6 Cheaters Who Caught A ‘Catfish’ | Ranked: Catfish

6 Cheaters Who Caught A ‘Catfish’ | Ranked: Catfish

– It’s just like it’s
wild that you’re in this– – You’ve got shoes with
another girl’s name on them. – You’re having two, you
have two girlfriends. Do you feel bad or guilty?
– Of course. I have a girl right here, of
course it makes me feel guilty. – We just read your email,
we’ve got a lot of questions. First of all, how did you meet Elijah? – Well, we talked a lot on MySpace and messaged back and forth. He was always giving me good
advice and really there for me when I didn’t know anybody else. Our relationship just
kinda grew really fast, and I confided in him and
told him all my secrets. – And then one day, just he went offline? – One day I signed onto
MySpace to like message him, and his profile was just completely gone. – Wow.
(thudding) – It just said, “User does not exist.” At first, I was really
sad and I kinda thought like maybe I did something wrong. – But two years after Elijah
disappears on MySpace, all of a sudden, he pops up on Facebook. – Yeah, exactly, he messaged me saying, “I used to talk to a girl named Solana, “and like I’m hoping it’s you. “And if it’s you, reply to me.” I didn’t wanna let
someone back into my life that was just gonna walk out,
and I told him to text me but he didn’t have a phone. – What do you mean he didn’t have a phone? – He still doesn’t.
– Do you really believe that? – Not really, I mean, I don’t know. – I mean, everybody has a phone. – He has a texting app on an iPod. – You are still holding onto this. – Yeah, there’s a big question
lingering from my past. – But you’ve also started
dating this Danny guy? – I really like Danny, and he’s good to me which is really awesome, he’s a good guy. – Does he know that you reached out to us? – Yeah, I told him, and honestly, he really wants me to to be happy, so he’s been supportive
which is really awesome ’cause most guys would be like, “Screw you, I’m out of here.” – Inviting us to come into
your life and connect you with Elijah is only gonna cause waves. Are you ready for that?
– I just need to solve this thing because it’s been lingering and it’s been basically holding me back from committing fully to Danny,
and that’s not fair to him. I don’t want to wonder what if about this person for the rest of my life. – You were pursuing
Elijah there for a while, and he was pursuing you. Were you thinking it was leading to kind of a reboot sort of relationship 2.0? – Definitely, our relationship
was like evolving. – A couple months later you met Danny. – (sighs) Yeah, that was great timing. – [Nev] He’s willing to let
you discover who Elijah is? – [Solana] He just wants me to be happy. – But you think Elijah
kind of could always be coming in and out of your life? – I’d prefer if he would
just stay in my life ‘Cause it’s just confusing and messes up my other relationships. I just want something
stable because my whole life has been up and down, and
rocky and all over the place. I just want like a safe place, and I don’t know if that
person can be Elijah or not. – You’re sort of holding
onto an idea that this guy that you kind of fell in
love with when you were 13 could be the one for you. – Yeah, it’s like torn
between the two. (laughs) (dramatic music) – Oh, my God. – Dang, you look gorgeous! – Hi.
– Hi! How are you?
– I’m awesome. – You didn’t come up, I was like scared. – Psyche.
– This is crazy. Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe
I’m meeting you right now. – This is insane, how’s it
feel to be here actually? (laughing) You weren’t expecting
the beard, weren’t you? – We weren’t expecting you. – How are you? – I’m awesome, I’m nervous now. (laughs) – You’re real, I’m real, they’re real. – Is the hair real? – Yeah, my hair is real. – Wow.
(laughing) – [Max] I think we’re all
in a little bit of shock. – That was Joshua?
– Yeah. My older brother, he
was tending to my hair. I gotta make the mop look good. – I’m Nev. – Nice to meet you!
– Nice to meet you. – Elijah, I’m Max, nice to meet you. – Your name is Elijah?
– Yep. – The whole time, it’s been you talking? – I’m the one, you know. – And this is your family’s house? – Yep.
– And how old are you? – I’m 20. – Why couldn’t you audio
chat or video chat? – I have Skyped with people for a while, but then that computer
broke so I don’t really have a webcam for that anymore. – Well, we just saw the YouTube videos. – I didn’t use like a
webcam or anything for that. I bought like a really nice
camera after I got a job. – But you still have
your video camera, right? – No, I sold that to help
pay for rent, sucks but. – And what about not having a phone? – Don’t have a phone, yeah,
I just use my iPod right now because I don’t have money really– – Really?
