8 FOOT LONG AQUARIUM IS DONE!! again | The King of DIY

8 FOOT LONG AQUARIUM IS DONE!! again | The King of DIY

I I Like it. So, I finally went ahead and Rescaped the 8 foot long by 3 foot wide 2 feet tall 375 gallon aquarium I owe you guys a bit of an explanation though first Ok, so Tuesday. We went live here on YouTube. I used my phone Unfortunately YouTube locked it in portrait mode Which means it’s up and down with those black bars beside it which ruined the entire experience for me But to make matters worse This is a fail. The one that I was using wouldn’t sink. It was all floating now This was supposed to be a live aquascaping demo, or at least just to show you guys what I was doing It should have only taken about 20 minutes Frustration built I called it a fail and we just kind of talked I answered some questions we interacted for like an hour I love that by the way. I hope you guys did as well But ultimately the video was such a disappointment that I deleted it I told you guys we’ll come back on Thursday and I’ll show you what happened. Now the wood that’s all through out this 375 gallon aquarium. It’s just this manzanita wood a lot of this and a lot of the shapes might even look familiar because It’s the same wood that was in it previously. I went ahead and used this again for two reasons one I wanted to use wood that was already all the same color. I’ll show you what’s going on in a minute, though Secondly, it’s already waterlogged or was supposed to be so I knew it was gonna sink and we could immediately start scaping Unfortunately, it took about one day for it to sink Usually it’ll take two or three sometimes a week or so, but manzanita is a dense wood. So it will sink pretty quickly however, when you want to do a live aquascaping In front of thousands of people. It’s probably best to use wood that’s prepared and sunk I guess it just goes to show how amateur of a scaper I really am and hey, I say it all the time I’m not that great I just I’m starting to enjoy it and that’s why I kind of wanted to give this a whole-new scape As opposed to the last scape we did Let me explain why I use this wood again first and foremost. This is all Manzanita wood clearly no shortage of it. There’s probably a few or at least a hundred pieces there And then we have a massive amount of Malaysian wood. we even got a little bit of saltwater rock over here. So we there’s no shortage of options now, it just rained outside So a lot of this will be a little damp looking it’s all gonna be different colors and I really don’t like that look So I just went with what we already had I guess the biggest thing that influenced my decision on what I was going to use is simply because I wanted to do it live That’ll teach me I should have just went with something completely different but we’re using all the same rocks and all the same wood that was in it previously at one point and It’s a completely different look and feel Obviously the substrate didn’t change. I started out by smoothing all of that out And did a big water change, of course followed by adding in the big rocks first The big rocks are extremely difficult extremely heavy Especially with this big massive one probably weighs maybe around a hundred pounds I guess I never weighed it but it certainly feels like it weighs that much and to go up, you know Six feet up into the air and then of course lower down two feet on a little ladder is a precarious situation That I like to get out of the way immediately and I usually like to start with the rocks anyway But I should say as well, but you shouldn’t be scared of using really big rocks. And your aquariums is I do find that they give more depth And more realistic look to the aquarium you get so much out of so little if that makes sense Then of course the wood went in and we’re actually only using four pieces but I only want the wood to fill up half of the tank or Maybe 60 percent of it and come from the back corner So we don’t really see where it’s actually coming from and it almost looks like it’s one Branch that potentially fell in the water. Or maybe it looks like roots I think it just looks like a branch that could have possibly fell in the water. I Surrounded the back of it with rocks Not only to anchor them but to kind of hide their ends in there so you can’t really see where one starts and another one Ends or anything like that Then of course adding in several smaller rocks along the entire scape For me I kind of like to have them all trailing together As you can see they all are almost touching and of course during the breaks in the rocks It’s filled in with a root or the roots Rests on the rocks or something like that It’s almost like the rocks were there the wood fell on top of it And I enjoy that kind of look now the plant of course are not real. I can’t have plants in here with the vieja They tear them apart. They eat them. They make an absolute mess out of them I did have some success minor success with some anubius as well as some java ferns But when I added them to this tank as their only option for plants to eat. They ate those as well I think I could probably have some success with java moss or of some sort But I’m just I’m satisfied with the fake plants. I’d love to get your opinion on them They’re kind of cool and kind of natural downside is they’re all the same height So I think I might take some scissors and snip them a little bit give them different heights which would look