Ancient Thai Street Food – 90-Year Old Restaurant FISH RICE SOUP in Bangkok, Thailand!

Ancient Thai Street Food – 90-Year Old Restaurant FISH RICE SOUP in Bangkok, Thailand!

give this a quick little stir and for my next bite I’m gonna go in for the for the head they’re meant to taste the pureness yeah you can’t take the freshness of that fish whatsoever [Music] I hope you’re having an amazing day at smart Queens I’m in Bangkok Thailand it’s the late afternoon I am in Chinatown which is yellow dot and I’m walking over to a very historical restaurant that serves some of the best cup Tombaugh which is a Thai Chinese dish of rice soup and fish in all of Bangkok one of the amazing things and unique factors about this restaurant is that it is over 90 years old and it’s still family-owned and we’re right you’re right as they open they set out some tables out here on the street and they have tables in the back as well top inflation has been serving compla Thai Chinese dish of rice soup with fresh fish for over 90 years now normally when there’s a family-owned restaurant that’s been open for 90 years it might be run by the third or fourth generation by now but at CMG the second generation who are now in their 80s still cook and still run the shop they’ve known and perfected this single dish for their entire lives [Music] in order to assemble a ball of cotton blah a variety of seasonings like dry shrimp galangal powder and Chinese celery are added to a bowl next your choice of fish is delicately blanched in the boiling soup separately the rice is boiled and thoroughly drained tossed with the seasonings and topped with the blanched fish finally a spoon of fried garlic is added on top and your bowl of kakum bla is served it’s truly a piece of Thai Chinese its culinary Museum so I just watched them as they assembled our bowls of cup and blah and it is just it’s it’s it’s breathtaking to watch them as they assemble everything [Music] now the restaurant name is CM key caught thumb blah they still cook over charcoal so you can see they have they have a street food cart which is set up inside or on the right on the outside of the shop house restaurant but inside of that cart they’re cooking over flame they’re cooking over charcoal the reason we had to arrive here right as they open is because the thought element which is the Pomfret it sells out very quickly and so they have two main types of fish one is the palm fret one is barramundi both are good but their signature dish is cup aambat element which is pomfret fish with rice I have to share with you something very unfortunate when we arrived here they also have a signature dish of boiled oysters with rice or you can just get boiled oysters in soup but the owner he told me today that they they got their oysters and they work fresh so they’re not serving them so I’m I’m very disappointed that I won’t have a chance to try their oysters however that says a lot about the owners and their quality and that increases my respect for them because they won’t serve something that’s not fresh that they don’t trust this one is the ball of the bottle amantha pomfrit just that slightly oily broth there’s fish all on top of here and then below is some other rice and you can see how the rice remains totally individual you see the kernels of rice they’re not mushy they’re not gooey it’s not like congee at all the first thing I have to do is just try that broth though oh it’s so pure it has a little fishy taste oh just slightly it’s not too salty it’s you can taste those fish oils in there hmm and then then you’ve got the subtle hints of the Chinese celery as well as the fried garlic in there it’s it’s fantastic it’s so so clean so pure of a bra chunk up the head here which is right there and then let me just grab a nice nugget and this looks pretty bomis as well oh all that fish wow that fish is so incredibly good it’s so it’s so non fishy it is it has this texture that has just a tiny slimy nough so that in a very very good way and then it literally just it just falls apart it’s like it’s not stringy it’s very firm but silky and just a tiny bit slimy and just literally just like collapses you’re meant to taste the pureness the freshness of that fish there’s no cover-ups yeah you can’t take the freshness of that fish whatsoever and this is about geo sauce which is a fermented tofu sauce I’m gonna dip a little it’s probably pretty salty oh all that makes it insane again the fish actually speaks for itself but then with that sauce the sauces is it has that fermented kind of flavor almost a cheesy flavor to me it’s not spicy but this is one spice non spicy dish that I can thoroughly enjoy because it’s so fresh tasting and so healthy actually it’s awesome next up let me just stir this around you can see all the celery in there the garlic is now floating all over the place I’ll get some of the rice and some of the broth really like incredibly pure okay I’m gonna try that block along now which is the this one is the barramundi and you can see these just just giant nuggets of fish in here the rice is down below all individualistic there’s all the celery in there and the fried garlic and again hazard these are nice like nuggets of fish just check that out again that fish is a totally different texture it’s also kind of firm but you can like