed away. “It was a tough time for me
because it was so unexpected
and I was very close to him. “My world began to crash.
I was drinking every night. “I also began engaging
in a lot of sexual activity. “Then, one day, I was going
through my friend requests on
Facebook and there was Steven. “I didn’t think anything of it
because I noticed he was an
aspiring rapper. “I get a lot of messages from
people who are into the music
industry “because they see I work at
Power 96, one of Miami’s
top radio stations. “What really got me to start
talking to him was the fact “that it seemed like he
genuinely cared. “Every day, he reminds me
that I am important. “He has been my rock.
Now, 2 1/2 years later,
I am desperate to meet him. “By the way,
he’s from Atlanta. “He travels a lot because he
does shows to promote himself. “We’ve never met and I’m fearful
that there’s a reason why. “I’ve tried to video chat
with him once “but his webcam wasn’t working
and neither was his microphone. “Please help me finally
get to hold Steve.
Thank you. Cassandra.” How are you? Good. How are you? I’m good. This is
my best friend Gladys. Hey, Gladys, is it all right
if I sit over here? You’re not gonna get one too? I don’t know.
I’m thinking about it. Put this over here. Okay. How far back
do you guys go? We started friends pre-K. First day of school,
first person I met. She came up to me and said,
“I like pickles.” I wouldn’t really say
she’s my best friend. I look at her more
like my sister. What’s the sort of magic
ingredient that makes your
friendship so awesome? I mean, we can never
stay mad at each other. Yeah. Like, after a while,
we’ll just look at each
other and start laughing. How much has Cassie
told you about Steven? He got you out of
the hole you were in
that you dug yourself. Yeah. She didn’t listen to me,
her mother, or her sister. She’d go to, like,
you know, like the frat
parties and stuff like that. I wouldn’t tell her
about it ’cause she’d
try and talk me out of it. Yeah, I’d try to call her.
Like, I barely reached her. And then when she started
talking to Steve, I started
seeing my Cassie back. But the whole proposal… Yeah. That’s crazy. …was a little
sketchy to me. Marriage wasn’t just
like this wild idea that
just popped in my head. I really did think about it
before I asked. He could be, you know,
someone that he’s not. Or he can be him. He can be him. (doorbell rings) Did you knock? I rang the doorbell. Hey, guys. Hey, Gladys. Where’s Tony?
Is he here? Yeah. So, like, his music is
adding up to Steve’s music. I need to know
what’s up with that. So, like,
you think it’s Tony? Did you know about it? (groans) Steve…
I made up Steve. Steve is me. But the person
you’ve been… (bleep) that! (Cassie exhales) (screams) (bleep)! Like, I just did it
so she can change. I just tried to make
a perfect guy, maybe she can have
a sense of what a guy is instead of treating her like
crap like all the other ones. But Tony’s the one
she’s been talking to. (exhales) I’m shaking.
I need to sit down. Is Tony in love with her? He just did it
’cause I asked him to. This is (bleep).
So I’m a joke?
I’m a joke? I don’t know
what to tell you, but, I mean, you have
every right to be furious and feel totally
confused and upset
and maybe even betrayed. What the (bleep)
is up with that? There are a lot of
questions I have and
I’m sure you have. I do think it’s in your
best interest to hear
what she has to say, not to say that it’s
not totally (bleep) up that she’s involved in
this and that she didn’t
say something sooner. Show me the phone.
I need to see…
see the phone. I don’t believe, like… You see this says
Steve with a heart. (musical ringtone) See? I did it because
I love you and because
I want you to be a better person
than what you were then. “Dear Nev and Max,
my name is Infiniti. I’m 19 and work retail…” In New York City! “…at a busy store
in New York City, but I’m also working
toward becoming
a professional dancer.” Whoa! “I’m writing you guys
because six months ago, I met
this guy named Dave online. Dave is a 25-year-old
who loves music and me.” (laughs) He’s got two likes. Yeah. “He’s outgoing, funny,
and goofy just like I am.” ♪ I don’t want to run around ♪ “He’s the person
I talk to in the morning “and he’s the last person
I say good night to. “He’s incredible but he’s
also kind of a mystery. “Dave being from New York
should have made it easy
for us to go on a date, “but he’s always saying
he’s traveling for work
or his phone’s broken. He apologizes and says
he’ll make it up to me,
but he never does.” ♪ I don’t want to run around
no I don’t ♪ “Recently, he went
to Los Angeles for work “and told me he won’t
be back until March. “After all this time, I feel
like I should have met him, “and I’m through with it. I’m really hoping
you guys can help me.
