Angrej Full Movie (HD) | Amrinder Gill | Aditi Sharma | Sargun Mehta|Superhit Punjabi Movies

Angrej Full Movie (HD) | Amrinder Gill | Aditi Sharma | Sargun Mehta|Superhit Punjabi Movies

Hello, Nagma. Aunt? Hello, aunt. Is Nagma with you?
Could I speak with her? Actually I wanted
to ask her about exams. Yes, yes. Aunt, I had a request. Please don’t tell her that I called. I wanted to surprise her. Yes, yes. Hello, Nagma. Inzmam speaking. Haq? No. The ones who came
From Canada took you away from me. The way you are stuck. Tell me, what was lacking in my love? Whenever you said to recharge
your phone.. I did it. I did it not just once, but 5-6 times. I’m not scolding, my love.
I’m asking for an answer. Tell me one thing,
at your friend’s wedding.. wanted to buy
a dress worth 5000 rupees. You hadn’t even received
Your father’s pension.. ..but I sold my scooter for you.
I did, didn’t I? You know, my family still thinks.. ..that my scooter was stolen. And my poor father’s knees
hurt riding my sister’s ladies cycle. No, no. I’m not saying that.
Listen.. listen to me. Hello. Hello.
Darling. Darling, I can’t hear you. Hello. Oh why did my
balance have to get over now? Akram! Akram! Akram! Yes. – Give me your phone.
I need to talk to someone. Go away. – Aren’t you my brother? Come to Naseem. A guest
named Angrej is coming from India. You’ll get sweets to eat. – Sure? Get lost! Hello. – Hello. Hello. Come in. – Come in. Welcome. Geje, go and make
the cows drink water. Go quickly! What will happen with 5 paise? Do
you know how expensive ‘Jalebis’ are? No Mother, I am talking about Love. Love? I am dead! – No, mother. Have some tea. Have ‘Laddoo’ as well. When I was your age,
we did a lot of mischief. Me and your grandpa, Aslam Cheema. Near the village,
In the pond we would go for swimming. Your grandpa was a great swimmer. Then someone cast an
evil eye on our happiness.. ..and then independence spread across. Grandfather, independence
didn’t spread, we have got it. Son, for us it had spread.
Just how a disease is spread.. ..and takes many people away with it. But we both communities
loved each other a lot. Aslam safely dropped us
to Punjab (India) all by himself. Later, idiot Aslam took
over our home and farms. What happened to him?
Didn’t he like to see me. Nothing..
His scooter got stolen. – Oh really? How much for ? For whom he did it? Grandfather,speak softly.
Softly. If my father hears it.. ..he will make my life hell. Grandfather, turned out to be genius. Everyone is young once.
– Grandfather, you’re great. Really? What had happened? – It’s simple. This man doesn’t have anything.. ..and the girl is from a rich family. She has big dreams too. What do you mean by that?
She goes to a mall to shop. She takes almost 40 selfies
with just one rubber band.. ..and keeps posting
for almost 13 days. Don’t be angry. Message the girl. Write that although
I don’t have the money.. ..but this man won’t
let you die hungry. Let it go, uncle.
You won’t understand.. ..the love of this generation. Your times were the best.
Pure love, Heer-Ranjha.. ..Sassi-Punu, Mirza-Saheba. All these are just talks.
Love today is much easier. Now you can keep update
about one another on the phone. In our times,
on one hand the man would make.. ..arrangements to marry
his love and on the other hand.. ..he would come to know later that.. ..his love has already had a child. When she came from her in-laws,
someone saw her. Grandfather, it seems
you lived your youth colorful. Who was she? – Forget about it. Tell us. The girl’s father
isn’t going to show up to stop you. Anyway, now we won’t find
any man more aged than you. Come on now. Message her.
I will tell you. Text her. Done? – Yes. Okay, I’ll tell you tomorrow morning. Morning? You are so
old that you don’t know.. ..whether you’ll see the next morning. Tell us. With this excuse
you can think about your times too. You are right. When one is young.. ..he doesn’t think about that time. But when the youth goes away.. ..he misses those times a lot. Our times were very beautiful. I still think and
laugh about a few things. I mean, forget about
a couple meeting.. ..but you would feel shy
even to help your own wife to lift.. ..the cow-dung basket wondering
what mother would think of us. Every husband and wife
would walk together.. ..keeping a distance of
at least 15 steps between them. And if the wife would
come any closer out of fear.. What are you doing? Why are you coming so close?
You’re being so shameless. Come on!
It’s good that no one saw us.. ..or else we would have been defamed. There go the ones who were embracing! Before marriage,
both had to sit in different room.. ..and understand one another from far. The man had to figure
out after lifting the veil.. ..that the lamp had to
be blown out with fury or love. I didn’t do anything. In those days,
meeting a girl was very big deal.. ..and if someone was
caught flirting with a girl.. ..he was shoot on thigh
without any interrogation. Forgive me. How dare you to looked at my daughter? Handle this matter properly.
No one should know about it. If you have to tell someone,
tell them that a snake bit him. Okay? But sir,
you have shot him in his thigh. How can we say that a snake bit him? Tell them that it was a flying
snake and it bit like a bullet. Talking nonsense. In these circumstances,
I fell in love. I had gone to my aunt’s
village to give the gifts.. ..because her daughter
had given birth to a son. Their neighbor’s daughter Maddo
had come to take lentils from them. That’s it. She came to take lentils,
and took my heart away. “She is afraid that her
veil may fall off her head.” “Mother says I will find
someone like her for you.” Mother. – Coming. Tell father that I have
finished all the work.. ..and now I’m going to the fair. Today I will meet my love. Take this. Spend sensibly.
– Mother, there’s inflation. Inflation doesn’t concern me.
– What will I do with 5 paise? You know how expensive ‘Jalebi’ is? Geje, go and make
the cows drink water. Go quickly. Father, I was planning
to go to the fair. I will beat you with slippers,
you dog! Your father will do all the work? Go. I had taken a vow that
if the cow’s delivery goes well.. ..I will pay homage. Which vow? The same cow had delivered a calf. Have taken a vow. Go and make the cows drink water. One can never know about you. You expect female calf
from cows and son from ladies. What are you murmuring, you dog? People say that our country
is going to be independent. Our Dictator is in our house. What if it would hit me? Then.. Grandpa, father isn’t
letting me go to the fair. He’s asking me to make
the cows drink water. What did you say?
– No father, I didn’t say anything. What did I tell you? – You did. What I said? You go, son. Go. I will handle him. I have to say something else too. Yes, tell me.
– Father calls me dog all the time. What if he says it in front of anyone? He is a dog himself. Go, son. Hey! Go and make the cows drink water. Don’t they drink
water when you say it? Our Dictator is sitting at our home. How are you, aunt?
The whole gang is hunting. Today looks like meat will be cooked. Send your mother, she will eat it too. Mother doesn’t eat that, aunt.
I’ll send father. Both brother-in-law and
sister-in-law eat in one bowl. Stupid! There has been an incident
in the neighboring village. Gajjan Singh.. – Yes. He shot the boy on the thigh.
– Really? Oh! The boy must have died with that. What else?
– Who has killed whom this time? Nobody values life.
Let’s go. – Hold it, brother. Listen to the entire story first. Gajjan Singh from
the neighboring village. A boy was looking towards
the girl with wrong intentions. It’s okay if you kill
someone with wrong intentions. But a guy can have
good intentions too, right? If someone is staring,
how can he have good intentions? No, but did they kill his absolutely
innocent friend who was with him too? If he would have been there with him,
they would kill him too. – Yes. Why would they kill him?
