7 Incredibly Awkward ‘Catfish’ Meetups 😬 Ranked: Catfish

7 Incredibly Awkward ‘Catfish’ Meetups 😬 Ranked: Catfish

– Hey, Tracy. (laughing) – Oh my gosh. This is so cool!
(laughing) – There he is. All right.
– All right. – Hey, how you doin’?
– Hey, Kap. Good to see you.
– All right. Good to see y’all again. – This is Angel. – [Kap] How you doing? – This is Kap.
– All right. – [Nev] So, he’s in there? – [Man] Yeah, he in there. I didn’t tell him what for, I just told him ya’ll were coming by to ask him some questions. – Oh, you told him? Okay.
– Yeah, you were asking about his name being James. – Right. – I didn’t know that, his name ’cause I call him Jay. – Jay?
– Yeah. So when I had looked in his application and seen that his name was James. – So that is his name. Well let’s head on in. (dramatic music) That’s him over there. You don’t know that guy, do you? Here we go. Hey man, how you doing? – Hello, how are you? – Good, Nev. – Nice to meet you, Jay. – Jay, or James? – Just Jay. – Oh okay. Didn’t get a chance to meet you yesterday, but you let us in. – Yeah, I saw you yesterday. – Did you, anyone mention what
we were doing around here? – They said you were looking for somebody. – I think there’s a chance you may have been talking to our friend Angel. Do you know who she is? You don’t know who she is? – No I do not. – She’s been talking
to someone in Valdasa, she’s become very close with him, and he said he worked here. And a couple things sort
of pointed us to you. – Your name is James Williams, right? – My legal name? – Yeah. – How do y’all know my legal name? – The number that Angel’s
been texting and talking to is registered to James Williams. And Kap confirmed that
that’s also your name. So I’m pretty sure it’s you
that Angel’s been talking to. (tense music) – Okay. – Right.
– Yes. – Okay, so that is you. – Yes. – So you’ve been calling yourself Antonio. – Yes. (soft piano music) – I need a break. – All right. (crying) I think you can understand
why she might be upset. – Yes. I can understand. – I’m gonna go with Angel, okay? – Okay, yeah, yeah.
– Okay. – Obviously you’re not
the guy in the photos. Angel’s very invested in this, both emotionally and financially. And you have not been honest with her. – No, I have not. – [Nev] She I think
deserves to know what’s up. – [Laura] You okay? – That’s his voice. – [Laura] That’s him? – Yes. – [Laura] I’m sorry. For him to, like, pretend
that he didn’t even know you is so stupid. – [Angel] I want to sit
down and get answers of why. – [Laura] Are you ready to
go back in and talk to him? – [Angel] Yeah. – [Laura] Okay. – [Nev] You’re taking money from Angel. – That was offered to me. It was never my intention. – Well okay, but she’s offered because you’ve suggested you needed money. – I was just telling her
what I was going through. – I know, but she sent you almost $400. And when she sent it to you you took it. – Yes. – We kind of wanted to sit down
so we can get some answers. I think Angel’s ready. – Can we just set some chairs up? Do you remember sending
her to the Verizon store? – Yeah, that was my bank
account information. – But why can’t you just pay your bill? – I wasn’t able to make
it to the store that day. Honestly. – Do you even have a daughter? – Yes, I have a daughter. I can show you pictures of her. – How many women do you
think you’ve catfished? – It’s quite a few. – More than 10?
– Yes. – More than 40? – Yes. – 100? – More than that. – More than 100?
– [James] Yes. – Over how many years? – Since I was like 19. – That’s 15 years.
– [James] Yes. – Wow. – Why did you tell me that you loved me like are your feelings even real or were you just saying that? – I honestly love you as a person, honest. But not romantically. – Why say it to me? You really led me on to
believe like you were somebody like that I could make a future with. It was just basically a game. – It’s not a game for me. – Do you feel bad? – Yes, I do feel bad. – That’s hard to believe when you admit that you’ve
been doing this for 15 years to hundreds of women. Like it just sounds like
you’re a con artist. – It’s never about the money for me. – If it’s not about the money then why send a picture of
“Antonio” in the hospital and say if I don’t, if he
doesn’t get money he’s gonna… – If you love me you would send the money. If you love my friend
you would send the money. – Those messages I don’t remember, honestly I don’t. – She remembers. – Every story that I told you I was just telling you what I was going through at that time. And I didn’t ask for that money. You offered. – You gave her your Cash App information. So you are asking for money. – She asked for it. – No. I said I would have to see because I was going through things that I had to pay for and you got upset if I couldn’t help. I’m a single mother. You know I barely have money. I’ve literally sent you my last $10, and I went without. – I really don’t recall that message that you’re talking about. I honestly don’t. But the intention was
