8 ‘Catfish’ Victims Who Fell Hard For ‘Models’ | Ranked: Catfish

8 ‘Catfish’ Victims Who Fell Hard For ‘Models’ | Ranked: Catfish

– She just really want
to pursue her dreams so I want to make that happen. – What are her dreams? – She want to become a successful model. If she need help just uplifting her career I have no problem with doing that. – Dear Nev and Max, I
just turned 23 years old and live in Calvert, Texas. About eight months ago I saw pictures of a beautiful girl online and knew I wanted to get to know her more and luckily she messaged me back. She’s the most beautiful
girl I’ve ever seen. (soft acoustic music) ♪ Live my life with you ♪ ♪ Inside your love ♪ – Get your hands off me. (laughing) – That’s very sweet. – It’s sweet, but there’s
more to life than beauty. – I’m a dad, so meeting women
can really be hard sometimes. But Jasmine accepts me for who I am, and says she can’t wait to
meet my daughter one day. She makes me feel very special. (soft acoustic music)
♪ So you found someone ♪ She is 22 years old and lives in Houston, Texas. Which is only a couple hours away from me. We’re both pretty busy. She works at a hotel and she is working
toward becoming a model. The fact that she’s not a model that’s better than him
saying like, “She’s a model.” Even with our busy schedules we message each other all the time. – [Max] So there’s a lot of messaging. – We have talked about meeting up. – We’ve talked about meeting up, but they haven’t met up. – Whenever it comes time she is all of a sudden not available. I’m not interested in a fling with her I want an actual relationship. Please help however you can, Felipe. – [Max] Felipe period. – So here’s what’s up. We figured we would start
with her Facebook page. So we went to her photos and we found a bunch. So we did a Google image search. And that immediately go a bunch of hits. – [Felipe] Paris Roxanne. – [Max] Have you ever heard
that name before, Paris Roxanne? – No, never have. – All right, so after
that we went on Facebook and we just did a search
for Paris Roxanne. And look what we found,
a ton of fake profiles. There’s dozens and dozens. – [Max] They’re all Paris Roxanne. Then we just did a Google
search for Paris Roxanne, and what’s crazy is that
the girl in the pictures became sort of famous
because she was faked. Someone found this 17 year old girl that no one had heard
of, created this profile and it turned into a huge national story and since then now
everybody’s using her pictures to make fake accounts. – Now there are all these
fake Paris Roxanne accounts. She’s become a famous fake. – How you doing? – Hi, I’m good. – Whats your name?
– My name is Alex. – Alex?
– Yes. – Okay, hi, and your name? – Louis.
– Louis, good to meet you. I’m Nev and next to me Max. – Hi. – What’s funny? – I’m not laughing I’m just… – Nervous.
– Yeah. – [Nev] Nervous, okay. – Who’s Jasmine? – Me. – You’re Jasmine? – [Nev] Okay. – [Max] Then who are you? – Well I’m his best friend. I’m here because I dated Felipe and I found out that he
was messaging Jasmine. Louis told me. I felt, you know, really hurt. I didn’t say anything I just stopped it, – So you guys, wait. Have you guys ever met? – No. – So let me just clarify. So when did you guys start dating? – Like in June. – So six months ago. And according to Felipe you messaged him? – Way before that. – You had this profile for Jasmine and at some point you saw Felipe, you started talking. Then after you guys started talking you guys started dating. – Yeah. – My name is Nique. I’m 19 and I was born
and raised in a small, conservative town called Orange, Texas. (soft music)
♪ We can go out on a Tuesday ♪ For most of my life I felt
like I did not belong. My sanctuary became the internet where I found people who
shared my interests in art and accepted me for who I am. – Great.
– Yeah. (soft music)
♪ Baby your my favorite thing ♪ A year ago I posted a
role playing scenario. – Hey! – On Tumblr. I created a fictional character and I wanted someone to
explore the world I’d imagined. One day I received a response from Alice who had created a character
that was the entire universe. – The character is the universe. – It blew my mind and I responded right away. (upbeat music) After a few weeks we
started talking as ourselves and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Alice became one of the
biggest parts of my life. She gets me, she makes me feel loved, she makes me feel good about who I am. While Alice makes me
feel like I’m beautiful Alice is beautiful. So beautiful that she’s a model and seems to make a living from it. – Uh-oh.
– All right. People make a living from modeling. – Yeah, sure. – The thing is Alice refuses
to video chat with me not matter how many times
I try to make it happen. She also travels all the time taking road trips with her friends but she won’t come visit me in Texas. I really hope that you’ll help me. Nique. (phone ringing) – Who is it? – Hello? – Hi, this is Madison. – Maddie, hey, well thanks
for getting back to us. We’re trying to find out everything we can about your friend Alice. Can you just tell us how you know Alice? – [Maddie] Yeah, I mean
we met in high school. – Do you still live in Orange County? – [Maddie] I do, yes, yeah. – And does Alice also? – [Maddie] She moves around a lot. She could be up in LA or down here. It just depends. – And is that because,