– Let me see that. – Yeah, it’s like generation two. – This is what you have?
– Yeah, a texting app. Yep, textPlus.
– Wow. And there is no camera.
– No. (laughs) – [Nev] So far everything we
thought you were, you are! – I don’t know, I’m just like
kinda overwhelmed right now. (laughing) – From your point of view, what happened? – It just started when I got on MySpace, and you was kind of like a
suggested person you would know. And she had my style, so
I was like you’re cute. You know, I’ll talk to you. Over time, she was someone
that made me feel you know be myself and (beep) you know, and it’s nice to feel that way. – Yay!
– Hey! Wow, look at the new hairdo. – It’s purple, it’s pretty fun. (laughs) – Wait, can you hold up your hand again? Yeah, what is that? – It’s a wedding ring.
– What? – I’ll try to get it closer. – What?
– You got married? – Yes, me and Danny went to
the courthouse and got married. – [Nev] Oh, my God, he put a ring on it? – Is he there? – Sup, guys?
– Yo! Danny, what did you think of
her tattoo when she came home? – It’s good artwork, I liked it. Now they have like a little tight bond. – Does that bother you? – No. – Well, you guys seem pretty happy. – It’s been good, we have a lot of fun. – Congrats, and just enjoy the honeymoon. – We’re enjoying it, definitely. – See you later, Solana!
– Bye! (Skype ringing) – Hi!
– Hello! – Hi! – Hi, Candic! – How’s it going?
– Good. We just read your email.
– Yeah. – And you’re in a very
interesting situation. – It’s a little complicated for sure. – Yeah, it’s definitely complicated. You’re married right now.
– Yes. – And what’s his name?
– Jamie. We met in Army training and military. – And you have a four year old daughter. – Yes, my daughter’s name’s Addison. – Cute name.
– We call her Addy. – So, kind of explain to
us things with your husband are maybe a little
estranged at the moment? – Jamie is a good person,
it’s the communication that we have issues with,
he’s just hard to talk to. He’s been overseas for the military, and he’s very shut down
about anything emotional. You know, my childhood was pretty rough, quite a few traumatic experiences
that I’ve been through. So I need that emotional outlet, but trying to communicate with my husband is like trying to talk to a wall. – Since you guys have been
married, have you been together for most of that time, or? – Yes, we’ve never broken up,
there’s never been any kind of infidelity on either
side, this is the first thing that I’m gonna have to confess
that is gonna kill him. That’s the biggest part I’m nervous about is trying to tell him about it. – Okay, so walk us through meeting Titus. – I met him on a local shopping app. – What were you trying to sell? – A purse.
– A purse? – Yes, pretty much my job is buying and reselling fashion items. – And a guy was looking at
the purse item for sale? – Yeah, basically. (dramatic music) (laughing) – Did it sell? – Since that, yes, but not to him. He wasn’t interested in buying it at all, he was just interested
in hitting me up I guess. So, we’ve been talking for a few months. (notification chimes) Small chit chat led into
telling him all my life secrets. – Wow. – There was somebody giving me attention and listening to what
I had to say for once. It just really felt amazing. – Have you ever imagined
what it might be like if you did eventually meet him? – I can’t lie, I thought about it. We never sexted or never
sent him dirty pictures or anything like that,
but I did kind of think you know, the grass might be
greener on the other side. – You know that doing this is
going to create a situation in which you have to confess
something to your husband. I guess my big question is, why make a mountain out of this mole hill? – Well, Titus is giving me
the emotional support I need, but he knows more about
me than I know about him. I want to know who I’ve
told all of my secrets to. – Well, I mean look, if
getting you the opportunity to meet Titus so that you can
not wonder who is this person is the best thing for you and your family, then like that’s what we need to do. – So one day you’re on the
internet, and what happens? – I get a message from Titus. He’s just giving me a compliment
on my profile picture, and from there we started small talking. And it felt really easy to talk to him. (notifications chiming) It felt like the outlet
that I’ve been longing for just appeared in my
phone, and it progressed into really emotional
conversations all about me, and it felt good. – You did say that you guys
have tried to meet up, right? – Yes, I was trying to get him to meet me. I just wanted to tell him
thank you and clear the air, so that I could tell my husband. But he refused, he didn’t wanna meet me. And it’s hard to tell my husband when I don’t even know
who I’m telling him about. – I mean, we haven’t
done any research yet, but we found that when
someone lives close to you and won’t either meet you or
get on the phone with you, it’s generally because their
voice will give them away. Either they’re someone you know already or they’re someone of the opposite sex. – If he’s not who he says he is, I would like to know who I’m talking to. Who I’ve told everything about myself to. I want to know who that is. – [Nev] Sup? – [Jamie] Not too much,
man, how about yourself? – Nev.