How is he at fault? If a friend asks his friend
to come with him somewhere.. ..the innocent guy just
starts walking with him. Forget about it. Let’s go. It’s about pride. Pride. These days,
people don’t have that pride. In our times,
everyone had pride. – Yes. And people would die for pride. Once, a daughter-in-law was serving
food to her father-in-law. – Okay. While sitting,
the father-in-law slightly farted. The father-in-law left the
village and went into the jungle. He didn’t come back.
This is called pride. Neither did he feel ashamed to fart.. ..nor are you ashamed
of narrating this story. It’s possible that it wasn’t a fart. He must have done something
that he was not able to come back. Let’s go.
– If this is how you keep behaving.. ..and someone’s pride is aroused
then you won’t be spared. Yes! See, we made them afraid.
– Leave it Uncle, let’s play. Okay, Grandma, I’ll be back.
– Okay, dear. No need to go to the fair! Forget it. Let the girl go.
This is her age to go to the fair. At our age, we just visit funerals. Go dear, go. Go there. Come on. – Look how she is jumping. Come on. Come on. – Come fast. I’ll buy hair extensions. Aunt, we are going to the fair.
Your daughter hasn’t come? Look brother. “Today I met my beloved in the fair.” “Seems like I have lost my sorrow.” “My soul trembled..” “..when I saw you.” “The whole world sees us, my beloved.” “The whole world sees us..” “ do I hold your hand?” “The fair will be dull without you,
let’s go to the fair.” “The fair will be dull without you,
let’s go to the fair.” “Wearing beautiful dresses”,
let’s go to the fair.” “Let’s go to the fair.” “Take the keys,
and take care of the treasury.” “Take the keys,
and take care of the treasury.” “Forget about the world,
let’s go to the fair.” “The fair will be dull without you,
come, let’s go to the fair.” “Let’s go to the fair.” “Oh my dream boy,
make my life musical.” “Your love streams in me like River..” “..There is a light like
a fire-fly in my heart.” “This crazy heart..” “..does not feel good without you.” “Oh my dream boy,
make my life musical.” “Oh my dream boy,
make my life musical.” And.. Am fine. Is everyone fine at home? Everyone is fine. Now a days Grandma’s leg
does not feel any sensation. I see.. Maybe she sits
long times on the leg. Shall I leave now? Someone will come. Sit for two minutes.
Let’s talk about something romantic. All the talks are done with the eyes. Crazy girl! How can we
do all the talks with the eyes? How will you explain
with eyes that your.. ..Grandma’s leg does
not feel sensation? Crazy girl! You come home and
ask for Grandma’s health. Now I will leave, someone will come. It’s true.
The whole world is after true love. How is our love true? Our love is absolutely true. When we want to meet,
we tell lies to family. Then how is it true? Crazy girl,
I am not talking about that true. By true love I mean
where the souls meet. Our relation for various births. Where the person sees
his lover in everything. In the goats, in animals, in donkeys. And a person keeps talking
to his lover even in his dreams. Amazing. Yesterday night I was talking
to you a lot in my dreams. I had held your hand too. – Oh God! Listen.. – Yes. Let me hold your hand a little bit.
– No, no. Let me hold. Someone will come! Someone has come. Oh God! The thing is she is very scared. Stupid, you are the one who
is running and you say she is scared. She is still standing there. I will finish off this
matter of meeting secretly. I will get married to her. – You? Yes. – Want to get married to her? Yes. – Brother,
this girl is not right. She meets people before marriage. She does not meet people..
she meets me. You ordinary people
cannot understand true love. This is about souls. Brother, don’t talk
about souls in this desert. Come, let’s go. Come. Come, don’t scare me. Aslam, let’s do one thing,
let’s go to aunt’s village. And we will talk
about marriage to Maddo. I don’t understand one thing. Can we get married in aunt’s village? I don’t know about you all.. ..but we can get married
in aunt’s family too. Yes, buddy,
everyone has their own principles. In us.. we cannot
do in our own village. We can’t marry in the village
in which our sister is married. In mother’s sister’s village..
am not sure. In father’s sister’s village.. ..we can get married there
as it is our uncle’s village too. Hey, we can get married
in aunt’s village. Come, let’s go. We will meet Maddo and
convince her for marriage. Your elder aunt is there..
can you do in her village? Yes we can do in elder
aunt’s village. Come on. Come. The kids are gone to sleep, aunt?
– Yes, son. Drink the milk, son. I say, we won’t even leave a drop. Very hot. Oh! It’s very hot! Aslam, listen to me. It is difficult to
meet in the day time. At dawn when the rooster crows. Her Grandpa goes for
toilet in the fields. And she goes to throw
away the garbage. We will go there and talk
about the marriage. – Okay. But listen.. ..if the rooster does
not wake up tomorrow, then? Don’t know about the rooster
but we will be left sleeping. Listen.. ..tomorrow the rooster
will crow earlier. But who will talk to the rooster? Are you sure I hit the tree? Your brains are swollen. The rooster will crow in the morning. Come on. Hey! Aslam.. Where are you? Come here. Make the sound. Cock a doodle doo.. What is the matter,
Did rooster get the cold? Be a tiger. A tiger. Geje, tell me one thing. Do I have to be a tiger or a rooster? Be a rooster like a tiger. Come on. A rooster like a tiger. If I am slaughtered,
no one from my family will have it.. will be of your use only. I will see that later,
you make the sound. Geje, what if I get you
married to my uncle’s daughter? Make the sound. Cock a doodle doo.. Oh gosh! It’s a new day already? I had just gone to sleep. And he made the sound. You must have sound sleep. He is a creature of God,
he will not lie. Nammo! Milk the cows.. it is dawn. Mindo! Stir the milk, dear. Get up, sons. – Maddo, get up, dear. Go and throw away the garbage.
It is dawn. Get up. Not me, Grandma. – Go, dear. Get up. Stand up. Go. This rooster crows so early. One day I will cut it and cook it. Wakes us so early. Maddo. – Oh! A man! Where? I am Geja. You? You have come
to our village for toilet? I am dying here..
you are talking about toilet. I have come to tell you
that enough of hiding and meeting. Let’s get married. – Marriage? No, no. We laughed and joked few days..
that is enough. Marriages are arranged by family only. We will talk to the
family and then proceed. We will talk to the family? – Yes. They will kill us before that. If you wish, then I will
come to meet you after marriage.. ..when I come to my maternal house. Maternal house? No, no.. not that..
we have to get married. We will put a middleman in between. Okay, fine. That seems okay. I am leaving. You also run away. You take care of yourself. You run! Someone will come. All Villagers obey the rooster well. Your cock a doodle was loud and clear. Now if villagers
does not have toilet.. ..that Rooster will be killed by them. It is a matter of
the neighboring village. When the rooster crowed,
they went to the toilet.. ..and there was nothing.. – Then? Then they doubted that the
rooster cannot make a mistake. It must be some men. – Yes. Why can’t the rooster make a mistake?
It must have seen some cat. Yes, they say it was two of them. One of them crowed like a rooster. And one man from the
village saw them too. But he ignored them. That’s it.
Then it must be some animal. The body of a man and
the head of a rooster. Let it go..
what have we got to do with it? They will be doomed.
The whole village is alert now. ‘I don’t know whether he
will get married there or no..’ ‘..I hope mine is not stopped.’ See, he gets afraid. Oh uncle, mind your tongue. What uncle, behave yourself nephew? Now you are abusing uncle.
I will slap you. Don’t you have any
shame while doing this? For one this uncle and his
nephew have troubled me so much. Mother, he is beating me.