never to scam anyone. – But that’s not true because you’ve talked
to hundreds of people. Here goes nothing. (tense music) They’re there. (tense music) What’s your name? – Sha’quan. – [Nev] Sha’quan. – Hi. – [Nev] Deven.
– [Deven] What’s up? – [Nev] Apparently you guys… – Yeah we know each other.
– [Nev] Know each other. – So y’all know each other? – [Nev] And were you guys friends? – We were friends, yeah. – Did anything ever happen? – Occasionally. – Oh. Okay. Did you know he lives here? – Yeah. – You mentioned that you
have one friend who lives, this is that friend. – Yes. – That’s crazy. – When did you guys last see each other. – Last time I came out to Vegas. – August. – All right, so hold on a second. Here’s what I don’t understand. You guys had a physical relationship. – Why would you have a fake identity? – I wanted to see how he was doing. But every time I tried to talk to him he doesn’t respond. – Is that true?
– Yeah. I just… Yeah. – You never really thought that it was a relationship there between you guys? – No. – Did you ever make it clear, kind of, where you were at with things? – I mean if I don’t text you back why wouldn’t that give him that hint? You can’t just beat a dead horse, it’s already dead. It’s (beep) up. – But if the horse is dead everybody can say the hore is dead. It sounds like Sha’quan is saying he never got the
scoop that the horse was dead. (laughing) – I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m tired of this (beep). (beep) – Tell us then in your own words what was the plan? – Well I texted him to hang out as James and then if he come to Vegas James wouldn’t show up, he’d probably text me tell me he’s here and I’ll show up. – Oh, wait a second. So you thought, I’ll make a profile as this guy James, I’ll invite him to come meet me in Vegas. And then when he gets here
and James doesn’t show up he’ll text you because
he knows you live here. And you’ll just sort
of come to the rescue. – Yeah. – He had a plan though. He did have a plan.
– I gotta tell you, that is actually a decent plan. – Hey if it wasn’t
wrong I would pump that, but you thought about some stuff at least. – So then wait a second, when you made the profile
why did you choose that guy? – He’s somebody I’ve met. – Someone you actually met? – [Sha’quan] Yeah. He sent me photos through Snapchat, and then I sent those as James. – [Nev] Regifted. Nudes? – Yeah. – Wow. – Do you know that Deven
follows that guy on Instagram? – I didn’t find that out
until like a week later. – So it was just a total coincidence that you picked the picture of a guy that Deven actually follows on Instagram. – That’s crazy. – I just wanted to know if he just didn’t like me
as a person or my face. – That shouldn’t matter. – What you did wasn’t cool, and you shouldn’t have lied. – I understand that. – At the same time like he likes you, and he got a chance to
show you a side of him that maybe you would not
have otherwise have seen that you really liked. – That’s fine and everything but I’m just not into him enough to be in a relationship with him. That’s it. But any right person would
understand that way before now. – But you’ve been physical with him so I can see how it could
be a little confusing. – But if you don’t say anything I don’t know anything. – [Nev] One of these houses coming up. Here this is it I think. Who’s that? – I don’t know. – Who is that? Okay, strange. No one’s ever waiting
for us in the driveway. – My heart is racing out of control. – [Nev] All right? – Yes. – [Nev] All right, let’s
see what we’re dealing with. (tense music) – [Tricoci] Hi. – Hello. – Hi. – Nev. – Tricoci. – Are you the friend we’ve been- – Yes. Texting, who’s been helping us find out what’s going on? – Yes. Chris, he’s inside the house right now. – But not Chris, Chris. – Everything’s gonna get explained once you meet him. – But the person
Shakinah’s been talking to is in there? – Yes. – Do they know we organized this? – Yes. Y’all guys can follow me. – Okay. – Before we do this Shakinah I just really want you to know I love you, Chris love you, he love you more than any
other girl he ever talked to he’s really into you and I hope that you all go easy on him. – What is going on? – Why did she say I love you? Chris loves you. That’s weird. You’ve never talked to her, right? – No, no, no. – I’m so confused. – I don’t know what’s going on. – Be gentle on him? – [Nev] Is she the catfish? Can’t tell if the door is, it’s opening? (door rattling)
– It’s opening and closing. (door rattling) – So whatever happens- – I’m gonna say what I have to say. – This doesn’t feel good. Hello? They’re ready, okay. Okay. – [Shakinah] What? – [Nev] Someone else. – Hi. – This is Chris. – Wow. – [Nev] Hi.
– Hi. – [Nev] How you doing? – Good. – Is that your name, or is that- – No. – Okay. – [Shakinah] What is your name? – Johneesha.
