7 People Catfished By Their Friends 😮 Ranked: Catfish

7 People Catfished By Their Friends 😮 Ranked: Catfish

– You ain’t heard from him. – No. – You wanna know why you
ain’t heard from him? ‘Cause I’m Jordan. Stupid bitch. – [Laura] What? – [Cece] Yeah. – [Angel] Are you serious? – [Cece] Yeah. – [Nev] Do you know this person? – Are you kidding me? What the (beep)? (tense music) That’s definitely my (beep) buddy, Jeremy. That’s Becca’s brother. – What’s up, Derek? – What the (beep)? – There’s a lot of
reasons and a lot of stuff I gotta tell you. – What’s your name, sorry? – My name’s Jeremy. – [Nev] Jeremy. – I’m one of Derek’s really good friends. – Okay, cool. – I am trying to just fix all this. That’s why I’m here, bro. I’m not here to hurt you in any way, bro. I’m just trying to help. I care about you. – You got me shaking right now, bro. – I’m not Annabelle, okay? – I hope not. – I’m not Annabelle. I’ll just go get Annabelle, we’ll just. I’ll be right back. – [Nev & Laura] Okay. – I talk to him all the time. I showed him everything about Annabelle, and he’s just playing it off. Oh my god. That better not be your sister, dude. – Is that Becca? – [Derek] It definitely, oh my god. – [Nev] That is Becca? – [Derek] Yeah, this
is one big joke, dude. I’m gonna (beep) for life. Oh my god, dude. – [Derek] This is my sister, Becca. – [Nev] Becca, right? Hi, we spoke on the phone, right? – Yeah. – Nev, and this is Laura. – [Laura] Hi. – Hi. – [Nev] Can someone just
explain what’s going on? – Yeah, please? – So, I’m Annabelle. – You’re not Annabelle. – I’m sorry. Everything I said was the truth, I just– – Everything you said earlier– – Everything I said was the truth. I just was afraid to talk to you as me, because you’re like a brother to me. I’ve known you for so long. – I don’t really know what to say. – We spoke to you yesterday, and you were very comfortable talking to us and denying to know anything,
and you’re a good liar. – You’ve lied to him, you’ve lied to us. – That’s why I can’t
believe, in all of those text messages that you sent to me. – Did you send the email? – No, I did write the anonymous email. – [Becca] You wrote it? I thought he wrote it this whole time. – No, I was in the middle of it, listening to both sides, and I couldn’t be just holding a secret anymore between my best friend and my sister. – Jeremy, how long did you know she’d been catfishing Derek? – Probably after a month or two, I knew. – How did you find out? – I had a feeling, just
because she was always on her phone, and then I was asking her who’s she’s talking to, and then one day I just kinda figured it out. – I’m (beep), I’m mind-blown right now. I feel so stupid right now. This is my life, bro. We’ve all been like one
big family since we met, back in like high school days, you know. – She’s not trying to hurt you, dude, especially after all you’ve been through. She just cares about you.
– Really? – I wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t mean everything that I said. (emotional music) – I loved talking to Annabelle, well, you, but you made feel good,
but there could have been a better shot, if you really liked me, instead of going through all this. – [Becca] Well I hope you know I’m sorry. – I know. – I’m really sorry. I was just really worried
that you would not look me as more than a friend. I guess I was just afraid to ruin the friendship that we
had if you didn’t feel the same way, so I really wanted to see if you felt that way before
I just put it out there and ruined what we have. I truly care about you so much. You’re an amazing person, and we have such great times together, and all we do is have good memories. – I know, I love you. – There’s no bad memories that we have. – I don’t think there is, not one. (laughter) I only looked at you as a sister because I thought you
looked at me as a brother. (pleasant guitar music) And I’m glad it’s you out of anyone. I mean, you’re cute and you’re awesome. You’re outgoing. I’m willing to give it a shot. – Just give it time, give me a chance. – I’ll give you a chance. Hopefully I can have
that connection with you in real life. – I hope so too. – [Joe] Hey. – Hello. (Joe laughs) So it’s been Rose the whole time? – Rose. – [Joe] It’s been you the whole time? – Yes, yes. I’m sorry about everything. I don’t know what to say. I’m really sorry. What do you think? – Why wouldn’t you tell me it was you? – I was scared. – [Joe] Scared? – [Rose] Scared to tell you. I do have feelings for