– All day they are fighting. Golu, stop it rascal. I will slap you if you
even touch my brother-in-law. Get lost from here. Sister-in-law he is
saved because of your love. I will give you what you want. Mother, give me food. Take this. Mother, brother got married
at a very young age, isn’t it? Yes. Then how did you know that
the boy is eligible for marriage? What do I tell you, son? He had made my life hell. He would keep fighting with everyone. Sometimes he would
pull the cow’s tail.. ..sometimes he beats his Bulls. And he would addsalt
to the water pitcher. At night, he would take his
cot inside.. sometimes outside. Then some sensible man told us.. ..he does not do this just like that. Get him married. When we got him married,
then he improved. Where a man should lay down his cot? There is no place
to sleep in this house. It’s hot at some places and there
are mosquitoes in the other place. Who added salt in the water? I have no idea. Geje, you will have to drink
salt water the whole day today. He was not unnecessarily
talking about brother yesterday. Geje, my aunt’s daughter
is very beautiful. If you say, shall I talk about you? By the way, my aunt’s daughter
is also very beautiful. Let it be. I know you are
trying to take over my land. I have already selected the girl. What? What? – What? What? What did you say? – What did I say? Girl.. what? Girl.. – Geje, are you having
some affair with some girl? Not affair, sister-in-law..
I just talk to her. Now I will talk in front of mother.
– Hey, what do you talk, son? Not just talking, mother. Love. Love? I am dead! I am doomed! Mother, not that..
– This crazy guy in my house! No, mother..
– He has left all shame aside. Mother, listen to me. You do this with others
daughters and sisters.. ..weren’t you ashamed? Let me hide the kids,
his shadow should not fall on them. I am doomed! I have lived such a decent life,
and he has ruined it. He has not left me with any
respect to roam in the village. Why didn’t I kill
you when you were born.. have ruined me. Nothing will happen. Move your hand aside. Have some water. Mother, you are misunderstanding. You get lost! I don’t want to see you. Geje, come outside, Listen to me. Mother, show me your face,
I am not a bad guy. I am bad who has given birth to you. Come here. – My heart is
sinking get me some hot milk. Mother is having an attack
and you all are laughing. Sister-in-law,
it is nothing like that. This is pure love. You don’t look like that. How does she look? She is little less than you,
sister-in-law. Joking with sister-in-law. No problem, I will put a middleman.. between and get you married. Really, sister-in-law? If you do that then our whole family.. ..will go to the Nankana
Sahib Shrine to pay homage. But listen, from now on
you don’t go to meet the girl. If anything goes wrong neither
will there be any respect.. our family and neither theirs. Got it? Sister-in-law,
are you pacifying me or scaring me? I won’t go. Maddo. Maddo! Oh my God!
You? Where did you come from? What are you here for? This is the last time you are doing
this work in your maternal house.. ..after this you will
do it in your in-laws house. What? Sister-in-law has agreed
and she will come.. your house with the proposal. Proposal? Really? That’s good. What do you have?
What are you hiding? – Sweet thing. Show me. – I have ‘Laddoos’.
They are very sweet. ‘Laddoo!’ My hands have a little cow dung. No problem. Enjoy. You did a good thing. Tasty, isn’t it? – Very tasty. Spare some for me too. Bring other snacks next time, okay? Oh Lord,
they are such a beautiful couple! But you deceived me. Now you must leave quickly
before someone comes. You ate the ‘Laddoos’ so fast. At least let me hold your hand.
– Really? Amazing! You want to hold my dirty hands? Shall I feed you? Grandpa! Grandpa! – Where is he? Wait you rascal! – Father, no! Oh he fell down? Snake! The snake saved us! – He’s my Grandpa. Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa, nothing will happen to you. We will tie the leg. – Tie the leg? Is he going to come after you? I’m suggesting so that the
poison doesn’t run in his body. Then why are you asking me.
Tie it up. – Yes. Grandpa, Grandpa, I’m telling
the truth. I’m not at fault. I don’t know him. Grandpa!
– I don’t think this will help. Why are you saying that? Tie it. Grandpa, Grandpa. Wonder what kind of poison this was. I guess this is a new breed of snakes. Hey mister, enough now. Come on now. Next person put your
wound under the medicine. Doctor, what happened to Grandpa? My.. Dr.
Kishorilal’s experience says.. ..that your Grandpa’s
bones are very strong. I think the snake’s
tooth got left in there. Look at that. Look,
your Grandpa is gaining consciousness. Grandpa. You should thank God
that your life is saved. So what if you can’t speak anymore? Thank God! – What do you mean? Now my Grandpa won’t be able to speak. Grandpa, it’s not my fault at all.
I don’t know him. He told me that they were offerings. How could I refuse to take offerings? Yes, yes. I had gone to Naina
Devi’s Shrine with my father. And I am distributing
offerings everywhere. What is your Grandpa trying to say? I don’t know.
I guess he is saying that.. ..always stay together
or I’ll shoot you. No, no. He is saying something else. I think that he’s seeing snake in you. You must go. Let me treat him. Thank God! This is called
‘One snake two targets’. Your Grandpa is saved and so are we. Hey mister,
don’t bring any more offerings. My Grandpa doesn’t like all this.
Now you go. Go quickly. Your hand? Let it be. Now I’ll hold it after marriage. Okay. Maddo, my scarf.. I had tied
it to the leg. – You take it later. Okay, I’ll take it
after marriage then. It’s good that he was saved.
He is at home now. He can’t walk now.
– He has walked around enough. How much more would he wander? – Yes. Shut up. What did this poor woman say? Wonder which stupid
snake bit you. Shut up! We shall leave, sister.
– Okay, sister. How are you, elders?
All fine? – All fine. Aunt, I have to go to the Rann Singh. Where is his house? – Rann Singh? Yes, aunt.
– Go straight, take the first turn.. ..and go straight and back again. I have heard left and right,
haven’t heard go straight and back. Son, go on the left
and then straight on right. Okay, okay.
I don’t understand your accent, aunt. Where are you from, son? There is a village Barchi wala,
near Shekhu pura after Lahore. Which family do you belong to? Aunt, Jeet Singh. – Jeet Singh? The ones who talk too much? – Yes. That is my aunt’s daughter’s son’s.. ..and his in-law’s family..
that’s our relation. Okay, okay.
– That means you’re from our family. Come on in. Have some buttermilk. I must leave, aunt.
– Son, have some buttermilk. Let your horse be here. Maddo! Bring a glass of buttermilk. I’ll tie up my horse here, aunt. Bless me. – Bless you, son. All good? – Be healthy. Bless me, uncle. All good? Does uncle have a problem?
– He doesn’t have any problem, son. A snake bit him.
That’s why he can’t speak anymore. Okay. Did he bite you on the tongue? Were you stealing her eggs? The snake bit his leg, not his tongue. That’s why he has this problem. Okay. So do one thing. – What, son? Early in the morning, with empty
stomach, crush two medicated leaves.. ..and made a paste
and rub on his leg. – Okay. If the elder son of the
family does it, it’s best. Son, our whole family
has gone to a wedding. Only I’m in the house
with him and my granddaughter. Come. Buttermilk. Yes. What happened? Wonder which furious
snake has bit him. Neither does he like
guests coming over.. ..not does he like this girl. Enough now! Son, forget about all this nonsense. My granddaughter is very smart. She weaves mats.
She makes pajama strings. And she makes embroidery on sheets. And she makes such
good cow dung balls. She doesn’t let them
fall off the wall. Grandma, why don’t
you talk about my studies? I completely forgot about that. My granddaughter has studied
till the first standard. – Really? She writes her name so beautifully! What else does someone
want than writing.. ..her name properly instead
of doing a thumb impression? You’re right, aunt.
When your child is educated.. must look for
a good husband for her. Son, you find a good
man for her in your town. The situation is very bad here. If you marry your child here,
it’s as good as killing them. Yes, aunt.
I saw that they have no well here. The people and animals
here drink from the same water. They behave like cave people.
They don’t know how to eat. And they don’t even
know how to drink, aunt. You have said too much.
– You are getting angry, aunt. I must leave. Okay, uncle. Bless me. I must leave! I’ll keep visiting. – Talk softly. He can’t speak but he can hear you. Enough! Grandma is too much!