– [Nev] Joneesha. But you’ve been Chris this whole time? – Yeah. – And maybe you a little bit. – No.
– No? – I have been involved. Shakinah you know me as Betty. – [Nev] Who’s that? – Chris’ friend. – Okay. – Why would you lie? Why would you do that? Why would you put somebody
else’s face on Facebook? – I mean when you first inboxed me when we first started talking it was just a joke. Like I wasn’t really
trying to do all that. – I was in a relationship
with you talking to you. That’s different.
– Yeah. – Hold on a second, how long have you had the profile? – A lot of years. I started it when I was
like probably in 10th grade. – And how old are you now? – I’m 22. – Okay, so it’s been a while. – How many people are you talking to the same way that you
were talking to Shakinah? – Not that many. – For as long as her? – Probably longer. – Longer? – Wow. – [Nev] And in a romantic way? – I mean sometimes, yeah. – And do they think you’re Chris Brown? – Yeah, some. Some of them do. – So the entire time you’ve
been talking to Shakinah, you’ve also been talking to other people. Takoya, and a few others at least. – You were collecting photos from her. Explicit photos. Were you collecting
photos from other people? – No. – But you realize that that’s not okay? – Um, I can’t, it’s
just I can’t explain it. I’m sorry. – I just have a hard time believing you when you stand there and not
show any kind of emotion. And you’ve known about this. You’ve even participated. At some point did you ever tell her like, you’ve got to stop? This isn’t cool? – When I found out she was
doing it I was, you know, telling her it’s wrong,
you shouldn’t do this, stuff like that. But I didn’t want to end our
friendship because of it. – Are you attracted to or
interested in Shakinah? ‘Cause she really was in
a relationship with Chris. – Tell her your true feelings of how you feel about her. – I don’t know, I don’t know. (tense music) – Hey. – How are you? – Good, good to see you. – I know, good to see you too. – So what’s up? I’m Nev, obviously, we just met. This is Kamie. – Nice to meet you, Adriana.
– Nice to meet you too. – Here we are. We have a lot of questions. We spoke to Alicia and she told us that it was actually her that had been communicating with Kaden for the past few months sort
of pretending to be you. Is that true? – Yeah. Alicia saw your Instagram through, she has access to my feed number one. We’re best friends I mean, it’s not- – She has access to your account. – Yeah, and then she saw
your feed through there and was like, oh he’s really cute. And then she asked me about you and then I told her who you were, I met you on a cruise. She messaged you without my knowledge. I didn’t know that it got
to the extent that it did. She let me know that it happened and when she did it was like she downplayed it a lot. She was like, it was only a one time thing I was just trying to like I don’t know see if the vibe was there. And I was like, okay, that’s a little odd but I mean she’s like,
I’m just feeling it out. You know, just, I don’t know, she thought you were cute. So I was like this is my
friend I guess I’ll support it. I didn’t know that she was
doing it so frequently. – How could you not tell me? I mean how long have I
been talking to Alicia? – It’s been on and off. – So when Alicia asked you about Kaden, you said you guys were good friends. – Yeah. – So for all these years that’s the extent of how you feel? Or do you feel more than that? – No, we’re good friends. Yeah. I mean we were very young when we met and we only spent like
maybe, I don’t know, not even like a full day together. So it was, we didn’t really
know each other enough for me to actually like have feelings or feel any type of way. – To him it sort of felt like could be the beginning of a young romance. He said you guys, I know
this sounds corny to say, but held hands. – I have no recollection of holding hands, or being affectionate in any way. – So you didn’t feel sparks. – I didn’t. – Does that sound honest? I mean I’m not saying you’re lying, I’m just like for all
these years you had no idea that he had feelings for you? I don’t know, is that, is he blowing this out of proportion? Or are you trying to downplay it? Because the way he tells the story he’s like super into you. – That’s not, I didn’t pick up on it. I mean every once and a while there was light hearted
flirtatious messages, but I mean I feel like
I didn’t reciprocate. I don’t know if that is, can you acknowledge that? – Um, kind of. – [Adriana] Yeah? – Yeah, I mean… – But I’ve got to say, beyond all that to me it’s odd to just have friends, you know, taking over your social media accounts and talking to people on your behalf especially considering your
page and your following I would think that you
wouldn’t want somebody who’s potentially having conversations outside of your knowledge
