ALL MY AQUARIUMS TOUR 2019 (most of them empty 🙄) +10K Winner and NEW 25K Giveaway Announcements!

ALL MY AQUARIUMS TOUR 2019 (most of them empty 🙄) +10K Winner and NEW 25K Giveaway Announcements!

hey what’s up guys and welcome here,
season 2 on my youtube channel. Great to be back and great to see your smiling
faces and it’s super awesome to see Logan. His face right behind the camera
so everyone say “hi” to Logan in the comment section below. Guys I’m super
excited for this video because we’re not only going to recap on some of the stats
of the season one, but also I gonna give you a preview of what’s coming up
in season two. Entire studio tour of my space with all the tanks and projects
coming up here in the future. We’re going announce the winner for the 10k
announcement! I know I know it’s been a long while ago and at the same time we
announced a new giveaway because we are at 25,000 subscribers! Thank you very
much. Guys, so it was quite of a journey the past year. First I would like to say
thank you to George Farmer for offering me the stage to do the shout out and for
the opportunity that leads to find Logan, who is here first time in Germany and is
having me to film this video. You know the approach was in the first year
with YouTube channel I kinda filmed on the fly basically everything I was doing:
client projects, maintenance sessions on my own tanks. Not really created content
on purpose for you specifically. So I just tried to kinda document whatever I was
doing. So now for the season 2 it’s gonna change. I’m gonna film more of the
stuff that you’re interested – you know. Like product reviews, I don’t know low
budget co2 vs no co2 stuff and you know, all those things that you want
to know best light, best filter etc. etc. and yeah the frequency is gonna change. So I used to have one to two videos per week in the past. That’s mainly because I
was doing YouTube on the side and I was just documenting whatever was happening. Now I freed-up more time for YouTube. I want to take it more seriously. And I gonna
ramp up the upload frequency to 3 to 4 times a week. That’s going to be
quite of a challenge. You know like really dealing with it every day:
One day filming, next day uploading then again filming, again uploading and so on. So I hope you are as excited as I am. It’s been quite a journey as I said, I
learned a lot of things, I learned a lot of you guys in the comments section. So
keep the comments coming. I really do appreciate them and read them all. And
yeah for sure thank you to everyone watching right now. Without you
wouldn’t be here and doing it. And thank you for all the partners and sponsors
who helped to keep things rolling in the past year. Now let’s get to the meat of
this video: Mainly a tour around the place. Have a closer look on all the
tanks that I have here. Most of them are empty but you will see. And yeah at the end,
like I said, the giveaway. So over here we have my what I call “the big
120”. It’s
a custom-made tank. It’s low iron glass, it’s 120 by 50 by 40 centimeters. So this
tank you can see here work in progress. This is something I wanted to be this
year my IAPLC entry but it took just way too much time
to glue the rocks. And once it started to take shape I didn’t want to rush it. So
this is going to be my IAPLC 2020 work! So you can see it here first glimpse on it. And yeah that’s mini landscape rock glued together with a cigarette filter super
glue technique. Check out the video how to use this
technique. Above the tank I have the Twinstar 1200 suspended light with some
adjustment rolls so you can easily adjust the height. I don’t know if you
can see this you can do this super easily. And
ya now it’s kind of bouncing back and forth on the background. Don’t get
distracted by this. And yeah on this tank I want to break it down, the
entire process and show you literally step by step how I built the hardscape
and the substrate, the planting everything like in a separate video. So
there will be an entire playlist for this tank. We will start probably with
finalizing the hardscape then we go on the technical side, install the filter,
the co2 and all these things. And then yeah have a closer look on the light,
why I like it why I use it and then plant it, start it etc.. So like a full
playlist on this tank and my Apple watch tells me “I have a good start into the
day” yes! I have to do some push-ups, to.. you know, the push-up challenge with George… 😉 Okay guys
so this tank over here is yeah my current beauty. It’s the only tank that’s
running that’s the fun thing about this tank. I entered it into the IAPLC. Here I
have the letter. I still haven’t open it, so that’s maybe
content for another video but obviously you guys following up with the results
of the IAPLC contest, you know my ranking. so this is my best IAPLC rank ever! Never thought it gonna rank this high, so actually I just entered it because, I
haven’t have nothing else and yeah so on this tank there are a couple of videos
coming your way. First of all there will be video about the ONF light the FLATONE. Kind of long-term review, also on this tank I plan to do an LED comparison
tests. So I did a recent big comparison test of like 20 different light units
with spectrum, lumen, par, lux everything measuring really
professionally. We have all the data and I will put like my favorite lights on
top of this tank show you how they look like on this tank and yeah just talk
about different LED units and give you in general like a final update on this
one and for the sake of this video I have up here an image this is my IAPLC