you, and I was just scared of what you would say to me. – [Joe] Mm-hmm. – So how long have you
had feelings for Joe? – A few months. – [Joe] When you started
falling in love with me or whatever, then why didn’t you tell me that it was you? – Because I didn’t want you to stop talking to me altogether. Another part of me, I just liked doing it because, for me, it’s kind
of like entertainment. – I mean, we owe you an apology. – [Nev] Yeah, I mean, I don’t– – [Max] We totally, we failed. We failed you, man. – Yeah, we definitely
did not see this coming, and I feel like, in a way, we
didn’t prepare you for this. How long have you had this fake profile? – Which one? – Well, how many profiles do you have? – [Max] (laughs) Many others. – Quite a few. – For Kari Ann or for lots of people? – For lots of people. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve pretty much mastered it. – [Nev] It doesn’t seem
to bother you that much. – It doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t know why everyone’s
making a big deal about it. – It’s an unusual way
to start relationships. – [Joe] Yeah. – You’re just being very nice. It’s incredibly selfish, and you’re being really irresponsible. You’re manipulating people’s emotions, you’re leading them on,
and you’re lying to them. – Well, that’s fine.
– It’s a messed up way of entertaining yourself. You know that. You’re (beep) with their
emotions and their lives. Joe thought he was about
to start a whole new life. – I know, and I said that
I’m extremely sorry for that. I’m apologizing. – [Nev] Right. – I’m apologizing in front of
all these frickin’ cameras. What the (beep)? I wouldn’t come back
here for just nothing. – So you came back for Joe? – Yeah, I guess, in a way, I did. – How can I believe anything you say? You just (beep) with
people and their heads, and make them think
they’re with somebody else and whatnot, so… I don’t know, I’m just… (clears throat) I don’t know, it hurts, it sucks. It really does. (tense music) – So… So it wasn’t Ray. (tense music) It’s been me. (deep bass) – You have been Dave this whole time? – Yep. Infiniti, you did it to me. – Nelly, when did I ever do
anything like that to you? – You gave that boy my
number in high school, and you thought it was so funny. – Even if so, that was years ago. – [Nelly] Yeah, but,
and then I got you back. – Hold on, you did it as a joke? – Yeah, I thought it was funny at first. And then it just went on. – So in high school, she gave your number to a boy that liked her as a joke? – Yeah, and then it wasn’t a joke because he was obsessed. – But that ended, right? – [Nelly] Yeah. – And you knew that she had done that, and you guys had talked about it and it was resolved to some extent? – To some extent. – But you felt like she
had kinda burned you. – I just, I didn’t think
she did anything mean. I thought it was funny. – So she kinda pranked
you, and now you wanted to prank her back. – Yep, and then it just
went a little too far. – This is not funny. – And Ray? – I just asked him because I didn’t wanna ruin the friendship. – You asked him what? – To take the fall. – Do you have any romantic
feelings towards Infiniti? Would you wanna date her? – I wouldn’t wanna date, but… I mean, I love her. – I know, but do you love her as a friend or do you love her like Dave loved her? – I don’t know for like Dave loved her. – You took it too far. – [Max] Way too far. And what about the (beep) pic? – Most of the stuff was
just so she would be like, I can’t do this any more. Not showing up, not responding
sometimes, disappearing. – Well, but the whole point of Dave, when was it you would
come forward and be like, “Hahaha, isn’t that funny? “I was Dave.” – But I was waiting for
something to happen. She’d come to me and tell me about him, to be like, “Oh, that’s me.” But that never happened,
until it was too late. – You coulda just told me. – I think you should laugh about it. (laughs) – But you might have
thought this was funny at the beginning. – Yeah, at the beginning, okay, but she took it too far. She did too much. – It’s hard to even sit
here and listen to you guys talk about it. It’s so juvenile and immature. The whole thing. You were just kinda
exploiting her, for a while, to get a laugh, which
is (beep) up and mean. – [Infiniti] Exactly. – I’m having flashbacks to
middle school right now. – If it’s okay, I’d love