– Jamie. – Jamie, Candic’s husband? – Right. – (sighs) Wow.
– Yeah. – Well, I still am not totally clear. Are you Titus?
– I am Titus. – So the whole time Candic
has been talking to Titus, she’s been talking to you? – Yes.
– Okay. – Basically, I could tell there
was something going on the past few months even right
before I even started as Titus. I felt like maybe it was me
that she didn’t want anymore. Maybe that was the issue. For me, to not be able
to pinpoint her problem really got to me. Stupidly, I created Titus just to see if she would go and talk to someone else and if it was me that
she didn’t want anymore. – We hear stories like this all the time where people in relationships
create fake profiles to see if they can get their
partner to cheat on them. You know, there’s some
issues surrounding that that I’m sure you’ve been struggling with. – I was completely wrong,
and stupid that I would even have tried to set her
up in that situation. Couple days into it I said you know, send me a provocative picture or whatever, “No, I’m happily married,
only my husband gets that.” I was like, see, I am an idiot. Was gonna let it go at
that, everything be done. Couple days later I come home, she was really upset and
crying in the bedroom, and I’m like, “What’s going on, babe?” She hands me her phone, she’s like, “Well, that’s what’s wrong.”
– What was she showing you? – It was a picture of her mom. I left, I still had to
take my daughter to school and some other stuff, boom,
I get a message for Titus. I’m thinking this is confusing. I was planning on completely
just quitting the Titus. Well, then she opens up to Titus, and she explains why she’s upset. – Here they come. (suspenseful music) – (beep) That’s my husband. – [Max] Wow, that’s Jamie. You okay? – I don’t know how to feel. – I’m sorry. – I don’t know what to say, I don’t. I just want to know why. – I just thought I knew
there was something going on, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I did it to see if all
the issues you were having was you just didn’t want to be with me. I thought it was me you didn’t want– – You thought that I would
start talking to this guy as more than a friend, why
would you think I would do that? We’ve been married for seven years. I’ve never done that to you,
why would I do that now? – I know, I just didn’t
know what was wrong, and I could feel there
was something wrong. – What would you have done
if I did, if I fed into that? – I don’t know. My thought process was
panic, I’m losing you. – I get insecure, you know I get worried, but I don’t pretend to be somebody else and try to trick you. – I was stupid in the beginning. I didn’t mean to hurt you or
do any of that through it. I felt like I betrayed
you by even doing that. The only reason this kept going was because I felt like that
was what you needed. You kept telling Titus
everything that was wrong, stuff that I didn’t even know about. Like with your mom, I didn’t
understand how you felt towards your mom and some
things you never told me, but you told Titus, so the
more I kept being Titus, the more I felt like I was helping you and learning how and what
you were looking for. – It’d be nice if we can have
those kind of conversations in real life.
– I know, and that’s what I realized,
that I was never able to do that I never took the time to
understand why you felt those ways. I understand now. – This is like the most
you’ve ever said to me. It feels good to know that
that connection was really you. (notifications chiming) And in a sense, it’s kind of a relief. Now I don’t have to tell you about Titus because the most nervous thing I was freaking out about was telling you. I’m a little upset that you
started it the way you did, but if you could be supportive
like you are through messages I wouldn’t need to seek
out the closest thing that I can talk to, I don’t
want to talk to Titus. I want to talk to you. – You met on–
– IMVU. – IMVU, what is that?
– It is a virtual world where you have an avatar and
it’s like an actual person. And you can go into different chat rooms and talk to people. When I met her, I went into
a lesbian bar chat room, and we just started talking. It was like, “I really
like your personality. “I wanna get to know you more,” so she gave me her number
and we started texting. – Then, you started talking on the phone? – Yeah.
– So you know her voice? – Yep. – So when did it go from
maybe like a friendship into something a little more romantic? – I actually told her I loved her first. I invested my feelings
into this person a lot. She was always there for
me, she was always somebody that I could talk to she gave
me the attention that I wanted But after New Years we were
supposed to make plans to meet. She canceled on me and said that she had to study for school, that
she was too busy for me. – And what happens when
you ask her to FaceTime or video chat?