more natural now, one of the biggest problems with owning really big aquariums with Fish in it that are going to get really big is creating a scape that also has some depth to it what I mean is With these big fish they’re going to need a tremendous amount of room the vieja are going to get to around 10 inches or more Some of the species that in here could push, you know 14 inches type of deal And of course the clowns get monstrous as well. I’ve already kind of started to dwindle their numbers keeping the best and biggest Obviously, I’m not going to be able to create keep like 50 large loaches in your long term we’ve talked about this in the past though, but when trying to create depth, which means Creating the illusion that the tank goes on further than it actually appears but trying to tie the two together when it comes to big fish and Big tanks and a nice scape or at least something half decent It’s difficult But you will see this time and time again with a few of my aquariums is that I don’t really pay attention To the sizes of the rocks and their placements within the aquarium. I’m more so focused on usually one To three piles of rocks, especially when it comes to this aquarium got one here one there of one there I’ve moved some to the front some back and You know didn’t really pay too much attention to their sizes because it becomes way too symmetrical looking I do like having a couple of big rocks together like these two here and then of course tying it together and Filling it in with some smaller rocks that kind of trail off to the sides there now I do need to adjust the substrate and kind of bury some of the rocks slightly and it’ll look even better I just haven’t gotten around to that as all. There’s going to be a few burning questions one Why are you leaving the background empty it it looks horrible. I agree. We have a window there We have wires if this was just a flat background of one color, but it was just a wall I don’t think that looks that bad at all But I have so much behind it that I’m probably going to cover it and because the tank is already in place and filled up of course can be difficult to paint So I’ll just use some bristle board of some color. I’m thinking I’ll either go black maybe white blue green I Don’t know which color I want to use, but I’d love to get your opinion I guess I’ve been kind of putting it off to see what you guys think Tell me what color you think the background should be but more importantly why do you think it would contrast with the fish? Well? There’s so many different factors when incorporating a background and maybe that’s something we’ll do In the near future is how to choose a background Oh, and by the way, if your comment specifically influences my decision, I’ll give you a shout out in the video You’ll notice that there’s also less equipment in the tank The returns are currently shut off just for this video because I still haven’t addressed my plumbing problem, which is a shortage of hoses That’s because I have to redesign the filtration room, which I haven’t gotten to yet. Take it easy on me But once we do this all will be silenced, so when the video comes when the videos done I’ll show I’ll turn it all back on. I also replaced the wave makers that were in it previously So previously we had actually it was these two These were mp40 Ecotec wave makers I exchanged it for One MP 60. So instead of having two I got one giant one which works absolutely phenomenal I think I’ve only got it at about 30 or 40 percent of its power but I put it in Lagoon mode and with lagoon mode means at least from my understanding and from my experience of about a year with many many of these pumps –is that is going to Gently change the the flow rate up and down You know, maybe I’ll go down a little bit more and up a little bit more and you know It’s a really interesting flow mode where it’s not just constantly blowing water one way. It’s always changing So the fish Act far more natural– they don’t have predictable swimming patterns because of one directional flow that’s constantly flowing the same way and You’ll notice that with fish if you constantly have the same flow in the tank they can have Predictable swimming patterns essentially always staying around the certain part of an aquarium or something that they preferred if you look at these guys They are in all areas of the tank You would expect them to all be hiding or you know, all be cramped up in one spot These guys are exploring the tank acting fire more natural and especially the vieja how the vieja are extremely interesting at this point with this type of flow and the aquarium and most importantly we’ve got the flow set up so that We’ve got the two outputs over here getting out to the sides. That’s the pattern on the filter and this one Power head pushing the water this way. So we kind of have a mixture of water creating tons of tolerable Circulation within the aquarium that the fish clearly enjoy now Of course besides the background which I again I need to know what color you think I should do and why We also need to finish wrapping the stand. I also need to finish the plumbing etc. And that’s gonna be coming shortly I just want to get the scape out of the way first But I’d love to know your opinion on it And if you like it If you do, let me know in the comment section below if you do not let me know as well And why of course, it’s always the why that’s the most important, isn’t it?