with other people. – I guess it’s just, I think
it’s just the trust factor. – I mean, look, after all these years it feels a little weird to me that you wouldn’t be a bit more empathetic to Kaden knowing that, like, you know, this relationship maybe meant
a little bit more to him but that also for the past few months, has been sort of falsely
perpetuated by your friend through your account with your knowledge. – No, I definitely, I do apologize for whatever she had said. – Why didn’t you say something to him? Why didn’t you like clear it up? – Alicia’s more of a friend to me, and I felt like that’s
where my loyalty lies. – Do you have a boyfriend? – I do. – Is it Michael? – Michael, yeah. – How long have you guys been together? – We’re going on seven months. Little bit. – What do you think the chances are that we could talk to Alicia? ‘Cause we’ve been trying to. – Oh really? I could definitely hit her up and see if you guys can all meet. – [Nev] Okay. That would be great. – I should probably get back to work. – Okay, bye. – [Nev] Thanks.
– [Kamie] Nice to meet you. – [Kaden] See you. – Just feels very… – Cold. There’s just a way that you handle people on an empathetic level. – Right? – That she just didn’t
give a (beep) about. – I feel she would have
come out and been like, oh my god, I’m so sorry. – She just brushed that off her
shoulder like it was nothing and I mean, three years or four years. I don’t know how that
could turn into nothing. – It’s all a little weird. – [Tamila] Babe. – [Nev] Armani? – Yeah. – All right. Come on out. – Hello. – Hi, how are you?
– How are you? – Good, nice to meet you. – Can I get a hug? Hey you. – How you doing?
– Good. – Oh, can I get another hug, I missed you. Hello. – Tamila (beep)? – It’s Tamila. – Thought it was Ta-mee-la – No, it’s Ta-mi-la. – This is Angel.
– Hello. – [Angel] Nice to meet you. – [Nev] Here he is. – Hey babe. Was this was you was expecting? – You do have a son, named Drew? – Everything about me is true, every single thing that I told you. Except for I guess that picture. – You started the Armani
page four or five years ago? And you used a picture of some girl, do you know who that is? – I mean what made you want to pick that picture? – ‘Cause she was fleek. She was fleek on that picture. – Like were you ever
gonna text him and say, hey I’m not the girl
you see in the pictures? – Eventually, but that’s not what you fell in love with, the picture or me? – You know mentally and emotionally
we had a good connection but then I thought you were
like the person in that picture so I liked the physical appearance too. – Right, and you thought I was
just this light skinned girl. – Five years. – I’m dark skinned, I aint light skinned. – Not just that, I mean- – The picture thing. – What he’s pissed about is that- – That I pretended to be her? – You pretended to be someone else. He didn’t say I only
like light skinned girls. – That’s his type though.
(laughing) – You seem pretty light hearted
about the whole situation. – This Babay. This it the one you gonna like. – I don’t even know him. (laughing) – She been on my page inboxing him. – My bad. – So who the heck is Deshyla? – Deshyla she at the house. – [Nev] You guys have
sort of been in on it together for a while. – Oh yeah, since high school. – When I used to talk to
other boys on Facebook she would always have to cover for me so I could look kind of sort of real. – Y’all should see her inbox blown. It’s real. It’s amazing though. – You guys really think
this (beep) is petty. (laughing) He’s not living his life because you guys are (beep)
with him on the internet. It’s not fair, it’s petty as (beep). – [Tamila] He’s living his life. – You do your basketball. – Yeah, but he doesn’t date girls, he doesn’t do anything
because he’s wrapped up in a telephone conversation with you pretending to be someone else. – True, no love, no love lost. – Except all of it. – Can we talk, just like
take a two second break? Here let’s just go regroup. – You’re being very sweet, hugging her. Do you actually feel like you’re cool and you want to be friends with her? – Just seeing how she was kind of just okay with the whole situation. It’s something that happens
every day or something. – It’s a joke. – I thought that was his girlfriend. Who is that? – All right, she got me messed up. – She trying to treat us like a boom. – I heard you. – Bitch I will smack your ass. Oh damn (beep) we wired. – Oh yeah, we are. Oops.
(laughing) – Okay, I’ll walk over. You guys wanna come over,
chat a little bit more? Is this where you live? – This my cousin’s house. I can’t go to my house ’cause
all the kids there and stuff. That’s all you want to say Harold? – If it’s cool why don’t you
guys just talk a little bit, most of your relationship it’s
just been you guys anyway. Babay, you want to come
chat with us for a minute? – Can I get another hug? – Nope.
– You don’t even want to hug me no more. Wow. – ‘Cause now it’s just