Sincerely, Infiniti.” “Hey, guys, I found Dave’s
Instagram but it’s locked
so I can’t see anything. I know we were following
each other, so I don’t
know what the deal is.” Well, maybe when she told
him that she had called
us to be on “Catfish,” he locked it up. Ooh! “I have two friends
that I told about you guys
coming to town. “The first is my best
friend Nelly and the
second is my friend Nay. They know I’m dating Dave.
If you want to talk to
them, it’s cool.” So Nay and Nelly, I would
just throw up there as
two possible suspects, considering I think
this is gonna be a girl because she hasn’t talked
to him on the phone. Yeah. So let’s call
the friends now. All right,
let’s call the friends. (line ringing)Hello? Hey, is this Nelly? It’s Nev and Max
from “Catfish.”Hi.I know that Infiniti
told you we were in town, so we were hoping we could
talk to you for a minute. Can we FaceTime you? Nelly!Hi.We were just curious to
kind of get your take on Dave. Are you skeptical
that he might not be
who he says he is? Wait. You were
supposed to meet in Miami? Wow. So you guys planned
a whole trip sort of
around him being there. And then
he wasn’t even there. She’s never even talked
to him on the phone. She’s telling us things
that she apparently
isn’t telling you. She’s also not telling
us things that clearly
have happened. Yeah. All right. Maybe
we’ll run into you in
the next couple days. All right.
Thanks, Nelly. So that’s interesting.
Who is lying now? Right. Is Infiniti just leaving
certain details out because she doesn’t want
to make Dave seem worse
than he already does? Or is she telling two
different stories to two
different sets of people? Right. That might be her. Hey! Hi. How you doin’?
Thanks for coming out. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Come on in. Hi, Nelly. You okay? No. All right. So, I know you
know what’s been going on
with Infiniti and Dave. This morning, I got
a phone call from a girl named Cabria. Okay. And she said she didn’t
like that Ray took the rap
for something he didn’t do and that we should
talk to you. Cabria called
and said that? Yeah. You can’t be mad
at me, okay? Okay? I’m listening. Ray told me
that it was him and he told me not to
tell you, so I didn’t. But… Like, uh… That’s it? (Infiniti crying) That’s not it. Come on. There’s more. (sighs) So, um…
So it wasn’t Ray. It’s been me. You are… You have been
Dave this whole time? Yep. Infiniti,
you did it to me. Nelly, when did I ever do
anything like that to you? You gave that boy my number
in high school and you
thought it was so funny. Even if so, that was like…
that was years ago. Yeah, but…
and then I got you back. Hold on a second. You did it as a joke? Yeah. I thought
it was funny at first,
and then it just went on. So in high school, she
gave your number to a boy
that liked her as a joke? Yeah, and then it
wasn’t a joke because
he was, like, obsessed. But that ended,
right? Yep. And you knew that she
had done that and you
guys had talked about it and it was resolved
to some extent? To some extent. You felt like she
had kind of burned you. I just… I didn’t think
she, like, did anything mean.
I thought it was funny. She had kind of pranked
you and now you wanted
to prank her back? Yep, and then it just
went a little too far. Definitely. And Ray? I just asked him,
because I didn’t want
to ruin the friendship. You asked him what? To take the fall. The whole point of Dave
was that you would come
forward and be like, “Ha ha ha,
isn’t that funny?
I was Dave.” Like… But I was, like, waiting for,
like, something to happen and she’d, like, come to me
and tell me about him to be
like, “Oh, that’s me,” but that never happened
until it was, like, too late. You could have
just told me. I think you should
laugh about it. You might have
thought this was funny
at the beginning. Yeah, at the beginning,
okay, but she took it too far. Like, she did too much. So give us the Nevaeh saga.All right. Well,
pretty much, we started
talking originally
when I was a senior
in high school.
