Let’s have some fish Shall we hmM meenie miney mo our little buddy Frank here is going to be the first fish in the 2000 gallon Aquarium ready to go big guy, let’s start off by draining some of the water That should be enough water took out about ten gallons The reason why I’m bagging him up instead of using a net putting him in a bucket You know and transferring him in the bucket then netting him again This is going to be the least stressful way to move him from one building to the other And in he goes. He’s a little upset there. I got actually take some of this water out. Don’t need that much looks like he’s Ready to go look It’s your new home So the water temperature in this bag, or in the other tank and the water temperature in this tank Are pretty much identical So I’ll float him for maybe 5 10 minutes, and then release them all right frank. Let’s do it Looks a little you are in there now. Oh, what do you think Frank? You love it. Just like “thanks dad” came right back to me. right now He’s just kind of exploring the tank You know he’s actually going at the bubbles right now. That’s what he keeps swimming out that he thinks is food That’s all frank ever thinks about food All right, let’s come back in a day and see how he’s doing 24 hours later Frank is fine. He’s eating. He’s swimming throughout the aquarium nothing appears to be wrong with him, however… I Think he’s a little bit lonely. Let’s move another fish. It’s moving day So for the most part the move was pretty uneventful You know I had to take a couple swipes at him got to be gentle with these guys they can jump. They’re extremely powerful they’re very muscular fish with that said I had to release him into the Aquarium right away instead of floating him for a little while to temperature acclimate him for a couple of reasons One instead of jumping into the main bag on the inside he got into the bags in between There was enough water in there to keep him wet so I decided I’m going to move him like this as I got my chance in the bag Stressing him out a little bit But he hasn’t broken any fins he hasn’t lost any scales and look they’re buddies best friends forever It’ll be interesting to see how these guys turn out long-term But right now you know I think I think it’s going to be interesting to see how they perform now the Asian Arowana has these hard scales on him protecting him from a number of things including a You know drastic water temperature fluctuation so he’s going to be able to acclimate a lot easier than say the Flowerhorn who has more of a soft scale these guys are like plated armor on them now I did think of sedating him, but I thought what if something goes wrong in transportation And I have to move him back to his main aquarium. It’s a fully sedated tank It’ll kill him in the long run. So I wanted to use sedation as a last resort although I was capable of it, and I had the medication on hand I’m glad I just you know you know worked up the courage to simply move him we work together quite nicely but now you know why he doesn’t like me now in order to make this aquarium fully cycled right from the start I’m going to Transfer all of his media to myself now and make this tank fully cycled right off the bat And that’s kind of what I did with the flower horn is well all of his media That was in his canister filter was put into a mesh bag tossed into the sump now He has some more coloring up to do, but clearly you can see him quite nicely from above. This is a huge reason Why I wanted an open-top. Yeah, he’s definitely huh he needs to color up a little bit more there You can see the blue coming through but but this is a huge reason for getting an open-topped tank That’s four feet tall I can stand here to admire him from the above as well Which Asian Arowana look absolutely stunning from then of course below him is going to be the black diamond stingrays in that pearl Again this tank is going to be absolutely amazing. We’re not even five minutes to the Asian Arowana being into the tank at this point And the flower horn, simply can’t get enough of him He’s following them around like a little puppy unless of course I come up to the aquarium here You want to come see me, but it’s like this is a little brother. I hope in the long run they’re going to learn to be friends the flower horn is definitely small enough to Get along with others the Asian Arowana is a big beast but I think long-term they’re going to be okay 24 hours later and both fish have settled in quite nicely in fact far better than I was expecting The only thing kind of different now is the Asian Arowana kind of explores the wood goes in behind it swims around it And same with the flower horn But overall these two are getting along really well all that’s left for me to do now is add some proper lighting to the aquarium add in some plants and really fill this wood in with a ton of aquatic plants and of course move over my four freshwater Stingrays to this tank which I hope to do in the next couple of days due to the demand and so many people not knowing About it and the only running it for a week. I decided I’m going to do it again So you can get your own diy fish keeper shirt whichever color you like one of the three colors that I wear here on this Channel for the next 10 days. I’ll leave a link in the description below so you can get your own diy fish keep our shirts you

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