like all sinking in. – [Woman] Why’s your friend so insecure? – This takes it all the
way back to high school. You know, she’d try to talk to boys, they didn’t want to talk to her. – Anyways. Hey, can I still get my 20? Oh so you chicken, huh? – [Man] I don’t need it. – Boy please. Can I walk away from him? Bye. I’m about to go over here. – [Producer] Tamila, why’d
you walk away from him? – ‘Cause he said something I didn’t like. – She want to give me 20 minutes of… – No, he–
– Yeah. – What?
– [Angel] Right. – [Tamila] Nothing.
– What? – [Tamila] It’s something
we’ve talked about before. – Okay. – You still my bae? – I don’t know about that. – Yeah, all right. – He’s just now finally finding out a big part of who you are. Maybe for the moment we
should just chill out, figure something out for
tomorrow or something. – [Harold] Sounds good. – Nice to meet you. – [Tamila] Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Babay. – I’m not shaking his
hand, he made me mad. – Okay. See you later ladies.
– Bye. (knocking) (knocking) – What’s up?
– What’s up? – How you doing? – What’s going on? How are you?
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Wow. – This is Matthew, as you know. – What’s up Matt? – What’s going on? – So I know this is not easy for you and I appreciate you being here, but clearly we are here
for the main reason which is that you guys have
been talking for a while and in an effort to
clear up any loose ends your dad did pass away, right? – Yeah. – Okay, I’m really sorry. I can understand not wanting to deal with all this right now. – I’m doing all right. – That’s good. – [Nev] So we have some questions. – You had been in Atlanta a few times. – Yeah, I was in Atlanta a few
times visiting my girlfriend. – [Nev] Sheranda? – You guys are together.
– Exclusive? – Yes, we are. – Which came as a bit
of a surprise to Matthew ’cause you had never
mentioned having a girlfriend. – I mean you should have
like kind of figured it out. – Figured it out? – Is it crazy that Matthew
was under the impression that there was attraction and a potential for something to happen between you guys? – Well through text and stuff like every day we’ll send like
little stuff here and there it’s, you know, I do that with everybody. – In my mind I’m like,
oh when he get to Atlanta maybe it could be something more or we could get to know
each other more, you know, who knows what can transpire
once he gets to Atlanta. – Well I mean you should have
like kind of got the hint when you would send me messages like and I wouldn’t really respond to it. – But you did neglect to say
that you had a girlfriend. – True. – Just feels weird to me ’cause like if you live in New York and you’re talking to
someone who lives in Atlanta, and you’re talking pretty often, and then you tell him you’re
gonna come down to Atlanta and you want to see him. To me that sounds like you are giving very clear signals that
you like that person. – You’re saying like I want to see him, I’d be like, you know, we should meet up. – Well sure. – Don’t say it like, don’t say it like that. – Okay, well why don’t
we go inside and sit. – [Chance] Yeah, please. – Let’s do that. – Okay, well, yeah wait one second. Kimiko, you go in and
settle in for a second. – [Kimiko] Okay. – I just don’t feel like he’s being fair. And like kind of making it almost feel like I gave you signals like what is that, that’s bull (beep). I just don’t want to see you let him- – Run over? – Just yeah, just sort of
like disregard all this (beep) that you felt and that
he said and that like, happened because he doesn’t want to admit that he had feelings for you. – You weren’t romantically
involved with Matt at all? – No. – I mean we saw some text messages and it seemed pretty
flirty back and forth. – I wasn’t… It wasn’t like that at all. You know, I don’t want to date a dude. – So you don’t date men at all? Oh, okay. – No. – We were under the impression
that you were bisexual. – That’s not true, he lied. That’s not true. – Okay. – You know, now I’m mad about that because that’s- – I didn’t mean to make you mad. – That’s not like… Wow. – I just don’t feel like
we’re getting the whole story. – Yeah, there’s something going on. But it’s just how do we get that, how do I get that out of him? – Lets see what he has to say. All right. Much better in here. – So you telling these people
that I’m bisexual Matthew? – Well I know in the past
you’ve dated men and women. – I mean if… Matthew, I’m just really upset about you giving these people, having them think that I’m bisexual, it’s kind of
coming off confusing. – You would do like the heart eyes. – Right, the heart eyes. – And all that and that was like kind of drawing me in even more. – Listen, I’m never gonna date you. – Why then were you talking to him at all? Is this the first time
it’s been clear to you that he likes you? – Yes, this is the first time.