She had sent me
a friend request online,
so I instantly just
went through her pictures,
looked at it,
and thought, pretty girl,
gorgeous, foxy,
and then eventually,
she had ended up writing me,
and so the conversation
turned into more,
we talking every day,
writing each other.
You know,
we went on for years.
Hugs, kisses,
little emojis, a little text
messaging and everything.
It got serious,
you know what I’m saying?
And, like,
we had a great bond,
but as days go on,
those doubts built up.
You mentioned in your
email that you tried to meet up a few times.
What happened?So we had agreed
to meet at the mall,
so, you know,
I took that chance
and tried to go make
something happen.
I sat at the mall for
maybe two hours, waiting.
Eventually, she texted me
and said something had came up.
“I’m sorry.
I’ll make it up to you.”
Sounds like you’ve never
video chatted or Skyped
with her. Have you?Yeah, we’ll video chat
when we do get a chance.
So you have video
chatted with her?Yeah, but no matter what the
situation, it’s never daytime.
You know,
she’s always in a dark room,
like a “I don’t want nobody
to see me” dark room.
And I’m sure you’ve said,
like, hey, turn the lights on.Yeah, plenty of times,
and she’s like,
“I don’t want you to see me
like this. My hair isn’t done.”
Okay. Party here! Hey, a party! What’s up? Think fast. Whoa! Got ’em! Got ’em! What’s up, man?
Ooh, I see burgers. There’s burgers up here. And then we made
all these hot dogs. Oh! We got some for you. So all you guys
are friends, or…? Uh, no,
that’s my brother. Your brother? Really? Yep, that’s
my little brother. And I’m his godsister. Godsister. Oh, nice. Yeah. What do you guys know
about why we’re here? I know a little bit.
I actually can’t wait for him
to finally just meet her so he can get that closure
that he needs. It’s been a couple years. More than that. Right? It’s been,
like, almost eight years. That’s a long time to
still be hoping and praying
and waiting for somebody. Just get it over with
already. It’s a long time
to string somebody along. Do you think she’s real? I think she’s somebody
that look like Roseanne. (laughter) But what if it’s a guy? She’s a girl, of course. Well, how do you know? Sitting her, listening
to him talk on the phone, you can hear… You’ve heard her voice? I’ve heard it, yeah. Oh, okay. It sounds like
a girl to you, too? All right. I just hope she can cook. (Ericka laughs) Very mysterious. Hello. Hello. Hi, again. Hi. Yeah. We meet again. Uh… So, it was you
the whole time? Why, though? It was just supposed to
be a lesson that needed
to be learned. When you told me about Ciara,
I told you from jump, I didn’t think
that that was a good idea. Are we talking about the
Ciara we just met? So did…? You gotta
fill us in here. Ciara told me
she had a crush on Alante and I told her
not to pursue it. Why? Because you’re my friend,
that’s my brother. I don’t want to be in the
middle, so I gave her her proof that you were talking
to other people on Facebook. Oh! I’m not saying that
that’s not what happened… Mm-hmm. …but it feels like you
didn’t want some other girl to be with Alante
because you wanted
to be with Alante. No, not at all.
That’s it. That’s my brother. Well, he’s not your brother.
You’re not actually related. No, not blood related. Right. But you’re very close
and he’s your godbrother. Yes. At what point did you make
a fake profile, decide
to name it Nevaeh? I had already made it. Okay. So it was just something
originally that me and all
my friends did in high school because I had some friends
who were, you know, “Hey, add my boyfriend,”
or “Add this person,” so I added them as Nevaeh’s
friend, and immediately they would
poke her on Facebook,
direct message her, and that, right there,
was your proof that he’ll engage
in a conversation
with somebody else. So why keep this Nevaeh profile
going so long with Alante? Why keep it going
for eight years? Because after a while, you know,
I told Ciara, I was like,
“You think it’s time?” You know, “Is it time
for me to just let it go?” And Ciara was,
“No, write him back.” Why do you have her back
over his? I mean, because I’m
a female so I knew what
she was going through. This sounds
like bull(bleep). I mean… “Dear Nev, my name is Hundra.
