ADDING THE FISH! Frank meets his aquarium wife… | The King of DIY

ADDING THE FISH! Frank meets his aquarium wife… | The King of DIY

Today’s a big day, you see, Frank is meeting his future wife for the first time. You see I ordered a female flower-horn a couple of weeks ago and now she’s here and gone through a fast-tracked quarantine process which is medicating the water as well as her diet. Flower-horns are pretty healthy and will exhibit signs of sickness or stress pretty evidently and she’s doing quite well take a look. This is her. She’s kind of cute. I think Frank will like her she doesn’t have very many chins like him but I’m sure that’s not all that matters to him, personality, right? So, she needs a name. I’ll leave that up to you guys leave a suggestion in the comment section below I’ll pick one eventually. Second thing we got to do, Frank currently has a tank mate. Frank has expressed under no circumstances will he have his honeymoon, if there were to be one, with an intruder like Stein. Stein the Bichir over here. Who’s just floating mid-water? Frank and stein. The little duo is going to be broken up. Obviously, I’m not gonna have too much stocking in this tank with the two flower-horns potential babies, etc This guy’s just not going to be too happy. So he Will be going up into the 375 gallon with the vieja as well as clown loaches. Let’s do that now Frank, I know he’s your friend but he’s gotta go. Ooh, he’s getting big. Swim up the other way They’re all curious So yeah, I got to clean this tank up a bit However, the Bichir was scared off into underneath the wooden rocks over here. No problem. He’s just been added. Let’s let them get comfortable and situated in the tank That’s not the only Bichir going in here. So no worries all right, so We need a name for the female flower-horn. You guys are working on that right now The Bichir has been moved. The other thing clearly is the size difference between Frank and the new flower-horn Frank is about 8 inches long right now. Our new girl is maybe 3.5 – 4 inches long right now. Clear size difference. Not going to be a good idea to put them directly together. So We need to build the divider – something cheap, something easy and something temporary. I have an idea. Okay, egg crate or a lighting diffuser – the most common big tank aquarium divider there is It’s not really cheap anymore for a 2×4 sheet is about $15-16 Canadian so like I don’t know, $10 American? But has so many uses So it’s kind of worth it. Now, typically I’ve used some wire cutters or something to cut this in half Or to make cuts along it, but I just need a rough cut and I want to get it done So I’m just gonna use a knife to kind of Slap it down and cut out all these slats here as you can see watch this. Oh With a sharp enough knife it just goes right through it just goes right through butter, all right, so height first.. Probably right here I guess. Would probably be a better idea to use a measuring tape and the proper tools I’m doing it this way. You definitely do want to use a sharp knife. Or potentially just break it apart OW he bit me! Did you see that? What a little jerk Did I just squeal like a little girl? Let’s just make adjustments, no big deal Each one of these squares is like 0.5 inch so I can make 0.5 inch adjustments pretty simply. Oh yeah! He’s not getting through that! So the purpose of a divider like this is so that the fish can still see each other and taste each other in the water column and whatnot, but can’t get to each other. This will allow them to get used to each other before we officially add them together. He really bit me Check this out! They’re all friends already, the bichirs already out There’s a little peice of divider in here, Frank don’t bite me! Please! I don’t trust you anymore You’re savage I’m not one of the haters! You knew that alot! Silly Jelly, come here little guy, come on! Okay, so we have to name the fish you guys probably still working on that, come up with a few names Move the Bichir, build the divider And we’re gonna move the little girl. Oh wait Did I already talk about this? Frank bit me and now I can’t remember anything. So this was ordered as a girl It came in labelled as a girl. I bought it as a girl We need to make sure that I’m giving Frank a girl Instead of a boy Now there’s a number of things you can look for on a little female flower horn to ensure It’s sex but at the end of the day the one surefire way to find out a lot of times with most Cichlids is To simply vent them. I forgot I had to do that, but I definitely want to make sure it’s a girl first Let’s get a bright light. What we’re gonna have to do is take her out of the tank Lift up her skirt a little bit and check out her private parts. It’s called venting. We’re just gonna look at their Reproductive organs and see if it’s a male or female. Hopefully she’s big enough to sex Bright light so we can actually see her sex Flip her over, we really kind of only have one shot with this Okay, so here’s the game plan I’m gonna go net her and I’m gonna bring her over to you guys and we’re gonna take a look Okay, so we’re just gonna flip her upside down she’s totally fine like this guys don’t worry about it we’re gonna look at her vent and her anal fins and so her vent looks to be round. We’re gonna give it a little squeeze. In a male, juices will come out This is a female we’re good to go. Right we’re coming Just wait wait Ready, bro. Okay, here she is Frank over here So this is about the size of Frank when we got Frank. Come on little one. “No, I can’t believe you just did that to me” Yeah, she’s fine. Pretty little thing What do you think Frank? You just want to eat don’t you? Come look at your girlfriend bro You’re making it weird Look she’s fine, go see Stop staring at me, go see!! Over here. Yep, Frank. Can you taste her in the water? Come on Frank, well, that’s kind of anticlimactic I’m going to leave him like this for a few weeks. See how they do I’m gonna get used to her and then you know remove that divider that’ll be exciting to see what happens. Of course I’ll be there in case anything bad happens, but Ultimately, I know what you guys are thinking and that is we all might become Daddies and mommies and grandmas and Papa’s soon because Frank and his new girlfriend might have babies But I have to put this out there right now the Frank babies Will never be for sale… for anything less than $50,000 a piece if you want one, reserve one in the comment section below Just let me know you want one for $50,000 All right guys, that’s it for today if you’re not following me on instagram make sure you do, it’s @uarujoey, I’ll leave a link in the description and I’ll post some updates there some little pictures and videos and maybe some funny things. So Thanks for watching. Hope you’s enjoyed the video the next thing we got to do I think is…. Set up a new saltwater tank. 😉

100 thoughts on “ADDING THE FISH! Frank meets his aquarium wife… | The King of DIY

  1. I never liked cichlids but Frank has such a personality in all of your videos im inspired to do further research

  2. Name her…. Lancelot.
    She was name after my black female flower horn fish. I rise her about 2010 ago. She was the greatest fish i could ever have til she die…in my very own hand..watching her faded away.
    Pls..I'll be happy,
    if you name after my fish. okay if you dont want to name her the way you chose.

  3. frankenstina, frankie, fawn, fern(my bettas name is fern), fernandina, Francesca, florence, flora, Francis, Freddie, Fresno, Silvia(she has silver patterns), crimson(she's red), dusk, frost, nina, coraline… cant really think of anymore.

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