– When I ask her to video chat, she tells me
that her anxiety’s really bad, that she can’t go on the
camera, and she doesn’t have a camera on her phone.
– Well, that’s like a lot of excuses.
– You know those moves. Those are the classic catfish moves! – Yeah, I know, I know they’re
moves, but I guess it just– – You gotta have faith. – Yeah, you gotta have faith. (laughs) I’m sorry, I have to
tell you one more thing. – Sure. – I have a girlfriend, she lives with me. – Oh.
– Okay. – Do you guys have an open relationship? – No, we don’t. – Do they know about each other? – Sami knows about Faith. – How long have you
and Sami been together? – Almost two years. – How does she feel about this? – She’s really upset with
me, she’s really angry. Well, see, when I met Faith, me and Sami were going through some
stuff when I went on IMVU. – When did you tell her? – I told her a few days ago. – Oh, so real fresh.
– Wow. So you told her you were
writing to the show, AKA I’ve got this girl I’m
talking to on the internet. – Yeah. – So Faith has been a big secret for you for the past seven months. – Yeah, and I feel like I’m
being torn between two people. – Like we don’t choose
who we have feelings for or when they come along, it’s just about taking responsibility for
what happens when they do. – Right. – So when you first
started talking to Faith, you said you guys were
going through a rough patch. – Right.
– What was going on? – Well, it started with a girl
that was texting my phone. She was calling me babe,
I was not interested. She’s–
– Another online friend? – Yeah.
– And started sort of pursuing you, and you found out, or? – Yeah, I found out. – That obviously created some issues. Trust issues I guess.
– Yes. It was difficult actually, very difficult. But I forgave her, and
I gave her that chance because she is somebody I love. And she’s somebody I want to be with. That’s why it’s so difficult right now is because I did forgive
her, and now she’s just doing it all over again. – So wait a second, as you’re
going through that rough patch you start a similar friendship with Faith? – It wasn’t my intention
to catch feelings for her. I mean, as a kid I wasn’t very attractive. I wasn’t very open with
myself, I wasn’t happy. So getting the attention from
other people like saying, “Hey, you’re beautiful, you’re pretty.” It means a lot to me, and
it gives me confidence. – But that’s fine, people can still say, “Hey, you’re beautiful,” and
you can say, “Thank you.” But if they then say like,
“What’s your number?” or, “We should meet
up,” you should be like, “I’m flattered, but.”
– Right. – And if Sami trusts that you’ll do that– – Can I actually just step away please? – I know what I did, it
wasn’t a good thing to do. I don’t want to say that
I regret meeting Faith. She was there when I needed somebody. I feel like (beep) for
doing that, you know? – I mean, you know, we make
mistakes, that’s human. So I was just talking with Sami, and she just has some stuff
she wants to talk about. – I know why Faith didn’t come around. Faith has been standing in
front of you this whole time. I’m Faith. – [Kristina] Are you kidding me? – No. – Why? – Because I thought you
were gonna cheat on me, so I noticed that you were using IMVU and I got on there, and
I started talking to you. And as time went by, I couldn’t let it go. – [Kristina] What the (beep), man? (sobbing) – Just take a breath, just take a breath. – I really don’t know how
to feel about this at all. I feel like I just got kicked in my rib. – Is this you ending things? – Oh, I don’t want to end things. – You don’t wanna end things?
– No. – Okay. – I want a future with
her, and trying to see if she was cheating on me, was to see whether or not
I have a future or not. But living two lives, I
just I can’t do it anymore. I can’t watch her go through this anymore. – Maybe you should just kinda
fill us in on all the details. – Currently in a relationship, and I’m currently dating
somebody online you know. – And how long have you
been with your girlfriend? – Like three years. – But you said things
aren’t going so well. – Yeah, they’re really bumpy right now. I know she know that
it’s over with really, but you know, we got kids and stuff. And it’s really hard to get
out of a situation like that, and then just to hop into
another one like this. That’s why I need you
guys, man, I really do. – Tell us about Jess, tell us
about what you like about her. – She just sparks up my day,
like everything fall in line when I talk to her, she really love kids. That’s something I love,
I love my kids too. – Do you have any doubts about her being who she said she is? – A little bit because we
never talked on the phone. We never Skyped before, I asked her, but she’s always around her boyfriend. He’s real controlling, like really strict. – What makes you think that Jess would even break up with her boyfriend? – ‘Cause she talks about it a lot. She says she’s ready to
cut that off too, so. – Hey, man, how’s it going? – All right.
