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So today, I’m here in Orlando Florida for a few days and I’m bringing you guys along with me for the ride while in Orlando I did a number of things I toured a local fish store called worldwide corals as well as got it behind the scenes look at their coral farm I went to A local public aquarium I also went to the global pet expo. I also film some videos with a friend of mine You guys will [see] all of that in the near future, but in today’s video We’re doing the tour of worldwide corals as well as their coral fireman I can assure you you’re going to be nothing short of impressed with [that] said you might be wondering was there any other Reasons I was in Orlando and the short answer to that is Absolutely you guys will remember when I was in Denver a tree stock. I mentioned reef a palooza is the premier saltwater Convention and I’ve got to go these guys are holding it. What is it may sit on 72 I’ll give you guys one guess who’s going me And I can’t wait to do with break from the stuff wouldn’t be so bad either I will not only be there to meet up with a lot [of] you guys But I’ll also be filming while they’re so for those that can’t come don’t worry I’ll bring you guys home exactly what happened on video now. We’re going to go in and take a look at Worldwide Coral shop Take a quick tour of this You guys won Kira texting real good all right guys. We’re going to get victor and Luda shows around the store Victor want me to see the store further of it I wanted to see it firsthand with you guys as well So we can all experience at the same time right off [the] bat guys. This is a really clean store. You got your workers going Massive tank with size fingers it so go 500 500 gallon look at this one rimless Very nice, so give me a quick tour of the store what you guys got going on here Where you guys most proud of this is our store phone right here. This is what was almost of our dry goods, you know I’ll display tank Who you wanna, come along? Yes, sure right here your things quick turnaround This is home of a world-famous tang. Oh casper. He’s tucked away there. He’s a white tank. Oh, yeah Here we go. He’s really saying it’s hair white teen if you’re with tanks Oh, yes, sir. So he’s got a little column on YouTube to come casper casper. It’s an all white I well yellow tank just like this guy here. That’s actually hello. Yeah, you should do that Yellow well it’s a pretty amazing finish. I mean [never] captors in 2010 He’s been one of our mascot if you’ve recently about a year ago. He has more fish more tangs in there Whatever. He’s seven years old cause we have another baby people yeah some years old So this [is] a mixed reef Sps up top. You know give meant for higher light and higher flow [some] down towards the bottom gets easier care cause or Must grow or not as much lady required. We have a good variety of different worlds with resin tank I’m even in the sand LPS [scrolls] well Then you got the big five under yep, this is a 500-gallon tank. There’s a template tank. There’s those again another mixed reef Up top you have a pretty famous piece to please check it out. This is our bloated [pinky] back Row It moved from a small fragment As you can see has a small John Groce 2 3 5 8 31 yeah Susan Captivity as you can see in there is a lot of people and a crow’s throughout, and I corner a kro-Lu see Now this tank is mainly powered by ecotec with the lighting and we sure you guys are letting their radeon Gen 4 rows up top. We’re [very] happy with the result is getting from those earnest As [well], [enjoy] using their vortec pumps. We don’t be taking on here on the side on the right and the left side So we have the shooting across the thames with tank as you can see we’re in a pretty good No response about the tank, so we’re happy about that. So just break walking in the front entrance here I see you guys kind of do it. All you sell you selfish as well, or yeah, you do We pick up the fish you’ve got the dry goods if you do coral, what’s in this room here? Well? That’s what we saw our frozen food and fish tanks and kind of these homes are you later exchangers? You know a little bit of everything a one-stop shop All right, no awesome Next room is the where you going to do one of our coolest into the heck of Nano reef oh No 26 gallon fluval, but we have over 100 corals in here We had a call that are actually going in waiting to go up there on the rack again another mixed reef USPs goes up top a lot of it aldi aikens in there Indian corals you have these cool flower name is towards the bottom with magnificent color purple clown fish in there Torch corals Hammer Coral planted throughout Very happy with the whispers. Oh we have a final viewers here scusa [no], you okay. It’s happening. Good eight on The phone and I saw what I porn store everybody knows Joey Is doing amazing so we’re really proud of this going to show you this is I have a sand bottom Tank where’s the penguin is showing 25 hundred yards a bare bottom tank? So the super style to keep memories yeah Up here is mainly are like that’s five hundreds of bare bottom if ever I’m saying [you’re] covered in coral. Yeah, yeah Pretty me right now before us. Ooh nice and when you get forward right? Favorite isn’t that strange Fabia’s Child’s pose late world, this is an Incredible tank Entire Incredible system. I can’t help but keep looking over my shoulder here of what’s going on in here homie So this other one here do is where we are where we so close? There’s as well as we tell our poles Okay, Ya know walk around Zuko mount and these all come from your firm So you got them all priced those all attacks at night? They’re all on one central system where their individual are different systems are surely never here. You can see her fish system I was so pissed if you were well stocked always, what is needed clean our present a spy we’ve beaten multiple times a day We really care for systems in our fish in a lot there will be no yeah I’ve never been to an all saltwater store that specializes in Coral before but I gotta say This is Hands-down the cleanest 10th floor either the North face store that I’ve [ever] been to we’re absolutely We strive Olga we work very hard photo. I think we need off the floor. Do you really want to do? the Dewy and See what’s left over there? employees only Is it that we go to