Imagine a fish row full of razor-sharp teeth. absolutely mean-tempered, Hunts and packs and will rip anything apart that you put in the aquarium. Oh And it only gets to be about this size. Let me show you the new fish. The XO Don specifically the XO don paradoxes its common name the buck-toothed tetra. Don’t let the name tetra can fool confuse. You thinking that these are a peaceful. Community fish like most Petrus are to give you a visual example to change your mind. Let me show you what happens when we drop some food in this tank. That is meaty in nature. Wasn’t that insane they absolutely. Swarm it and tear it apart any type of meat. I put in this tank. They’ll eat it. These guys were eating day one now, These guys are from South America as a lot of chair scens actually are and they’re actually in the family with piranhas. Piranhas being one of my first fish. It was technically the first fish I ever kept in the hobby about 16 years ago, During my time with piranhas. I realized that they’re nothing. What they were all built up to be they’re not vicious. They’re they were rather boring, Skittish shy they had teeth of course, but it just they’re just not what you think. They are in the movies if I were to take all the rumors about piranhas and instill it into one fish, It would be the XO Don these guys are nasty mouth full of teeth. They’ll attack anything and this is a tank. I am never going to put my hands in, Unless of course you guys challenge me to all of that mighty nature into a small fish. These guys only get to about three inches. Some of them seemingly are full-grown at this point. Others have a ways to go, However, they can get up to about five inches. That’s probably going to be doubtful and the home aquarium, but they have been seen at rather large sizes, On the topic of being seen this is my first time ever seeing these guys in person. You see like I said when I was keeping piranhas, during your research of a, Specific fish will come about it will come across a ton of other fish that are related to the fish. You’re. Interested in and they might pique your interest, That was these guys for me. I absolutely fell in love with them and had to immediately have them could never find them though, Not only are these a seasonal and difficult to find fish. They can be rather expensive as well ranging from eight to twenty dollars Sometimes a little more sometimes a little less depending on where you live in the world, but I could never find them however, I seen them recently and I absolutely Had to have them I got them all 45 of them which is OK in 120 gallon aquarium With the sub system that I have on it increases the water volume and can handle this bio load Absolute ease now being introduced to these guides from the Piranha world. I was used to piranhas having a bow I kept red-bellied piranhas which had a little bit of red on the belly But the rest of the body was silver and that was pretty much it So to mike delight when I seen these guys in pitchers I realized hey We could have some really colorful predators like the piranhas in a much smaller size and put them in much smaller aquariums Just look at their appearance though. Their body is somewhat green on top more of a silvery iridescent throughout the rest very Dark deep black dots on the base of their tail as well as the midsection and that is surrounded by an iridescent yellowish orange their dorsal and tail fins are also Adorned with a bit of that coloration as well and their jaw line is just really incredible. I Love it, whenever you see a fish like this reminds me of like a little Bulldog or something It just I just have an immediate respect for what might be in that mouth it just looks like They got a bite on them and boy do these guys do now an ex Adhan tank in my opinion is probably best as a species only tank where you keep only one species of Fish I find that they display better. They act more natural and of course with these guys with larger numbers You get that frenzy When they’re feeding, which is just darn cool I’ve really enjoyed doing feeding them some will argue that you should you can keep 3 to 5 in an aquarium with others But again, these are a mean fish. They’re not going to be friendly to other fish in most cases They can go after other fish They can kill each other the more the merrier type of deal with these guys But really they don’t need a massive aquarium if you did go with a you know, 5 to like 7 I would go probably minimum 10 just so you can actually enjoy them in something like a 30 gallon tank or you know, maybe a 55 gallon tank and go me something along those lines but for decor you’re probably gonna want to go bare bottom just because these guys are a predator eating a lot of meaty items water quality will be Difficult to combat they interact at nothing with the substrate at all So not having a substrate it’s not going to hurt It’s going to increase water quality and make maintenance a heck of a lot easier for De coeur. It’s really up to you as you can. See these guys are not shy at all We’ve got bright lights cameras and I’m over here waving around these guys don’t care at all. These are an extremely confident and outgoing fish So you could have a completely bear aquarium But obviously you might want something a little more visually appealing so I had it a couple of vlogs. This is just manzanita wood branches Just to add as visual blocks being so many I don’t want anyone to be picked off because as soon as one is weakened They’ll probably kill it just like a lot of Pradas do sometimes I do notice that there are some There’s a hierarchy of being established There’s a larger the biggest one in here is kind of bossing everybody around but because of the numbers they’re able to get out of The way and defuse that aggression so no real problems just yet But again only been a few days but these guys are definitely like nano Monsters only staying so small yet being so aggressive and so capable of ripping something apart they definitely need to get a little bit more respect than your average tetra tank would and I was really excited to introduce you many of you guys To this fish because I know a lot of you will never have heard of it typically because it’s not all that common I cannot stop looking at their teeth. Wondering what I can feed them next. Anyways, guys I hope he’s enjoyed these fish. I’ve never planned on getting them They were never in the plans as I never thought I would find them. Although I’ll admit that I did want to have an EXO dog tank out here didn’t mean I was going to be able to find them But so I bought these as soon as I seen them and they became the secret fish I hope they didn’t disappoint you guys I don’t think they will and if they do I Actually went fish shopping lately and got some other fish or some more tanks and I think you guys are gonna love them So if you’re not subscribed to this channel yet you want to see more on this tank and watch it develop as well as see Some of new fish and other things that I’m working on make sure that you’re subscribed if you’re not already All right, so I’m back here at my local fish store one fish two fish in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia He’s got some fish for me, but he also told me got a bunch of new fish Which you guys know could be potentially dangerous for me. So I’ll probably get a lot more than I’m here for

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  1. I remember these fish when I was about it in my teenage years they are very awesome – I watch them eat and it amazing.

