Alappuzha Night Food: Halais Grilled Fish (Hamour) + Chicken Sizzler + Beef Mulakittathu + Mint Tea

Alappuzha Night Food: Halais Grilled Fish (Hamour) + Chicken Sizzler + Beef Mulakittathu + Mint Tea

People who like fish to be well-fried may not like this. Because this is not crispy. So we have ordered a special tea from Puttum Kattanum. Good morning. We tried some tastes of Alappuzha in the morning. In the afternoon, Shameer has joined us. Faisal has gone to take permission from Halais. We are not trying biriyani from Halais. We will do that some other time. Biriyani has to be done in noon time. We have to come with a good tummy for that. Yes, we have to come with an empty tummy. Now we are going to try some variety food items from Alappuzha. Maybe some Thattukada varieties. We are starting with snacks from Halais. Ebbin, today we will have special snacks from Halais. Rate is also less. When others charge Rs10, they charge around Rs.7. Very tasty, Let us try that. Faisal said we will have some snacks. But it seems we are late. If it is over, that means it will be very tasty. There is only cutlet left now. We will have that and go to the next place. Cutlet and tea. We will sit outside and taste cutlet. When we come inside, they have a small supermarket here. They have dry fruits, pickles etc. Small of pickles is penetrating my nose. They have chocolates too. On that side, it is their restaurant. We are not going there now. We will go there for biriyani. Now we will taste cutlet and go to the next place. When we came out after seeing dry fruits, cutlet is ready. Faisal, you start. Shameer, you can eat after I finish. It is always like that. This is chicken cutlet. They say that the shape is not very important. See, this does not have a good shape. I will try this cutlet with hot tea. One bite of cutlet and one sip of tea. Potatoes and a slight sweet taste. A slight sweetness and taste of chicken. They have not added too many spices. It has more of a natural taste. Does not have an artificial taste. I thought of having just one cutlet. I will have one more with tomato sauce. This is tomato ketchup. We used to get a cutlet in trains before. I don’t like the cutlet they give nowadays. Cutlet that used to give years back was very tasty. My dad used to buy for me. It was very tasty to have that cutlet with sauce. This is cutlet from Halais. After this, we will go to the next place. Keep watching. I will give a route map of the places that we are going today in the description. You can check it. I finished cutlet. Tea is still left. Now I am seeing fish hung over there. When I see, it is difficult for me to go without trying it. I remember tasting fish like this from Valparai. We went to try Kuyilmeen and got some other fish hung like this. Today, we will try Alappuzha fish from Halais. Shameer, you start. Should I start? I don’t normally eat fish. That is why he told. I know that Shameer doesn’t like fish very much. Still, you have to try. I haven’t eaten this much. But this has a plain taste. Very less masala in this. We get the feel of raw fish. Now Ebbin chettan will try and tell the real taste. Shameer tasted it. Faisal, now you try. Please eat. Superb. As he told, there is less masala. It is fresh fish. We will also try some. Like Shameer told, it is not overcooked. But it is grilled well. Flesh is slightly cooked and has masala over it. That is why Shameer got the taste of fish. Let me try. People who like fish to be well-fried may not like this. Because this is not crispy. It is fleshy. But it has the taste of light spices spread on top. We get the real taste of fish. This is Hamour fish. Grilled Hamour with oil slightly spread over top. Fleshy and juicy fish. Be careful about thorns. I am trying these onions, tomatoes and chilies with it. I am again breaking a piece of fish. Keep some for us too. Don’t finish it. Masala is just sprinkled on top. But this salad is very hot. There are chili pieces in this. And vinegar also. Salt and tomatoes too. We are not stopping here. Where are we going next? There is a shop called Cafe Catamaran in the beach. We will go there. Is it special? So let us go there. After that, another place and then one more. So Faisal has brought us to the next place. Cafe Catamaran. Have you heard of this place? I have just heard that there are some cafes here. But I know nothing else. We are in a place where there are many cafes and home stays. It is close to the beach. I had seen Google reviews of Cafe Catamaran. It has a decent review. I think it has a rating of 4.2 or above. Anyway, let us try food from there. Come on. Music We are near Alappuzha beach. Sitting in a