7 Minutes in Purgatory – Caitlin Gill & Bobcat Goldthwait

7 Minutes in Purgatory – Caitlin Gill & Bobcat Goldthwait

– [Announcer] What
happens to a comedian when you take away
their audience? This is a show where
comedians perform in an empty theater
while the audience watches from the rooftop. (audience laughs) So the comedians have no idea how the audience is reacting. – Welcome to 7
Minutes in Purgatory. (upbeat music) Please put your hands
together for Caitlin Gill and Bobcat Goldthwait. (audience cheers) Alright, whoa. How’re you guys feeling? – I’m kinda nervous
’cause this audience is pretty young. A lot of them weren’t even
born when I was relevant so. – Alright, we’ll
see you guys soon. 7 Minutes in Purgatory is a show where comedians
perform in one room and the audience watches
from a separate room so the comedians have no idea
how the audience is doing. They’re walking
into the theater. They will be performing
to 1,000 empty seats. – [Announcer] Meanwhile,
their fellow comedians will be watching
from the greenroom. – 1,000? – 1,000, that’s a lot of seats. – Oh boy, I’m very
excited for this. These two are some
of my favorites. – [Bobcat] Hi,
thank you very much. – Thank you, thank
you, everyone. – My name is– – Bobcat Giblefarb. – Or Bobscratch Goldfarb. That’s Caitlin Gill. – I’m Skatelin Kill. – Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – This isn’t much different
than the size of audiences that come out and see me now. – So, uh. – We are roommates. – We’re roommates. – Yeah. – We’re not sleeping together. – Yeah, no we’re not. – We’re not the sexy
kind of roommate. – No, I’m 54 with roommates. It’s all coming together. This is my year. (audience laughs) – I’m 35 and I live
in the basement of the guy from Police Academy, so it could be worse. – Let’s do some crowd work. – Hey this guy knows
what I’m talking about. – Where’re you from? (laughing) – A thing happened to me that
I haven’t told you about yet. I saved it for right now. I’m very excited. This happened yesterday. That is true. That is not a comedic trope. Yesterday, I was walking
up to the Hollywood Improv and I got the best catcall
I have ever gotten. A gentleman saw me
approach and said, “Girl, you look
like Dan Aykroyd.” (audience laughs) – I don’t see it at all. – Okay, what Ghostbuster
do I look like then? If it has to be a
Ghostbuster, which one? – I would say Harold Ramis. – Okay, I’ll take that. I’ll take it. – We’re really bad
at comedy team stuff because we just
reinforce each other. We don’t pick on each other. – That’s true. That’s why our house could
never be a reality show. When we moved in together,
people were like, make it a sitcom. Have a reality show. And we can’t because of
the utter lack of conflict that exists. – Yeah, yeah, we get
along, all of us. It wouldn’t be like on this
week’s Bob and Caitlin, someone eats all
the vegan doughnuts. – No, I bought more
vegan doughnuts. (audience laughs) We’re out of toothpaste! How could this have happened? – Oh, actually, check
the other drawer. I bought some. – Oh, it’s right here. That’s great. Thank you for buying that. – That would be the
cliffhanger of the season. I can’t believe I’m
actually looking around as if there’s human beings here. – I know, it’s a
hard impulse to stop. – I got hit by TMZ and I really
don’t care for those people. And this little snarky
douche bag came up and he’s like, “Hey Bobcat. “They’re rebooting
Police Academy. “Don’t you think the original
cast should be in it?” And I was like, “No.” And he goes, “Why not?” And I go, “Because a
lot of us are dead.” And then I said, “If
they’re going to reboot it, “they should do what they
did to 21 Jump Street “and make it a
comedy this time.” – Mic drop, that mic dropped. – But they didn’t put
out the part where I go, “I don’t think it’s a good
time to be doing wacky movies “about the police.” And they go, “Why?” I go, “‘Cause the police
are killing civilians now.” – Yeah, like at
an alarming rate. Hilarious, right? – Up on the roof
their dying right now. They love the political
scathing humor. Who’s more political, you or I? – I am inherently more political because I am a queer female. – But it’s weird to hear you
identify as a queer female. – That’s gross. I don’t care. – I just don’t ever– – I’ve gotten dude parts hard. I’ve gotten lady parts wet. I’ve done the whole damn thing. Life is a buffet. Eat a wiener. Have a slice of pie. They’re all delicious. (audience laughs) Not true, they all taste
weird and like copper, but get in there. Have yourself a party. You know? – They taste like pennies. – They do. Like, tasting a vagina
is totally normal and I think everybody
should do it. And for some reason
I’m like, gross, don’t taste a penny. Like, suck on a genital,
that’s totally fine, but don’t put a
penny in your mouth. You know how many hands
have been on those? Probably more hands
than have been in whatever vagina you would eat. – Yeah, that’s true. You never know. – One would hope. One would hope that a
vagina has not been handled as many times as a penny. – Yeah, I don’t remember
my mother ever saying, you don’t know where
that vagina’s been. Get it out of your mouth. (audience laughs) – Just slaps it. – That’s weirder than
I wanted it to sound. – That was weirder. – Alright, we’re
gonna wrap this up. – Will you wrap
it up for us, Bob? – Sure, I’ll do a true story. I used to direct the
Jimmy Kimmel show and when I was the director, what’s the band that sucks? – Nickleback. – Right, Nickleback. They might be nice guys,
but their manager was a dick and he came into the booth
that I direct the show from and he goes, “Who’s
the director?” I go, “I am.” And then he goes, “Don’t
shoot Chad profile. “Only shoot him straight on.” And I go, “Who’s Chad?” He goes, “Our lead singer.” And I go, “Why can’t I
shoot him from the side?” He goes, “‘Cause he
has a large nose.” I go, “Okay.” If you’ve seen the Kimmel show
the band will do two songs and during the second song
the show goes off the air and during the second song I
tell the assistant director tell me when I have
10 seconds left. She goes, “Okay.” I’m like, “Camera six,
camera four, camera three.” And then she goes, “10 seconds.” And I go, “Shoot the nose.” And seven cameras zoomed
in on this guy’s nose and then I made a nose montage. (audience laughs) Okay, you’ve been a delight. Thank you so much. – Thank you, thank
you, everyone. (audience cheers) – Bobcat Goldthwait
and Caitlin Gill. Let them hear it. (cheering) – How’s the crowd? – Oh, great. They’re so hot. – Is it weird totally or
like you had fun anyway. – It’s more laughs
than I usually get. It’s nice to hear the crew
guys in the back mumbling.

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  1. This would have been even more interesting if the comedians didn't know if there was an audience at all anywhere, let alone their possible reactions.

  2. The spin off: seven minutes in hell where the microphone gets cut off in the middle of the set and they get heckled brutally.

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