ALL ABOUT PLANTED TANKS, aqua scapers tour (English Subtitle)

ALL ABOUT PLANTED TANKS, aqua scapers tour (English Subtitle)

Good day backyard hobbyist good afternoon to all of you today we have scheduled visiting and I am with Paeng as you can see him there we re going to our friends which are aquascapers and we will trade in we will bring fishes in exchange to aquatic plants ok guys lets go! ok we are here in one of our backyard hobbyist actually he is my long time friend and he is San Mig Chad if you want to contact him just pm him in his fb messenger I will put the link in the description and this is the name of his shop AXD Aqua Scapers Design as you can see this is his celphone number then FB page: AXD Then his has also instagram account so we will check all his stocks inside and all of his products are all about planted tanks he has fresh plants in here and he has also whole set of planted tanks and let us check his products inside so we are here in the house of JR Ric Reo, so lets get inside this is the backyard of JR he has green water in here so we are here at the backyard of JR he has something to tell us so what is the thing we need to know about planted tanks? if you want to start planted tank make sure the equipments it is not necessarily to have high class materials there’s a lot of DIY (do it yourself) and you can inquire online about how to aquascaping and we will help you about information and our aim is to help you and by the way if you will ask, JR is also accepting aquascaping services and he also have available fresh plants in here and I will get this opportunity to promote his services and tho those who want to aquascape you can reach me thru facebook and brod Mar will include my facebook name in the description and to those who are interested in planted tanks but you don’t have any idea just ask JR and I will add his facebook account in the description and thank you for watching and for the continuous support in our channel and see you again in our next episode only here at JBM Aquayard

12 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT PLANTED TANKS, aqua scapers tour (English Subtitle)

  1. T.try ko sana mag planted sa 15 gal, tapos Top Soil lang gagamitin ko para di gaano magastos, tapos ibabawan ko na lang ng sand para di magkulay putik yung tubig. Baka lang na try mo na mag planted na top soil lang ang gamit, pwede ba malaman kung nagsuccess, para di ko na ituloy kung di nagsuccess hahaha, sana mapansin comment ko, salamat.

  2. Dito dati samen sir madaming may planted tank. Ngayon ako nalang natira nag quit sila sa hobby nila dahil sa algae😢 ako
    Tamang water change lng ginagawa ko, tas ligtht Co2 di ko pinapa bbayan. Tsaka tamang search nadin😂 salamat ulit sa gantong video mo sir lagi ko inaabangan mga video mo sana araw araw na upload hehe. Excited narin akong abangan yung mismong planted tank na balak nyo po. God bless

  3. If gusto niyo po pa set up. You can like mg fb page aquaxcapersdesign or pm me to my personal account. Chad san mig

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