– Have a seat, have a seat. All right, so when you
did sit down last night with your girlfriend, tell me everything. – Yeah, at first she like
brushing it off a little bit, so I’m like damn, you
know, it’s really important that I really need to talk to you. What we got going on right
now is not what’s up. Like as far as not
talking, not even sleeping in the same room with each other. We came to some type of
agreement, we gonna work together as far as like help each
other financially for the time being ’til we save up
enough money, move on, so. – What was her reaction when you told her that you were talking to Jess online? – She was like, “I know you
had to be doing something.” I said it ain’t like
I been doing anything, only thing I was doing was talking online. That’s all I been doing was. – And did you bring up the fact that we were here to help you
meet this girl at all, or? – I was like, well, guys
up here from Catfish are up here, they trying to help me out and find out who she really is. And she, “Good luck on that.” – But she wasn’t like
really angry about it? – Nah, it was like she was
comfortable with it, serious. I’m glad you guys did
come out and encourage me to for real sit down and
talk to her and stuff. So it’s like a big huge relief. (dramatic music) I know this ain’t the (beep). (clapping) (beep) is this? – Hey, man, wanna chill out a second? (shushing) Excuse me.
– (beep) this, man? For real.
– Don’t touch me. – Better back up, man.
– Don’t touch me. – Better back up.
(beeping) Better chill out, man. – What the (beep) kinda
(beep) is this, man? – We’re talking, him and I are talking. – Yo (beep) you a (beeping). – Hold on a second.
– He and I are (beep). – Excuse me–
– I’ll tell you one thing right now, buddy, one
thing you’re gonna like. You’re gonna learn to love it too. – The hell are you talking about, dude? – [Max] What’s going on? – I’m gonna be the one wearing
the pants in this (beep). You understand that?
– Dude, you’re– (beeping) You’re being unreasonable.
– Straight up. The (beep) kinda (beep) is this? – I’m just asking you to take
it down a couple notches. – Hey– – You brought a lot of attitude. – By the way, lot of attitude last night. Thanks a lot, really
felt it too, you and I. Got to know you better, I loved it. But I’ll tell you what, you
and I, we can do that later. Come here, we’re gonna talk.
– What the (beep). We ain’t got (beep), we
done talked about (beeping). – Are you kidding me? You could still be my chocolate kiss too. You don’t forget about that, baby. Come on.
(beeping) – Time out, do you know this guy? – No, I don’t know this (beep). – [Max] Are you Jess? – Yeah, I’m Jess.
– You’re Jess? – Yeah.
– Man, (beeping). – What are you so angry about? – I’m not, the guy’s got a
family and he’s talking to me? He thinks he’s talking to some broad. – But he did think he was
talking to a girl as far as– – Exactly!
– Right. So you’re a good actress?
– Sure, I like that. Yeah, why not? – That’s (beep) up, hell (beep) nah. – What’s your name by the
way, you skipped that. – My name’s Justin. – I’m gonna take a stab at this. – Sure. – You’re gay.
– Obviously I’m not gay. – Well, it’s not so obvious to me. You are pretending to be a girl online and having a romantic
relationship with a guy, so. – I give it to you, you got me there! – Right.
– So, maybe. What it was to begin with was just… It was a joke, this fake profile just playing around with people what not. I didn’t think anything
too much of it until, honestly, I started seeing guys like him, who are already in a relationship. So I was like you know what,
I kinda have this power to use it for something, use it for good. What I had with him was
a little bit personal, and obviously you guys
got a taste of that. What my message is to tell people look, you can’t (beep) around on
relationships that you’re in. – You felt like it was your job to sort of teach him a lesson? Is that, I just wanna
make sure I understand. – Yes. – We’re super interested in your story. Tell us more about it. – Yes, Jeszica, Jeszica,
Jeszica, I don’t even know where to start, she’s a beautiful girl. (“Islands” by Hey Ocean!) – You’re in love with Jeszica, and have been for a few years. But for the last six months,
you’ve had a girlfriend? – Raffinee. She’s a great girlfriend,
she’s one of the other people who knows the things that’s
been going on in my life and she’s helped me down through it all. – Honestly, if I were Raffinee, I don’t know that I would
wanna keep dating you. – She doesn’t wanna lose
me, but she’s willing to if that means I’m gonna be happy. – Have you ever asked Jeszica
if she’s lying to you? – There’s a couple of things
that throw red flags at me. It’s been like two times we
done tried to see each other. She had came to Atlanta, supposedly, but for some reason when
she was supposed to be here, she wouldn’t pick up her phone. – That’s (beep).