She makes relation with any passerby. “She must be making
danglers on her scarf.” “She draws peacocks
with henna on her palms.” “Sooner I get married..” “..My beloved has
opened the door to love.” “Listen to me, tailor.
Stitch my wedding dress.” “Listen to me, tailor.
Stitch my wedding dress.” How are you, elders?
Bless me. Hello, aunt. Bless you, son. Be healthy. How are you, uncle? His tone has changed
a little bit. – Yes. The medicines have
affected a little. – Yes. I was passing by,
so thought I should meet you. I have brought this
medicine for uncle. Aunt, buttermilk.
– Maddo, bring a glass of buttermilk. It’s over. How can it get over, dear? No problem, aunt.
I wasn’t asking for myself. I asked for uncle. No problem, aunt.
I’ll manage with water. Sit here.
She’ll get it. – No problem, aunt. I’m part of your family.
From your aunt’s son’s daughter’s..’s town, isn’t it aunt? That’s family, right? What happened to you? Whoever comes from my relatives,
he has a problem. Hello. I came to take water for uncle. You look furious. When you brought the
buttermilk for me yesterday.. ..I was just looking into your eyes. I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t understand
where to hold the glass from. After all your eyes are so beautiful. Anyone can drown in them. Grandma! – It’s okay. It’s okay. “She must be making
danglers on her scarf.” “She draws peacocks
with henna on your palms.” “See must be visualizing
me in bangle sellers.” “She must be measuring my
love while breaking the bangles.” “The drops of my love
fills her hollow heart.” “Listen to me, tailor.
Stitch my wedding dress.” “Listen to me, tailor.
Stitch my wedding dress.” Hello, elders. All good? Uncle. Oh, you have brought the medicines? Yes, aunt. I have brought medicines. Uncle seems much better. These medicines have
to be given in boiled water. Okay. Maddo! No, why are you calling Maddo?
I’ll get it myself, aunt. No, son. Why will you bring?
I’ll bring it. Why would you go get it, aunt? I’m
getting a chance to serve the elderly. No, son. I’m a family member. I’m your aunt’s son’s.. What happened to you? I don’t understand that
a girl looks more beautiful.. ..while stitching embroidery
on the veil or while wearing the veil. There is the stove. Serve the elderly. You’re so furious that
I don’t need a stove. If you hold a pot of water,
it’ll start boiling. You say a lot of things. We are from such a village. I wanted to say something. It doesn’t look good
that I come here every day. You should come to the Dargah
and tell me how your Grandpa is. Why should I go to a Dargah? It’s a holy place.
Anyone can come there. And the people of your locality
are very good looking.. don’t ask. And your feet are dirty.. clean them. Grandma! – It’s okay. It’s okay. “She must be dreaming
about Gold bangles..” “..and she must be
searching me from her veil.” “Her heart must be feeling
the depth of my love.” “Listen to me, tailor.
Stitch my wedding dress.” “Listen to me, tailor.
Stitch my wedding dress.” Maddo, think about it again. No, it’s important to meet him.
– Think about it. Come with me. Maddo, aren’t you nervous? So dirty..
people don’t leave any place to walk. Think about it once again. Stay here, I’ll be back. Come soon. It’s a very deserted place. Geje. – Oh, you’re here? What happened?
– Nothing, a throne pricked me. Of course you will get throne
prick if you don’t walk carefully. The person who has worn the shoe..
will get a throne prick. It means it is his bad luck. You have not worn a good shoe!
You were bound to have a throne prick. Forget about the good shoe. You will forget about all this
after you see what I bought for you. What have you bought? Show me. – Shut your eyes first. Be quick. I have to go back home. There is a marriage proposal for me.. ..and it’s not good to stay
away from the house for so long. Marriage proposal? But the proposal
was to come from my family next week. When a young girl is in the house.. ..then the parents
will not wait for anyone. Grandma says,
she won’t let her granddaughter.. ..marry to a poor family. We will look for a rich boy
where they have horse carriages. But I gathered courage
and told grandma.. Grandma,
the boy must be a nice person. He should be a gentleman, what else? What is in everything else? Grandma says “Now you
will teach us about this?” Then I became quiet. Angrej, I’m leaving
now before someone sees us. But Maddo.. Maddo. Maddo, I will be doomed. Okay, if this is how you feel,
then do one thing. – Yes. Tell the middleman that
you have six bungalows.. ..five carriages and two horses. Okay? But that’s a lie, Maddo. That’s what I’m saying.. ..that I don’t want anyone to lie. But I’m trying to say that
if this happens, then fine. If it doesn’t happen, then be patient
thinking this is what God wants. Now I must leave
before someone sees us. Take care of your foot. Look what I brought for you, Maddo. Did someone see us? Come quickly. I’m here for you. I’m scared. – Why are you scared? Go. He’s there. Go. – Oh gosh! You’re here. I knew that you would come. It’s a holy place.
Anyone can come here. I didn’t come to meet you. – Okay. I just came to tell you
that Grandpa is fine now. And thank you for the medicines. Thank God for that.
Okay, listen to me. I have brought something
for you from Lahore. Everyone gives bangles and all. Look what this man
has brought for you. What is in this? – Do justice, God..
if you can hear me. Oh God! What is this? What nonsense is this?
– Hey, come here. Maddo! You’re wandering around with this! Don’t be scared. It will not do
anything. See I am holding it. Come. Come here. I have brought
this for you from Lahore. This is called a radio, silly.
– Really? You can play songs on this,
people talk on this.. ..there is nobody sitting
inside this. Look. Inventions of western countries.
The world is progressing rapidly. How would village
people like us know.. ..what is going on in the world? We only know this much.. ..that jackals marry
only when it rains.. ..with the sun shines. Such simple people!
– Okay, I must leave now. Golo! – What? What sort of justice is this, Lord? Leave my hand before someone sees us. Why are you scared? An ordinary man is
not holding your hand. We don’t get scared of anyone. Leave me. Someone’s looking. Who is that? Go from here. – Alright. I’ll leave. Where, where? Angrej, you? Who was he? Who? I don’t know who he was. He was holding your hand
and you don’t know who he was? If a strange man holds my hand.. think I’ll ask him who is he? I was scared.
– You didn’t look scared. This is a holy place.
How scared will I get? Then why are you scared now?
– I am not scared. What is in this briefcase? Open it. It is not a briefcase.
– What is it then? I don’t know what this is. I know everything now, Maddo.
Eight horses, six carriages. You betrayed me.
You’re not as decent as I.. What is your problem?
You are acting over smart. She spoke to you properly a few times,
you couldn’t see that. If you think girls are betrayers.. Send a proposal to my house. I am not my father’s daughter
if I don’t get married to you. Come on. Stop crying. Nothing will happen. Why doesn’t anything happen?
He will die. Cry. Cry, my brother.
For God’s sake, just cry. He won’t live. He loved her so much. He loved her so much
that’s why he got betrayed. It’s fine.
Once he gets married, he’ll forget her How will he forget about her? He didn’t love her regular love. Really? – He talked
about souls and all. Uncle, he sold his cattle
just to gift her gold bangle. – Yes. That cattle used to
produce milk 3 times a day.. ..but he didn’t care about it. Cry. Cry.
Lord, have mercy on him. Just cry. Brother, please cry.
Why are you torturing us? Cry, for God’s sake. Cry please. Oh Geje, your uncle is here.
Chat with him. Come here. What is wrong with him? Our buffalo is lost. That’s why he’s so upset. He was after it.
He would feed only that one. Forget about it.
It’s good that you came yourself. I had to. I thought let me give my
daughter’s wedding invitation myself.. ..otherwise in-laws
would have got angry.. ..that I did not come
myself to give the invitation.. ..for your grand daughter’s wedding. You did the right thing,
brother-in-law. This is correct. Hey, daughter-in-law.