image. I don’t know if I can show you for too long, if I’m.. I don’t know, breaking
the rules here? Hopefully I don’t get disqualified for doing this. So guys, now getting to this bad boy over
here, this is my 60p aquarium on the garden
stand and it looks kind of weird. So we have here double bottom structure for
the stream tank and we have the Wabi Kusa wall attach to the back of the tank
and of course to make this all work the water level is not going to be all the
way up, it will be rather somewhere here and so this tank we are going to take in
several different steps. I’m going to show you all the hardware we have here, the
filtration, the co2, the pump, because there’s an extra pump down here. How this
double bottom thing works, because it’s been 3d printed. The Wabi Kusa wall,
the hardscaping, the planting, all those different steps gonna be different
videos. And I’m super-excited particularly about this one. I just cannot wait to
show you all the details about this 60p aquarium Okay guys, so this is kind of a familiar
situation here for you. You’ve seen me here editing videos, doing those you know,
“back and forth ” and over here on my desk I would like to get some good stuff as
well. So over here I have a little Baiosphere I don’t know for those of you
who know what it is, I don’t have to explain for the others: that’s like a
little glass with a build in light, which creates an entire ecosystem for yeah,
I don’t know for Mosses, Ferns. You can grow your aquarium plants in there. Terrestrial or Emerse state in there which is pretty cool, like you know all
the Wabi Kusa stuff and behind me, I have an Ultumnature nano tank,
again with a TWINSTAR rgb LED light and yeah, I would like to have a little aquascape
here on the table as well, so I’m going to scape this for you. The idea with
the Nano tank is, that I want to keep the scapes really simple, you know like fast-food
aquascaping. I gotta keep them for I
don’t know like 2 months, 3 months maybe keep the layouts very simple, just
maybe 2, 3, maximum 5 different plant species and I gonna document the
entire creation process, the evolution to the final result,
so you have like little video recipes, that you can consume and then repeat
them if you like it. the final setup here in the studio is this little Do!aqua
Branch Light for the Wabi Kusa. This is the original, this is where all of
the Wabi Kusa comes from, from this planted balls. So yeah, I’m not sure yet what I’m
going to do with this one, but I definitely want to set it up! Specifically because I
drilled a hole in the countertop here in the kitchen, to hide, you know all the
cables and everything you cannot see anything here, it looks super nice, yeah
so I have to use it. So I don’t know yet if I’m going just to plant the glass, or if
I’m going to put here some sort of different glass container with something inside I
don’t want to reveal yet. I’m doing very soon, it’s really cool, you’re going to love
it! I’m so not sure if I’m going to use a specific
light for it or I’m going just put it here underneath, or
I can just plant this one as classic as it is, so something’s going happen in
here as well, so watch out for this! So guys, now we are at the end of the video
and I promised you to announce, finally announce, I just looked it up – it’s been
8 months since the 10k giveaway so finally announce the winner of this one
and for this one I’m going to go in the comment section of this
video and pick the winner so let’s do it right now! we have here I don’t know we
have plenty of comments and yeah so that one comes pretty quickly and I’ve been
looking into the comments before actually and this one stands out for me, because this
guy he’s literally commenting in every video like this long comments and really
goes into detail and that really means a lot to me. Like I told you guys, I’m
reading your comments. And the lucky winner is Luis Ribeiro from Portugal and
Luis thank you very much for all of your comments! Congratulations, you just won,
I don’t know a piece of MOSSCOTTON it can be this beautiful SCAPE HARD or any
other designs, so please get in touch with me via Instagram direct message would
be the best and I would like to sum up his comment for you, just very briefly. So he said, his favorite video is the one that I’m recording next, because he has
watched them all, but if he had to pick one, it would be the 90 centimeters USM
Haller this private customer tank in this very architecture heavy house and
he said, the combination of the aquarium and the architecture is pure art for him. So once again, Luis thank you very much. And I promised you something else as well,
now at 25k I’m hosting another giveaway and this time I think maybe the
printed picture of the 60 P would be quite awesome if you could have it
signed with you know my IAPLC entry so that’s the giveaway that you can win
now, at 25 K milestone. Just comment down below and say, I don’t know maybe best
video in 2019 and what you would like to see you next on this channel!
and yeah, do me a little favor smash the like button, subscribe if you
haven’t done already and I sign out here gonna see you in the next video,
season 2, super pumped to get started lots and lots of tanks and projects here
cannot wait to start executing on them I still have Logan here for like 2 weeks. We’re going to create like massive amount
of videos I hope you’re as pumped as I
am like I said and it’s gonna be awesome the season 2 on YouTube peace out

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