I am a 21-year-old girl
from Philadelphia. “Please, could you
help me? I met an amazing
girl named Emily from New York City on
Facebook nine months ago.” ♪ I had a feeling you broke
and the smoke filled you up ♪ “We started out as friends,
but our relationship grew
into so much more. ♪ Again again again always
I’m thinking about you ♪ ♪ Always I’m thinking
about you ♪ “Emily is my first
girlfriend and the first
girl I ever felt this way for. She made me feel like
it’s okay to be myself
and love who I choose.” ♪ But in a week
might our weakness elude ♪ “I still love her but I feel
like she’s playing a game. “Even though we both live
close, when I try to meet
her, it always falls apart. “I even drove to her
place one day and at
the last minute, she told me
she had left.” Oh, no! “I know you guys
hear a lot of stories. “However, my situation
is different. “Me asking you
for help is risky. “I may lose a lot
doing this. I say this because my
family is from Haiti…” Oh! “…and we come from
a very strict way of life.” “Homosexuality
is not tolerated. “I have not told my family
that I am dating women and run the risk of them
disowning me.” Jeez! “I really care for
this girl and I’m willing “to show the world who I am
to get the answers I need. Can you guys help?” Here she is. Hi. Hi. How are you doing? Good. Nev. Hi, I’m Kels. Kels. Nice to meet you. And this is Hundra,
who you don’t know yet, but you will shortly. Hi. This has got to be
crazy, right? Kind of awkward. A little weird, yeah. All right, so hold on.
Let me explain
what’s up here. Have a seat,
have a seat. Basically, nine months ago,
Hundra was on Facebook and came across a profile
of a girl named Emily with pictures of you
that, like, really
caught her eye. We spent the last
couple days looking
into this whole situation and we found some
interesting things you
might actually be able to help us make sense
out of. Lay it on me. Come on. Okay. So,
the big question is,
do you know a Geralyn? Yeah, my ex-girlfriend. Whoa, okay. Wait! Do you have
a girlfriend now? Yes. With my girlfriend now,
me and her broke up last…
somewhat last year. She had went stormy.
Me and Geralyn were
friends for a while. We entered a relationship. We broke up because I was still
in love with the other girl, so I got back
with the other girl. It wasn’t like an ugly,
nasty breakup, was it? No, I literally just
told her how it was and
she took it pretty… uh… pretty well, um… Whoa. Okay. Because the number that
Hundra is currently
talking to her on comes up registered
to Geralyn. Oh, my God! I’m a little shocked. I’ve been picturing you
to be Emily this whole time, so I kept staring at her
for a long, long time. Oh, my God! I feel like
she played with your heart. I don’t know what I
would have done if that
were to happen to me. I don’t know. I’m just
a little weak right now. No, that’s okay. Yeah. Yeah. All right, so now we
gotta figure out what to do because it’s looking like
Geralyn is the person
you’ve been talking to. We feel if you called her,
she probably would pick up. She would. So call her? Yeah. (line ringing)Hello? Yo.What’s up? So, um, this is
gonna sound strange and kind of weird,
but I’m with “Catfish.”Are you serious?They told me something
and I’m with Hundra. Do you know Hundra?(Geralyn laughs)This is funny?No, it’s not funny.I don’t want to talk about
it over the phone. Uh…
Okay. Well, would you be
willing to meet Hundra?Yes. All right.All right. Bye. Wow! She was sort of trying
to, like, laugh it off
a little bit. Mm-hmm. What does that mean for
you and Geralyn’s friendship? Honestly,
I don’t even know. That’s something I think
you should work out with
her separately. Okay. Text me her address.
We’ll head over there
and we’ll talk to her, and then maybe we’ll
check in with you later. Okay. It was nice to meet you. You too. ♪ Too late ♪ Is this them pulling up? Did you come with Hundra? Uh, no. No. Oh, here she is. So, what’s up? Really? So you just steal
pictures and talk to people? I’m talking to you. I can hear you. So, speak. Like,
do you think that’s cool? It’s over, though. What’s over? What’s over? This whole thing is over. What do you mean? She spilled the beans.