Please prepare wheat bread for him. Kids’ uncle has come. Do one thing,
cook green vegetables also. Kids’ uncle doesn’t visit so often. Why green vegetables? Doesn’t uncle have green
vegetables in his house? Mother, do one thing. Cook lentils. Yes, son. I’m making lentils anyway. Do one thing, slaughter my horse. Uncle, how will you go
back if we eat your horse? I will ride on your healthy chicken. Don’t worry son-in-law,
children are just joking with you. They are already cooked chicken. Who is here? Geje You? What are you doing
here at such a late hour? Why don’t you say something? Crazy guy! Why are you so sad
about the stolen cattle? That you are still awake
till so late at night. It’s okay.
It’s just cattle. We’ll buy more. Go and sleep. Sister-in-law. – Yes. Don’t send the marriage
proposal. – Why? How is the cattle related
to the marriage proposal? Wonder what has happened to him? “So what if my beloved left me.” “So what if you’re going
to marry someone else.” “So what if my beloved left me.” “So what if you’re going
to marry someone else.” “I will convince my heart.
I will spend my days lonely.” “I will spend all
my life remembering you.” “I will spend all
my life remembering you.” “So what if all my
dreams are shattered.” “At least you are going
to be surrounded by happiness.” “So what if all my
dreams are shattered.” “At least you are going
to be surrounded by happiness.” “You be happy with your beloved.” “You be happy with your beloved.” “I’m be happy just by looking at you.” “I will spend all
my life remembering you.” “I will spend all
my life remembering you.” “I will spend all
my life remembering you.” Geje! Geje! Lord knows that your
friend has brought for you.. ..all the happiness in the world. This was the reason. This would play songs and
the enemies would dance on them. You want to hear them? Come on, sing. Sing! Sing! Why will it sing now?
After all we are the enemies. Sing! Sing! What happened? My friend is sad.
Sing sad songs. Sing sad songs. I will teach this enemy a lesson. Now this will scream out of fear. They are quite now. She broke your heart,
we broke her radio. We’re equal now. I swear to God.. laugh now atleast. From now onwards enjoy your life. And thank God your
gold bangle is with you. Come on. Be quick. Grandpa, I have kept milk. Bless me, father. Have a long life. Let’s go. Climb up. Come. Move the children there. Shall we leave? ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ Come on. You are moving so slow. Do it faster. The earth is shaking,
I think my sister-in-law has come? Listen, your parents’ family has come. Come soon. – Okay. Come girls. Your mother’s side has come. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ Let’s welcome.. my dear brother-in-laws and nephews have come. Welcome them and be spare
some oil for their hair. Bless me, aunt. – Bless you. Hello, uncle. Uncle is standing
here and we had thought.. ..that he would be making
preparations for the sweets for us. Don’t worry. Especially for you tons of
sweets are already ready in the jars. The maternal side has come,
now there will be fun and frolic. Come son. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ “Tell me,
uncle, what are you doing here?” “We will tease you, what will you do?” Okay I am going. Let’s go brothers. “The Parental side
live on the sand hill.” “The Parental side
live on the sand hill.” “When They go for toilet in
the desert, they does not find water.” Mother, where will
you get water in desert? Sister, listen to me carefully.. ..and then an elderly woman from
the paternal side got up and said.. What did she say? Hey Shindo, hey Mindo.. “What is to be done of water..
let it be.” “What is to be done of water..
let it be.” “What is to be done of water..
let it be.” “What is to be done of water..
let it be.” “What is to be done of water..
let it be.” Parental side has defeated. Come here,
Dhan Kaur and make them defeat. “The veil of maternal
side is so long..” “The veil of maternal
side is so long..” “They have never seen
the face of their husbands.” “.. whose children
they have given birth to.” “They recognize their husbands
looking at their feet.” Once there was a lot of confusion. Really? What happened? All of them wore
the same type of shoes. “The elder brother-in-law pulled her
here and younger pulled her there.” “Younger sister-in-law
runs here and elder runs there.” “Everyone was confused.” “The maternal family is
taken away by someone else.” Tell them. – Mother, sing the one,
snake on green grass folk. “The Maternal side’ girl named Bishni
is beautiful and so is her walk.” “His husband is very innocent
and is totally in her hands.” “He keeps it safely in the box,
one day it was stolen.” “Then he keeps looking for her madly” “Then he keeps
searching for her madly” Stop it. Someone else has taken his
wife but who has taken her away. Mother, at least you have some shame. You are ashamed while
talking about love. You are talking nonsense. Uncle, if you were to give us plain
water then we shall go from here. At our place,
he don’t even leave our chicken. What happened to him? He heard about the
matter of Bishni’s theft.. he remembered his buffalo. We have lost our buffalo. He is very sad about it. The way he is getting angry..
it seems someone.. ..has taken it away from
his hand and it was not stolen. That too with deceit. Let it be. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ Hey, you failure. You don’t seem to be educated.. ..but still if you
want to count stars then.. Drink milk. I don’t want to drink. I know that you have
lost your buffalo. Don’t be a fool thinking
about that buffalo. It will come back. Come on, drink this milk. It is not about the buffalo,
I don’t feel like drinking milk. Drink it. You will remember.. ..that you drank a glass
of milk from Dhan Kaur’s hand. Hold it quickly.
I want the glass back. So what if the buffalo is lost. It cannot be emptied
faster in any other way. Your style is good. You are thinking that the
girl will think the whole night.. ..that wonder what
has happened with the boy. Why was he so sad?
What was he thinking? Listen to me. have destroyed
this precious milk. Your buffalo is never
going to come back. Your buffalo is never going
to come back. – Why are you yelling? Give me some liquor. Shut up. You have found a good
family for the girl. We found it but had
to face many difficulties. All things in life don’t come easily. Uncle, tell me one thing. Ask me. Do foreigners also go
out for toilet in the fields? I have heard that they do go..
but do not wash hands. Oh God, I have dropped my water. So what, uncle? Haven’t you heard that saying? Which one? What to do of water, let it be? This saying surely the
foreigners must have made. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ They won’t let me sleep. Brother, milk. No, no! Hey, what are you doing? This boy does not drink milk
like this. He drinks like this. Do you want to drink more? You should always respect milk. You have dropped it early in
the morning. It is the precious milk. At least clean your face. You should respect it. I shall not spare him. Dhan Kaur, don’t hit him. You came in so much anger.. if after coming inside
you would break everything. And now you are sitting
here and eating sweetmeat. I am feeling hungry. I did not eat anything at
night and now you dropped the milk. I don’t want to die
so I will eat something. Idiot, who asked you to drop the milk? You also remained hungry
and spoilt my sleep too. Really. I was thinking all night. Wonder what happened to the boy. Nothing has happened to me.
My entire family is happy. I have got my sisters married.
Why should I be sad? I have studied till 5th standard.. Urdu medium and
that also from Lahore. A person stares at the stars only
when he has lost something on earth. What have you lost? You go out and serve milk
and look for someone for yourself. I have gone far ahead
of the star talks. Common people like you
can not understand these matters. I am not common. This matter is more than special. Have lost the buffalo. Hey, Bagail Singh has come. Greetings. He has come from my
brother-in-law’s village. Why do say from
brother-in-law’s village. Say that he has come
from my sister’s village. Fine, as you say. How is he? Does he speak now? Bless you. What does he say? He is saying that
he still cannot speak. If he can not speak then
why does he try to speak? How is my dear child? – I am fine. She has got us from the village.. ..otherwise it was difficult to come. It is good that few days
the children will enjoy. Marriages are fun with children. Grandpa, give me this stick. Leave it, child.