  2. If u put piranhas in the right settings..they will be extremely vicious!!! Water temp is key…i had my water temp at 82 to 84 degrees and i had 2 get rid of them They were getting 2 hard 2 feed jumping at the top before i opened the lid!!!!

  3. this morning when I weak up, four of my bucktooth tetra disappeared, they can't jump out because I have tight lid, does anyone had your bucktooth tetra disappeared?

  4. Hellow there diy king, i am GEM, i just to ask something about aquatic world, i am a new fish lover and i got this kind of a frog " african claw frog " can you give me some idea? what kind of species of fish that can join on their tank?? Sorry for the grammar BTW i am a filipino

  5. I used to have a dozen of these guys in a 180 gallon tank with 4 12” piranha. Aside from the pleco these guys were the only fish I’ve ever found that lived with the piranha.

  6. Oh man why did you drop the brine shrimp? Your fingers were in the water I wanted to see Exodons vs your fingers. Challenge!

  7. Great vid totally awesome fish, you are inspiring our family to get into fish. 2 tanks set up and hoping we can introduce fish tomorrow. Keep putting out content we are loving it only stumbled across you a week ago and quickly becoming a fav for us to watch daily 🙏🏼💖

  8. as much as I would like a detailed report about how the bites felt, as well as how they looked, I am not a psycho, so keep those mitts outta that tank!

  9. I found the Buenos Aires Tetras to be just a ferocious without those sharp teeth. To the point where I had to move the rest of the other species out of the tank.
    Have you kept them before?

  10. would they bite your finger or just food sources? scary to think they could attack a stray finger if you are adjusting the tank.

  11. Ummmm, ty for telling me, cuz we got them in a fish store… and accidentally probably put them in the tropical fish tank…

  12. Here's something to try instead of bare bottom. Try gorilla glue, epoxi glue are something that will stick to glass. Cover the bottom with glue, then pour the color if sand you like over the glue. Then pat it all down firm and wait 24 hrs. Then wash out the excess sand and what you have left looks natural but the fish can't take it up, and food can't penetrate it and spoil. Also easy to clean.

  13. Whoever plans on building a tank with those: I keep them together with Loaches, Cories and two Cactus Plecos and it works. Exodons only show little aggression towards one another, almost none to my other fish. I feed them regular flakes and pellets daily, once a week I replace those by some red or white meat. I can also put my hand inside the tank for cleaning or keeping algae/plants at bay. No Risk of biting at all as long as the Exodons are not expecting to be fed (learn to read their body language). They get creeped out whenever I go on cleaning the tank but are quite sociable otherwise. Overall great fish to keep

  14. I have 2 exodons 7 neon tetra and 2 rainbow chiclids in my tank, the chiclids tried to eat the tetra and my exodons swam infront of the tetra and pushed the chiclids back and now my exodons protect my tetra and the exodons school with the tetra

  15. Ehhhhh…..”TRY HAVING A SNAKEHEAD IT’S EAT ANYTHING” and btw it’s the most invasive species XD

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  17. The thing i love about you. You are a man's man!!! And your story is what really makes me like you and inspires me!!! Im happy and proud for you man!!! Stay blessed bro!!!

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  19. Awesome Joey! Very cool. Good job explaining everything about the fish. Love the details you give.

    Now, for a absolutely FEARSOME fish. How about setting up an AFRICAN TIGER FISH TANK? Yes, it would have to be a large aquarium of course, maybe gargantuan actually, but if anybody could do it and do it RIGHT it'd be you Joey 👍

    As always thanks for another great video. You are THE MAN.

  20. My 7 red bellies tore into chicken thighs like that, but they could tell the difference between that thigh and my arm. I was never bitten while retrieving the bones.

  21. At 1:41 they look so cool with the shrimp off the string, they almost remind me of the machines from the matrix or something… or something from a monster movie lol. Just a ball of fish ripping and biting off pieces of you till you're nothing but bones.

  22. I have 1. I rescued him from a pet store that ordered in 6 for a customer that never picked them up. There wasn’t enough and the one I rescued (Jack AKA Jack the Ripper) killed the other ones. Jack lives in a 30 gallon with 8 feeder minos he never ate. My cichlids had babies and I through a bunch in for him and their swimming around like he’s no big deal. Jack isn’t eating them either😂 they are fast and I think his ego has been hurt. This fish is very smart, comes up and does swim by‘ s to tell me hi. I’ve fallen behind on water changes and this fish lets me know without a doubt he wants new water! He does a pissed off loop swim when I walk by. I have a chance to buy more right now at $4:50 so I’m thinking of getting 10 more.

  23. Hi I have a tank only for these guys and I’m looking for a good pellet food to feed them do you have any recommendations?

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