Y’all playing us. Hundra, you want
to tell us something? You knew them
already, huh? But there was still something
that needed to be done, like, as far as me
coming out. That was it? You just
wanted to come out? You had to have at least
had a reason to want
to be on television. I wanted the world
to know that I was gay. Why does the world
need to know that you’re gay? When you’re in a culture that
hates what you have to become, it’s not that easy, so,
yeah, in a way, the world
should give a (bleep). I don’t want to keep
lying to myself. What’s the world gonna
take away from this? Why wouldn’t you say,
like, “Hey, Hundra,
we want to help you, but I’m not about to make
my (bleep) ex-girlfriend
look like an ass(bleep).” When we came
up here yesterday,
she made it sound like Geralyn was just
trying to, like, put
a notch on her belt and, like, convert
a straight girl. Oh, my God! Is she blackmailing you?
Like, what– Why would
you go through with this? I don’t know. You did it for her. I did it for her. Yeah, pretty much. Tell us about Faith.Faith is wonderful.
Everything about her
I find very fascinating.
We want to go to school
to be nurses. We’re alike
in a lot of ways.
How old is Faith?Faith is 22.And she lives in Michigan?Yes, and she lives on
Mackinac Island, about
five hours away from me.
I’ve heard
of Mackinac Island.Yeah.You met on IM…IMVU.IMVU. What is that?It is a virtual world
where you have an avatar
and it’s like
an actual person.
Okay.And you can go into different
chat rooms and talk to people.
When I met her, I went into
a lesbian bar chat room
and we just started talking.It was like, “I really
like your personality
and I want to
to get to know you more.”
So she gave me her number
and we started texting.
And then you started
talking on the phone?Yeah.Yeah. So you know her voice? So when did it go from
maybe like a friendship into something a little
moreromantique?I actually told her
I loved her first.
I’ve invested my feelings
into this person a lot.
She was always,
you know, there for me.
She was always somebody
that I could talk to.
She gave me the attention
that I wanted.
Mm.But after New Year’s we were
supposed to make plans to meet.
She canceled on me
and said that she had
to study for school
and that she was
too busy for me.
And what happens when
you ask her to FaceTime
or video chat?When I ask her to video chat,
she tells me that her anxiety
is really bad,
that she can’t go on
the camera and she doesn’t
have a camera on her phone.
Well, that’s, uh,
like a lot of excuses. You know those moves.
Those are the classic
catfish moves.Yeah, I know. I know they’re
moves, but I guess it just…
You gotta have “Faith.” You gotta have “Faith.” (laughs)I’m sorry, I have to
tell you one more thing.
Sure. Oh. Okay. You guys have
an open relationship?No, we don’t.Do they know
about each other?Only Sami
knows about Faith.
How long have you
and Sami been together?Almost two years.How does she feel
about this?She’s really upset with me
and she’s really angry.
Well, see, when I met Faith,
me and Sami were going
through some stuff
when I went on IMVU. Mm. When did you tell her?Um, I told her
a few days ago.
Oh, so it’s real,
real fresh. Oh! Wow! So you told her you were
writing to the show, AKA, “I’ve got this girl I’m
talking to on the internet.”Yeah.So Faith has been a big
secret for you for the
past seven months.Yeah, and I feel like I’m
being torn between two people.
How’d you guys meet? I had a friend
and I was lonely
and I told her, “Hey, find me a girl
to go flirt with,
talk to,” you know? So she gives me Sami’s
number and I start
catching feelings. How long have you
lived here? Two years. I moved from Ohio
to be with her. Wow. So you know
why we’re here. Yes. And I assume
you’re a little… Not happy about this? No. Right. Actually,
when she told me, I wanted to throw
my ring at her. What ring? We used to be engaged. Um, we called it off,
but I still wear it because it was
an anniversary gift. So you asked her
to marry you. Yes. Whoa. Okay. So what’s
the thought now for you? I am trying to get her
to let all this go. I really do feel like
I deserve to know who
I’ve been talking to. I get this. I do. Well, that’s
why we’re here. Why don’t we go sit down
and see what we can find out. Okay. So when you first started
talking to Faith, you said you guys were
going through a rough patch. Right. What was going on? Well, it started with a girl
that was texting my phone. She was calling me “babe.”
I was not interested. She’s… Another online friend… Yeah. …who then started
sort of pursuing you. Yeah. And you found out or…? Yeah, I found out. That obviously created some
issues, some trust issues,
I guess. Yeah. Yes. It was difficult, actually.