He is not going to leave the stick. It will have to be burnt with him. Look at the way he gets angry. Hey, bring milk,
sweetened curd and sweetmeats. My friend has come. Be seated.. Balkar.. ..get milk and sweetened curd.
– Okay, I shall just get it. The girl looks beautiful. I don’t think the girl is married. The girl doesn’t seem
to have any problem. Even I don’t have any problem. I have forgotten her. I can understand that
after seeing you so happy. She is coming this side. The sweater suits you. Oh gosh.. ..she did not even
look at your sweater. I don’t want her to look at it. You have been hurt badly. Now you cannot understand.. ..whether the wound will
heal faster if you keep it open.. ..or if you bandage it. This matter cannot be
understood by a common man. It is more than special. Why has she come here? We will serve you liquor
later but first eat something sweet. I cannot understand what he is saying. I don’t know, brother. He is
just acting weird looking at the boy. I think he is saying.. you keep quiet. And he is telling Geja that without
greeting him where are you going. Greet him, Geje. – Greetings. Come on, now you tell. He does not speak clearly
and also speaks very fast. I think he is saying to live happily
and there should be no shoot out. Why are you forcing that poor fellow
to speak? He cannot speak as it is. Geje, the marriage procession
is about to arrive.. have you arranged
for beds in the guest house. She is Maddo.
We have just become friends. And he is Geja, Palo’s cousin. Greetings. All fine? All are fine at home? Yes, all are fine. Shall we go? He is a very nice boy. The marriage procession
is about to come. He is wearing such a nice sweater. Maddo! Hasn’t the marriage
procession got late? You are eager as if the marriage
procession is going to come for you. I know what you are looking
at on the other side of the cot. Of course, I can see with anger. Why not? Let’s both
look at her with anger. Come on. I can not understand
that how did she like you. Why? I am not that bad. She is very different. Look she is
not letting even mud fall on her feet. I know her well.
She eats sweets with dirty hands. Thinks to be over smart girl. Come on, let’s dance.. – Hey,
the marriage procession has come. Come on everyone. The marriage procession
has come at the door. Everyone come. – Come on,
the marriage procession has come. Let’s go and see. Do you know what I feel? What? She would like that kind of boy. Which one? That one.
The one who is wearing a Necklit. A stick in the hand.
See he is dancing. I understood the reason
why she was cleaning her feet. Has he come here to buy vegetables? What? He has come in the wedding
procession to buy vegetables? Hey, Jagara. Yes, brother. – Come here. Did you recognize him? The one who is dancing like monkey. I have never seen him before. Go and find out. I will find out. Brother, who are you? I am from the in-laws of
your aunt’s son’s daughter’s.. I am their aunt’s son. He says he is from your
aunt’s uncle’s brother’s son. Then he is just like our brother. Welcome, welcome.. Welcome.. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ Please take. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ The boy looks so handsome. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ Groom, you sit in the guest house. And the remaining people
can come with me at home. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ Why can’t I go? What do I know? Don’t be angry. What nonsense is this? – Come with me. Come girls, come on inside. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ Come, come.. bring it here. Put it here. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ You do one thing.
You take these sweets for the guests. And send someone here. You come here. Go and see whether milk has
reached the guest house or not. Go quickly. Okay, I will go and
give the milk. – Yes. You do one thing. You cry a little. Why should I cry?
It is the marriage of my dear sister. I came here to be happy. How would
I know that she would come after me? And after her that horseman. Is it my sister’s marriage
or something else? You are right. They have come to spoil my
friend’s and your sister’s marriage. Let’s do one thing. At night when we will
serve milk you drop his glass. You can not do anything
more than this. Why can’t I do? I can do everything. The thing is that I don’t want to do. Because I loved her
and it is my mistake. It is her wish if she loves him. Let her be happy. She has gone from
my life and that’s it. Maddo, you here? She has not gone from your life. And now do as I say. Greetings, grandma. Have a long life, son. Be healthy. How are you, grandpa?
Hope you are fine and healthy. Are you enjoying or not? What has happened now? Do you want to finishall
the young men from this world! How are you, Maddo? I am fine. You are our guest. Do let me know if there is anything
lacking in taking care of you. No, there is nothing lacking. Son, you go.
He just gets fits anytime. Okay. I shall leave. Just meet me alone otherwise
I will kill that old man. Laugh. No. – Laugh I say.. You are very naughty. Even you. Go, go..quickly go behind her. Go. This is for the groom’s father.. ..with the blanket. – Take it mother. This one is for his mother. The pajama cloth is
less as her leg is cut. Then what was the
need to give this also? Then will she move in and
out without pajamas. – Leave it! Why did you take so much trouble? There is no trouble in this. Even you can fulfill your
wish when I get Geja married. Won’t you bring anything? – Of course. You can give back at that time.
– Of course. As you wish. Sister.. Who is that girl? Tall, beautiful,
young with a smiling face. I really like her. She is an orphan. Her maternal grandparents
have brought her up. She has studied from Lahore. She is a very nice girl. She has become friend of Palo
so we called her for the wedding. She is the daughter
of a high class family.. they will get her
married in a high class family. Okay. Isn’t she too tall with buck teeth. Give me that. Oh sister, girls are like jewels. If he is wearing a
good turban and a Necklit.. ..then even this boy is very handsome. No, sister. Why should I hide anything from you? I know him well. He is a coward. He does not know how to talk to girls. Really? How do you know him? Let that be.
You do not frank with him. Just stay away from him. Who is that girl who
came with that old man? The one who does not speak clearly. Okay, you are talking about Maddo. No mother, she seems to be very shy. I did not like her. Don’t we have to get Geja married? Okay, who is the one who
is roaming about here and there? Let her roam. All of you just keep quiet. Its over? This village is too small. Yeah, I have calculated,
there is no attraction. I have seen the girls
but none of them are nice. Don’t say like this. Even mine is from this village. Buddy, I want to see
the girl once before marriage. Why are you so eager? Tomorrow you will see
once you lift the veil. Whether to blow off the
lamp with love or in anger. Look, while buying a buffalo don’t
we check by pulling the tail. – Yes. While buying a horse
don’t we count her teeth? Of course we count. – If nothing
else but at least show me her plait. You are so impatient. Come at night. Where? Our beds have been put near
the cattle shed so come over there. Okay? – Okay. ‘Wedding folk song.’ Will anyone serve milk to Geja. ‘Wedding folk song.’ Geja, have milk. I don’t want to drink, sister-in-law. I just had chicken.. ..and people say that after
eating chicken if you drink milk.. ..then marks appear on the face. Oh Geja, you and your talks! Geje, take this milk. The glass is empty. Whatever I found in a hurry I got it.
As it we have to drop it. Tomorrow is the wedding function so
I have come to tell you all your work. Okay, speak softly.
Everyone is sleeping. Your work will be done. How? Maddo has asked me
to stay away from you. Really? Then get back and talk to me. If my luck was not bad and
she has not turned away from me.. ..then I would not be
eating anything from your hand. If this glass was not empty.. ..then the milk of this
glass would be on your face. I meant that you
are so nice and sweet.. ..even then I would not call you. You are so nice that I pray to God to
give you a nice and handsome husband. Where would I get
a boy smarter than you? What? Maddo.. You make me laugh so much. Yes, I know many jokes. Is the milk properly sweetened? Yes, it is very sweet. Okay, go now. I don’t feel like
staying away from you. Go now, she has really felt bad now. I think you are going
to spoil my matter. She is not going to
get a better boy than you. I don’t know what she wants? Early morning, you have to prepare
warm water for everyone’s bath. ‘Wedding folk song.’ ‘Wedding folk song.’ Leave it brother, You are useless. You are just like the others. Marriage ceremony is proceeding.