– Exactly! I need to know if Jeszica is real. – We wanna help.
– Please, please. – We’re gonna get on a
plane and come meet ya. – Thank you, all right, take it easy. – Good to meet you, see you soon. – He’s literally caught between two women. – Well, right.
– Which can be a good place and a bad place.
– That’s true. What is this? – [Dorion] You can’t have
one without the other. – [Nev] That’s like Romeo. – You can’t have a right
shoe without the left shoe. You can’t have a girlfriend
without a boyfriend. We both have to be together,
and it makes a complete pair. – Why don’t you have
those shoes with Jeszica? – Jeszica wasn’t here to
create it with me. (laughs) – Yeah. – [Dorion] I’ve been with her
every day for seven months. – You moved in with Raffinee? – Yeah. – It’s wild that you’re in this– – [Max] You’ve got shoes with
another girl’s name on them. – You’re having two, you
have two girlfriends. Do you feel bad or guilty? – Of course, I have a girl right here. Of course it makes me feel guilty. – And she’s? – She tells me she okay. I don’t think she’s okay, but
I can’t make her say nothing or open up to me unless she wants to, so. Kind of a hard situation to be in. I don’t wanna sit here
having to choose between two. I need to know. – [Nev] Are you who we’re looking for? – Yes.
– I’m Nev. Dorion you know, you
probably wanna meet him. – [Alexis] Yes. – So I’ll introduce you. – Hi.
– Hi, Dorion. – How are you?
– I’m good. – Wow. – So. – What is your name? – Alexis. – It’s not Jeszica, okay.
– It’s not Jeszica. – What was real? – My feelings for you,
everything was real. Everything just I love you so much. I just didn’t know how to… I just, I didn’t know how to tell you. – The reason this is hurting
me more than anything is on Facebook when you had got
mad ’cause the profile picture, that was the girl who I was dating. That’s Raffinee, and
she’s a great girlfriend. And she means a lot to me
as well, and I totally just told her that you was more
important than she was. And I basically put that all
to the side for this moment. – I’m here, and I mean this is me, and I want you to know my
feelings for you are really deep and everything that I said
was the honest 100% truth about how I feel about you. – Why do you love me? – Dorion, we’ve been talking
for two years straight, and you mean the world to me. I feel like I can talk
to you about everything. – I hear you, but it’s like it’s going in one ear and
out the other right now, and I don’t know what else to say. – You’re in quite a predicament. Tell us about how this whole
thing with Alyssa started. – Basically, Alyssa and
I, we started talking about 2013, it was good
for about six months. And then she started getting controlling. I tried to meet up with
her a lot of times. She just always had some excuse like, “Hey, I can’t hang out this weekend,” or, “I don’t have the gas
money,” just bull (beep). – Where did Alyssa say she lived? – She said she lived in Indiana. It’s like a three hour drive. – Tell us about how it’s ruined
your relationship with Liz. – After Alyssa and I broke
up, I started talking to Liz. We hit it off, and we were
in a great relationship going on for about a year and a half. I am madly in love with that girl. – You were dating her
for a year and a half? – Yeah, a year and a half. – Wow, and Alyssa just broke that up? – Yeah, Alyssa started
contacting me again saying, “I still love you, I wanna be with you.” And I was trying to give her the hint I don’t want a relationship,
and she still harassed me. And called me at random
times of the night, two or three in the morning. – As you could see that
it was really hurting your relationship with Liz, why not
just get a new phone number? – I did get a new number, but
she got my number somehow. – This girl is stalking you. – Basically, the harassment
continued and that was a big part in why Liz and I broke up because Liz felt like since
Alyssa was still in the picture, she couldn’t trust me anymore. – Hopefully, we can
figure out who Alyssa is, make it clear to her once and for all that you’re not interested
in a relationship. – Right.