Very difficult. But I forgave her
and I gave her that chance because she is
somebody I love and she’s somebody
I want to be with and… That’s why it’s so difficult
right now is because
I did forgive her and now she’s just
doing it all over again. So, wait a second.
As you’re going through
that rough patch, you start a similar
friendship with Faith. It wasn’t my intention
to catch feelings for her. I mean, as, you know,
a kid, I wasn’t very,
you know, attractive. I wasn’t very open
with myself. I wasn’t happy. So getting the attention from
other people, like, saying,
“Hey, you’re beautiful. You’re pretty.” Like, you
know, it means a lot to me
and it gives me confidence. But that’s fine.
People can still say, “Hey, you’re beautiful,”
and you can say, “Thank you.” Yeah. But if they then say, like,
“What’s your number?” or “We should meet up,”
you should be like, “I’m flattered, but…” Right. And if Sami trusts
that you’ll do that… Can I actually just
step, like, away, please? I know, you know, what I did,
it wasn’t a good thing to do. I don’t want to say that I
regret meeting Faith. She was there
when I needed somebody. (crying) I feel like (bleep)
for doing that, you know? You know, we make
mistakes. Like, that’s
human, you know? Hi. You all right? I’m not okay at all. (sniffling)
It hurts a lot, and I try everything
I can to make her happy. She is my everything, and for her to do this,
it hurts, because I put
my everything into
this relationship. I left everything
in Ohio for her. (exhales) You shouldn’t ask
someone to marry you
if you’re not ready. So I was just talking to
Sami and she has some stuff
she wants to talk about. I know why Faith
didn’t come around. Faith has been
standing in front of
you this whole time. I’m Faith. Are you kidding me? No. Why? ‘Cause I thought you
were gonna cheat on me, so I noticed that
you were using IMVU and I got on there and I
started talking to you. And as time went by,
I couldn’t let it go. (crying) (crying) What the (bleep), man? (crying) Take a breath.
Just take a breath. (crying) I really don’t know how
to feel about this at all. I feel like I just got,
like, kicked in my ribs. Is this you ending things? No, I don’t want to
end things. You don’t want
to end things? No. Okay. I want a future with her and trying to see if
she was cheating on me was to see whether or not
I have a future or not. But living two lives,
I just– I can’t
do it anymore. I can’t watch her go
through this anymore. The only thing I’ll say,
and this doesn’t take
away any of the anger and the hurt, is, like,
this wasn’t someone
(bleep) with you. This wasn’t someone
getting their rocks
off by pretending. Yeah. The basis of all of
this was love and care. Yeah. I mean, I am glad
that it’s not, like,
some random person. Take the time that
you need, you know?
Are you cold? A little bit. Yeah. We can go inside. Okay. Come on in, everybody. Well, I guess now that
we’re all up to speed, Sami, I have a lot of questions,
which means Kristina must
have a lot of questions. You knew about everything
that was going on. What were your intentions? We’ve been going
through a lot, and I know we’ve been
trying to work it out,
you know? I thought you were gonna
cheat on me, so I did it because I had to know
whether or not to keep pushing forward
with you or not, but talking to you
through Faith, I could
feel the connection and I wanted it back
because our spark
was going away and I didn’t want
to let it go. I would have loved to
reconnect with you as you,
not as Faith, but you. Can I ask, like, if we
kind of hadn’t gotten
this ball rolling, did you kind of
have a plan? I wanted to make Faith
disappear, and that’s what
I was trying to do. We came all the way here. Why couldn’t you have
just said something? I did this ’cause I knew
you weren’t gonna find
anything up here. Okay. And so after Faith stood
her up, you would be
right here to comfort her? Yeah. I wanted you to just
walk away from this girl
and just go home. I wanted you to choose me. All right,
here’s a good one. Subject, “My cousin
is getting catfished!” Well, it’s a family affair. “My name is Carmen.
