Amazing Aquarium Store in Germany! Come take a tour

Amazing Aquarium Store in Germany! Come take a tour

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you with a midweek video look I’m
not even bringing you this video alright my boy Jake it’s his birthday this week
when he was out at inner sue in Germany he shot a video of this amazing shop I
told him I get the video up happy birthday Jake here’s a video Jake took
also this video comes serendipitously is yesterday I got a call from Oliver
connotes video guy we’re going to be linking up in Chicago doing more stuff
and your boy DS heading back over to Germany to give you the dustin version
of this shop along with the zoo and berlin a whole bunch of sick aquariums
and I’m just super jacked so this is a preview of what is to calm dates to be
determined on Dustin going back to Germany it’s con line bish and Dutch
sprechen – and this is Zeb’s hole so here we go Jake break it away brother
without fishtank people this is Jake Adams refiller calm I am filling in
today for Dustin Dustin’s fish tank for stain coming to you live from
Hannover Germany an amazing shop called panther a hunter right is unlike any
fish store you’ve ever been to before this place only specializes what I call
silver fish silver freshwater fish is nothing but wild caught fish what’s
unusual fish you’ve ever seen we’re talking about esoteric tetras exotic
cichlids and there’s a whole world of vista grandmas down there full rows of
corridors all kinds of sip crazy plants and the name of the game in this place
is all about biotopes and all-natural this company also makes their own food
they create these really high energy water pumps but Eddy the fresh water
world here in Northern Europe they are absolutely killing it at these amazing
bio totes of just every kind of cool fish you can think of so this is a
jogger tank this is a river tank right here and what you don’t see is that
there’s a strip of water going underneath the tank that is circulating
the water from one side of the tank to the other so that’s really just
unidirectional flow creating like this wicked wicked crazy river so you can see
how huge this tank is right here and all the water flow is basically coming up
from the bottom here because it’s circulating like a river like the river
is all the flow is unidirectional and you’ll see this over and over again and
a few of their tanks so we got to plan the section in here but today it’s
really all about the freshwater tanks so you can see this place is just totally
crazy we are a lot of beautiful editing stimulus blasts the rhythms glass not
quite sure what this thing is going to be but it’s going to under development
lots of different biotopes not quite sure what this one is
Brian applicant biotopes I see some anubius not sure what kind of fish here
is a crazy brackish water biotope got some scats some red scats some eels
there’s even a freshwater frog fish pretty crazy but before that man I got
to show you the main event here’s some of their foods that they make and what’s
really cool about the Pantera foods is that they’re all-natural meaning there’s
no terrestrial protein or nutrition whatsoever there’s special mixes for see
we got the Pio flux which is for mbuna herbivore omnivore carnivore of course
on flume I don’t know what that is oh here’s one down here it’s for the
wood Penta marine wood there’s a couple saltwater ones we got the Penta berry
sponge plankton and Paulette but those are for the saltwater ones you can see
they’ve got a variety of different seed pods available these look like they’d be
crazy crazy thing for shrimp or progra some dwarf likley cichlids that hang out
in this is one of their saltwater displays it’s going to be going up but
they’re really try this on by itself it here’s one of the like this froakie
tanks this is huge Bavarian that’s half filled with water
and there’s only two fish in here or no account of plants these are that
was crazy huge huge plants but uh some kind of exotic snake head I was actually
here two years ago there’s a pair of them in here this is my boy I believe is
the stud nail snake-headed not sure if it’s practical to go around the back but
I know that there was another girl up in here and there’s a tube inside hey buddy
what you do in these over just totally gorgeous okay so here we have a tan in
the tank we’ve painted out dark the Blackwater Viator it’s got a little of a
red LED light to accentuate it this is a tannin actually is a from a peat bog or
something like that and you buy and they use it on the water they actually dilute
it and then put on the tank so this is really really epic tank right here what
is this a short Tanganyika short tank and has a wave I guess it’s off right
now and this guy he’s a man I can’t remember the name of them there we go
anybody not a buffalo head cichlids similar similar deal I mean I wish this
way things going this really really cool this pump turns on and as it pulls up as
a magnet releases the pressure and it dumps all the water at once and then it
closes back up so maybe I’ll be running a little
around here’s another bio tube you’ll see these tanks they don’t have enough
cat they’re really all about recreating the pirate oh man this just le Arthur so
this is the ultimate river tank I think the tank is the pet here crazy crazy water flow and just only a
couple fish in here sometimes they’re hard to find he seems like one Rako
hanging out here how about this guy doesn’t even know that he’s not in the
Amazon River anymore or whatever tributary he was from so
seriously this thing is crazy I am Louisville
the year that the cross is so strong it just creates this new earth and birth
and currents really pretty easy not last time I was here there’s only a handful
of fish in here as well this is like an ultimate river biotope
sandstones I got some of the fish are hiding there’s another one
the kind of a gyre style aquarium’s sure what they’re trying to recreate here the
sea I guess this would be a South American biotope it’s some species of
Geo fayus think it might be one of the new species up was recently discovered
and all kinds of crazy tetras so I loop around here we’ve got this tank where
here’s a sick via to appear I don’t know what kind of mosses but here we have
somebody some to can’t actors can’t remember genes nameless something some
to Cana so here we go here’s the QR code you might check it out well to Pantera’s
not just one but there’s one two three four a handful and some white smile
quarries if that’s correct and all kinds of cool planes got to love the use of
negative space here on the sides everything is LED lit here back to the
brackish tank got some plants available for sale it’s pretty crazy check out these kind of translucent
posters that have all the different stingrays and then I guess the
would you call this the evolution of Pentacles all the component colas plecos
and man over that time to show you every single fish in every single row but
every kind of cool freshwater fish you can think of down here include a mermaid
just walking by maybe just a little highlight reel crazy leper eNOS Venegas
man these things are just gorgeous some sexy little dish just to show to sex
Posse artists yeah you go buddy so getting ridiculous
really cool some wild autumns I think just about
every single fish in here is wild caught but this is a true hobbyist shop oh yeah
this Avrom over here it’s just off the hook I mean you can see like this is the
world apart from you know the inbred all kinds of crazy colored ones that come
out Asia there we go showing that face look at that beautiful face buddy oh wow
this makes me want to keep severums again look at that man the discus can’t
even hold a candle got some crazy pikes accrues some tour of cichlids and we
cichlids everywhere cichlids galore is in juvenile pikes it looks like no
motives are not Pike’s teletrac Roma’s humorless some other pelvic of chrome is
yeah so this is kind of like is the motif for this place oh wow look at that
stud there’s a total complete stud right there unreal
very very nice crazy rainbows cool tatras this could
these things are neat because they’re like most of them are lit by a single
bright LED just right there in some of the tanks and there’s some shadowy
spaces for the fish to go chill in yeah so I haven’t even made it all the way
down this row right here but if you’re in the tetras rainbow cichlids Corey’s
catfish even piranhas – Talisa okay here’s this dis vat they were telling me
about the concentrated tanning water that they actually have to dissolve
that’s from I guess what they call a peat bog in water comes from so supercooled give you
one more look at this crazy huge South American River tank but one fish to
notice is the wild type Oscar in the back super cool you know Oscars used to
be quite a graceful fish before they got crazy in the red there you go peacock
basses alright so once again Jake Adams from reef builders and filling in for
Dustin while I’m traveling to Germany for mega aquarium show or pet show
called into zoo and so it was keep it locked to Dustin’s fish tank TV for a
full run more freshwater coverage alive you