I have not yet seen the girl’s face! Wait. See there. ‘Wedding folk song.’ Hey, they are taking
her with face covered. Ask them, do they want
to send their daughter or not? What kind of tradition is this. No problem. Next time. Come on. You let it be. ‘Wedding folk song.’ ‘Wedding folk song.’ Come. Come quickly. I have got something for you.
I wanted to give it in the night. Run away. It must be some dog or cat. Come here. Take this. Maddo, you here? Palo is calling you inside. Okay. What was it? That was just for fun.
We are the guests. Have you ever done this at home? We are never be a guest at our home. Even you are so beautiful. Geje, Geje, did you see him running? Take this. You are supposed to
wear this at the lunch time. You will look amazing. What is this? Nothing. Open your hand. Open. Oh my God! Is this for her? Yes. I sold my most
dear buffalo for this. Family members still
feel that it has been stolen. So sad! Both the buffalo as
well as the girl left you. Give it to me.
I will wear and show it to you. No. No. Give it to me. At least the bangle has the good
luck of being in some girls’ hand. Here, it looks so beautiful. Really very pretty. Think.. If it looks pretty on you.. ..then it will look beautiful on her. Nothing can be done of you. Come on, give the bangle back to me. No, it is mine now. Give the bangle back to me. No, I will not give. Do you know how expensive it is? Okay, I will give. Do whatever you want by yourself. Okay, listen. Is there
any other buffalo in your house? There are buffaloes,
but I have calf in my share now. No problem, get a ring for me. At least you can do this much for me. I have done so much for you. Look, wear it. You will look smart. I am not going to wear this.
I have my own. Do wear it. ‘Wedding folk song.’ ‘Wedding folk song.’ Greetings.. ‘Wedding folk song.’ ‘Wedding folk song.’ Move aside the guy
with the big moustache. Our children are getting scared. Enough, everyone is embarrassed. No, no. “No girl is spinning the wheel..” “No girl is spinning the wheel..” “The boy cannot be at ease.” “Don’t you miss me.” “Don’t you miss me.” “Don’t you miss me.” “People are talking
about our breakup.” “You broke my heart but
blame goes to my destiny “. “Blame goes to my destiny”. “Blame goes to my destiny”. “Blame goes to my destiny”. “If I am at fault
I shall rectify it..” “If I am at fault
I shall rectify it..” “There is no problem in life..” “..but still I am in pain.” ” But still I am in pain.” ” But still I am in pain.” “She has two lovers?” “How do I tell my beloved,
he has wrong intentions.” *”He has wrong intentions.” “I take care for her..” “I take care for her..” “For a glance of her,
I can sacrifice my life.” “I can sacrifice my life.” “I can sacrifice my life.” The matter is solved. I have seen the hand. Really? – Yes. It just came out of the veil. I immediately saw it. That is good. – It is beautiful. She would look beautiful
while doing the house hold things. If you can shows her face
it is fine otherwise I am satisfied. Okay, I will be back. – Okay. What are you up to? You look at sisters and daughters
of others with wrong intention. They will shoot on thigh. There is no way to escape. Nothing. We are your
guests I was just having fun. I wanted to ask you one thing. Who is the one with green veil? Which one? The one with the green veil. You are our guest. Have fun. But don’t stand here for long.. ..they will shoot on your thigh. There is no way to escape. Okay. – Okay. Listen, Dhan Kaur.. Yes aunt. I shall go and keep this. What is it? What happened? Hakam was asking about you. Really? – Yes. Why didn’t you punch him? I felt very angry at first. But that moment
it didn’t struck in my mind. Poor Maddo. Leaving such a handsome
boy she has gone behind him. Go and tell Maddo now. Why Maddo? What is the benefit of it? My.. Maddo’s benefit. I feel we should return home today. No, mother not today.
We will go tomorrow. – Yeah Enough. What wrong has this boy
done that you always pounce on him. Now I have come to know what he says. What is there to know in this, uncle? He says that we all should
stay together with love. And we should not shoot. No, he says to press
the tin and remove the things. Yes, it could be this also. Hey, what is your name? Maddo.. Dhan Kaur is calling you. Okay. That side. Get out? He asked him to get out? He has started speaking.
Look, he has started speaking. Hey, talking like this..
my friend is going to be fine. Dhan Kaur.. Dhan Kaur.. I don’t know where she has gone. You..? Where is Dhan Kaur? I wanted to talk to you. What do you want to talk to me? Nowadays you are having
lots of fun with Dhan Kaur. Where am I having fun? I had just started having
fun that you and that radio guy.. Hey, you still remember that radio.. You know our radio was stolen. And because of that for many
days I could not sleep or eat food. Even our buffalo was stolen. Really? I still am not at ease. Hey, you had two buffaloes
and even one of those was stolen. Okay, say whatever you want
to say otherwise someone may come. Yes, I was just saying.. I have seen Dhan Kaur and
your radio guy sitting together. I don’t believe it.
You are telling lies. I knew that you would not believe. That is why I made the photograph
of them sitting together. It seems to be them. Yes. Oh God, he has held
her right hand also. – Yes. I don’t believe you. And what if I make you believe. No, he is not like that. Hey brother,
you have brought me so far. Do you want me to kill someone? Hey, in fact you have killed
that woman with the green veil. She was asking about you. Really? – Yes. What was she saying? She was asking me to ask you that.. many horses and
how many carriages you have. Really? – Yes. What else was she asking? She was asking whether he
removes the Locketor sleeps with it. She was enquiring
so much about me. – Yes. I think I will have
to meet Dhan Kaur today. You just wait.
Shall I make you meet her? Aren’t you ashamed?
I trusted you so much. You have cheated on me. Sitting here how can I cheat you? Dhan Kaur. We are your guests.
That was just a fun. Haven’t you heard that saying? Just having fun with friends. I very well know about
the fun you’ve had. When I am there you are
carrying on with some other girl. I was a fool that I loved you truly.. You go to hell. Go to hell. Crazy man! Brother, you are
a totally wrong person. Here and there too. Dare if you look at both of them. What will you do? The entire marriage
procession is with me. The marriage procession may be big but
it cannot be bigger than a village. Go and do your work. Dhan Kaur, you noticed my Locket.. ..we will meet at night. What is your name? Maddo. I met your mother outside and she said
that you have not eaten food today. This should not be done.
Girls have to get married one day. You will also get married one day. Here, drink milk. If you sleep hungry at night
then rats will come in your dreams. You should respect precious milk. It is hot so be careful. Do drink it.
We don’t have a cat in our house. You, what is the matter? It is you. I thought two fire-flies were awake
so I thought of catching hold of them. But when I came here I came
to know that they are your eyes. Your eyes are so deep
that anyone can drown and die. You fool,
do you think I am a child? Go. Wait. I think he has got angry? We are your guests.
That was just for fun. Haven’t you heard that saying? Enjoy whenever you get a chance.
Isn’t it? Okay brother, bye-bye. Oh God, Geje! So much bravery. What is the matter? Coward is one who ignites
love in the heart of some girl.. ..and he does not have
any intention to continue it. Tomorrow my friend will go.. ..and so will the rest of the people. This place is going to become lonely. That place can never become
lonely where you are there. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ “Come on, let’s go on cycle.” “My lover moves on cycle.” “My lover does not turn back and see.” “And his beloved has become angry.” “What does he do to
make his beloved happy?” “When it is destined.” “Destiny makes couples.” “And then wedding songs are sung.” “Let it be,
my dear, let it be, my dear..” “My dear,
do not fool me with false hopes.” “Your sweet talks.” “I have lost to your sweet talks.” “Your talks..
I keep thinking about what you say.” “If the love is true..” “If your beloved is in your heart..
..then only it is true love.” “Then you will be
called the true lover.” “The fever of love is incurable.” “The one who is affected..” “The one who is affected,
he goes crazy. The world leaves..” “The world leaves him alone.
