AMAZING AQUARIUM STORE: Aquarium Zen Tour Part 1

AMAZING AQUARIUM STORE: Aquarium Zen Tour Part 1

it’s up fish tank people Dustin’s
fishtanks here in Seattle Washington outside of
aquarium at the senton I’ve never been in here before and there’s a reason it’s
called aquariums then I’m gonna try to keep it Zen when I go in there so I’m
not going to be too loud and obnoxious because it’s just a very quiet place but
also very cool loaded with sweet plants and I’m gonna roll in here just kind of
mosey around check this out right when you walk in the door you’re
greeted at eye level with this which is getting a glare off the door but it’s a
really cool tank super deep in there there’s rod rods foods yeah yeah and then I’m just thinking he’s getting into it rod and Melissa
from rods foods rod is talking about getting a freshwater tank yeah I love it
dude stop man it is beautiful stuff in this forever yeah that’s such a cool tank
I love this wet wall over here yeah I’m gonna give it some love here once I go
over and check this tank out I love this so simple setup right here with all the
valance I love that was the simplicity of it it’s over stacked a vile tank in
the front window like growing like crazy yeah and the fish get those crazy fish good pallets who are you and a lottery yeah yeah this is a really cool setup
yeah well this is what he did for Amazon – oh yeah really dude this bulb itis is
nuts got tanks in the back to port thanks for getting me in here Alexander
and what’s your what’s your YouTube channel blog Holden oh my youtube
channel is the secret history inside of your aquarium it’s kind of like a
history science biology base and you rolled it out for me when I got here and
basically said we’re gonna go here we’re gonna go there so thank you for yeah
yeah we’re hooking that up this is really cool I’m gonna coming your way
with the camera my man I love to claw so what kind of snails
are these grams or red Rams red wrastlin I’ve got some of those breeding too with
the red like that yeah they’re red like so you start with
the nub on a string and right you there’s also a red stream but needs me
ain’t orange ones it’s not a true albino ism like and so they get that red flash
dude that is one of the coolest nose I’ve ever seen in my life yeah I got
those on my way in Leslie I was gonna oh I can overlay your
face with all your beautiful tanks man I got you I understand how it is me when I
pull out of camera it’s not like pulling out a gun but it’s pretty close because
people are like oh what’s this this is this is a cool little display have some bigger
he has like I love all these little a da tanks yes
aqui – ilaqua he’s the only ABA official dealer in
Seattle in Seattle yeah like to rub their grand plus the well then I just came from aquaria that
was a EDA shop 288 yeah oh yeah I’ll link that up in the comments or harder
there’s a great java fern tanks I tried it’s growing great talking about
that he’s got it going on Steve what’s your trick with the java fern man I you
don’t have to share if you don’t want to but it looks great
yeah I have a big aquarium that I maintain per customer and I just have a
ton of it in there so the conditions are just Alden perfectly for growing the
plants let’s just try the job yes right yeah this is like a really cool fun I
tried and Java is the one type job print as well in our soft water the other one
I think it’s it’s you know it’s it’s from us Popeye cabin Allen that it’s
from Borneo from Sulu Sarawak and it may just be adapted to
more soft water type of immersion wow that’s good right – no yeah I think
that’s the trick with that one and this is not the one like you get from the
Florida nurseries this is adult it’s really a different variety
it looks like the variety I got from a guy yeah and it’s a beautiful plant
you just get this nice layering of all the fronds it’s real thick and bushy
still kind of gross kind of low but if you want that look of just a nice edge
of interesting leaf shape because it’s just more annoyed as just
farmer without their we had some extra farmers but that’s interesting we’re talking I’m just grabbin our
oh really this is what I do man I walk around the camera
how you doing thanks for saying what’s up man I don’t miss I don’t meet anybody
in person really you want to be a video what’s your name James J school like
thanks for saying oh no no it’s cool to roll in here man Seattle’s kind of going
on with the cops dude it sucks though because I gotta walk around with the
camera instead of looking with my own two eyes I’m looking through this and
later yeah well later it’s for sale sections
in this shot I know there haven’t been many videos a restaurant was kind enough
to allow Dustin tonight to come in here and film what’s up Dustin so far to
state your channel like if anybody wants all away this fish tanks check it out
Alexander thanks for hooking it up for me and letting me come in here and
setting this up and all that that’s hooked up so yes scribe this dude’s
channel man he so coming up to get in here I wasn’t both I wasn’t rolling
without it so hope history majors so like five tanks that are as big as that
one of my other shop oh yeah oh yeah there’s a left buddy
yeah yeah take on pray very important shop
Dustin’s fishtanks who actually lives here
and so guaranteed he’ll go here if you come in to shop and basically reselect and I miss my pink ancestress

54 thoughts on “AMAZING AQUARIUM STORE: Aquarium Zen Tour Part 1

  1. Hey Dustin! I’m really loving your videos! It seems like you are falling more in love with these aquascaped tanks 🙂 I’ve just set one tank up and I’m about to set up a couple more. I just love the look of these kind of tanks!

  2. Hey Dustin, wanna know for how many days the tannin leach gonna continue in dirted tank ??
    Please need ur valuable comment !!!

  3. Hey dustin I have a doubt. It is said that the substrate should not be very fine for a planted tank as it suffocates the roots of plants and kills it. I have got dirt(mostly clay and cowdung) in my tank and the roots on my strm plants are turning black and thr growth is slow. Is this because of the fineness of the dirt. Any solutions?

  4. I bought 15gallon fish tank i just finish the half work of gravel spider wood and dragon stone setups but i don't have plants yet give me some good plants tips pls

  5. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Look at all that green. Great St Patrick’s Day start off!
    What a super cool shop! And thanks for the shot of the Angel 😊

  6. Great stuff!!!! I do love that store…… maybe you will bring a little of that to the new show room in the new greenhouse.

  7. A Dustin if ever come to California or the LA area you need to go to Monterey Park there's a place when millions of plans it's just known for plants it's called The Pet Center

  8. Awesome shop.
    What kind of HOB filters are on those last couple tanks.
    There were 2 on each tank, grey and black, with some red.

  9. At the 8:32 minute mark can someone identify those fish for me. I can see about 3 different type. Thanks in advance

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