does she travel a lot? – [Maddie] She does travel, but I think mostly LA was for work for her modeling and stuff like that. – Okay, and Alice dates women, right? – [Maddie] Yeah. – Okay. All right so we have a
phone number for Alice. Can you just confirm
whether that is or isn’t the same phone number you have for Alice? – [Maddie] Okay, yeah. What’s the phone number? – 714 (beep) – [Maddie] Yeah, that’s, that’s
not the number that I have. – Oh that’s not the number? – What? – [Maddie] No. – Whoa. – Hi.
– [Alice] Hi. – I’m Nev.
– [Alice] I’m very nervous. – It’s all right. – [Alice] She’s out there? – She’s out here. Say hello. – Hi. – Hey. – How are you? – What was the big deal? (laughing) – How are you? – Little anxious and
nervous but I’m better. – Absolutely also the same for me. (laughing) – Okay, well… – Hi. – This is Elle. – I’m Alice. – And I’m Nev.
– Nice to meet you again. – We’re glad to be here, but also I think curious
and somewhat confused. – I’m also a little confused and like I didn’t want to do this. I was concerned that she
called you in the first place. ‘Cause I was like you talk to somebody and then they don’t trust who you are. It’s made me feel anxious. – I get that. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust you but… – You needed to make sure that… – Yeah, you’re real before
I gave you all of my heart. – It just like hurt my
feelings a little bit. – Okay, okay. I’m just gonna jump in. So then where does it come in that you aren’t able to video chat? – I just didn’t think there was that much of a lack of faith in me. I didn’t think that it was like she needed to verify
who I was over facetime, I thought she just wanted to. So it was low urgency for me. You know what I mean? When I’m talking to a person I would really just rather talk instead of focusing on how I look. – I completely understand. I’m not trying to blame you, I understand your
anxiety over all of this. – But just like one
little video or something? – I’m not trying to
defend her on this side, but I kind of do understand ’cause we live in completely
different time zones. – You guys. – Two hour difference.
– Two hours. – Yeah, two hours. – I mean I don’t know
I’ve just never been. Like we don’t even talk on the phone. – Why did you block her on Facebook? – I got incredibly anxious
about this whole thing. Like I have my own anxieties as well. – Yeah, sure. – I just felt like all of
this didn’t mean as much because of the fact that
she didn’t trust who I was. – You were in the military
when you met Ja’mari? – He sent me like a friend request online we had a common interest. He’s a model and I always
wanted to get into modeling. – How strong are your
feelings for Ja’mari? – They’re really strong in every aspect. (soft music) I think he genuinely cares about me. We call each other papi,
or chulo, or babes. It’s cute. – What kind of modeling does he do? – Print modeling. – Have you seen any of his ads? – No I haven’t actually. – It’s weird that he doesn’t post those. I mean for a guy that has – [Max] For a model you’d
think he’s have more. – My name not Ja’mari. My name is James, and as you could see I ain’t
driving a Mercedes S Series. And I’m 22, you know, I
don’t have my own place. I actually live with
my mom by the way too, so that’s why I always
tell you I understand that. How you feel about your mom because my mom is my rock. And not a model. (dramatic music) I’m actually, I aint gonna let you go ’cause I want you to hear me out I don’t want you to walk away I just want you to give me a chance. – Okay. – I’m not a model, I’m a bus driver. You know, when I say
I’m always on the road it’s because I’m on the road but not literally the way you think I am. I was that close from telling you but I just didn’t want to lose you. Especially when you’ve
confided in me about so much. And I don’t think that I’ve ever done anything like this in my life because again it wasn’t
supposed to get to this far. – My name is Marvin. I’m 22 and I live in Joplin, Missouri. I’ve been away for basic training in the National Guard
for the last two years. – That’s exciting. – I was trying to meet
new people on social media hoping that I’d hit it off with someone. All the guys I encountered only wanted sex until I met this handsome
guy named Austin on Grindr. (rock music) We too a liking to each other and realized we had something in common. We are both new in town. I learned that he was a model. That’s not good
– Yeah. – I learned that he was a model but that’s not what attracted me to him. (rock music) It was his silly jokes
and his outgoing nature that stood out to me. Despite all of our
passionate conversations and saying how much we
want to meet each other we’ve never met in person. We ran the photos and we got a hit. This one brought us to the Instagram account of
a guy named Myles Sexton. He’s got 15.5 thousand followers, and lives in Toronto, Canada. Creative director of Nord Magazine. Model and stylist. Now this person seems to be perhaps the real
person from the pictures. – I see. – When you click on the link to Myles’ page it says he’s a national makeup artists at Lancome, creative director at Nord Magazine, lives in Toronto, and that
he’s in a relationship. – Okay. – [Max] Are you Kurt? – Yeah, I’m Kurt. – I want to introduce you to Marvin. – Hi there. I’m Kurt. – Kurt. Why’d you lie to me? – Well you weren’t really talking to me. – You mean, I wasn’t… – Okay, can you guys explain