After his beloved..” “After his beloved, he goes crazy..
the one who played the game of love.” “The fever of love is incurable.” “The one who is affected.” “The one who is affected,
he goes crazy. The world leaves..” “The world leaves him alone.
After his beloved..” “After his beloved, he goes crazy..
the one who played the game of love.” Come on, hurry up. Wait father, we are coming.
Okay aunt, bless me. Come on son, then pick up the sweets. Of course. – Come on. Many, many congratulations to you. Thank God everything went off well. Okay aunt, bless me. Have a long life. ‘Punjabi Wedding Folk song’ We are going. Needs to work in the fields. Yes, even I am going back home today. I don’t know when we will meet again. Okay then. Okay bye. I will leave. Hey listen. Have you taken the sweets? Yes. We have taken 50 kgs. And I have taken 5 kgs. Listen. Isn’t 5 kgs less? Geje, where are you? “When we will meet
We have lot to talk.” “When we will meet
We have lot to talk.” “Some about our sorrow
some about our separation.” “First I will embrace
you in my arms before we talk.” “When we will meet
We have lot to talk.” “When we will meet
We have lot to talk.” “Some about our sorrow
some about our separation.” “First I will embrace
you in my arms before we talk.” Necklit, loafers, stylish turban .. ..I tell u truly,
you are looking handsome. Ummm..They are very sweet. You eat. How is everyone at home? Fine. Father has started
speaking a little bit. I see. Now he does not even get angry much. I think now,
he will not get angry seeing you. Do you know that,
when you had come to give me milk.. ..I was really very hungry. I see. That day I had already eaten food.. ..and that plate was someone else’s. Won’t you hold my hand now? I had bought this for you. For me? You keep it. Very beautiful. You send our marriage
proposal to my house.. ..and I’ll take care
of the other things. I just come back. Nobody came today! Brother.. can I borrow your shirt? Why? I have to meet a girl. With this kind of shirt
Nobody goes to see their wife.. ..and you want to go to meet a girl. She is not bothered
about these things. Okay then fine. Hurry up, friend. Take this buddy. Gajjan Singh found
a good match for Dhan Kaur. True! She is very lucky. Grandfather.. Grandfather.. Very wrong happened with you. You lost both the
girls and even buffalo. No..this is not true.
She is with me only. Few days back.. ..she said..the house where
I got married .. do take me there. But..she was engaged
and you came back.. Then how..? Who has got a friend like Aslam,
he can even find God. Aslam brought back my happiness. Geje.. Geje.. Geje.. Allah knows..Aslam brought
all the happiness of world for you. Why are you looking here and there?
Am I a thief? He got a news that Dhan
Kaur is engaged to Hakam. Listening this..I
ran straight to home. Hey! – What happened? Because.. as the family permission
is compulsory for marriage.. .. same for breaking an alliance. I am with you, son. Do as you wish to. Father, someone will shoot him. How can anyone shoot him? He loves the girl. Love? Love..? What is this love you
are talking about Geje? Your dear son is in love
with somebody’s daughter. Oh God, but your sister-in-law said
that she has got engaged to someone. No mother..this is someone else. One more.. Oh God! I am dead and totally destroyed..
I am ruined. – Mother, calm down. Geja! – Hey people,
hide your daughters and sisters. Oh God, why did I name him Angrej?..
He has left the foreigners behind . Mother got a fits, take care of her. I will take care.. Come on let’s go. The deal is good, sir. The horse is white in colour and.. Greetings. I have to talk something
important with you.. But first tell who all are family
members and who all are outsiders. Family members can do anything with
me but outsiders dare not touch me. Even the family members
will not interrupt me.. ..till I finish what I have to say. But what do you want to say? I want to say..the boy with whom
you have got your daughter engaged.. not a good person. Now you will tell me..
which boy is suitable.. Okay tell. There are many other boys in the World..
like me.. so look any good boy and.. Find anyone else. Hey, you get the gun. I will.. First let me complete. If you kill me before
letting me complete then.. soul will keep
suffering in this mansion. I do not believe in all these..
but what if they are true. Dhan Kaur is very nice girl. How do you know Dhan Kaur? I met her at the wedding. You have given her very good values. Otherwise who let’s their
daughter study till the 5th standard? That poor girl does not
even know that I love her. I swear, I didn’t know about it. I didn’t knew..Even
she does not know.. No one knows how love happens. I came that day when
the marriage was being fixed. I was standing outside
and she was inside. I quietly went back from there. Because I know that a marriage
takes place where the family decides. Today I came here when I came to know
that she is getting married to Hakam.. And I have told you several
times that he is not a good person. Very good, boy. You made me realize. You get up and you sit. Sit. I will just be back. Sir has asked you to get up so get up. What will I do of it? I have not come to give it to you. Have you ever seen death? Yes.. grandma’s. Do you want to meet your grandma? Not now. Aren’t you scared? Don’t you want to run? I have run enough. Now I don’t want to run. As it is you will not let me escape. Uncle, shoot him. Stop Gajjan Singh. Brother, you.. Yes, it’s me. Don’t kill the boy. I know him. He is the nephew of Fauja Singh. Greetings, uncle. Greetings. We all should stay amicably.. ..and there is no
use killing each other. Should we shoot? No, no.. Listen, why have you
made him sit like a scapegoat? He says Hakam is not a nice person.. ..and get Dhan Kaur married to me. He is correct. That boy is not worth our Dhan Kaur. Even he is not worth. But a person like Hakam
should not be allowed into home. And you are making
him your son-in-law. What do you mean? Do you remember.. ..a boy teased our Dhan Kaur.. ..and you shot on him? And now if I tell you
all about his bad deeds.. will shoot him immediately. Talking too much. Let him go. Keep that gun down. I know this boy. He can protect our
Dhan Kaur all his life. Am I dead that I cannot protect her? What has he got? How will he protect? Maybe I don’t have anything.. ..but I am a hard working farmer.. Till I am alive.. ..I will not keep
your daughter hungry. Idiot.. will I get my
daughter married to you? What will people say? We are not going to tell anyone.
We will have a middleman. People will not come to know. So you will keep a middleman.. What is this?
Isn’t this middleman ship.? Am I dead? Okay. Tell me.. ..that did you get those
offerings from Nainadevi shrine. Off course!
you must have got it from there. I doubted you, so I was punished. “Punjabi wedding folk song” “Punjabi wedding folk song” “Punjabi wedding folk song” asked for. I asked? You sold the calf? We had only one calf in
our share and you sold that also. What will we do now? Speak slowly.. Someone will come. Why will anyone come? But Grandfather.. ..what happened to Hakam. Oh no..not from aunt’s side.
You got wrong.. Your aunt’s.. son’s.. in-laws..
their daughter’s.. real uncle’s son. Okay, okay. – Yes. Brother! Buttermilk. I I am having sore
throat sister.. so I shall leave. Okay Aunt.. I bow to you. Okay Uncle.. I bow to you. least have buttermilk. No thanks..sister. Oh great! Brother.. it has been seen. What has been seen?
– The message has been seen.. Quiet. Grandfather is here. Oh, typing, typing..
Grandfather.. typing.. Oh..battery of phone is over. Sometimes battery is
over and sometimes balance.. Obstacles always come in love.
I shall read it later. Grandfather! “A homely girl who
always covers her head”.. “Mother says she is looking
for a daughter-in-law like you.” “Daughter-in-law like you.” “A homely girl who
always covers her head”.. “Mother says she is looking
for a daughter-in-law like you.” “I have only one demand, I like you,
let’s get a middleman and get married. “Make you our family member.” “Make you our family member.” “She should know household chores.” “She should take care of parents.” “She should know household chores.
She should take care of parents.” “She should respect
and love family members..” “..I will also give you lot of love.” “Make you our family member.” “Make you our family member.”

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