6 ‘Catfish’ Who Kept The Con Up For YEARS | Ranked: Catfish

6 ‘Catfish’ Who Kept The Con Up For YEARS | Ranked: Catfish

– It’s been 10 years.
– Right. – that you’ve been pretending
to be someone else. – Yeah. It started off
totally as a joke. – Tell us about this girl. – Well, she’s funny, she’S got a real
pretty face and stuff. And she’s real caring, and so I love
everything about her. – And you really feel
like you fell in love at 12 years old? – I do. A lot of people told me
it was like puppy love, you’ll get over it, but here it is six
years later, you know, and nothing’s changed. – More amazingly, you
video chatted with her. – Yeah, it was at night, so we couldn’t really
see each other that much. – But she was the girl from
all the photos and stuff? – Yeah, she seemed to be, yeah. – What do you mean
she seemed to be? – I don’t know, like
I only saw her face. – It sounds like
you’re mostly concerned that she could be
physically very different than you hope she is. – I mean, there’s
some other, you know, kind of worries sometimes. – What are the other concerns? – Well, she’s got a
boyfriend right now. Yeah, and his name’s Olen. I don’t really know
much about him, but I know she lives with him. – If she’s living with
him, it could be serious. – Well, it is serious. – She told me that it wasn’t. She’s living with him because
she has nowhere else to go, but we still talk about
being together and stuff, so that’s what kind
of gives me hope. – There’s something
incredibly charming about the fact that the girl who you sort of had
your first crush on is now the girl you’re hoping to spend the rest of
your life with. – I figured, if it
doesn’t happen now, I don’t know when
it’ll happen, you know? – Oh (beep). – How are ya?
– Good. – Good to see you.
– You too. – Nev. – Melissa.
– It’s a pleasure. – Oh my god. – Well, I wanna
introduce you to Nick. – How are you?
– Good. ♪ I wanna love you ♪ ♪ I wanna laugh it on ♪ ♪ I wanna give, give ♪ ♪ ’til it’s all gone ♪ I’m shaking, I can’t help it. – Oh my God. All right. – I have no idea what to
say right now, I don’t know. – Yeah I’m the same
way, kind of speechless. – Well, while we’re still
in the awkward phase, we may as well get the awkward
questions out of the way. Melissa, do you think that
in any way you’ve been stringing Nick along
these last couple years? – No, not at all. It’s not like that. Just because I had a
boyfriend, have a boyfriend, whatever you wanna call it, I still care. – I mean, I feel
that even though I’ve found things
different about you that I didn’t know before, it doesn’t really
matter, you know? It’s all out now, you know? And I mean, I still
wanna see where it goes. – It was your first time
seeing each other in six years, so we should let you guys
hang out a little bit without being on top of you. Cool?
– Yeah. – Well it was good
to meet you, Melissa. – Yeah.
– I’ll call you guys. – Bye.
– See ya. – So we saw your
video about Joshua. We’ve had some long
relationships on the show, but 11 years is a long time. Tell us more about this guy. – He’s the sweetest
guy in the world. Even though it
might sound crazy, like who waits 11 years? And who stays along? But he’s so caring, he makes
me feel like a million bucks. And he has a nice body. (laughs) He’s the love of my life. – You were 15 when
you met this guy? – Yes. – Where does Joshua live? – When we first met,
he lived in California. And then he moved to Texas,
and then he moved to Vegas, and then I guess he’s
back in California? – And have you guys been
dating this whole time? – Yes. When we were younger,
we had an agreement that is like a don’t
ask, don’t tell since we lived so far. But now we are like
exclusively together. He’s like, “I wanna
build a family with you. “I love you, I wanna marry you.” – Is that something
you’re into the idea of? – Yes. I’m willing to do
whatever it takes. – How you doin’? – Josh, good to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – I’m Nev, Max.
– How you doin’? And obviously you know Breana? – No? How you doin’? – [Nev] It’s been a long time. – Yeah. Crazy. – 11 years. – Were you avoiding meeting her? I mean, like– – Yeah with the face timing? With the–
– Yeah. – There’s been times
we tried to video chat and stuff like that, but my
granny’s computer was garbage. So we never really got
around to doing that, but I wasn’t
avoiding meeting her. – I have so many questions. But I just have to know. Have you ever saw our
relationship like seriously? – Yeah. – Really?
– Yeah. – Like relationship,
not like friendship, but like relationship? – Yeah I did. – Then are you talking
to any other girls? – There was one, yeah. I was for a few weeks but
I started talking to her like two weeks ago. – Look, it’s our job to–
– Dig. – Dig. – We’ve talked, at random, we
contacted a few other girls that were right on
your Facebook page, and they told us
they’re dating you. I mean, all of them. Batting a thousand. – As far as the
other girls will go, I can’t recall like
multiple at one time. – You made it seem
like it was just me. Like I’m not talking to nobody. That’s what hurts. – Yeah. I’m sorry. – You gave her the impression
that you thought of yourselves as in a relationship.