to just chat for a minute, just us. (tense music) All right. So, she’s your best friend. – She’s one of my best friends. – [Nev] One of your best friends. – Let’s listen to what they say. – It may have started off as a joke, but you had to have
known at a certain point, two months in, four months
in, it wasn’t funny anymore. – Yeah. – Do you feel like the scale is balanced, or how do you feel about
your sort of revenge? – I think it went a little far. – A little too far, or a lot too far? – A lot too far. – [Nev] Okay. – But she just wouldn’t tell me stuff. She was telling him these things that I would never know. – Okay, so I wanna try and understand. She was telling Dave things
that she wasn’t telling you. – You know everything about me. – She was jealous. – She was. – It made it easier for me
to be her friend, as me. I used to just think she
had attitude for no reason. – Excuse me? – But then as Dave, she would tell me what was the matter, so then, as me, I know why she has the attitude. – So because you had
this sort of secret way of knowing more about your friend, you were able to be a better friend. – Right. And then she got so
attached, and then I didn’t wanna just leave. I feel like in the back of her mind, she knew that he wasn’t gonna show up. She just wanted somebody to talk to. – That’s true. – I mean, I see the
problem, and now I kinda see this is not so funny. – Steve, I made up Steve. Steve’s me. (somber guitar music) But the person you’ve been… – (beep) that (beep). (sighs) (screams into hands) (beep) Mommy. You’re not gonna guess who’s Steve. Gladys! Gladys and her cousin. Yes. All this time. (sobs) I don’t know. – I just did it so she can change. (emotional music) I just tried to make a perfect guy, and maybe she can have
a sense of what a guy is instead of treating her like crap like all the other ones. But Tony’s the one she’s been talking to. I need to sit down. – [Nev] Is Tony in love with her? – He just did it ’cause I asked him to. – This is (beep), so I’m a joke. I’m a joke? – I don’t know what to tell you, but I mean, you’ve every
right to be furious and feel totally confused and upset, and maybe even betrayed. – The (beep) is up with that? – There is a lot of questions I have, and I’m sure you have. I do think it’s in your best interest to hear what she has to say. Not to say that it’s
not totally (beep) up, but she’s involved in
this, and then she didn’t say something sooner. (tense music) – Show me the phone. I need to see the phone. I don’t believe… Let me show you, it
says Steve with a heart. (cellphone ringtone) – [Gladys] See? (emotional music) – Do you know what me and
Tony talk about on the phone? We have phone sex, we talk
about intimate (beep). – I’m sorry, but you kept bringing it up, and you kept going back down the hill, and I didn’t want you to be like that. I did it because I love
you and because I want you to be a better person
that what you were then. – [Nev] So the Steve Facebook profile and the cellphone number. – [Gladys] Yes, sir. – That’s you. – [Gladys] Yes. – [Nev] And do you have two cellphones? – Yes, I do. And the reason why you didn’t see it is because they’re both white iPhones. Every time I said I’m in
the studio, I was with you, or at work, or at school. – [Nev] When she asked you to marry her, why did you say yes? – I didn’t even say yes. I said okay, ’cause I
didn’t know what to say. That really surprised the hell out of me, because I think she fell
in love with Tony’s voice. – [Nev] Is that him? – [Max] Oh boy. – I don’t know if that’s
who we’re looking for, but I don’t know why
Domo would be out here. – [Max] Is that her? She’s now looking in our direction. Let’s find out what the story is. (tense music) Hello. What’s going on? – Before you get upset or anything, I just wanna tell you Charles isn’t real. I’m Charles. I had a crush on you for
almost two years now. (clears throat) I really like you. I could say I love you. I do love you, but I don’t
want to seem crazy or anything. – Why did you keep it going so long? – ‘Cause I was scared. I felt more comfortable
being portraying as a guy, that I know you like,
is known as your type, and you replied back to him, and– – That’s some (beep). – I’m telling you now
to get it off my chest. I wanted to see if we can move
on to be more than friends. – [Nev] Just wanna clarify,
at the very beginning you made the profile, you
found photos of Jaleel. Do you know that guy? – I don’t know him. – Just a random guy, okay. So you made the PlentyOfFish account, you searched, you found her profile, and you messaged.