feel it going on? Maybe a temporary employees briefly met again? Yeah, comfy oh, oh Wow There’s myko just a sneak peek back there. Oh wow This could be incredible, so we got to look back in this is our biggest Thank you know. This is our 500 gallon tank We hit the top We try rocking remember 2014 so [I] [want] to say it’s almost a little over two years and we’re formula April 2015, so Almost two years ago. Everything was started from cracked They still give you actually out there showing the apple Scheme that we did it in a number 2014 you can see the whole time was dry. We did it with Dr. Rob Well, this is a huge tank with nice. Tank. Is this this is 900 900 gallery? This is 12 feet long and you out with the radio and again. Yeah, you are ready on time everywhere that is this gradient I equal to gradient General lien generation for Joey this thing is four feet long 44 feet Deep and I’m 30 inches tall right this shy two gallons of 900 gallons. You know The big tank, you know that’s what I put this puppy That’s for sure. So you guys grow the frag back here, and then bring them up front. Yes Wow, it’s pretty insane What what the day-to-day looks like here with the [one] did a frag them how do they do this all? Right now they’re shipping them today. That’s not a lot of frying boom big shipping today You know oh you guys you do that online shipping a lot as well right you can order online? We’re Sorta put 200 practices a week. How do we how do we order online? I’m is on The door emily this is going out today round nine You can see really constantly going up Typical one thing we had a bit of an assembly line more about David’s go see the high and I really girly Controller fragmentation, and this is all shipping from him down How many more boxes together I’m going down? bro how many boxes going on 35 + 45 same time so every one of these tanks as coral yeah Okay so this is business pretty much big as a farm that we open about two years ago right when envision two phone calls, but a Please grew so fast back now is becoming more of our receiving facility Shipping out facility an online facility pretty much are we we went ahead and about nine months ago? We build a new facility, right? Which is a mile down the road and is a strictly for aquaculture Fracks will be showing you that a little later for you guys really More more employees only oh So more tanks haven’t even come to go and then you ever then you have a big park an actual thing Alright luke, so he showed me the store Now you’re going to show me the fire alright check this out guys there. We go another insane A little tour we’re going to do here yeah, but it’s our farm. It’s just got water in here about three months ago So thanks our skin cycle derozan okay, take atoms from rebuilders making a quick cameo with our later ups all right This is our quarantine system here the score of these and then back here. We have 16 Raceway thing Which are actually four systems we get these approaching skimmers at the end in between the course so the four independent systems are for tank? So yeah hundred twenty gallon reach, so you have four months system for the next Rolen Eckstein 49 16 total power but Ecotech radion in January Pros Vortech Mp 40s for the flow Reef Octopus xp a thousand approach experiments for the skimming And easy phenomenal it did it but it works well But we got got here we have a couple shifts be done for our second shift They work in here the midnight night dragon portals. They can carry things husbandry Checking for parasites you can attack clean making sure things are growing and doing well Be over there they have hours doing different dips and different kind of procedure there and monitor the health of the coral And every one of these tanks just pack or coral So this is your fun. You think this is packed a year [from] now and like Redefine like a crowded [cordoning] Yeah, [reserve] like this is not back yet This back to me Yeah There’s a lot of coral, and you’re just using egg crate or lighting diffuser for the one really cool Jake one thing. I would you know what do you think I think it’s amazing? So the whole the whole point to this entire facility is more space Produced more Nicole than just resolve the public being here you know yeah We also have to 500 gallon tanks coming here to 10 footer for display purposes Display to go more mother colonies and subway that aqua 40 stuff these mushrooms are a little bit of [everything] you know right? big about I soon break down with that show Heading out I mean, that’s pretty please right Yeah, wearing some books. What is up there? I mean, I? See your waters pre-mixed up here in Community Colleges There are the I hear fresh for exploration is also that? We do our mixing and any kind of weird down here We are couple containers and all right go grab your face. Oh yeah Today yes, who designed all this you guys yeah, yes, this is line. Yeah 204 stands. Yeah This is the Fiberglass tank. Thank you These are these colored bins are good to go museum green green is good red is no res nosy India with other so being a pig here 14 I’ll see you Saturday at the newer stuff. Where’s the stuff that’s because drags already and ready to go She has operated well [ordered] new system ignorance We’ve canvassed the only thing called contaminate the decision tools and stuff like that when you work on Friday The guys are really aware of what’s going on when it comes to that not washing their hands You know between persons [no] wash hands clean for children because it is between the richness in reality may forgo a ripper stuff Simple enough right? Oh, yeah Now the coral farm isn’t open to the general public However on may eight they are doing a grand opening with a one-day event open to the public You can come in check it out by some corals do whatever you want to do But I had to mention that because I know many of you would love the opportunity to experience this as well anyways I hope that you guys enjoyed this tour of worldwide corals as well as the coral firm and I can’t wait to see many of you at reef Apalooza in Orlando on May six to seven I know I’m Entirely excited to check this out and finally get to experience a show of this magnitude anyways, hope you enjoyed today’s video It’s not join me next week, and I will have something new for you

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