I’m 30 years old and
live in Cincinnati, Ohio. “My cousin’s name is
Antwane, and he is in love
with a guy named Tony. “Even though
they’ve never met… Hmm. “…he is convinced that
Tony is the one for him. “All I ever hear
is how Tony is the
cheese to his macaroni “and I don’t understand how
he can even trust the guy. Plus, Antwane has never
even seen a picture of Tony.” ♪ I came to find your love
under this all ♪ “The only time they talk
is when Tony calls, so Antwane just has to
wait by the phone.” Does Antwane not have
Tony’s number? I don’t know.
It’s hard to… So it’s all
on Tony’s terms. Right. “Antwane and Tony have been
talking for three years and he’s never made
an effort to come to
Cincinnati to see him.” ♪ Little voices said
we should not go ♪ “He’s a very lovable guy
but he’s easily fooled.” He’s a romantic. “He’s never been in
a real relationship “and he’s in deep
with Tony. “This dude is lying.
Please help! Carmen.” We’re here, actually,
because Carmen was
concerned about you. Right, ’cause I’m
so in love. I know. Every time that I
ask you about Tony, it’s always I’m a hater. You is! You know, so I’m
just trying to
look out for you. I don’t want nobody
to play you. True. You sensitive
with certain things
and you caring. Would you say that
you guys are each
other’s best friends? Yeah. Mm-hmm. If I need something,
he’s my rock,
I’m his rock. No more addresses? That was it. Well, let’s get
back in the car. All right. It’s cold. Let’s go. I don’t want to get
back in the car. We gotta find him. I mean, we’re trying
everything we can. Twane, the reason why
you (bleep) stupid idiots can never find who Tony is
is because I’m Tony. What’s happening?
What’s going on? Why the (bleep)
would you do that? Because. What the (bleep)?
That (bleep) ain’t cool! You get mad off of that little
bitty boo (bleep), though? That’s (bleep) up! It’s life.
Deal with it! (bleep)! Wait a second. It all went on
for real, three years, I’m thinking it’s Tony.
You ain’t no (bleep) Tony! It’s life.
You have to deal with it. Playing with my (bleep)
life! That’s bull(bleep). That’s not bull(bleep). It’s over. Don’t talk to me ever no more,
and I mean that (bleep)! It was the right thing
to do. Tell your boys not to follow me
with their damn cameras. Right. I want
a lot of space. Please. Like– Like
ten times more space. I don’t even feel like talking
about this bull(bleep),
you gonna play me like that. And I’ve been going
around with three people,
knocking on (bleep) houses, thinking about seeing (bleep)
Tony, and I was fat-ass played. Come over here. So what?
What you want to do? Come over here. I don’t even feel like
talking about this (bleep),
you gonna play me like that. And I’ve been going
around with three people,
knocking on (bleep) houses, thinking about
seeing (bleep) Tony.
I just want to go home. I’m going home,
I’m changing my number, everything in my (bleep)
game, and I mean that. So this is, what?
Payback? Yeah, it’s payback.
Payback. For what?
For what? Paybacks are so funny.
It’s so funny to me. Because he… he talk
about me in front of,
like, everybody, so I was waiting for
the right moment, and
that was the right moment. Well, I think
I share your confusion,
disappointment, and disgust. Here, you want to
get in the car? Hell, yeah, I want
to get in the car. Take those (bleep)
cameras off of me. Go ahead, go ahead. I want to go home. You can sit in the front. I’m… I’m sorry. What voice were you
using to talk to him? The Tony voice.Go on, you know that
I’m thinking about you.
Just want you to let
you know that, you know,
I do care for you.
I want to see you.
Can’t wait to meet you.
The Tony voice. He never actually talked
to Tony on the chat line, but he felt like he did
because I called him like, “You met me
off the chat line.” ‘Cause he always on there
and he give his number out. So I started
(bleep) talking to him. So he never talked to anyone
named Tony on the chat line? No. I’ve been talking to him
for the three years… That’s a long… …that I’ve been
with him, for three years, talked to him, be with him,
talked to him, be with him. Instead of everybody that we
know, now the world can see. Like, it’s one step… Well, what did he say?
How did it start? Just one notch up.
Said I was a fat,
hungry Kelly Price. Every little thing that
humiliate somebody,
he has said to me. The best way I knew how to
get him back is I know that
he’d be on the chat line. The joke was
always on me, ha ha. So now the joke
is on him.

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