– Yeah, I messaged. – [Nev] Okay, got it. And who does know about this? Does anybody else know about this? – The only person I let know was Chad, because I was like, “I just need you to do “this favor for me.” He was like, “I got you, sis.” I had to make at least one call to make it seem like he was a person. – [Nev] Right. When you first made the
PlentyOfFish account, what was the plan? Did you have–
– I was just trying to get a better, more
intimate feeling with her. Get closer, more than
a friend type of way. You know? – Did you ever try to come clean, or did you have a plan
on how that was gonna go? – I thought about it,
but then I will always just get too scared to just be like, it’s not what you think, and
then I’ll just never do it. It’s like, I don’t
know, I was just scared. – You’re my best friend. – I don’t wanna lose you as a friend, but I felt like if I can get Charles to make you some type of
way, then I can definitely make you feel some type of way too. (somber music) – This is too much. You shouldn’t have did it this way. You came about it all wrong. I don’t wanna talk no more. – [Nev] Give us a second. – [Chelsea] My best friend betrayed me. – She obviously cares about you a lot, and has lots of feelings for you, some as a friend and obviously
more than that, as well, so she screwed up. I don’t know why she
thought she had to do this for this long. – Exactly, for this long. That’s why I’m really mad,
because you took it so far. – Definitely not the best
way to go about this. – I wasn’t trying to intend to hurt her or do anything bad to her. She deserves somebody
that’ll treat her right, ’cause all these guys
that she messes with, they do nothing for her. – I mean, when she’s
texting this guy all day every day, she doesn’t
realize that she presses send and your phone buzzes? – I usually have it on do
not disturb or something. I don’t let it be loud. – Do you guys sleep in different rooms? – We sleep in the same bed. – You sleep in the same bed? – Yeah, we have a queen-size bed. – Is that like torture for you, sleeping in the same bed
with her every night? – Yeah. – [Nev] Who’s this? – [Aubri] That’s Courtney. – Oh (beep). – [Aubri] What the (beep)? – Uh oh. (tense music) She trying to say something to us? – [Aubri] What is she doing? – Aubri, come here, I
have to say something. – She says she has to something to you. – Aubri. I don’t want you to go to the park and Brian not show up, because I’m Brian. (tense music) – [Nev] So wait, there is no Brian. – There is no Brian.
– There’s no meeting at the park, but you’re the
one we’ve been messaging with? – What the (beep)? Oh my god. – I’m sorry the way everything happened. I really have a lot of feelings for you. All of these feelings
and stuff are new to me. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. – (laughs) Wow. You could’ve told me. We live together. Why would you lie to me, though? – Well I was talking to Janeesa about how I felt about
you, and she was basically helping me come up with ideas. She actually created the Brian Snapchat. She did everything. – What’s confusing to
me is how does making a fake dude– – I don’t know, Janeesa’s just like, “You should just make a
Snapchat and talk to her, “just to get to know her.” So I would know everything, what she like, what she doesn’t like, before
I approach her as myself. So that’s why were
talking for those months. – So you were just
trying to get to know her so that eventually it would
feel like you were ready as yourself to start trying to be friends. – To approach her. – But why didn’t that happen? You had three months. – Well I don’t know. I was just nervous, I was scared. – What inspired you to finally come clean, and why did you think this
was the best way to do it? – Janeesa came up with this
idea of Catfish, the show. We’ve been talking for that long, and we weren’t going anywhere, so I wanted to try something new and I just agreed to it. – That’s heavy. (groans) That’s so wrong. – I don’t know when she
wrote into the show. I wasn’t around her when she wrote in. I honestly thought she
was just playing about it. I didn’t know she was
for real gonna do it, and I really didn’t want
it to happen this way. I was trying to back out of it. – So is that what was going on yesterday with that weird text from Patrick? – Yes. I didn’t know what to do. I asked Patrick if he could help come up with some way of