– Really? – Yup.
– Wow. It seems there’s a couple issues here that amazingly hadn’t
been brought up until now. One is that you’re not bisexual, but you were having a very
flirtatious relationship. You’re intentionally not
mentioning a girlfriend when you could easily because you’re trying to kind of maintain a possible romantic relationship. – No, I blocked you on Instagram. And it’s like- – But that was only recently. – Whatever, but- – You seem upset. I’m not getting that because like if the worst thing this guy has done has been really liked you and like hoped to be in
a relationship with you then like can you be
a little nicer to him? And like-
– I am being nice to him. – I feel like you’re not being nice to him which is weird because
like what’s the big deal? So he has a crush on you. – He’s a catfish himself. You are. – And how am I a catfish? – You know how you’re a catfish. – How? – You’re not a catfish at all? – No.
– So what is this? What is it? – [Kamiko] Oh my god. – (beep) Oh wow. Wow. – [Man] (beep) like (beep) that is. I never told you I dated men. That’s nobody’s (beep) business. – [Man] Hi. Tracey, right?
– Yeah. – How you doing?
– Good. – Are you kidding me? – So I’m here with someone
you might recognize. – Oh my gosh, ew.
(laughing) I don’t like her. She stole all of Jacqueline
Linkwood’s friends. – Did she just say I stole
Jacqueline Linkwood’s stuff? – She said you stole
Jacqueline Linkwood’s friends. – So I heard that correctly. – I think it’d be good if
we all came in to talk. – Okay, fine, she can come in. – [Nev] Why don’t you guys come in. – [Max] Hello.
– Hey. – Hi, I’m Max. – I’m Tracey. – Hey Tracey. (laughing) – Oh my gosh. This is so cool.
(laughing) – Okay, so you seem relatively chipper. – Yeah, I’m always cheerful. It’s just my personality. – Are you putting on an act right now? – No, this is really me. – This is really you? – This is really me when I’m me. I’m just really, I work with kids. – Like in a daycare? – Yeah. They love me so much. They’re like my best friends, they’re like my little
puppies, they’re so cute. – Obviously you understand why we’re here. You admitted that you
created this profile, so we were hoping to hear a
little bit more about that. – I was bored with my life so I wanted to be someone else. – Right. – Like the whole Jecqueline Linkwood thing was Miley, Hannah, you know, Tracey by day, on the internet
I was Jacqueline by night. – Is that Hannah Montana,
is that how it works? – Yeah. That’s how I like did everything. Like I come home from school, bang I’m Jacqueline, not Tracey anymore. – How old were you when
you started doing that? – I was 14, in middle school. – So now you’re about 20. – 20 today. – 20 today, oh that’s
right, it’s your birthday. – What could you do as Jacqueline that you couldn’t do as Tracey? – Oh my gosh. I don’t know, as Jacqueline I
could talk to anyone I wanted and like bully people and stuff. It all comes back to
when people bullied me so like I have to bully other people too to get revenge. – But why take out what other people do on other people who
didn’t do anything to you? – Because they bullied me too, like people they’re like,
you’re fake, you’re fake. – But you were fake. – But they didn’t know that. – A lot of people don’t like Falesha because they associate her
with your (beep) up profile. – I really don’t like Falesha,
I think she deserves it. She thinks she’s a model, and
she thinks she’s all that. I’m still mad at her. Jacqueline was popular,
she had that popularity and Falesha ruined it. That’s why I don’t really like her. – Should I apologize for ruining that, because I am sincerely sorry. – Jacqueline was like a real person. Well she wasn’t a real
person, I was the real person. (laughing) – Do you take drugs? – I am not on drugs. I never too a drug in my life. I’m just naturally happy and hyper. – Just out of curiosity, I was wondering why you
seem so proud of this. – Because like I created
Jacqueline Linkwood and I’m proud of creating her. I’m proud of it. It really helped me. When I got to bully people online I felt so tough. – And what if someone you cyber
bullied killed themselves? – Really?
(laughing) – Yeah, really. – I wouldn’t cry. Like would you want me to cry? It’s not my fault they killed themselves. They made that choice themselves, so it’s their fault, not mine. – Maybe people really did
that because you told them to. That could have been the trigger. That doesn’t bother you? – It does not bother me, it’s not my fault, I did
not hold gun to their head saying go kill yourself. – Yeah, but some people that
have really low self esteem- – Well I have high self esteem. – Look this is relatively pointless what’s going on right here. – Am I done with her? – Yeah, I mean, we’re done for now. We’re all done for now. – All right, good. Falesha aren’t you gonna
say happy birthday? (laughing) That was so much fun.