what’s going on here? – I knew about the profile I even helped create the profile. But you were actually talking with Kylea. – What? – I actually have spoken
to you on the phone before. – This is the sister. – All of us had the
password to the profile. All of us saw every message. – Are you the only
people involved in this? Or are there more people? – No. – Involved in the
profile that was just us. – But how can you justify that? – Go back to the beginning and explain this. I need to get all the facts here. – Originally the profile was
created to bust cheaters. That was the entire- – That was the intent. – Well I wasn’t cheating on anyone. – You unfortunately got
caught in the crossfire and we started talking to you quite a bit. And… I guess we liked you. – [Max] How did you guys do it? – I made the Facebook profile. I didn’t talk to anyone
on any of the profiles, that was just Kylea. She liked talking to Marvin. – What did you have to do with it? – I found people to target. – Because you somehow knew which guys were probably cheating
on their boyfriends? – Had a feeling. – Even though we have hurt you we really care about you. – That’s it? That’s all you guys got? How many other Marvins are there? – There’s probably only about 10 to 15 that held conversations. – That’s a lot.
– That’s a lot of people. – 10 to 15 Marvins. – No I wouldn’t say that. You’re the only person we
have a friendship with. – But, that’s, well depends
what you call a friendship. – Just for morbid curiosity what did you do when you found out that someone was kind of
flirting extracurricular-ly? Did you out them? – We outed one person. – So one person for all the Marvins and whoever else you guys
were dragging through this, you got one person? – Yes. – That’s a lot of collateral damage, don’t you think? For one victory. – Dear Nev and Max, hi, my name is Dorion. I have been in a relationship
for the past six months with a girl named Raffinee. However I can’t let go of the
girl who truly has my heart. I have known this special girl, Jeszica for almost two and half years. She’s a model and a college student. – She a model? – And a college student. All right, so hold on let’s just hold on. She’s going to school to
become a registered nurse. She’s a mother. She is beautiful beyond measure. She has been by my side through everything that I’ve been through
in the last couple years. I’ve been homeless twice. Wow, this guy Dorion’s been
having a rough couple of years. She knows my darkest secrets. I trust her completely. I first spoke to her on Facebook. Ever since then Jeszica has
been a big part of my life. We talk on the phone and text often. He have never video chatted. I’ve asked before but she
always has a reason why. My head is spinning in circles and my heart feels super heavy. My girlfriend is letting me do this for my chance of being happy. I’m willing to give up
everything for Jeszica. It’s time to meet Cinderella and see if the glass slipper fits. Wow. Here are a couple pictures,
let’s do a quick search. Okay.
– All right. – So this brings up a bunch of
results for Jessie Morrison. Here’s a new glance at one
of MySpace most faked girls. – What? This girl’s picture and profile is like a catfish feeding ground. Like other catfish they
come and they find it and they take the images
and pretend to be her. – Wait a second, what is this? If y’all find more let me know. And she lists what appear to be a bunch- – Of fakers. Ostensibly these are all
fake pages of her identity. – If Dorion was talking to
the real Jessie Morrison at this point you think she
would have done something to prove that it was her if it was her. – [Max] Right. – It’s just ridiculous, the fact that now knowing what we know to think that Dorion’s actually in a relationship with this
girl’s like nearly impossible. – Hi. – Hi Dorion. – How are you? – I’m good. – So… – What is you name? – Alexis. – It’s not Jeszica, okay. – It’s not Jeszica. – [Dorion] What was real? – My feelings for you. Everything was real. Everything. Just I love you so much I just didn’t know how to, I just I didn’t know how to tell you. You honestly mean the world to me, I’m not gonna even lie to you. I really do want to be with you. – I don’t know what to say man. I’m speechless right now. Is Janelle real? – She’s not. I’m sorry. (dark music) – Why did you lie about
Janelle and having a daughter? – My niece was around a lot and I just felt like
she was a daughter to me and I guess that’s why I told you. – [Dorion] I mean-
– I just… – My mom raised me and my brother herself so you know that was one of the things that attracted me to you. I feel horrible that you lied. – I’m sorry. I really am sorry for lying to you. I really, really, really am. – I just want to find out about what you, like how this relationship started. – [Sunny] Okay. – And really I want really get, I want like the details. – Okay. Summer is my sister, she’s my best friend and she was actually friends with Jamison a few days before I even
was just on Facebook. And you know how it is, you see a cute guy on Facebook you automatically, you want
to be their friend too. The first conversation we ever had I think was three hours and 25 minutes. – Wow that’s crazy, Max. – It is. – Have you ever had a three
