Amazin fishing: Catching Eel with a Fish Trap

Amazin fishing: Catching Eel with a Fish Trap

We started our trip from Khulna Another 15 minutes motorbike ride to Ruhita Village We moved to Majher Char for camping We crossed Bishkhali river to reach our campsite This island have no human habitat This fish trap I bought from Ali express that cost me only 6 dollar We set the trap in the river. However, did not get any fish Next day to we moved to a new campsite in the mangrove forest A very common coastal snake known as mud snake This time we placed the fish trap in a small water body We got some small fishes. Shrimp and Mola fish Its already high tide here, so we placed our trap in canal After several trials we placed it properly We tied the trap with a root of mangrove using a rope We came back after dinner and got the surprise catch At first sight we though it was snake. We saw few mud snakes nearby. But it was a EEL This predator came here to eat the small fishes that we caught earlier In Bangladesh, people hardly eat EEL But we export live eel to other Asian countries We are not going to eat it We released the eel in the nature we placed the fish trap in other place for the whole night Next morning we checked the fish trap again We got a snakehead fish with other small fishes In the next episode, we shall try to catch EEL using this small fish as a feed in the hook Please feel free to comment and share. Also subscribe for the next videos Thanks for watching

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  1. beautifully described. Looking forward to watch the next episode. I will recommend to add English subtitle if possible.

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