100 thoughts on “Amazing Aquarium Store in Germany! Come take a tour

  1. if you go to the Berlin zoo, you might also want to go to the burgers Zoo in Arnhem Netherlands. it's a few hour drive apart and i contains the most awesome ocean experience. there are also lots of other animals incl. fresh water fish. if you have an extra day, i would recomment going there aswell

  2. Hey Dustin,
    when you're over here in Germany I would recommend you also visit the "Garnelenhaus" near Hamburg. You're Shrimp-Loving followers will love it! 😉

  3. This video is insane. I would drink myself to death if that river tank was in my house. Can't Wait! Dustin, did you mention a while back that Chinese Algae Eaters suck? That is not a quote BTW. I've had two of them, in a 75, for a year and they are sort of representing themselves well. They were aggressive as hell early on but once they earned respect within the tank, they were beautiful, fluid, curious and chill algae eaters. When I'm around, they come to the front of the tank. As far as the job they do cleaning algae, it seems to be the same as past plecos that I have had. Anyway… F The Browns. Good Luck with RGIII. Let's Go Giants! G Men! Big Blue! Keep it real.

  4. Two questions..Can you buy fish from that place? & I just dirted my tank, hope its a success… But How long do i have to wait before I put my fish back in? Ive seen at least like three days.

  5. we have an amazing fish store here that is better than most aquariums at zoos. They have huge tanks and so many different species. They are overpriced but so great to visit.

  6. i will be starting up some fish tanks in a few years when i move out of where i am now, but one thing i will be doing diffrent, is being carefull of the fishes origin! Wild caught fish for the aquarium trade has devistated ecosystems and will one day possibly lead too the etinction of many fish, do the fish a favour and pay the little extra for the tank bred fish, as more people buy them, the price will go down and the result will be better adjusted fish that eat store food and are more relaxed in the tanks

  7. That is one on point store. I absolutely love the river tanks, very nicely done. The attention to detail is fantastic!

  8. At 4:15 that looks like a common peace lily. Generally terrestrial and an Easter staple. Is there a variety that is semi-aquatic or is that the same plant adapted to the water?

  9. I like your video, I am beginner, visit my first aquarium, and give me your opinion,
    I will follow your channel if you want to accompany my soon will have a new layout, thank you

  10. Just one suggestion: If this guy is going to be doing the recording and talking at the same time, he needs to slow the camera's movement down. He's taking it away from what he's looking at so quickly until by the time we see what he's referring to it's gone. Focus the camera on what you're talking about a little longer before going to the next tank so you can give us a well appreciated tour of what you're viewing!

  11. It is so nice to see a fish store that puts each individual fishes needs first, instead of the bottom line. The biotopes are just ridiculous! I'm kinda wishing I lived in Germany right now lol

  12. The very first tank he shows, the longer tank with unidirectional flow, does anyone know how they did that?
    I have googled for a while now and still can't find anything. Most plans/ideas for tanks like that I find have giant power heads and pipes inside the tank that look like crap. The one in this shop looked super clean with those two black grates. I'm dreaming of a loach tank now…

  13. By far the best shop I've seen. The cleanliness of the tanks and shop and the quality of fish and plants were superb. Very well thought out floor plan and display design too. Impressive on a whole new level to have that many gallons looking that great.

  14. That store has to be toured again at a slower pace. Great biotope tanks! I wanna see that wave action working on that shoreline cichlids tank. So many unique fish and tanks.

  15. SWEET AQUARIUM STORE: Stuck In GA Might As Well Visit An Aquarium Store

  16. FISH STORE TOUR: Absolutely Fish

  17. The Mermaid had some fine German engineering..
    All that Way too much 5000k or under.
    Dug the stream aquarium but it needs some Sedge grasses like you would see in a shallow stream, and a nice diorama behind it. Why not use thinner glass for above water and lose that the .well,ugly top part of the frame? I can many variations used with that tank..nicer looking rock,more artistic placement. I wouldnt turn it down. Or the Mermaid.

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