#75 How to Setup Fish tank with toy | Subtitle Added | Tamil

#75 How to Setup Fish tank with toy | Subtitle Added | Tamil

Helloo Everyone.. Greetings…
Its my Karthick Today we are going to look into the nano tank setup. so far we have seen about the tanks which contains the driftwood rocks and plants. we haven’t used any toys in our tank Here today i’ve something new to show you about fish tank toy/decorative item as i liked more So far i never used any toy items in the tank. Am gonna setup the tank today with this toy as i likes more. Tank size is 30*30*30 cm. This is the cube tank. This tank is the low iron tank. I’ve got this tank from the Aquatic Remedies The edges of the tank has been properly pasted and beautifully designed. This item i’ve bought in chennai kolathur. This cost is around Rs.500 This is the light weight item. so we can setup in the tank easily. I’ve chosen this size as per my tank size. you can choose as per your tank size. Here we gonna use this toy as main object with tropica planting soil, cosmetic soil, plants and lava rocks. come lets go for the tank setup. We have some green paints on the item to show some natural effects.
B But i would like to add some java moss to add on some beauty in it. Am filling up the gaps with the java moss. it may grow well in couple of months and gives more natural look on the toy. Need to tie the java moss using the thread. I suggest to use green/black color thread to merge with java moss/toy color. I have finished tying the java moss with the thread I have tied the thread, only on the hard surface and the space where the moss is not seated properly. I don’t keep any java moss on the back side of the toy. Only filling the front side of the tank. Before we place the toy inside tank, gonna cover the end of the tank with Tropica soil. The soil is used for plants growing and to provide the proper nutrients to the plants. Basically its a plant soil and brand name is called as Tropica. Already i have posted the video in our channel about this soil. To know more check the link in the description. Next am filling the Tropica soil at the back. Gonna decorate the front part with other soil. Placing the lava rocks at the front which has been tied with java moss. Placing these rocks to not to mix the Tropica soil with cosmetic sand. can able to see some small gaps between rocks and soils. To fill those gaps, will be using the cotton. Hope you enjoyed the video of the fish tank setup with the toy and aquarium plants. I’ve reused the plants from my older tank’s setup. I’ve used the low lighting plants on this setup.so am not using any Co2 but using fertilizers. Will update the fertilizer details in my upcoming videos. Here am using Senzeal virgo LED light. Already we have the video of this lights in our channel. Find the link in the description about the video on lights. I have used Boyu Hang on filter in our fish tank. This filter is sufficient for the nano tank. If you want more circulation, we can go for internal filters. i’ve planned to add the fishes after one week of water conditioning and bacteria formation. Though we’ve added bacteria powder, it takes minimum of 3-4 days to introduce the fishes So that the fishes would be more healthy and also for the good water condition. Advisable to introduce fish after 3-7 days. I’ve already decided to what kind of fish to add into this tank. Your suggestions are always welcome. pour your suggestions on the comment box. Do like and share this video. You can write your queries/doubts on comment box. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel and also click the bell icon to get new updates. Byyyyyyeeee!!!!!!

35 thoughts on “#75 How to Setup Fish tank with toy | Subtitle Added | Tamil

  1. Bro niga Java Moss attache panna glue use pannuga bro glue use Panna plant ku ethuvum problem varuma command pannuga

  2. Hi bro.. as per ur instructions I learned few things and setup my anubias & moss only tank but now I face brown alage problem..could you pls talk something about brown alage..

  3. Nice bro , in the world Oliver knot is the only person to introduce toys in his creations nd now u. So u r “Indian Oliver knot” 😃👌🏻

  4. Dear karthik,
    Nice scaping
    You are getting topical soil from online are any special shops in Chennai ?
    What about zetlight how it works? performs good it is advisable for planted tank ?
    I plane to by for my 4ft tank I need your guidance pls..

  5. I like it👍. U could add some dwarf sagitaria sublatta on the cosmetic sand & I case of a white background, I would suggest serpae tetras or espie rasboras..

  6. HI bro I watch your videos regularly you are doing great the way you present the video is good. My suggestion is try to improve audio quality TQ.😉👍

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