getting me out of this, but right now, I’m the scared, awkward. It’s awkward, I’m
nervous, I’m embarrassed. I’m basically coming out
in front of everybody. (groans) – How do you feel? – I just feel betrayed, really. It’s like, I live with
her, she’s my roommate, so it’s like I wouldn’t think. You’d be the last person I would think that she was catfishing me. – I feel like you coulda
did it a different way. Now she doesn’t feel comfortable
in her own home, you know? – Gotta figure out what
the heck’s going on here. It’s not you, is it? – No. – [Laura] So you’re not Jordan? – No, I’m not Jordan. – [Laura] You’re not Jordan. (tense music) – Well, it’s 2:30. – You ain’t heard from him? – No. – Do you wanna know why
you ain’t heard from him? ‘Cause I’m Jordan. Stupid bitch. – [Laura] What? – [Cece] Yeah. – [Angel] Are you serious? – [Cece] Yeah. – [Nev] I don’t understand. So you made the profile. It’s been you the whole time. – Yep. – Why would you do this for this long? – It don’t matter how
long I’ve been doing it. You had it coming. – What did she have coming? – This girl been stealing
dudes from me for years. How does it feel, ’cause
it don’t feel good, right? It don’t feel good. – [Angel] What is this? – So you created the profile. – [Cece] Yes I did. – To match with her, ’cause
you knew she was on Tinder. – Mm-hmm. I was eventually gonna tell her, but she wants to meet
Jordan, so here I am. – [Nev] What are these
guys that you stole? Is that true, or? – I don’t know what she’s talking about. – You don’t? Use your brain. You don’t know? You stole three dudes from me, Angel! – I didn’t steal anybody from you. – Roy, Troy, and Chris. – What? – I guess this would’ve been years ago? – Yes. – There were some guys that
you started talking to. Relationships, or these
were guys that you– – I wasn’t in a relationship,
but we were talking, in the midst of talking. These are people that could
have been potential for me. Oh, oh, I’m drunk, I’m drunk,
I was sitting on his lap. That (beep) you don’t do! Once she was at a party. She magically appeared on his lap. It didn’t feel good. – I don’t think it’s that unusual for someone who’s 18, 19,
to sit on a guy’s lap. That stuff is, you’re young. – Well let’s put it like this,
that’s (beep) I don’t do. – And that’s not cool, and you’re right. – That (beep) I don’t do. – But now the (beep) that you have done is pretend to be your
best friend’s boyfriend. – I can be dumb, she can be dumb, too. – Okay, first of all,
they tried to talk to me. – Okay, just like you
said, it’s the girl code. You don’t do (beep) like that! – You need to stop acting stupid. – Am I being stupid? My boyfriend!
– Oh my god, (beep). – Oh my god.
– I swear, I will knock you the (beep) out if you
don’t get out of my face. – You’re not (beep). You a dumbass (beep) for talking to some stupid ass dude on the internet. – [Angel] I will lay you out. – You gonna lay me out? I want you to do it right now. – No one’s laying anyone out, stop. – I want you to do it right now. – Laura, why don’t you
go over there with Angel? – I’m ready to go. I’m done talking to her. Who gonna take me home, Nev? – [Nev] We can, someone can take you home. – I’m ready to go. I’m done with this (beep), man. – [Angel] This doesn’t make any sense. – So you don’t remember
Troy or Roy or Chris? – I don’t remember their names, but I do remember sitting
on some guy’s lap. – And she got mad. – Yeah, but they tried to talk to me. I wasn’t trying to talk
to them like that, so. – However many years ago
and however small it was, it looks like it really hurt
her more than you realize. I mean, is it okay for her to
pretend to be your boyfriend? That’s insane. – No, that’s why I don’t feel bad. I just don’t feel bad.
– But at the same time, this is gonna sound kinda (beep) up, but you got all the attention. Probably years of playing
second fiddle to you. I mean, that probably sucks. Maybe she was jealous of your
relationship with Brandon. – She feels like she can
try to get every dude because of your looks. – I hear you, I hear you. – And all of a sudden,
they’re texting her, and then I get pushed to the curb. That’s how it always is
every time we go out. It’s like guy after guy
is always after her, and then I find a little bit of somebody, and then you take it away. – Right. – You did it three times! Yes, it was not right for
me to fake to date her, and I’m sorry. Y’all came out here to help her. – That’s all right. – But I had to get it out.