– There might be a happy ending here if we can
get you back together with Liz – Awesome, yeah I would love that. – We’ll see you tomorrow then, later! Even if she’s exactly the
person she claims to be, she’s still being a B because
this guy has told her, “I will be friends with you,
but I’m in a relationship. “Please don’t get in the way
of that,” and she ignored it. How you doing? – I’m just trying to stay positive. It’s been a rough couple days for me. – So this really happened five
days ago, or six days ago now – Yeah, still hurts, I can’t lie. After we broke up, I said,
“I’m still in love with you.” She said, “Yeah, I’m still
in love with you too.” – So Liz, your girlfriend
of the last year and a half, last week says, “I’m having a hard time. “I don’t feel like I can trust you.” – Yeah, she had an
assumption that I was going behind her back and doing
something I shouldn’t be. Which that wasn’t the case,
I’ve been honest with her. – So you’ve gotta find out who
Alyssa is and get Liz back. – Yes. – At what point did you break up? – She started controlling
the relationship. It got to the point where she
would look through my Facebook and tell me like, “Hey, you
need to block this person “because they’re making contact with you.” Which is very controlling.
– Whoa. – She definitely put me through Hell, so kinda just felt like
it was a really good idea for us to stop dating. – At what point did Liz come around? – After three or four months,
I started talking to Elizabeth We went through so much together. We were dating for
about a year and a half, and we ultimately broke
up because Alyssa’s trying to contact me over and over. We lost a good thing, I feel
like after we get some answers, I can tell Alyssa I don’t
want her to be a part of my life anymore, so Liz and I can
ultimately get back together. – Hi, you must be Miranda. – Yeah.
– Hi, I’m Nev. Well, you wanna come out here, I’ll introduce you to the guys. (dramatic music) – Hi, Miranda.
– Hi. – Why did you lead me on? – It’s hard to talk to somebody as myself, so behind a screen it’s
easier to talk to people. I didn’t do any of this
to hurt you at all, and I’m pretty sure you
are hurt, and I’m sorry. – You caused Liz and I to break up. Because she felt like she
couldn’t trust me anymore. So not only did you hurt me,
but you hurt her as well. – I do feel bad, that’s why
I agreed to meet you guys. – Is anything you told me true? – Yeah, everything I’ve told you is true except for, of course, the pictures. – Does that mean that your
mother recently passed away from breast cancer?
– That part, no. That part was not true, I said that– – That’s a huge–
– Then, everything’s not true. – Well, that part.
– Did you have cancer? – No.
– You came out here and said everything I said was
true except for the pictures and now it turns out most of
what you said wasn’t true. – Why when he started dating
Liz, did you try so hard to break into that
relationship and cause havoc? You know he’s in a relationship,
you know he just wants to be a friend to you, that’s
the story that he told us. – Well, you know I might have lied about stuff and everything,
but he’s not innocent. He has flirted with me ever
since he has been dating Liz. And I have text messages to prove that. The thing that he said
in his text message, he shouldn’t say that
if he has a girlfriend. – [Nev] What did he say
in his text messages? – He text me saying something
about playing with his (beep). I have that on text message,
so you can’t sit there and say that you didn’t send it. – Well, did you text it to her? – Might as well tell the truth! You might as well tell
the truth ’cause they’re going to see it.
– I said that, but– – Okay.
– While you were dating Liz. He’s told me that he would
break up with Liz for me. Obviously, he didn’t
tell you guys that story? – Nope.
– No. – Whatever. – But, like I said, I agreed–
– It’s not whatever! If you have this girl
that you love so much, that you’ve been having a
relationship with for a year and a half, why are you sending
pictures of your (beep)? – I wasn’t trying to get any
sexual conversation out of you. – Come on, Vince. – Don’t pretend, and I won’t
either, that you’re holier than any other guy ever,
we’re all the same here, okay? – Time out, I don’t do that (beep). Vince called us in under the–
– Yes, just being realistic for a second.
– Under the pretense that he wanted to get this
girl the Hell out of his life because she’s ruining his
relationship with his girlfriend who he loves so much.
– Come on, man. You’re making me look
like a (beep) ass (beep). – You’re kinda making
yourself look pretty bad. I mean, Liz had good
reason to have suspicions about why you weren’t blocking Alyssa. – I wasn’t trying to get
back in a relationship. – You were, it was something on the side that you wouldn’t let go of for Liz. Which is all she wanted.

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    If however you're into that, don't mind a person using you until they can find better than by all means. Allow them.

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