hour conversation with anyone? – Not for a good 20 years. – Tell me exactly what he does. – Okay. He is a model for Request modeling agency. He’s going to be an anesthesiologist. He does online classes. Because obviously he can’t really go to class with everyone else. – He takes classes online
to be an anesthesiologist? – Yeah, he’s so smart. He is one of the writers
for Chelsea Lately and he writes like, you know, all the cue cards and everything. – That seems crazy, though. Doesn’t that seem weird to you? – Yes, it’s very weird. – Why would he do that? ‘Cause like these guys will tell you that you don’t make a lot
of money writing cue cards. – That, yeah, I mean that’s true. But modeling is what he really does. That’s where he makes his money from. – Those models make a lot of money. – [Nev] I know, I know. We also called the Chelsea Handler show not only had no one heard of this guy I said he says he has
something to do with cue cards. They’re like, well we
never have cue cards. I thought that was a little weird. – I mean there’s so many
people in each department I’m sure that not everyone- – Yeah, fine. – You know, it’s such a minor thing. I mean modeling is what he does. Like this is just like a, not a hobby, but like it’s not like
what pays the bills. I mean he’s not lying about that. – I don’t know. I just thought it was weird. Why do you believe
everything he tells you? – I don’t know ’cause
I never really thought to google someone if they
said their sisters have died. Well let me make sure
you’re really, you know? – It seems insensitive. – Yeah, like why? If someone says their family’s dead why would you want to make sure? – We’re just kind of saying that this is, we’re just throwing this out there. – Yeah, I mean you can’t lie when you are on a billboard in New York. You can’t lie when I’ve
actually read a magazine with him in there. You can’t fake that stuff. – Hey. – Hi.
– Nev. – I am in totally in total shock. – Sunny you know? – Yes.
– Obviously. We spoke on the phone, right? – Yes. – So that was you – Yes. – Obviously you’re not a man. – Obviously. – This is the person you’ve
been talking to, right? – Yes. – Okay. – Obviously I’m at a little
bit of a loss for words. – I am too, I don’t know
what to say right now. I mean it’s, am I being punked or what? – [Chelsea] No, not punked. – Who are you? – My name’s Chelsea. I don’t know, what do you want to know? – Well how come you’ve been
pretending to be someone else? – It started off a few years ago and this girl was messaging me all this crazy stuff on Facebook and I made the Facebook to get revenge. And it turned into something
it really wasn’t supposed to. – So you’ve been pretending to be this guy for how long now? – At least four years. – With lots of different people. – Plenty. – Like with my sister too, Summer? – [Chelsea] Obviously. – Does she know? – [Chelsea] No. – How old are you? – 18. – Jeez. – So are you, like, attracted
to girls or something? – No. – [Nev] Do you know RJ King? – Yes, I do. – [Nev] How do you know him? – I know him through his sisters. We all played soccer. – Right. – Who are all still alive? – [Chelsea] Yes. He really is a model. – But Sunny’s never spoken to him. – No. – Traves, come on. You’re a young guy, you’re good looking, you got a job. What are you doing chasing
some phantom girl from Vegas? You could be dating girls
right here in Los Angles. – I mean I’m very picky and she actually she knows
the right things to say to me that keeps me interested. – Let’s rewind. Give us how you met Candy. – Well I seen her profile and she looked very beautiful. So when I ended up getting her number after that everything
was going pretty good. We talk about a lot of stuff. Like we talk about movies, music, we talk about conspiracy theories. – What conspiracy theories
do you guys share? – Like she feel like
all water is like being like it’s not good for us. They put like different
chemicals in the water. And we’ve kind of debated about that. That’s what I love, like she counters you. For her to do that, that’s
what really got my attention. Not only that she’s beautiful, or somebody that actually
keep your attention that’s like the best. – How often are you guys texting? – Thousands of text
messages within a week. But when we do talk on the phone it’s very brief. Two minutes, maybe three. – She wants to get off of the
phone as quickly as she can. – [Traves] Yes, she- – Traves, isn’t that a little suspicious? You must have some doubts. – Yeah, I started having doubts. When I went out to Vegas to go see her she just stopped talking to me. – When was that? – A couple months ago. – Has she ever asked you for money? – Yes. Rent and helping her with her bills. – Did you? – No, I didn’t have it at first. And I told her, like, when
I have it I’ll help you out. I’ll have no problem with doing it. – Traves. – She just really want
to pursue her dreams so I want to make that happen. – What are her dreams? – She wanna become a successful model. If she need help just
uplifting her career, I have no problem with doing that even if it takes money to do it. I feel like this would be
that relationship that would, you know, hopefully it’s
somebody I could marry. – I want it to be true but a girl named Candy Red from Vegas that’s asking you for