100 thoughts on “7 People Catfished By Their Friends 😮 Ranked: Catfish

  1. Damn I would've swung on everybody. Okay #3 i understand but that ain't way to do it. Just tell em tbh. It might hurt hands down it will fucking hurt if they don't but you might as fucking well because you have nothing to fucking lose. Nothing. All you'll gain in the end is probably a broken heart but that broken heart will be the best lesson you'll ever learn in your entire life. Things could go a different way but THAT way is never the way to go. Never.

  2. I’ve gotten catfished before and absolutely humilated her in front of my friends before dumping her. You just don’t do that to people man.

  3. I get it, alot of girls are afraid of rejection or not being a high enough expectation in guys eyes but there are certainly better ways to deal with it other than catfishing, remember that all of you are beautiful and your personality is everything.

  4. 16:14
    That filmography part was amazing! It like looking through DoMo perspective and the spiral tense feeling that everything between Chelsea and Domo is gonna crumble

  5. It’s crazy how people are so bitter and have nothing to do with their lives to devote hours upon hours of their lives to catfish people

  6. Number 4 is a beautiful girl, she needs to acknowledge that because I feel like she doesn’t know how beautiful she is!

  7. I had a friend very much like the #1. I used to always think our friendship was equal until we were 20 and someone she used to like in middle school messaged me and said they wanted to date. I asked if it was okay and if it wasn’t it didn’t matter to me cause the guy wasn’t all that cute to begin with but she said it was fine. 2 weeks later, she said I was a bad friend for dating him after I knew everyone she liked in middle had a crush on me. It was so baffling cause I didn’t know that so how did she know it??? She then confessed she was counting every person that liked me every since we were kids and used it as a measurement towards our friendship if it was also someone she liked (I never dated anyone she liked until we were 20). We ended our friendship after she told me to kill myself when I was having a depressive episode.

  8. #3 the girl that was cat fishing she was too cute to be cat fishing . She should have just told her straight up 😩 girl your bad if she didn’t want you then the next one will I’m sorry but the girl she was going for ain’t even cute 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Ouu girl a jealous friend is a dangerous friend. Imagine someone you have love for having hatred for you. #1 should have just said what she felt and walked away from the relationship.

  10. If my bestfriend catfished me. I'd have to dome her in the head. Because she knows everything about me. So she shouldn't have to manipulate me to get my heart.

  11. #4.
    Her: walks in the car normal

    Her:does this 12:15

    Me: wow……. she need some milk

    Me: but again i feel bad

  12. CECE (JORDAN) is so JEALOUS OF HER, it makes her more UGLY than she is… Nice WHITE EYE SHADOW! ANGEL IS a beautiful – smart woman who can get her own man. POOR – POOR CECE – (JORDAN) is ugly & disrespectful. BYE CECE…

  13. #1 always gets me… I've had female friends who would pull out this "you get all the dudes" thing– let's just call it what it is: jealousy. Instead of spending all that time catfishing her friend, she could've been working on herself and actually finding guys who liked her. Insecurity isn't a good look.

  14. #4 deserved to be CatFish runnin' after those fuckbois even if it was really the guy in the picture He would eventually break her heart

  15. The first 1 is the one i totally understand
    Now she did hop about it in the wrong way however, i get the feelings behind it. Being the "not so pretty girl" or " pretty for a dark skinned girl" doesnt feel good especially when the other person is your friend or fam.

  16. im sorry but no wonder #1 got those guys 'stolen'… just look at her and her attitude omg.. i understand it sucks being second place but if you seriously think it's okay to catfish your friend like that like of course they weren't interested in you. not to mention you can't steal guys lmao obviously it's fucked up if you go for a guy your friend is interested in but don't pretend guys are brainless if he's worth it he'll stay with you and not get tempted. she's just insecure 100% and needs to get better friends (and a better look, lol)

  17. # 5 … girl giving someone your number even if she did, is high school s***..but catfishing is totally different 😒

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