– Like a real, yeah. – And is that how you felt? – Yes. – I don’t know. – Subject eight years,
it’s now or never. My name is Lauren. I’m 21 years old and I
live in Tyler, Texas. I’m writing you because I met
the love of my life online eight years ago and have yet
to meet him face to face. – Wait, eight years ago.
– His name is Derek, and I met him randomly
on myspace and
instantly hit it off. I was 14 and Derek was 16. God. From the beginning, I knew
there was something about him that would make it hard
to ever let him go. Even though we both still feel
this way about each other, we have dated other
people through the years. Around four years ago, I
ended up getting pregnant. Now that I’m a single mom,
he is completely accepting of my son, Mason, and
talks about all the ways that he would care
for Mason and Me. There aren’t a lot of
guys out there like that. ♪ All my love is
circling the drain now ♪ – On multiple occasions I asked
Derek to video chat with me. – Uh huh. – There were always different
reasons why he wasn’t able to videochat.
– Oh my god. He’s ready to take
care of her kid, but he’s not ready to
video chat with her. – Right. Throughout the past few
years, we have been through a few ups and downs. I became engaged to another
guy, and Derek deleted me from Facebook and just quit
talking to me all together. I decided to end the engagement
and reach back out to Derek. Oh my god this is incredible. I know with your help, I will be one step closer to
meeting the love of my life. Thank you bunches, and
hope to hear from you soon. Lauren. – This girl broke off her
engagement because this guy that wouldn’t video chat with
her deleted her from Facebook? (intense music) (doorbell chimes) – Oh my God. I don’t wanna look at
him, I’m so nervous. I can’t do it. He’s really Derek. It’s really gonna be Derek. Oh my god, it’s
really gonna be Derek. Derek, come on. Oh my God, I can’t turn around Oh my god. I can’t turn around Oh my god!
– Good to see you. You’re shaking so much. – I couldn’t even
turn around (mumbles) Are you real?
– I’m real. – Oh my god. Oh my god. You’re in life form. – This is crazy. – Oh my god. Quit shaking, quit shaking. – I can’t.
– Quit shaking. – That’s eight years of
shaking done right there. – Yeah I need to see
if this guy’s real. (laughing) – Thank you for
bringing her to me. – I can’t believe this either.
– This is so great. – It’s just weird
actually touching you. – I know. – I don’t even know what to say. – [Max] Thank you for being you. – I told her, she
didn’t believe me. – I gotta ask this, so everything said over the
years and to us, it’s all… – It’s true. – I mean, cause from the outside
when she told us the story and showed us your profile,
it was really easy for us to assume, “Oh this guy
is hiding something. “He’s not who he says he is.” – Yeah, I’ve always
been honest with her. I believe you can’t start or
do anything in a relationship or a friendship unless
it’s built off trust. I love you and I would never
do anything to hurt you. – I know. – Especially to lie to you. – You haven’t. – Consider that you guys
have known each other as long as you have, you’ve
watched her come very close to being in other
serious relationships. I’m sure that must have
been tough for you. – Yeah. I guess when you’re
talking to someone you see as the perfect person for you, you want every aspect of
your life to be perfect to accommodate it. So I think I always just
second guessed myself in meeting her where I’m like, “I’m not ready for this. “I gotta get some more
stuff taken care of.” Money was always
an issue too, so. I ended up going out,
getting a new job, like everything’s
going very well. It’s all steps towards
meeting Lauren. – Hey!
– Hey! – Hey! So what’s up guys? How we doing?
– Hey Spencer, how you doing? – Oh man, I’m excited
to see you guys. Thank you for talking to me. – You obviously have high
hopes for this episode. – Yeah I think this is gonna
be your best episode ever. – Whoa? Why’s that?
– Yeah. – All right, well
Katy is Katy Perry, so there you go. (laughing)
– What? Yeah go ahead and
laugh about it. You’ll meet her. – That’s the Katy–
– Come on! – that you were talking
about in your email? – That’s right. – That’s a wild
claim to be making. – Wait time out, is she
not with someone else now? – I think she is
dating somebody, yes. – Who? – I think it’s that elf
from The Lord of the Rings. – Orlando Bloom?
– That’s right. – And what, if anything,
gives you the impression that you are actually
talking to Katy Perry. – Because I’ve been talking
to her for six years, and just the millions
and millions of details. Little stories like
when she was growing up that only Katy would know. – Okay.
