Hey guys Mike here. Today we are doing some prep to the island aquarium here, because tomorrow which will be included in today’s video uhh, were gonna have the fish that are going to make this their permanent home The tank is looking a little ‘tingy’. It just needs a big ol’ water change but before we do that, we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna trim our Rotala because as you notice right away, this plant has grown tremendously over just like, the last week or so I mean, it’s already up at the top of the tank you know, starting to makes it’s way out. Same with a couple of the stem of Ludwigia but that plant hasn’t done exactly what I wanted it to so we might swap that out later too. Uhh, So we need to go through, cut that we need to clean our sand up. Get everything looking really good in this tank for our new fish. I want them to be stoked on their new homes. So we’re gonna get it looking really good here and we’re gonna start, like I mentioned, by trimming the plants. So the Rotala, again my idea was to have, you know, most of it be kinda at this level down lower. So obviously you know, it’s three, four times too tall. So, what I’m gonna do is go through and cut about right …here so you know, all these stems up here, I’m gonna cut them off at like, you know, the four- five inch mark. And those are gonna be really good for replanting down here, around in some spots where maybe I don’t have as many as I want And then what I’ll do is I’ll come down and I’ll trim it again at the level where I kind of want it to be. And so those stems will hopefully match the height of these. I also might pull out some of the stems of Ludwigia replace them with a different species. Not a hundred percent sure yet. Maybe make sure that I have enough light in the back for the crypts, and just kinda go from there. Then move on to our big ol’ water change We definitely need to take a lot of the stems I cut and place them more in the back of the uhh, island. So if we can see here let’s see if we can get a spot. Ah, maybe this is a better angel You can see there’s a lot of empty space here Rotala wise. And I think it’s kinda hard to tell from looking at it straight on like this but, if we had a little bit more volume sort of all the way around here, I think it would look a little bit better. And honestly, I’m thinking about just having this be a Rotala only scape. Like, taking out the Ludwigia, because it’s not really doing exactly what I want it to. Um, so maybe we’ll just have the Rotala and we’ll leave the crypts in to see what they, you know, they end up deciding to do if they really want to get big or not. Um, but yeah, I’m just thinking about it right now So, I ended up really hacking that back guys, but do you see the shape that I was kinda going for? Uhm, it’s kinda like the opposite shape of the wood. It’s almost like two triangles that meet up here and I don’t know if I really like how that looks but I mean, I think it looks better than just having the Rotala all straight up. Sort of in a uniform fashion. So, I took all my… not all of my pieces, but a lot of my stems that I cut and put more in the back, so hopefully we’ll kinda create more of a circular volume around the tree. And now it’s time to get this water from ‘tingy’ to crystal clear. While I’m changing the water I will go through and kick up the “white’ sand and try and get it looking a little bit better. Uh, you’ll notice me doing that. We’ll see how good we can do it Might need to just put in a small, you know, really thin layer of fresh stuff to make it look, you know, perfect. But, we’ll see


  1. I keep 2 Dwarf Puffer in a 380l Tank. They use the full space and swim around. Both have separate Territories. This actually works awesome.

    The Dwarfs in your Tank will kill each other. You ll see. Already sorry for those tiny fascinating creatures !

  2. when I added a small dead stump to my betta's tank he circled it for so long and then rested on top close to the surface, its cool how fish "sleep", I had always thought they swam forever XD

  3. Pea puffers ARE NOT SCHOOLING FISH. Hopefully you remove all males and leave 1 with a couple of females if you plan to breed them. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  4. As for snails, I'd just throw a few adult apples in there. They breed like crazy! If you find there are too many just transfer an adult out until they eat the young. 🙂

  5. My bamboo shrimp lost a front leg, I had a armadillo shrimp in the tank but brought it and my albino picasamus back,could they have done this?will my beautiful bamboo die?
    Thank you

  6. Aaahhhh I wanted these fish when I found out there were small freshwater puffers, but I decided not to get any after reading they're territorial and aggressive. I'm only doing a small 7 gallon test planted tank, so… Yeah. No puffers for me. 🙁

  7. Funny, I don't even keep fish, only ever had betta fish in college, and even I knew this was way too many pea puffers for this tank 🤔

  8. So it's been over a year since you set this tank up. How did the puffers do? Did you make an update video? Very curious as I would like pea puffers in my 55 gallon.

  9. Good video but you are a bit overstocked. I hope you have access to lots of fresh snails. I would consider breeding your own in a 5 gallon.

  10. I need some help.. I got one and this one die in 4 days.. is true that they need brick water? The pet shop from where I bought it said that was 100% freshwater. If somebody has the link for the requirement in the aquarium for them please let me know

  11. I don't know much about that kind of fish, but to me that looks like too many fish in that size of a tank. I wouldn't put over 6 in that sized tank.

  12. I hate videos like this… it is so misleading and more people will think it is ok to keep dwarf puffers like this.

  13. Is this a video on how to NOT properly keep Pea Puffers; this was nothing short of torture… That aquarium does not have enough wood for 2 puffers let alone a school. You are dumb or evil.

  14. I can support other comments on here because of experience. 5 times too many puffers, unless your into watching puffers tear each other apart. I have 5 dwarf yellow puffers. They are in a 50 (UK) gallon / 230 litre tank. There were 12, but war cut their numbers. I've had 5, now, for a 12 month with no issues. I've used 3 bigwood chunks with java fern on to break line of site. I've used small grade gravel as substrate. There are plants around and rock structures to provide hiding places. It's not difficult, and they have become great friends. I'm severely disabled, but use everything I have in feeding my friends. Great video, if a little incorrect, and your videos as a whole are awesome.
    Puffers are the best. We tend to make keeping them sound hard. It isn't. They are so friendly.

  15. Pea puffers don't need to file there teeth, it's the only puffer that doesn't need to eat hard food. Blood worms are fine. Just thought I'd mention it

  16. LOVE them ! love them !…. so dang cute.. man yes please keep us all updated on this tank for sure … wow they are so cute !!!!

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