sometimes lock up home when you don’t eat a fresh one it’s slightly mushy but this is it has like a bounciness to it it remains firm it remains intact it’s not mushy whatsoever you don’t even taste the fishiness of it whatsoever it as well and that that speaks of how fresh it is the official literally speaks for itself and with that sauce that just enhances it follow that with some of the rice soup it’s just like your help going in we got one more dish this is the hot thing and this is a it’s a it’s a fried pork which they also mix with rice you can sometimes get this mixing with your fish but then it sort of alters the taste of the fish to make it kind of porky of course ah so I went with it on the side and then the fish on the side to get the really pure taste of the fish and then just have the pork on the side so this is another another version that they do that’s like very comforting it’s a little saltier in taste the soy sauce in there Ilario of course it’s more meaty rather than fishy and it has a little bit of a like a little bolder of a taste okay what I’m gonna do is grab some of this pepper and just that dust of pepper on this well just evil be careful over the wind will make it even better okay and I just sprinkled some pepper all over my shirt give this a quick little stir and for my next bite I’m gonna go in for the for the head it’s chopped in half and you can see on the bottom part there’s still quite a lot of meat on there too this needs a good dipping and it is pretty salty so you don’t want to actually like scoop up too much sauce but just a nice a nice coating in the sauce makes it incredible that fish it’s just it’s okay it’s really really fresh it’s really really neutral tasting and that texture is that texture is incredible you do have to be careful of the bones but the bones are also shells kind of soft okay moving back over to the barramundi fish now and there’s thoughts it’s it just feels good eating it because you it tastes so healthy [Music] this fish is also extremely good you know it’s hard for me to say which one is better I really like the pump right because that’s a fish that I eat much less often than barramundi which I eat quite frequently but really they’re both extraordinary another thing you can do is add some of the chili vinegar and I actually almost forgot that these are some chilies with vinegar in it to add to your sauce maybe add a little bit more vinegar and that should add some sourness of course to the sauce another nugget into the sauce get a nice dip going oh I’m just gonna go ahead and and rotate it Oh perfect mmm Oh with the vinegar oh that’s okay the sauce is awesome without the vinegar problem but but but do yourself a favor and add a little bit of vinegar that that even adds it kind of reduces the saltiness of the sauce and makes it don’t give you the sourness of course and that kind of enhances it it’s so comforting this is the type of dish you would want to eat if it’s really cold and if it’s rainy outside but yeah Bangkok is not really cold but it still tastes awesome okay I got my last piece of the pump rat right now and it is all this fish this is the reason you come here is just to eat this fresh fish and dipped in that sauce it’s just awesome and I’ll get that actually on top as well the pop bread get sensational and one more thing you can do with the sauce and some people actually add it to their soup immediately but I went until the end because I didn’t want to alter the flavor of the the whole bowl but you can add some of the sauce directly to the soup to just kind of finish it off and again that’s gonna make your your broth a little saltier and still okay I’ll just throw it all in okay that will be awesome [Music] finished with all of the cop film it was absolutely delicious and now we’re just hanging out with the owners they’re very nice very friendly and it were this is really a piece of Bangkok culinary history it’s a museum it’s a museum and if you come over here this is an original dresser and this is an original stool from ninety years ago when they first opened right here in Bangkok Chinatown’s it’s so cool it’s so cool as we’re leaving we were talking with the owner and their whole family and they were giving us a little more history about the restaurant it was started by their parents and then there were three sons the last remaining son he’s still there he’s still he’s still cooking and they all live in that same shop house line house building there they climbed the stairs to the top floor the third floor they live on the third floor and then they cook on the bottom floor that’s where their restaurant is our total bill came to 940 baht so it’s definitely not cheap each bowl of the fish rice soup is 400 baht we got the large size which includes extra fish that’s a dish that’s on the pointer side but just really focuses on the fresh ingredients and again like I mentioned already there’s there’s no room for non fresh ingredients in that bowl it would just stand out like a sore thumb okay that’s gonna be it thank you very much for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you and make sure you subscribe I’m going to be publishing lots more food and travel videos goodbye from yatta Chinatown I’ll see you on the next video

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