– But you understand how it’s one of the most
ridiculous things we’ve probably ever heard. – Yeah I haven’t told
anybody, obviously. – Okay. – But we met on this
goofy little app that you could interact
with other people on. She was on there, I was
on there at the same time. Her name on there
was Katy Perry. I messaged her, “Hi
are you the singer?” – Must be her. – It was immediate connection. A million I love
yous back in forth. It was pretty cool. Katy got to the point of really
wanting to go all in with me and have me completely
attached to her I guess. But man did she
quickly kill that idea probably about two
weeks after that. She deleted the yahoo messenger. She didn’t tell me why. Later in an email,
she said that she had sent a message
explaining everything, but I never got the message
and she never resent it. So I would like to
meet face to face and see if there’s
a future here. – All right, Spencer,
level with us for a second. On the scale of one to ten,
ten being I fully believe I’m in a virtual
relationship with Katy Perry, and one being this could
be true but probably isn’t, but I thought it would be
a good episode of Catfish, where do you fall on that scale? – Like a thousand. – Harriet, I presume?
– [Harriet] Yeah. – Nev, how are you?
– Hi. – [Max] Hi, I’m Max.
– This is Max. – I’m Harriet.
– [Max] Nice to meet you. – Hi I’m Harriet.
– [Max] This is Spencer. – Hi. All right, yeah I mean you
told me you guys were here. So, you know. – So you’ve been talking to
Spencer for the last six years. – I have. – [Nev] You don’t
know Katy Perry? – No. (laughs) – Anything to say to me? – No (laughs) I’m sorry I guess. – It’s not the kind of thing
you guess you’re sorry about. I mean, it seems like
an understatement. – Yeah. (laughs) – Forgive me but is there
anything about this situation that you find humorous? – No I don’t think
it’s like funny. – He said that you had to
be Katy because you knew so much about her life
and all these details. – Well I was like a
really big fan of her so it was kinda stuff I
knew from being a fan. – I was checking everything. – Well, yeah. I kinda just, was kinda
really obsessed with her. – You have six years
of googling Katy, where she’s at, what she’s
doing, what she likes. – Well it was kinda me though. – Six years like this is
the first time us meeting, I’d feel like more
excitement maybe, more. – You would feel it? – From her towards me. – Where did we meet again? – On the app.
– Ah. – Yeah. – It’s not her. (intense music) – Who else could it be? – I mean, really Katy. – So give us the Nevaeh saga. – All right, well pretty much
we started talking originally when I was a senior
in high school. She had sent me a
friend request online, so I instantly just went
through her pictures, looked at it, man you know,
pretty girl, gorgeous, foxy. And then eventually she
had ended up writing me, and the conversation
turned into more. We were talking everyday,
writing each other, you know we went on for years. Hugs, kisses, through the
emojis, through text messaging and everything. It got serious, you
know what I’m saying? And like we had a great bond. But as days go on, you
know, doubts build up. – You mentioned in your email that you tried to
meet up a few times. What happened? – Yeah we had agreed
to meet at the mall. So you know, I took that chance and tried to go make
something happen. I sat at the mall for
maybe two hours waiting. Eventually she text me and
said something had came up. “I’m sorry, I’ll
make it up to you.” It’s been eight years
of long conversations, saying we love each other,
talked about moving together, and making it a real thing. – Wow. – It’s hard to find
a girl like Nevaeh. I’ve been waiting just
to get some understanding on what’s really going on. – This is very mysterious. (music intensifies) – Hello. Hello. – [Nev] Hi again. – [Max] We meet again.
– Hi, yeah. – So how are you
guys just friends or? – I’m godsister.
– Godsister. – [Nev] Oh nice. – I actually can’t wait for him to finally just meet her. – So. It was you the whole time? Why though? – It was just supposed
to be a lesson that needed to be learned. – When you told me about
Ciara, I told you from jump I didn’t think that
that was a good idea. – Are we talking about
Ciara we just met? – You gotta fill us in here. – Ciara told me she
had a crush on Alante, and I told her not to pursue it. – [Nev] Why? – Because you’re my
friend, that’s my brother, I don’t wanna be in the
middle so I gave her her proof that you were talking to
other people on Facebook. (sighing loudly) – I’m not saying that
that’s not what happened, but it feels like you
didn’t want some other girl to be with Alante because
you wanted to be with Alante. – No not at all. That’s it, that’s my brother. – Well he’s not your brother. You’re not actually related. – No, not blood related, no. – Right, but you’re very close
and he’s your godbrother. – Yes. – At what point did you
make a fake profile, decide to name it Nevaeh? – I had already made it,
so it was just something originally that me and all my
friends did in high school, because I had some
friends who were, “Hey add my boyfriend,”
or “add this person.” So I added them as
Nevaeh’s friend, and immediately they would
poke her on Facebook, direct message her, and that right there was
your proof that he’ll engage in a conversation
with somebody else. – So why keep this Nevaeh
profile going so long with Alante?