money to pay her bills just doesn’t sound good. – I think- – What do you think? – We’re gonna find out who
this girl is pretty quickly. – I’m sorry, this looks pretty easy. – Get your phone out for a second. So I want to go to her dating profile. Hold on a second, wait. Wait a second. Her URL is slash tianna (beep). Did you even look at that? – I never looked at that. – Come on. Are you kidding me? – I never looked at that. – Traves. – Step one, look at the URL. Let’s look at it on a computer. – Boom. All right. Tianna (beep) which
sounds like a real name. Not Candy Red. 8000 friends. – View all 27 photos. Can you just drag and drop
them onto the desktop? – I can just drag and drop. All right, so now I’m gonna go to images, so I’m gonna take this
photo off the desktop and I’m just gonna click and drop it. All right, and we’re gonna
see if it shows up anywhere. The first picture… – [Max] Nothing.
– Nothing. All right. Second picture. – Porn star. Look, Kapri (beep), look right there. Look, look. – [Nev] Oh (beep). American pornographic film actor. Is that, that’s her, right? – [Max] Yeah, that’s her. – Here she is. This page has, like, 16000 followers. Oh boy. – The girl in the
pictures is not Candy Red. It’s this girl Kapri (beep). – [Nev] Yeah. – [Max] A porn star and is married. (sad music) – So… This whole time it’s been a pornstar. – Traves, you don’t understand
what we’re telling you. You’re not talking to
this beautiful woman. You’ve been talking to someone who’s been using her pictures. Someone took her pictures, made a new fake profile, and started talking to you. – Oh, okay. – [Max] What’s your name? – Candy. – [Max] Candy. Is that your name? – [Candy] Yes. – Really? Well Candy, I’m Max. – Hi Max.
– Hi. – Do you know who this is? If I’m wrong I’ll apologize, but I think you’ve been
talking to him for a few years and sending him pictures
of a different girl, and telling him you live in Vegas, and that you guys are gonna be together, and then asking him for some money. And he thought he was dating this girl and he wasn’t, right? – Yes. I’m sorry, okay? I’m, I… – Look, this isn’t about you, okay? We’re here to help him. – [Max] I think you owe
Traves some answers. – Why for two years, like,
pretty much played me like this. – I’m sorry, like, I honestly
don’t know what to say. – Veronica, she’s under the impression that you’ve been talking to other guys as a catfish for a while. Is that true? – Yes. – So you’ve been talking to multiple guys the last five, six years as
this Candy Red person, right? – Yes.
– Okay. – About five or six years ago I got a random friend request
from this girl Savenia. I messaged her and I was like, “Do I know who you are?” She was like, “No, I just
thought you were cute.” So we became friends,
started talking all the time. We became a big part
of each other’s lives. – Are you guys, like, in love? – I’m in love with her. She says she’s in love with me. – Wow. But you’ve heard her voice. – Yeah, yeah I’ve heard her voice. – And do you send pictures back and forth? – I’ve only seen what she
posts on her Facebook. They’re all, like, modeling photos too. – [Nev] Come on, Dylan. – [Max] A model? – [Dylan] Yeah. – [Nev] Isn’t that a little suspicious? – That’s why I asked you guys. – Tell us about Savenia. – She like animals, I know that much. She works at a pizza place. – But she’s a model? (laughing) – Well she models part time. – I forgot she was a model. – And she has, like, model pictures? – Yeah. – Yeah, let’s see this girl. Okay. So she’s pretty. – [Max] But that’s not her. – [Nev] Well we don’t know that. – She told us it wasn’t her. She sent us an email and said I’m not the person he thinks I am. – It could, likely does mean that, but- – Sorry, this is not the girl. – There’s a good chance this is not her. – [Nev] Is that her? – [Max] I’m so confused. That’s Savenia. – Hi. (uplifting music) – Hi, hi, hey. Hi. – Hey. – His brain’s just exploded. There’s like nothing in there right now. (laughing) – How are you guys? – I’m Max. – Hi Max, nice to meet you. – Hi.
– I’m Savenia. – Hi, Nev. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. Your email really threw us off. – I’m sorry. – Is there someone else in the car? – No. – Oh, so you just came by yourself? – Yeah. – Maybe it was a, an auto correct. I don’t know. – So what’s the, what’s the big secret? – The big secret is that, like, you know, I posted a lot of photos of me looking really like good. Like photoshopped and I,
like, I’m not like that. As you can see I don’t look like that. – Shut up, you’re beautiful. (soft music) – I was just really scared to meet you because I’m a giant. And I just… – Who cares? – I’m sorry for laughing,
I’m just really nervous. (laughing) – So the whole big secret is that, like, you might look
different in the pictures? – I’m really self conscious. A lot of my photos are super photoshopped. I feel like I was catfishing him. My boobs are photoshopped,
by butt’s photoshopped, my face looks flawless. I don’t look human, I look
like a supermodel and I’m not. I’m really lanky and dorky and awkward. And I just didn’t want him
to see that side of me so. – I kind of think we’ve
hit the point though in social media culture
where we kind of just expect that those photos that you’re gonna look a little different in real life anyway. – And you don’t look that different. If I saw you I would recognize you. – Okay.