100 thoughts on “8 FOOT LONG AQUARIUM IS DONE!! again | The King of DIY

  1. Royal blue, or maybe something a tad darker, would accentuate the majority of the colors in the tank, imho. Especially the green, red, brown, yellow, and orange tones. It'd make the pearly ones pop too!

  2. A dark color like black as you mentioned because it’ll contrast the loaches and substrate making them pop. Also, it gives depth and brings out the natural color of wood

  3. White or a color like the wall because I feel like it makes everything more lighter and everything pop and it already looks amazing with that color behind it

  4. In regards to the background I actually like the window behind it. It brings more life to it. With the wires you could just run it along the perimeter of the tank. The only part I don't like is that you can see the shelving on the right side.

  5. You aquarium is great! I love Clown Loaches, the only downside being they hide more as they get older, but yours seem to be happy and comfortable in your aquarium. I think now that I have seen your 8 foot tank, I'll have to build one for my loaches! I would keep the background bare, this way people will focus more on the fish than the background.

  6. I would do a black background to contrast with the plants, substrate, rocks, and fish. I think it would make the orange in the fish look beautiful.

  7. How about a mirrored background?
    Visually double the stock and size of aquarium in one go.
    Needs regular cleaning to keep the effect though.

  8. How about a baby blue type color? It compliments the colors of the fish and the natural looking lighting of the room

  9. a slate grey colour for the background 🙂 not too dark like the black but will still contrast everything nicely and look more natural

  10. Can't help but think some nice sunset colour, not to Orange as would hide the fish maybe more purple ish. I duno I think might look nice behind the wood and the big rocks like a desert type sunset

  11. Can I see any of your works with more plants and lower fish? I see the group of fish are always good, but the design is too simple

  12. I posted on your predator reveal vid for the pond that I wanted to get back into this hobby. And this is a beautiful tank. I love the dimensions and it can easily support large or small fish. As far as the backdrop for your tank I would keep it simple – it's all about the fish not the tank. I would put a backdrop that's a couple of shades darker than the walls. That way your fish can still stand out and youj're keeping the color scheme of your fish room.

  13. You may have already decided on a background but I'll put in my two cents. Are they cents in Canada or pennies? Anyway, I would go with black. I think black does a good job of adding depth to a tank. Also, many of your fish are lightly colored, sorry, don't know what they are. The black would make these fish stand out more. The orange with stripes of the other fish might look okay with a blue background but it would not work as well with the lighter fish. So, I think black would be the best for both types of fish and give good depth.

  14. Id like to see some shade of blue or green or brown.. probably gradient fading color background… it will look natural and brighter shade would make the colors of the fish pop and bring some sort of contrast..
    Probably gradient green lol.. thats what i feel though

  15. Personally I like the thought of white. My reasoning is it would match your room well and also the tank has such dark lake like colors, the white will make the darker colors pop.

  16. I feel like blue would definitely go great as the background it's opposite the color wheel of the colors of your fish.

  17. I think you should do a lime green it's different and would offset everything in the tank and make it pop out more

  18. I think you should do a sponge paint diffrent greens together, it would make it look like a more natural scape.

  19. I think black would be a good background color because it'll make the color of your fish pop out more without drawing the attention away from your fish! The remodel looks great!!

  20. I love your aquarium! It looks so natural with all the fish swimming in all directions and the wood and rocks make such a difference…. Background maybe a blue green color?