– [Max] Why keep it going for eight years? – Because after a while,
I told Ciara, I was like, “You think it’s time? “Is it time for me
to just let it go?” And Ciara, “No write him back.” – Why do you have
her back over his? – I mean because I’m
a female, so I knew what she was going through. – This sounds like bull (beep). – I mean. – It’s been (beep) years. How do you explain
something like this? – I mean, I kinda just, I didn’t think
about the aftermath. I didn’t mean for
it to go this far. I just I got so caught up and
wrapped up in being Nevaeh. I actually liked it, I did. Because I’ve been told that, “You’re pretty for
a dark skin girl. “You’re pretty to
be kinda chunky. “You’re pretty to be short.” But Nevaeh’s confident,
she’s pretty, she’s light, she models, everybody wants her. And I had to remember,
it’s not that they want me, they want her. But he didn’t deserve to get
strung along for that long. I thought that he would say, “You kinda just pop
in and out of my life, “I don’t have time
for that instability.” I wanted him to end the
relationship with Nevaeh. But you know, I would go away, and then when he
would leave a message, I would hear that
sincerity in his voice, “Are you okay? “I was just checking in on you.” And then I’m like okay, I gotta
tell him that I’m all right. And so that’s why I let
it carry on so long. It wasn’t necessarily about you, it was the inner problems
and the inner issues that I needed to
work on as myself. – And so you met this guy
when you were how old? Like 12 or 11? – Yep pretty much. I was in sixth grade. He was older and that’s
what made it exciting. That’s what made it fun. – [Nev] For the last 10 years
it’s been almost all the time? – All the time, always texting,
always talking on the phone. When we’re texting or
when we’re on the phone, like nothing else
around matters. Like I basically
grew up together. – [Max] He’s already a part
of your entire history. – Yeah, basically,
he is my history. He had been there
for me since forever. If I was going through stuff
with family or personal issues. Like I actually had a
miscarriage last year, and he was there
for me through that. – Wow and this guy has helped
you through all of that? – Yeah he’s always there. I always can call him. And I mean, he’s not
gonna never just ignore, he knows everything. – Does he consider
you his girlfriend? – He does. He talks about getting
married and starting a family and everything. He talks about it all, but
he gotta get here first. – And when you ask him to
video chat, what does he say? – Nope he doesn’t
have a smartphone and he just not gonna do it. It’s always an excuse. I had threatened, “I’m just
gonna put you on Catfish.” I’m hopeful that he
is who he say he is, but it’s kinda like tell me
the truth so I can move on. I need some help. – Hello.
– How you doin’? – How you doin’?
– I’m good. – Good, coming down? Christine? – Christine. How you doin’?
– I’m all right. – That’s good. – [Nev] How are you?
– I’m all right. (laughs) – Well obviously this
is a little awkward. – It is. – We’ve spent the last
few days with Andria hearing what happened
from 12 years old til now. It’s been ten years that
you’ve been pretending to be someone else. – Yeah. – [Max] A guy.
– Yeah. – We kind of would like to
know your side of things. – It started off totally
as a joke, a bet really. A $25 bet. They made it one nothing. I was like since sixth grade
or something like 12 or 13. Just on, my cousin
was on, other people, and I don’t know, I just
saw the picture of her, a girl, a young girl, asked
for her number or whatever. – At that time, were
you attracted to girls? Was it a romantic? – Yeah, my whole life I’ve
been attracted to females. – Do you have a full concept
of what she’s been through on her side? – I’m sure she
been through a lot. – Yeah I mean you put her
through a lot of hoops. – A whole lot. – She keeps on jumping through. – I know. – You told her that you had
some trouble with the law? – Is that when you
been on house arrest? – My house arrest. (laughs) I probably did tell you
I was on house arrest. – Yeah you told me a lot. – She has now taken a semester
off of school to be with you because she believed that
you were in love with her, but you didn’t mean that? – Basically. – Why not just pull
the plug on it? – She was there for me. – Well what was this
relationship for you? – I mean, it was a bond. That’s it, that’s all. – It was a what?
– A bond. That’s it really. it was just somebody that
I could just get away and talk to, that’s all. Because I don’t really
have friends much. – But it was something
for so long though. I mean, now you’re just saying
like it was just a friendship and you was just talking to
me when you couldn’t talk to nobody else. We talked everyday all day. – But I mean, on my
end, she don’t know me. I mean like–
– I been knowing you for this long, that
don’t even make no sense. – To the heart, even
us telling each other we love each other, all that. – You never meant that? – I mean I meant that
as a human being, I don’t want nothing
to happen to you, but I’m not in love with you. So I’ll leave it alone. – You never left it alone.

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