local beach and trying a foreign food. This food is actually of American origin. In a restaurant in U.S. called Sizzler, they made sizzlers with steak. That is how it got the name sizzler. It is a special feel when it comes with that sound. They add butter on top. They put butter on hot plates. When the butter steams, it is a special feel. It is a curiosity to know. We are sitting in Cafe Catamaran. There is not even a fan here. There is no need of fans. It is close to beach. I am sweating because I went to kitchen. This is near beach. We can enjoy breeze from beach and eat whatever we want. Sizzler or coffee whatever. I have coffee also. We can talk to our friends or if you are alone, you can just enjoy food. As it is cafe, we have to use knives and forks. Otherwise, we normally eat with our fingers. Let me start with pasta. No knife. Let me take it. Pasta has been prepared well in pasta sauce. Pasta spaghetti. When we eat spaghetti and noodles, it will loosely hang like this. That is alright. A light flavor of tomatoes. Pasta has a special taste. It is good. This is vegetables and chicken. Faisal, how is it? It is not very spicy. I don’t know about this one. I have taken, carrots,broccoli and mushrooms. It is hot. See the steam coming. We are sitting on the floor. We can’t come inside with our shoes. I had trouble sitting on floor because of my tummy. There are facilities for sitting on chairs. As Faisal said, this has a light sweet taste. It is because of the sauce. Carrots have a slight sweet taste. So this has that taste. Corn flour is also added. So it is thick. There is chicken also. Where are the chicken pieces? For this, we need knife. See this chicken. It has been toasted and added to a mix of vegetables. It is toasted. Chicken is not cooked well. Maybe this is their method of preparation. I am not sure. But this is not cooked well. But overall taste is okay. It is good. So after coffee, pasta and sizzler, we have one more place to go. Is it Puku or Puka? Puka, it is Puttum Kattanum. We are going there. It is a new shop close to beach. Let us go and try. After that, one tea also. After enjoying food from Cafe Catamaran, we have come to the main beach. Puttum Kattanum is here. It is a new shop, they said. We will have food from here. Then we will have a tea and end the video. First we go to Puka or Puttum Kattanum. A new shop close to beach in Alappuzha. Let us try. We have ordered a special tea from Puttum Kattanum. There is transparent boiled water below. There is mint leaf in it. On top, they have added the liquid tea. We have to mix it before drinking. Or we might get that tea flavor only on top. This shop has a wonderful ambience. This has the feel of an old tea shop. It is a special feel to eat on the beach side, in a tea shop of olden times. When we see the tea preparation area, we are tempted to try. First this, and then puttu with something else. It is good. A good taste of mint. No need to mix this. I told before that we have to mix. Very sweet. Flavor of mint and the taste of tea. Good. See, this is mint leaf. This is what I told. Just one leaf is sufficient to give the taste. We wished to try puttu and chicken. But chicken is over. It is a new shop and is very crowded. People come as it is close to beach. Now the time 10:15. They are about to close. We have taken Madakkappam. It may have other names. I am trying this. Ajmal is trying beef pepper. Beef chili. Beef with puttu. I am not trying as I am allergic to beef. Ajmal will eat and tell us. There are two pieces of papadam also. Ajmal, I will first eat this and then come to you. Faisal, you take this whole. This is a hard item. Coated with sugar. I broke a piece from this. These are good to take us back to old times. There was something else called Vadi. It was kept in bottles. Tea shops had that. And other things also. This is Madakkappam. Vettucake, Thenmuttayi. Yesterday Shameer tasted one sweet. What was it? It was macroni. There are many such things. If we come here, we are reminded of all such things. Puttu is their main dish. I am not having it right now. My tummy is too full. And I don’t eat beef. I took one more tea. We had plans to go to a few more places. Tummy is full. So let us end this here. Next one will come soon. Keep watching. Give your suggestions. Always be with us. Be happy and keep smiling. It is superb. Curry feels like the ones we get in marriage celebrations. Combination with puttu is superb. It is a must-try. This is Irachi puttu and beef on top, right? Having food from pan gives a special satisfaction. If it is local food, it is more special.

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