  21. I'm in the middle of a similar aquascape on a 55 gallon tank and just did some test sprays for the background. I started with a frosted glass paint. It looked nice but not exactly what I expected. I then did some test sprays with other color paints on top of the frosted and the white looked really good. With the frosted sprayed on first it kind of dulled down the brightness of the white. Give it some thought man and keep up the inspiring videos.

  22. I cant remember how the frosted glass works but if i remember correctly shouldn't it let in the light from the window still while blocking the "ugly"

  23. Used dark green back on a tank and allowed algae to grow over the green and it looked better than black because the thickness of the glass disappeared with green on green. Also made the tank look thicker I thought.

  24. Black background…..or Stuart tartan 😅 hi from inverness by the way….oh or dark dark blue..nearly forgot to say that….byeeeeee.

  25. Adding a mirror in the back wall is a much better and clever option than any painting! Your aquarium will look much deeper! 😉 If you wanna paint it anyway, then the best color is dark grey… the best option to get the fishes colours pop up

  26. Hey, I just started watching! Love your videos!!! So idk if you added the background, but if you haven’t I would make the background black. It would contrast out fish and the environment. In your case, I think your right, a solid color would do, less is more. Plus it would add depth to your tank and make it look endless! If you go with any other color I recommend it a dark one, it would help make the orange “pop” in the fish 🎊

  27. That rock is NOT 100 lbs lol. Granted its heavy I'm sure, but anyone who has studied geology even remotely knows it's not 100 lbs

  28. I use privacy window film on the back of my aquarium it comes in all types of colors , prints, & if u wanna change it up it's quick & easy

  29. Do not use dark color for your background, because your theme is a minimalist style. Dark color will make it feel heavy and too formal. How about grey (like the color of your wall).

  30. Firstly – that is a badass aquarium. Second – the background needs to be either blue or white. This will add so much depth to the aquarium, it will almost look twice as deep. Keep up the good work

  31. Great vid. Background i would choose would be a layers of flat rock almost the same color as the sand n rocks ya got

  32. why not make the background murky transparent then add blue lights behind, LEDs for night mode or evening mode, can also put sunset looking LEDs. Why it's a new look that I haven't seen in ur stuff and the day time look with the murky white background will help make tank look deeper, and you'll get to also enjoy a diffrent aspect at night time 🙂

  33. I would use white foam board 1 inch off the glass and plain frosted window plastic on the glass, you can then use RGB leds top and bottom to create interesting backgrounds depending on your mood, it also keeps it nice and airy and gives better depth perception, good luck choosing =)

  34. It's a tough one! Guess you have to ask what looks you going for. I think white or a light colour would blend depth as black would bring out a really nice setting for all your decor in the tank. Great work man. Just found your channel and I love what you do. Cheers!

  35. @ThekingofDIY

    I need your advice here.
    I'm planning to build a 6 foot aquarium for Gold Fishes. What should be the thickness and dimensions for the glass tank?

  36. I love this!! I have lots of manzanita too!! Why don't the huge rocks crack the bottom glass? I want to put heavier rocks in my tank but then I was afraid it would break the glass. This is the first time I saw your videos. Do you live in Arizona? I do. I think I saw you did somewhere in the videos I watched. I love all those tiger barbs!! I think it looks great! Yes, how do you move these tanks to clean them? The color should be a sunburst color yellow/orange/reddish blend like a sunset or sunrise

  37. I think yiu should use white background. Its gonna look really good with your substrate and will male your hardscape pop out.

  38. When having so many fish in 1 tank, how do you make sure all fish get their share of food when feeding? I worry that bottom dwellers are not getting the proper nutrition.

  39. This is my favorite of all the tanks you have done. It is amazing how the fish are all interacting with one another. The scape is simple, but elegant. I would just pull up a chair and enjoy. 👍🏾

  40. i would use a white board on the back and run a led strip light all the way down so you can change the color of the back round. change it up a little.

  41. I don't know if you're already into it, but you have a major future in providing services when it comes to aquarium landscaping and design.

  42. I have a 220 oceanic tank with a single 2 inch hole drilled on on the bottom of the tank. Do you have any videos on what type of filter set up for this?

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