Andørja world record expedition, behind the scenes – Small Fish Stories

Andørja world record expedition, behind the scenes – Small Fish Stories

-Yes, I am trying -Hey Joel, are you free to talk right now? – Are you doing good? – Did you miss three bites!? Really? – That was Joel, it doesn’t look too good right now – He missed three sharks today. And it has been perfect conditions. – As it looks, the weather will only be fishable until tomorrow noon. – If he doesn’t catch a Greenland shark by then, there probably won’t be any new world record, because of the bad weather. We have 620km to go, about 8h and 45min driving on gnarly roads. – Looking forward to that, for sure. – We have driven straight into the woods… – When I woke up this morning I had that special feeling, something was going to happen. – When we got out on the ocean, Oskar and Ludde called, they had made it up here an hour prior to plan. – The same second that Joel picked up the phone, he hooked into something and had to cancel the call. – Joel has hooked a shark properly so we have to hurry up and support Markus. – Ludde and Oskar just made it out in time to support me with two extra cameras. – It is starting to surface now, I think… – I knew how big they could be and the guide estimated it to weigh around 500-600kg. – I’ve seen a Greenland shark on film before, but when I saw the fish beneath the boat it was just beyond words. – It was an immense sight, I got so touched and fascinated by Joel’s feelings as well as from watching this magical fish. – Hi – Hi – What’s going on? – Tv2 are on their way up here to interview Joel. – Have you gotten any footage on our nice raincover? – Yeah, that’s the most precious inventory we have in our firm. – Indeed, the most expensive as well. – Did you call Stefan? -Did they catch anything? – Just a couple of flatfishes. – No big ones. – On a 60lb rod they caught half a kilo flatfish. – We were out fishing yesterday and Stenberg nailed some big crackers. – The bait is freakin’ bigger than your coalfish. – Wooooow it is taking line again. – Wholy moly, it’s going like a freight train. – You got any line left on your reel?! – Yes, should be around 40m left. – Wheeeey, 10,2kg, what a stampede, such a strong fish. – The day before Joel came, we were out with Stefan from FiskeNorge, and we had a superb fishing for coalfish. – It was too much fun. – Oh nice, yours is a little bit better, right? – Do you have fish on as well? Three fishes at once!? – I can tell that this is a 10kg+ fish at least. – This is a big boy – We caught a couple of fish around 10kg. – The fights were amazing and they took over 30m line in every run. – It weighs 11,5kg. – Yes it is a personal record. – Indeed, this is a nice fish. – Definitely above 10kg, by far. – My arms are starting to get tired now. – We have been fishing for a couple of hours now and fought, two, three and even four fishes at once. – We were drifting over 200-300m depths and the fish were positioned at approximately 50m. So we were cruising around, looking for signs of fish on the sonar. – When we saw a lot of marks on the sonar everyone dropped their lures and sometimes we got jackpot, four takes at the same time. – Nice! -A double! -What happened after he got his shark, that the media was all over him. – Magazines and TV-channels called, and all of a sudden a reporter from TV2 wanted to do an interview with Joel. – That same evening Joel was supposed to be anticipating in a Skype chat for TV2’s news. – Could you hold up your penis? -What!? – The hook!? – (Laughter) – Was that the one you were fishing with? – Yes, it was this one. – I thought you said completely something else when you wanted me to show the hook? – (Laughter) – Sorry I am being childish -Show the dick (Swedish/Norwegian language mix up) – (Laughter) – We talked to the host on Skype before we went live on their news channel. – Everything went so smooth until there was one minute left, then the internet shut down. – The WIFI shut down at the whole lodge. – Now it got quiet. – We got disconnected. – No! What should I do now!? – Yes the Internet completely died. – Horrible timing. – Now they have changed the airing time, later on, according to the TV in the livingroom. – We tried to connect our cellphones but it didn’t work. – So we rushed up with Joel to a neighbour to borrow some WIFI. – My goal was to break the previous world record in kayak fishing, which was a salmon shark at 227kg. They shot that one before it was successfully landed. – I have dreamt about seeing a Greenland shark my whole life and decided to give it a try now. It was supposed to be caught from a kayak and it should be a new world record. – It was really fun because we were watching the show live on TV, while Joel was sitting in the room next to us, Skyping. – We are packing up right now. – We are leaving Andörja now but we can’t fit everything in the car. – Do you think we will loose it on the way? – Probably yes! – The plan was to go south to Jokkmokk and meet Johnny who was flying to Kiruna. – Heeeeeeeey, now the real adventure starts! – Now we’re here fishing for pike, and having a great time.

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  1. Var det i mitten av sommaren ni var där? Bara stött på grövre sej en gång i Norge och då var det sent i juni har jag för mig, och då var det inte ens jag som krokade dom tyvärr. Annars brukar vi åka upp i slutet av juli eller början av augusti och då stöter vi aldrig på grov sej. Vill verkligen drilla en sej runt 10kilo.

  2. man vet att det är en bra video när man trycker på gilla knappen innan videon har börjat 😀 grymt jobbat! 🙂

  3. Bra jobbat i vanlig ordning, ser fram emot följande avsnitt! Man kommer få duktig längtan till sommaren… och vem vet, kanske vi möts igen här uppe i norr ! =)

  4. Hands down Guys this is the best Fishing Video i've ever seen!Keep up the good Work!Greets from Germany,leaving to Sweden tomorrow for 2 weeks of Pike Fishing ,)

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