800l XXL-Aquarium – IKEA Kallax als Unterschrank + 5.000 Abonnenten Gewinnspiel

800l XXL-Aquarium – IKEA Kallax als Unterschrank + 5.000 Abonnenten Gewinnspiel

hello here Thorben from amazonasbecken.eu
I warmly welcome you again today to a new consequence and that goes
on the one hand, the aquarium behind me a xxl 800l tank,
or I have to say it works rather about the base cabinet of this
aquariums and I want you guys today show you how to use this ikea kallax
shelves a base cabinet for such an xxl can design aquarium and the other
topic really cool for me today but the topic is definitely the same for you
i want to sign up for 5000 subscribers thank the amazonasbecken.eu channel
and how does it work better you know that already from the 4000 subscribers special in which there is a competition I would like that today as a raffle
make this a complete aquarium means decorative panels with base cabinet
aquarium and sliding cover that gives to win it exclusively for today
you have a subscription with me like you this aquarium can win
I’ll go on it later in the video otherwise it’s just the aquarium
from the last follow where I put the I modified the base cabinet in this way
down here has an outside filter space you can also like this video
now up here in the infoguard again look back once again
here in the aquarium room and how promised once more exactly on the kalac
shelf as you can see here because I have one
little son currently has everything we have opened this security
Hinges on it, sometimes as little tip for maybe others
parents this we are totally bad because the child
pushes here so high and then is the thing is open so the slide has it
and not even a year and a half outside have that you can open the doors really well
can and for those who are wondering now
how can such carlos shelves be such an 800 liter tank that is written up here
hold loose yes you have to say that of basic principle the kallaxs aquariums stand
to the show they actually have it almost no load and that is
it so that it planks out here I took the aquarium in
really stands and these kallax shelves here are just built this
board yes goes through to the back of that is as long as the aquarium is deep all boards used say
vertical ones are in the back also what you don’t see here behind
this trim between the vertical board, of course
the kallax and the aquarium here sitting is of course also a board
are styrofoam again all these boards 15 millimeters thick like that
then you come up exactly the width that you can with these kallax
shelves and 4 x 15 mm thick boards comes to two meters wide and how to
stop see the boards you hold So she only sees it from the front
are only around the edge from the front white naturally loses here too
from the side here but also from her because you do a little bit here
they can also look inside is a tip for those who love themselves
that can’t quite imagine how to put it all together I have
quite a long time ago made a video on how to use the ikea
kallax shelves stable only gets in This video is just so that I can
aquarium I just took something is as deep as this kallaxs aquarium
where you can place under the aquarium too could not really use Use space under the aquarium is here
namely the right one again watch keyword here again here on the left
purely where the piping from im overflow shaft comes down as I said
in that case it is 4,500 liters basin connected but with that
whole space you have you can also think about it here
a nice filter to place around there a really strong central filtering
for a xxl like that, stop it this in quotes kallax
shelves is available to integrate now here in the back you have 40 cm
space around 76 centimeters wide yes I have to admit there you have
maybe not quite as much space yet so wake up for a filter
sometimes here just just in this kallax shelf what yes i say
I once had two stops here back then, actually
filter basin placed by you simply put this intermediate floor here
saws from a front of a panel it looks quite normal like the kallax shelf but here I have it naturally
times more space to the rear like this I can easily get 70 cm here
place so if you even with that its 2 x 2 kallax like this
you really need a lot of space around here a thick filter basin for the piping
to join now we come to the competition
once briefly explained how as can subscribe here
to win this cool aquarium is indeed very simple in the bottom
comments simple yes please nice Leave a comment there and you’ll take it
automatically take part in a competition means that it runs now and two weeks
until Friday the 13th march and march 15 march
the winner I think at 10 o’clock here in the
announce next video otherwise all other information
to the competition this year just stop in below
the information and who else this aquarium cannot wait
of course he can finally have it too I have in the information below
a link to an online shop set this aquarium with
cover also like to buy directly before but now we come to the end and
maybe it’s already seen and wondering what this is here
I just an empty one or again empty rearing and discover guarantees
yes simply on the discs of the two meters of basin are on the
front and back side that’s just 80 centimeters long
a hole also drills one storage a pump goes from here
bog high so that with water care means I can
simply on the water cycle of connect to this aquarium and stop
run as a breeding tank who else is for such an aquarium like
this one is interested in the may like to look at me i write below
in the information again mine direct email address info at
amazon pool points watch a very serious interest has written me
but here I have this aquarium really in top quality and that
best with the very best out of the war in Germany
two meters long 80 centimeters deep 50 cm high
for just 465 euros and as I said in a top quality completely out of twelve
millimeter glass really something endures with really nice thicker
silicone seam that is neatly peeled off then that around the floor
slice these struts along run so the windshield
side window rear window even more has adhesive surface in this area
this means that an aquarium will last again a few years longer and we’re in here
the middle sees a split floor slice this with this bridge too
is glued here and such extra services as
example this overflow fathers of also has the function that he is here
times here and here has a floor extractor where the water has to go first
and as much film content as possible children’s pool goes or as on the
another built-in bio in the filter space in these aquariums
everything is possible without any problems towards the end I don’t just want to
of course thank you for that to watch but also to look at in a very special way
all the subscribers to me support and therefore has for you
this raffle that he this little Win 90 liters of aquarium
otherwise I’m happy when I do spurred you on a bit
I also have a xxl aquarium to set up mps a lot of questions
always so static because of underfloor heating this room is actually here
this aquarium just stands on screed with
underfloor heating but that’s why I have it only chosen a height of 50 so he
this large load on a large area is distributed and not so high
water column has got it well thank you for watching if you do that
but hasn’t left there yet leave the subscription and forget
of course me and my comment too give it to the competition
So take care, your Thorben von amazonasbecken.eu

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