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    But I'm not about go head first I'm going be smart about it

  6. Alice really had to do all that instead of just telling her you weren't into it so y'all could both move on with your lives? You literally refused to give her any personal info at all.

  7. It’s sad that people are so insecure that they have to catfish someone who fell in love with them. If they speak to you everyday, looks isn’t what they’re interested in, please stop hurting people and lying to break their hearts.

  8. Those 3 white ppl that catfished the black dude were out of a HORROR MOVIE!!! They were all so cold.. Like a hive mind with diabetes

  9. It's so sad to see how many people will defend other people lies just because they care. Denial is a unhealthy thing.

  10. Oh, no – some anonymous sicko person I've never met and who exists only as words in a text message wasn't completely honest with me online even though I trust them and love them with all my heart. I don't know who is the most in need of mental help.

  11. Why do they make it sou d so romantic when its just 2 lonely people who cant find a relationship so just stay up all night talking to strangers

  12. RafaNae? Do black people just pick the parts of a name out of a hat when they name their kids? Jeszica? Did none of them finish school either? Traves? That’s not how you spell that.

  13. Literally romance movies make some of these people believe these super attractive people online would want them while they are average. They ignore the fact that its too good to be true and that they are just lucky or special. It sucks but I dont feel bad for these people because its obvious they are all shallow which is what put them in this situation. They would never go this hard for someone as average looking as themselves. I do feel bad for the ones who just genuinely liked the catfishes personality

  14. At 15:50, when he said his girlfriend wants him to have a chance to be happy, that broke my heart. That right there is a girl you want

  15. So these ordinary looking people really think these gorgeous people they met online would really be with them and when they met the actual people who looks just as ordinary as them, they dont like them…..REALLY?

    The last one was really sweet.

  16. Aww the last girl, I feel with her though. And bless that last boy's soul he's like shut up you're beautiful AHHH. Hope that girl learns to be confident she's pretty 🙂

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