100 thoughts on “7 Incredibly Awkward ‘Catfish’ Meetups 😬 Ranked: Catfish

  1. #2: I know his girlfriend in Atlanta was pissed once she seen the episode & found out her man was “curious”, especially since she seemed to genuinely have love for him

  2. Damn dude…I kinda hope that while Traceys driving her car, she slides off a bridge, plummets 40ft and that shit explodes.

  3. Man really lifted off brothers Toupee! Im wildin' loool

    But on god I thought that looked like some black noodles just stuck in the middle of his head.

  4. I feel like that one girl just didn’t want her boyfriend knowing she was talking to a guy she met on a cruise for 4 years lmao

  5. That fucking idiot at the end just made a 1st class dumb bitch outta herself, forever to be on the land of internutz! Fuck me is she gone to regret that shit, Ha! What a Fuck Witt it is!

  6. deven led his friend on then ghosted him and expected the guy to get the picture.. he couldn’t have just told him? like that’s worse than being catfished.. i hope he got the picture that Deven ain’t shit and needs to leave him and his goofy ass smile alone.

    lmao chance mad mad that he couldn’t lie his way out of liking a man. but to pull his hair off on tv? did he forget that he was the catfish? everyone knows you got a thing for men now chance it’s okay.

  7. #4 is a liar. She's super weird for letting her friend do that, having known about it all along, and on top smirking about it all. She was surprisingly calm too. Yuck. I suppose it really was her, wanting narcissistic supply, just flirting without expecting anything to happen, and narcissistically gaslighting him for feeling something.

  8. Chance .. another one of those boys that like to tell everyone that they’re straight knowing damn well they’re fuggin not! 😒 don’t be a little bitch like chance.

  9. That guy getting pissy saying I'm not bisexual dude you clearly in the closet and all that anger is self loathing coz you hate the fact you attracted to men. That's sad tbh. But dude you rip off his weave…. Wtf

  10. Chance a bitch for snatching his fake hair off but I’d be a liar if I told you I wasn’t stretched out on the floor when that happened 😂😂😂😂

  11. You have used lots of women on the internet for money catfishing them. Remember GOD said vengence is mine and the lord will get vengence for every person you scammed on line. You are a scammer.

  12. Tracey: “I work with kids..”
    Max: “… like in a daycare?..”

    It’s a fair question, because I could have been fooled that it wasn’t in a torture chamber or.. in her 2nd grade class.

  13. Do a spin off where you find the og person in the photos people use to catfish other people, bc I've been there and I would love to know who uses my pics to catfish!!

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